Friday, January 29, 2010


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New York Governer's Victim or just used him? The beauty and the monkey?

Would you be caught dead as this two men are your suger daddies?

Bill Clinton, Sen. John Edward, JFK, Brad Pitt, David Letterman, they all "Cheated or Cheating" their wives! There are many more. People even around me are cheating the wives too.

Yesterday was not a good day for Sen. John Edward. On CNN his sick news was aired! Who care his behavior? If I want to say rudely..., sure he can do what ever he wants with his own packer, right? I wonder, If he ever think about that he does have a wife who is fighting cancer instead of more focus on his packer?? A man born with a rotten packer is he, John Edward.

Then.... forget about the men who cheated or are cheating but I was thinking why women allowed or are allowing? Men did it because of "Boredom"? Let me tell you straightly here. After many years of marrying to one person, of course sometime "The Boredom" hit you. Truly to say but the hitting is not to only men but to women too. Men seen to forget that they are not the only menkind who born with Private Parts!

So I do some reading and saw the following......

The MistressHistories, Myths and Interpretations of the ''Other Woman''

In her book:"Mistresses are to be enjoyed, concubines are to serve, wives are to bear legitimate offspring."

I said: " Young men are to be enjoyed, toy boys are to serve, old men are to be a good Suger Daddy, husbands are to provide and give legitimate offspring?" Can women say that too????

In her book:"So one question is: do women fall naturally into these categories, or have they been placed there solely by men? I imagine it's a bit of both: men created the categories, and women slotted themselves into them."

I said:"I agree of what she said, well some of them. On she said, "Women been placed there solely by men?" I do not think so. No women want to be a mistress. I bet normal, good looking, out going, graduated, active brain owner and who use it rightly women, they all want to be the first one for every thing. I do want to be the first wive... period! Here, I am the first wive of Robins. He is fully occuiped with me. If, if, if...if he ever think about a mistress I have no other cheek for me to turn but I do have a good hand to beat him.....Ohhhhhhhhhh am I bad??? (I said so, I am not perfect Christian on that point!! Sorry!!!)

I think most women are allowed to placed in the "mistresses" category themselves just..... to use the men (married men or old fart nearly dead men), for their material straight word "Money". Give and Take is the meaning of "mistress". Well..... women, may be some of them might look for a better lives, better sex relationships or better fun?? I don't know because I haven't been there yet!

I think "mistresses' (not all, mostly), are the victims of money, power and they are allowing their fast money to control them instead of using their brains. Is that call short vision and blind for long vision??
Long vision is............................, "Wife loves your husband and husbnad loves your wife!"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Food and The Cancer

After alittle over a year stayed in Gainesvill Florida, I was heading back to Bangkok Thailand with my new liver. Before I left I asked my doctor what food should I avoided. My GI doctor told me, "You can eat everything but moderate."

I am not a doctor but I agree with his answer. So far the reports of any researches which I read, most of the time they used the word of "MAY", which is mean between "yes or no". So "Moderate" is the best to answer.

As I read in American Cancer Society's web.."Cancer is beyond human control", Damn right... who dare to put above the almighty, the creator???

See the bellow article which I was reading last nigh. It's also said.."Food that may cause cancer"! Why can't they say..."Food that cause cancer!" Because they are not sure. They knew the refult is between the line of Yes or No!. I would put the word as my own... its should be, "Yeo"!!

The best way for me is..... I just prayed with faith, "Thank you Lord for the food. Amen." and I eat within moderate as my doctor told me. But.....remember here you have a brain. God puts a brain in your head so....there must be a huge reason for that. Pray first and then use your brain!! As I like to say, "God gives you medicine but God won't drive the car for you to the pharmacy."

So my case, I totally avoid alcohol and smoking! I was good since I was young on those. I tried both alcohol and smoking as fashion but nothing suit my taste at all. So I dropped the alcohol and smoking and heading to the make up and clothing fashion. Think it back, I even do not like cheese, cake nor bread! I was hugging on my rice. I love rice.

OK read on my own view on the following article.
The Red colour is my view.


Found in baked, fried and grilled foods such as crisps, chips, bread, biscuits, crackers, and breakfast cereals. Prolonged high intakes of acrylamide could cause nerve damage, and, according to animal studies, affect male fertility and trigger cancer.

The Swedish study was the first to suggest that it is formed when carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, rice and cereals are fried or baked (acrylamide was not formed when the foods were boiled).
In fact, researchers found that a bag of crisps may contain up to 500 times more acrylamide than the World Health Organisation allows as a maximum safety limit in drinking water. Some fries from fast-food chains were said to contain up to 100 times more.

It is impossible to avoid acrylamide because it's found in so many everyday foods - and not just fatty crisps and fries. Healthy foods that we feed to the whole family such as Ryvita, rice cakes, branflakes, Special K and wholemeal bread, are all tarred with the acrylamide brush.

Risk factor: Fortunately, our estimated daily intake is 1,000 times lower than the amounts found to cause nerve damage and affect fertility in rats.

But the FSA is clear that since acrylamide is a potential cancercausing agent, it shouldn't be in our food, and certainly not at these levels. Meanwhile, their advice is to limit fried and fatty foods and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, as these steps are known to help protect our health and reduce cancer risk.

-I was shock to read the rice cake and cereals is not so good!! I like some cereals. I do not know what is acrylamide is but if this is not good why people keep putting on food???

People who eat large amounts of red meat (pork, beef and lamb), barbecued and processed meat, such as sausages, bacon and hamburgers are at a higher risk of bowel cancer, according to a report in the British Medical Journal.

A potential culprit is heterocyclic amines which are formed on the surface of meat when it's grilled, roasted, fried or barbecued - especially when burned or charred.

Risk factor: Although animal studies suggest that high intakes of heterocyclic amines can promote cancer, there is no direct evidence in humans. But it makes sense to minimise any risk.

In 1998, the Department of Health advised that we should not exceed an average of 140g (5oz) of red and processed meat a day.

-OK I think I talk about red meat in one of my old blogs. I was told by a PhD. that the fat free meat is ok and also the way cooking is the point. BBQ is not so good for us.

A high salt diet has been linked to an increased risk of stomach cancer. It is thought the salt, in foods like bacon, can damage and inflame the soft lining.

Fortunately, this type of cancer has decreased since refrigeration replaced more traditional preserving methods, such as pickling and salting.

Improved treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection, a condition that inflames the stomach lining, has also helped. About three quarters of the salt we eat comes from processed foods, especially smoked, canned, pickled items, sauces, fast-food and ready meals.

Risk factor: The Department of Health advises cutting back to no more than 6g a day - which is about half of what we currently eat - to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

The World Cancer Research Fund says this may also have an effect on stomach cancer risk.

-Salt is not trouble for me. I can eat with very little salt too. I am more concer about the MSG than salt. I do have this feeling of heavy weighted head after eating the food with full of MSG. In my house I do not use it.

A study from Harvard School of Public Health of 21,000 men confirmed previous links between high intakes of dairy foods and an increased risk of prostate cancer. In the study this meant more than
2.5 daily servings of dairy foods, a serving being a 250ml glass of milk or 40g (1.5oz) of cheese.

The authors suggest that a high calcium intake from dairy products may lower blood levels of D3, a hormone thought to protect against prostate cancer.

Risk factor: This study does not show cause and effect, and other research has shown no link. Meanwhile, to help ensure an adequate calcium intake, healthy eating advice is to include a moderate amount of dairy foods in our balanced diet.

-Hummmm... you see! you see! I told you moderate is the best thing to say and to eat on even good food. I can live without dairy but not my son thought.

A number of studies link very hot drinks such as tea or coffee with increased risk .

Could coffee cause cancer?
of cancer of the oesophagus.

Risk factor: The heat is thought to inflame and scar the lining of the oesophagus making it more vulnerable to cancer cell development.

- This is a bit shock for me to read, "Heat" cause cancer? either Hot coffee or Tea?? I have a hard time to believe in it. Most people like to drink hot coffee. On coffee, the researcher confuse me a big time. Sometime I read the coffee is good for the cancer and sometime cancer is bad as the same on egg. So I go for "Moderate"!! I drink coffee a cup per day in the morning. That's enough for me.

A consistently high alcohol intake is linked to increased risk of cancer of the mouth, oesophagus, bowel, liver and breast.

In fact, an American study which followed the lifestyles of more than 200,000 women for 14 years found that for postmenopausal women, less than a drink a day was related to a 30 per cent increase in death from breast cancer, compared to nondrinkers.

Risk factor: UK sensible daily drinking limits are set at 3 to 4 units for men and 2 to 3 units for women (a unit is a pint of beer, small glass of wine or pub measure of spirits), and above these limits there is a continuing risk to health.

-I do have a hate relationship with alcohol so I am ok. lately I have read about the alcohol and the breast cancer even with a very littel amount can cause the bad.

In fatty meats, full-fat dairy foods, cakes, snack and fast-foods, biscuits and pastries.

Evidence directly linking fat to cancer risk is inconclusive, but highfat diets are more clearly linked to obesity, which may be responsible for 5 per cent of all cancers.

Risk factor: Obese women are particularly prone to cancer of the uterus, cervix, ovary, gall-bladder and breast, while overweight men have an increased risk of colorectal and prostate cancers.
Severely obese people may also be at increased risk of kidney, pancreatic and stomach cancer.

-Here is my weak point. I love fat food but my fat food was like curry. I love spicy sausages. Yeah..curry is full of oil and not good but I do eat with "moderate'.

Found on peanuts and grains, aflatoxins are a type of fungus that increases the risk of liver cancer. They are produced by moulds on foods such as nuts, cereals, and spices, especially in tropical countries.

Risk factor: The EU has set safety limits for aflatoxin content of imported foods, but since it is not visible, contaminated produce occasionally slips through the net.

However, the FSA considers that consumption of a very small amount of aflatoxin on a single occasion is unlikely to cause ill effects.

-Let me share with you this. Right after my liver transplant what I love to eat is only peanut butter toast. A woman who did not like bread nor butter was eating it every day! I remembered that I eat lots of peanut butter toast and multi berry juice.

It happened to me once before transplant. During my 3rd and 4th month of my pregnancy, I ate Swiss Cheese Toast almost everyday too. Remember I do not like cheese nor bread. My son was born at 10 lbs!! Damn cheese made me end up with C-cession! I can eat them like a rat but not like white people eating.

Click below to discover the foods that could help prevent cancer.
More information:,, The Super Nutrients Handbook by Lyndel Costain. Dorling Kindersley, 2001 (£5.99).

Read more:

I will finish with a prayer...

"Dear God,

Thank you for the food. No matter how much money we have without thy creation of the light, the air, the rain, and the sun..... there will be no food to buy.

Please bless our daily food to nourish our body to live, grow and be healthy.

In Christ I pray,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The American and the Lahu

The lazy husband is smoking and the wife just need to sit there watch him and be sexy??

Lahu is a kind of Hill Tribes people who live in China, Thailand, Burma.. and where els?? Now some of them are living in USA mostly in California. I do have some blood of Lahu though. I think the results come from my great grandfather who had 7 wives officially and unofficially may be more than that, who knows?? As the marriage licence is not in their language, so every one screw at every one in old years. The community wives or husbands?? In English, is that call polygamist?? By the way I strongly oppose that kind of marriage.

No need to explain in detail, I do have Chinese, Shan and Lahu blood lines mix in my body. I have no idea sometime why my grand mother told me that I do have the "Wa" blood too. Well..... I can't believe in what ever my grandmother who is 92 years old lady told me recently. My grandmother will tell me that I do have black blood when the day if I married to Obama and making the babies with him. Will they be call "The Black Lahu"???

The Lahu just celebrated their New Year. Surprisingly they do have the calendar as Chinese like you born in the year of Tiger, Rat or Monkey.....! Do not ask me, I have no idea what kind of animal I am. I think I was born in the "Elephant" year if there is one.

The Lahu love to live on the mountain, kill the tigers and eat the monkeys. No joke on that! You can't put them in low land because this will cause them "depression!!" One of the reasons is... they also like to grow poppy and smoke. Remember the poppy must grow on the mountain not in the public. The old Lahu men like to smoke poppy day and night and the wife must work their butt off in the farm.

Watching the above the two Utupe, the American donate the land to the Lahu to live in the low land and just the view of mountain is the best way to do so. The Lahu can grow poppy on the mountian anywhere in this part of the world without acknowledging there is the law in USA. Well.. too bad in US most of them who live on the mountain are call.."Millioners", am I right???

I have heard the Lahu can't understand why the US government put a law that you can kill only 3 deers or 6 wild turkeys per season/per years or not allow to kill the tigers unless they harm you. Some Lahu men think this is a very bad place to live without hunting freely. (Note: Here the numbers might be wrong as I can't remember the exact number of animal). Can you believe that some old Lahu came back to Asia to live on the mountain which they love and to kill the tiger freely?? You better believe on that!! I guess home is not where the material is but where your heart is.

For me I do understand why American believe in this way and why the Lahu believe in that way! Once you born like that and raise like this, hard to change in later years. Who care New York, I love the mountain is the Lahu's famous proverb!!! By the way Is that call the cut is too deep already???

I will stay between the line and will raise my half white and half yellow boy, my son to grow up to be part of both but not in that polygamy way of living!!! I think polygamists are SICK people. Actually...."VERY SICK"!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New understanding?

Just read the following from "American Cancer Society"! I think I learn something which is..............

"No one know about the deep mystery of cancer beside my God." Sorry, if you are disagree but for me this is the fact and I trust in it!!

Indeed this 4 years of cancer free is just purely mercy from Christ!

Lord, I do not want to die yet because Shan, my son is not married yet. He is not even in High School. I want to see he is growing up and give me 2 grand children to hold with joy. May I see he is a dignified man, honest man and a God fear man.

Here is what I read...............

"Although eating right, exercising, and seeing your doctor for follow-up visits are important, please understand that there probably was nothing you could do to keep your cancer from coming back. Many patients blame themselves for missing a doctor visit, not eating right, or postponing a CT scan for a family vacation. Yes, there are times when it is crucial to keep follow-up appointments, especially if you are having symptoms that you have not had before, because these may be signs that your cancer is back. But even if you do everything just right, you can't change the possibility that cancer will come back.

Sometimes people think taking certain vitamins, herbs, or other dietary supplements will give them an extra edge in preventing recurrence. But the available research does not support this belief. In fact, some research has shown that supplements containing high levels of single nutrients (more than the Dietary Reference Intakes and the tolerable upper intake limits) may have unexpected harmful effects on cancer survivors. To learn more about supplements, you may want to read our document, Dietary Supplements: How to Know What is Safe.

It would be very satisfying to have something we could use to keep cancer from coming back after treatment. We want a real weapon to fight back with -- something that will give us insurance against the cancer coming back. Both doctors and patients wish that there were such a magic potion or formula. But at this time there is nothing you could have done to make sure the cancer would not come back. Even with our current understanding of the process of cancer development and growth, this disease is mostly a mystery and not within human control. "

May I end this blog with....................

"God please help us to cure cancer. I have seen there are some people are still fighting cancer and thank you for those who are survior."

I hate cancer Part II

I was to go to Chaing Mai today but someone came down with flu so, we moved back the date. I have to be very careful with sick people.

This morning with a cup of coffee and I opened my emails. I just got an email from a couple who I knew for 19 years and I like them a lot. The wife' cancer has returned. It is spreading but brain, bones, breast, muscles, cardiac, intestines are not involved. She has no symptoms.

Part of the letter said, "after nearly 8 years of fabulous health reports. Also skewed is the concept of time. It feels to be going so slowly, waiting for results and conferences, but actually, all of this has taken place in just 2 weeks.

We know we don't have to ask you to pray - you are already doing so as you've read through this letter, and we love you all the more for that."

She will be in my prayers! I trust that God knows the best for her and all the cancer fighters, survivors. I also just
crying and crying after finished reading the email!

I hate cancer, I really do. Why the cancer has to come back? Why not the cancer gone forever and leave us alone? The science knows cancer can come back but do not know exactly "why and when?"

Knowing we all need to leave this earthly life one day, I pray..........

"Dear God,

When the dead part me from my family, may this dead be only from you because even dead from you is the best! I also know that "dead" is the first step to see you. You the only one who I trust in complete. Teach me, help me and guide me how to live correctly in thy eyes what ever the time left on this earth.

When I die may I be kneeling down in front of you and may I hear that "You are my child" from thy mouth. May my name be in the book of life so help me God.

In Christ name I pray,

To cancer: I hate you, I hate you and I hate you so much!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

First meal

This is "Char Om Kai Chou"

"Char Om Kai Chou" (in Thai), is a kind of Thai foods. Char Om is vegetable, the leaves are long thin soft green colour with thorn in it. They beat it with egg and fry as egg omelet. I have seen it in many typical Thai Restaurants in Bangkok.

You have to eat "Char Om" with a kind of chilli paste. I never forget that the day I ate "Char Om" because it has a kind of strange smell that will stay with you even after 2 days. Your mouth, your arm pit or even in your "doo do", the smell is there. NO joking and it is true. I haven't ate Char Om for 5 years because of the smell and somehow it makes me very sleepy. I will never forget what Char Om is!

Our family (Robins's side), we used to have that family union once a year. We went to different places or beaches. The last time was at Fort Mayer beach in Florida and it was a beautiful time together. Now my in laws who paid for every each of us in each year for the fun, they are "OLD". Now the time is we go to see them, be with them is our family union.

One year we went to the Range (Is that call Duke Range?? living with the animal and eat the meat of them except horse meat!!!), on the mountain in Colorado. There is a another meal that I ate and will never forget about it. Also after that trip I never want to ride the horse in my life again. What kind of holiday is that I had to ride the horse for 6 days non-stop on the mountain, into the bush, into the tree, by the river, by the fish pond??? Oh...... you name it I was ridding the horse all over. The pain on my butt was unspeakable! I walked like a lame duck for 2 weeks. For sure not in Shan people style though. Remember...we kill the pig and eat the pig is the family festival for us. I enjoyed it though!

On that mountian trip, each night we had that different kinds of activities. One night we had to listen mountain man speaking (By the way this man is so dirty and his smell is worst than "Char Om"), one night we had to dance country dance which I was awfully bad, one night was a mountain BBQ...etc!

The night on BBQ, the menu was "Mountain Oyster BBQ"! Robins gave me a small piece and said "Try it!" Of course I fully trusted my own husband so I throw it into my mouth. Roibns said, "How's it?" I said, "Not bad!!". He said,"Do you know what it is?". I said to him, "No!".

Then Robins gave me with this a huge smile and said.."It is mountain buffalo's testicles grill!" I spitted it out the damn thing so fast and I was very mad at Robins. So mad that I felt I rather kick his testicles!!! If there are not other many holidayers around me, I might kick him for trick me. Do you think I will forget that first taste of Buffalo's Testicles Grill??? Never! Me no like to eat any testicles BBQ belong to the any kinds of animal, period!!

My point to ponder for today is we human seen to remember first thing in our life.

I had read this.... "Apollo 11 landed on the surface of the moon on Sunday, July 20, 1969. Most of us are familiar with Armstrong's historic statement as he stepped onto the moon's surface:"That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind." But few know about the first meal eaten there.

Buzz Aldrin had brought aboard the spacecraft a tiny communion kit provided by his Church. Aldrin sent a radio broadcast to earth asking listen to contemplate events of the day and to give thanks.

Then in radio blackout for privacy, Aldrin poured wine into a silver chalice. he read, "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him, bears much fruit" (John 15:5).

Silently , he gave thanks and partook of the bread and cup.

I beg and I am sure that these Astronauts on Apollo 11, they will never forget their first meal on the moon landing day! The name of the meal is "The First Communion On The Moon!"

Put God in first place and will see the joy out of it if you trust!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

6 months due check up

Say, you got told that you have tumor in your liver and found out that the type of tumor is the deadly "Cancer". I have some questions and here they are...

-What do you feel?

-What will you do?

-What are you mostly will thinking about?

Honestly, I want to know and tell me please what do you think that what you are going to feel?

Let me share with you this (as a liver cancer survivor), ...........

"You will never know the real feeling of having Cancer unless you are one of them!"

NO matter how much you say that you understand what or how the cancer patients are feeling unless you are in the same boat then........ you will know the TRUE feeling of the cancer patients. Trust me on that!!
I've been there and never want to go back.

I faced 2 big liver surgeries. Now I am cancer free for 4 years. Even 4 years of cancer free, when the big test day is dued..... I feel scare. My most concern is, if the result is bad how I am going to tell Robins and Shan. The month before my due date I am starting to face sleepless and so many thinking come acrossed all over your head.

-I do not want to die because I still want to be with people who I love!

-I want to see my son's wife

-I am worry that if I am gone what Robins is going to do.

-Who will go to see my grand mother.

-Who is going to send some money, some time to help my 2 step brothers. Live in Burma no job and no income!!

-Who is going to give my son's vitamin.

-I want to see what my son is going to be.. a doctor, a movie star or toilet cleaner??? who's know??...........list go on!!!!!!

Today is my 6 months big check up day!!! Wake up 7 am and went to the hospital. The lab nurse withdraw my blood and then took me to do the Ultrasound room. My US doctor said I can do MRI once a year now on and my last MRI was at Shand Hospital, UF in July.

At 820 am, I was laying down on the nice clean bed in the hospital with the feeling of "the whole world is sitting on top of me". I felt so heavy in my heart. After 10 minutes here came a doctor and a nurse to roll the thingy on all over my liver.

There is an extra screen right in front of my face to see what they are seeing. I looked at it the first 2 minutes but after that I closed my eyes tight because I do not know what I am seeing and I can't take it any more!

In the first 2 minutes before I shut my eyes, what I saw was full of spots. Just spots and spots and spots. It took only 15 minutes and the job was done.

Went down to the coffee shop, relax abit and walked straight to the doctor's office to read the results. I said a very shot prayer........
"Not my will, thy will be done. Amen!"

The doctor greeted me ..."Hello how are you, sit down." Then he opened his computer and showed me all my internal organs page by page. "All clean and uneventful!!!"

Right in front of my doctor I fold my hands, looked up and said......,
"Thank you Jesus Christ!" I really do. For me I say again, to walk on this earthly world as a liver transplant recipient, without Christ is impossible.

"The doctors operated and put the liver into my body and Christ is the only one who make this liver working and staying with me for 4 years now !!!!"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010


There is a river runs through the border towns of Burma and Thailand names Thachileik and Mae Sai. The two border towns are full with restaurants along the river and millions of vendors. A particular noodle shop located right next to the bridge in Thai side is the one I love to eat "Kow Sein". As a northern point of Thailand and the border town of Burma, lots of tourists are visiting there also who like to go visit to Keng Tung, Shan State.

Can't remember the exact day, lets say one day I was eating "Kow Sein" while waiting somebody by the bridge. Then... a woman about 30 years old walked in. She is about 4' 9" tall and looks like more man than woman, hard body with full of muscle too. I can say she is a weight lifter!

The 99% of girls are slim and pretty there so I can spotted out that woman like an elephants among the goats!! On top of that later she was sitting next to the table of mine. I spoke to her in Shan Language, of course with my normal huge smile..., "Do you work out??" and she answered to me, "Yes, in the jail!" She has that very irritated voice, sound even like an ugly bird twitting. In my mind went like this..."Hummmmmmmm scary!"

One thing made me OK was...... She looks happy! she was smiling and whistling! Say........, She is a Happy Woman but not the Pretty Woman!

When I heard the "Jail" word, I was so curious!! I continued the conversation with "Do you live here?". From that question and then many questions then I leaded to the question that I die to ask, "Why you go to Jail? How long? and Where?"

This is I found out about her. She lives in the Burma side. Both parent die when she was 9 and left her a huge land in town. Her two brothers are dead but she did not know how they die as she was the youngest. She told me "Just disappeared!" You have to understand one thing, on that part of the world people do disappear often because of many drug dealers!. The Mafia Pa Pa, I guess he rewards and also he kills.

Anyway she is no read and no write but this girl can speak Shan, Lahu, Kaw and Chinese. 12 years ago a Burmese man asked her to be a translator in Thai side. He told her that "A Business Dealing!" She thought, "Well, for a one day translating, he paid me well so I will help." She went with this Burmese man! Suddenly the other dealer who is a Thai man, he arrested both of them. The Thai man was a under cover Thai police. She realized that she was hired for a drug dealing business by the Burmese Man who did not speak Thai. The man got 28 years in prison and she served 10 years in Bangkok Jail!! Just came back home for almost 1 year only!

This woman, obviously lonely but was happy to talk with me who is dress well, kind, not ugly and speaks Shan Language and interesting about her. The following are what I gathered about her more...,

1. She was jailed not even her 20 yet!
2. Her jail roommate was a black American woman who is already very rich in California. Of course I asked about the black lady too. she got caught on her last dealing trip from Bangkok Airport after many trips who said after this trip, her focus will be only on her family.
3. She said, this black lady was very kind to her as she was at her 40++ and hers was only 18!
4. She told me that there are lots of women killers in the jail and some are professional killer that people can hire.
5. She also said that the Thai jail the one she went is very clean and treated the jailers good. As people said dirty and ugly are not TRUE. She was well fed and women are well under control.
6. There are so many women from different countries and many blonded in the drug case unites.
7. In lunch time She over heard many stories about how the women killed their cheated husbands and very satisfied on their acts.

After all the questions, in the end I found out that she speaks perfect American English (may be the only one in Thachileik), as her roommate was an American woman.

Here is the best part of her life.........................

One day the jail woman officer called her. OK lets give her a name! How a bout "Rosaline". The officer was calling with very loud voice....."Rosaline, Rosaline who is Rosaline you have a visitor!" She went out and there was a White American Pastor waiting. She said to me, " I never met this white man in my life!"

Rosaline told him, "I think they call the wrong person and not me!".

The Pastor said, " Are you Rosaline? You do not have relative don't you?"

She said, "Yes I am Rosaline and I have no relative!"

The Pastor said, "Then you are the one I am looking for!"

From that moment Rosaline got a true friend who came with other regular visistors. On Christmas day Rosaline got presents from the people who she never saw till today. This Christian Pastor like to share his free time with the prisoners who do not have visitors or family!

Looking at the way Rosaline talking about the pastor, seen to me that she is so thankful to this pastor. Guess what? The Rosaline's roomate, the black woman was the one enrolled the Rosaline name in the pastor's visting lists. Life you never know who you are going to meet!

"Will you share your time with the prisoners??"

Honestly I answered, I never been visiting to a prisoner in my life! I learn something from talking with Rosaline on my last holiday trip. Here is what I learn.......... I need to share my time to someone who need me, may be not in the Jail but may be in my family or your family members, in my friends or your friends life, in the church or in the malls, even someone you meet on holiday???

Rosaline shock my hands like a man and said..... "You are beautiful!" in English and walked out on me.

I am glad that you are free Rosaline!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The pig and my family

I gain 3 lbs from Christmas to New Year, of course from eating, eating and eating!!!

My mother side of cousin, they killed one pig for just Robins, Shan and me on Christmas day. Some parts of on this Earth, especially Shan, Chinese, Lahu or Akha people, they think killing a pig or a cow to feed the family and friends are normal and honor. Some of my mother's side family are still living in out of date years but the good news is some of them are very educated. They are Doctors, PhD (not from Burma, from England so....Can say a good PhD??), Msc, some are holding 3 degrees but they are still very understanding on "Killing a pig or a cow for family to eat." The uneducated families who has load of money but love to kill, they believe in that killing a pig yourself is better and the meat is more fresher than you buy from the market!!! ( which is true on that point of view, the "Freshness!!)

Before we went to the cousin's house they called and said, "Oh if you wish we can kill a cow for you". I told them, "Nooooooooooooooooo!". By the way, I love the way northern part of people cook!

When we arrived, they just copped the pig head off and keep it in the huge bowl. Shan (my only child who is very City boy), was looking around the yard and taking photos. After he saw that pig's head, he came and sat next to me and whispering to my ears...."Mom, I am not going to eat that pig and don't even try to feed me." Indeed my son was so rude on that Christmas Lunch table because he was not
touching that pig at all. He ordered my cousin's cook to buy a pan cake for him! This is what American boy does?? Very straight forward and sometime slightly rude!!

PS. The reason why my cousin keep the pig head in the bowl as show case is because they want us to know that they do kill a fresh pig to honor me, Robins and Shan. There is NOT to show cruelty at all! (in their point of view). Actually Robins, Shan and me must see the dead pig head with smiling face and say clearly to them, "Thank you!". Dare to think here that your culture are better than those who chop the pig head off for good intention.

On the way back I asked Shan, "Why don't you eat that pig? Shan said, "Mother, did you see the pig head? It is full of Hair". I told him, "Toooooo bad Shan, they do not have tweezers to plug the hair out for you! You do have hair too so what the different???" Shan goes.."Ha ha ha ha!"

To be fair to my Shan.... Yes it is abit out of deliciousness to see the dead pig's head and shortly after, you have to eat that pig. For them is OK because it might be day to day thing but for Shan and Robins this is very strange.

Well.... when in the beginning of my USA years, I do see lots of different things of my understanding too. Now is OK, I would careless!! Here are some examples...............

-When I see two people kissing like no one around them, I do feel shy!
-When my white family members fart freely at home I was shock and thought "How Dare!!!"
-When my mother in law keep saying "One Serving is good for you!"
I talked to myself, "Well... this is my body, If fat not her body it is mine!" I will never say that to my future daughter in law in order to avoid of misunderstanding but now I eat careful and thanks to my mother in law for I am not that FAT!!
-When I go to the hospital the first thing they asked is "Do you have Insurance!" I thought this is very unmerciful!
-When someone called me "babe" or "Chic" I thought because I am yellow and less of respect to me. Now I want people call me babe or chic!! Fine with me.

Oh so many to list but can't remember right now!

My point is hope my cousin understnad that why my son did not eat their pig !!! Over all.... we do have a good Christmas!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pray for me

Please put me in your prayers. My 6 months check up is due in this month. I need to see doctor for.....

1. Check up for my HBIg (my Immune level), and if needed I will shoot up the HBIg.

2. I need to do my liver Ultrasound.

All tests are for the check up only. My US doctor said I can do MRI once a year. This will due in July which I will do it at Shands, University of Florida Hospital.

My thought for today......................

Why I ask for the prayers? Do I pray too? What I pray for?

Why I ask for the prayers?: I ask for the prayers because for me, the prayer works! The answer is not always as you want to be answered but it will be the way of God's (this is what my believe and my trust). You know why? Simple, because "God is God!!"

My memory flash back to one of Dr. Dahlberg's book! It said..... "Most people think medical miracle is just a coaccident but those who prays, the coaccident happen often!!" I love it and I love it ! Some doctors can't even explain why some patients are still living. (Dr. Dahlberg is a MD and who worked in Shan State for many years. Because of him Shan+Lahu+Chinese and others mountain people got the best care in around 1958 to .....!!)

Do I pray too?:
Yes I pray almost every night. I reserved my tiny time to pray. My God gives me 7 days a week! I can do business, shopping, teaing, talking, partying, helping or even dancing if you like but on Sunday I try to reserve one or two hours to worship at Church with other believers.

There are doctors, nurses, fighters, leaders those people working for different situations and who are 24 hours on calls, yes... I know and I trust that God will be taking care of them in God's way. Folks, God knows that we need Liver Transplant Doctors who works not in "Schedules". For me I can go to the Church to pray, so I go. I can't act as a Transplant Doctor don't I??
I can't act as a fire fighter also because I am not but I can pray for them. I thanks God for good doctors and fire fighters....etc!

What I pray for?: I. I pray for my family and my friends specially who are in need.

2. I pray for people who are working for the missionary because they love God. Simple teaching and sharing the good news but not for recruiting. Just helping people who are looking for Holy Trinity. I believe that loving to God will taking care of every thing.

3. I pray for the country leaders.

4. I pray for the Cancer Patients and other sick people.

5. I pray for to guide me and lead me.

6. I pray for people who are lonely and down.

6. I pray for Doctors, Nurses.........etc! list goes on!

So...please pray for others and for me.

I will end with this................." To taste the Holy Spirit's power please check up your faith!!"

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to Bangkok!

Happy 2010!!!

I am back to Bangkok. Thank you so very much for reading my blog and I am going to bla bla bla soon. Can you believe it....... today I have date at breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Never in my life before! The people I am eating with, I like them a lot so I am looking forward to eat, eat, eat and will talk, talk and talk.

Well, for the dinner, to say the truth I might not so enjoying it because it is with the Business Golfer People. I told Robins that I do not want to go but he said to me, "YOU MUST"! One question... Who wants to listen about golf balls??? I think I will looking for one of the CEO's wives who is interesting to talk about jewellery, make up, Obama, plastic surgeries, politic and clothes!!! (Sound like I am well educated do I?). If they want to talk about science, I can too but except this Global Warming! Hate that conversation..... very much!!

Will blog about my vacation soon.

Agian, Happy New Year and love you all!