Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Web, good or bad?

Last night I was reading an article from Newsweek, issued by November the 3rd 2008. I want to blog some of my view along with it!

Death by Web Posts

South Koreans call it "cyberviolence " and they agree it needs to stop.

Choi Jin Sil, Had a lot to live for. She was one of South Korea's hottest movie actresses, acclaimed as the "the people star", and the mother of two small children. Nevertheless, an ugly rumor about her appeared on line a few weeks ago in South Korean chat room. The unsubstantiated tale accused Choi of Being a ruthless loan shark and blamed her for the suicide of a popular but down- on- his -luck actor who had run up more than $2 million in debts before asphyxiating him self in his car. The rumor raced among hundreds of thousand of chat room users who added their own attacks on Choi's morals and character. Although the actress repeatedly denied everything, the torrent of hate was more than she could take. People close to her said she had suffered from depression ever since her 2004 divorce. "I am lonely and I am ostracized, " she wrote in her diary, "I cannot even breathe." One early October night she locked herself in a bathroom at her Seoul home and hanged herself in the shower.

My thinking is......People do reacted differently when they are facing difficulty time. I am not famous actress like Choi so I do not know exactly whats her inside feeling....but, I do have my way of dealing when I am not happy. I was thinking about her that Choi was more living with what other's thinking about her or pay more attention on her as "The people's star" instead of thinking about her 2 small children or her family or be herself. OK I might be very wrong here because I do not know her.

I do not care about what people think or talk about me behind or in front of me. They talk good about me, "Thank you" is my respond and "'Walk off " is my respond to thing that I do not like to see or hear. Mostly "truth will revile " is my way of living. I do care about more of my sleep well nights. OK that's does not mean I am a "Moron" or "selfish" woman......again I said, I know who I am and I sleep well.

On Choi's case, I do see unkind people instead of forgiving and let her life move on but unfortunately in our world, more selfish than thoughtful. I do see mean people, actually I am seeing time to time the most meanest people i.e... The Burmese Junta dealing with Nagis??? ..... I doubt it that Choi had real close friends or family around her? Why no one can't take her out of the country and spend the time a way from home and all these ugliness?? (Well, help can be worked only if she accept it). She is obviously did not ready for " Movie Star Life".

LEE continued write ..."Choi's suicide was scarcely an isolated incident. South Koreans , who claim to be the most wired people on earth , have a word for online attacks like those that led to her dead: it translates as "cyberviolaence."......

Almost every household in the country is equipped with broadband Internet service, and ideas and information flow freely in a flourishing on line culture. But the unrestrained ethos of the Internet creates a dangerous mix when combined with Koran's Traditional Confucian emphasis on "saving face."

As originally from Shan State, I do know how Asian way of thinking and living. I do know every culture has acceptable and non acceptable way of thinking by us. Oh yes, every one think their way is the best. This is human nature, right?
In Shan State, in my time I can count how many Shan girls married to white men (legally). Not more than 5 fingers! I remembered the day that I took my brand new husband and went to see my father. On the way, each village we passed by, they called my husband " A white dog." or "Ja Boo". But they did not know that I got a good white dog and nice one. So I smiled and slept well on that subject.

For another example: When people talking about their maid or maids, (we all do by the way)...But.... when the conversation goes so far like, "sneaking into the maid's room"..is so ugly for me and so unnecessary. For me is quite low to do so. Again, for others culture might be a normal thing to do or to say. Not for me!

Media world can be so ugly on Stars as they are more visible than us? Britney Spare, is another victim of like Choi's. They attacked on her character, on her behavior, on her married life, even on her immediate family...lists go on but I think she takes it well as she looks like "she doesn't care". she is living in her house, eating her food and earning her owns and on top of that, Media die down in certain period so what should she care? . In USA we called '"Short Flame News"...ie, may be like Monica Lewinsky's news ?? So....Ms. Spare shouldn't care. Tell me who is perfect in this world, you? I am not perfect but I think I am good.

Lee end his article like this............Across South Korea, people have been flooding into chat rooms to mourn Choi and discuss how to stop cyberviolence. May be they'll find that words have the power not only to harm but also to heal.

Yes, indeed words have power. When you spit it out with ugly words, you might get forgiving but not forgetting. In this case mourning is too late instead of forgiving.

According to Lee's article, The popular singer Yuni hanged her self last year amid viral accusations that she had gotten cosmetic surgery. Within days of Choi's death, a transsexual celebrity and and openly gay television actor hanged themselves after being bombarded with hate e-mail and Web posts.

Again...I am not Yuni so I do not know how she felt about cosmetic surgery. In this world there are so many cosmetic surgery which like a changing underwear too, often saw it. Not a big deal anymore. I have seen so many fake boobs even some are very proud of them and showing off them like a show case.

Bangkok does have good cosmetic surgeries. I saw women and men came all over around neighbouring because of good prize tags. Lots of Thai girls are more into nose and boob jobs. Nowadays you can see Thai girls with high noses. I do have flat Chinese nose but love to have it and it match my face so well.

Lets reserve our tongues and Web for the good time people!

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