Monday, October 17, 2011

The Happiness of Steve Job

On Sunday me and my family, we use to eat our breakfast at the small hotel which is located nearby our church. It is small but clean and produce good Thai breakfast. I like this hotel. NOT 5 stars but with 3. I like more of the hotel's reminder which is clearly written on the entrance door. It said, "If you are looking for the SEX tour you are not welcome by this hotel." Funny to see this kind of written in Thailand right? You can see lots of tourists from all over the world. Such a small hotel but doing well all year long even not allow the sex tourist!!!

Anyway last Sunday I noticed that a good looking woman, I think she is in her late 40, was having breakfast mean while she was busy with hers iPad. She was obviously texting to someone because she typed and wait and she typed and wait and read. Sometime she smiled and sometime I can see she was having small laugh by herself. I was looking at her and said to myself, "Thank you Steve Job because of you people are having good time in the breakfast room in Bangkok."

I do my exercise in morning hour. Mostly around 830 am. Some weeks I play tennis or some weeks I do my power walk or some weeks I dance plus with Aerobic. You be surprise that I have been doing Aerobic for the last 20 years and I am good at it. I know Latin aerobic which is the best.

There are beautiful houses around my condo here in Bangkok. Lots of White couple with children are renting those houses. Well I walked this morning and there was a young girl, for sure she is working for the foreigner, she was walking with 2 pug dogs. Some time I see one Japanese guy, a Filipino lady and this young girl. I see them almost every time I do my power walk. They do have different kind of dogs and sizes. And...... they all have iPhone.

This young girl always carry the dog's doo doo bag and of course an iPhone. This morning I heard "ha ha ha ha ha", a loud laughing behind me. I turned my head and saw this girl who was talking on iPhone but man...... she was so happy. I said, "Thank you Steve see..... you made this girl very happy." She was so happy that she even forgot to collect her dog's @#$%!

Steve Job makes people so happy that our church need to remind to switch off the phone before the service. People are so in love with Steve's things that they even can not concentrate well to pray. They might forget to bring offering but never forget to bring their iPhone.

Here my own husband laying down in the bed with my iPad and has this huge smile which is rare to see in normal daily time but with iPad every thing around him is in PEACE.

I do like my iPhone and my iPad but not CRAZILY in love. I know my time. Yes there is a time to sleep, a time to eat, a time to sale some Gems or a time to relax. Most of all a time to pray. For me all these thing won't last long. I also knew that all these Steve's toys won't give me lasting JOY!

May I finish with this..................... it is from my Daily inspirations for Women!

"Sometimes life here on earth can be complicated, demanding, and busy. When the demands of life leave us rushing from place to place with scarcely a moment to spare, we may fail to pause and say a word of thanks for all the good things we've received. But when we fail to count our blessings, we rob ourselves of the happiness, the peace, and the gratitude that should rightfully be ours.

Today, even if you're busily engaged in life, slow down long enough to start counting your blessings. You won't be able to count them all, but take a few moments to jot down as many as you can. Then give thanks to the Giver of all good things: God. His love for you is eternal, and His gifts are plentiful. It's never too soon - or too late - to offer him thanks."

Here are my some blessing not from Steve Job but for me without a doubt from my GOD.

- A healthy new liver.

- A grandmother who is 96 but her brain is till fit!

- A nice looking son.

- My daily bread.

- My happy friends.

- A husband.

- A good set of parent in laws.

- ta ta ta ta ta ta..................... list will goes on.

Yes my life is up and down but my God is never up and down. He is the master of the beginning and the end. I love you God!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am sad.

Lately I have heard who and who are divorcing. Who and who are separating. Who and who are fighting for the money because they do not love each other nor can't live together anymore. Sad isn't it?

Now the strange thing is..... the couples who I think going to divorce are still in attache and the nice, fun and LOOK loving couples are divorcing! Worst than natural disaster. Don't you think so?

After me myself marrying for 20 years, somehow I do understand that thing can be changed.

I have lots of questions myself too.

As you all know that Catholic do not recognize the "Divorce" but too bad, some Catholic couples are divorcing. I was raise as Baptise but now when you ask me who am I? I will say I am "Christian".

Who ever believe in God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit, they are my Christian fellows. Now.... do not misunderstood me. I have lots of friends who are not Christian but I do love them.

OK back to divorce. According to Matthew 19 in News Testament, yes you can divorce. This is what I understand about Divorce if I am wrong please correct me.

Here it is. OUR God did not say "Divorce". In fact God said, "When you become a couple..... husband, you own the wife body same as wife, you won your husband body. Leave your father and mother and become one flash together."

From my little read, divorce law is from Moses, is that right? Moses said, "Because of your hardness of your heart you can divorce." ( I am not so perfect about Bible but hope it is true that the way I understand).

In Matthew 19 said, " if one of you is committed adultery you can divorce!!"

Now I wanted to talk about is ADULTERY!

As you all know that ADULTERY means.... a married couple, one is having extra sex with extra people. I do not know what kind of wives can put up with their husbands who are having fun with the others.

Me, oh NO NO for me. I am not the Hillery Clinton. I am sorry I do not have that kind of sharing.

Now see this, some couples, the third party are not involved but still they are divorcing. I have learnt or see or feel that some facts which can cause the divorce. No joking folks some little things can be build up. Here they are....

1. If you slam about your husband/wife in the public often.

2. Husband or wife who did not look at your own mate as the years that you dating to her/him.

3. Lost your respect each other.

4. Husband/wife who think their partner can forgive every thing what they do. ie: husband who sleep with dirty underwear. Let your mate feel so sick to look at it.

5. Husband/wife who talk to other so sweet but to their own mate their faces turn into sour face or frown.

6. Husband/wife who makes their mate feel unwanted. Mean time drooling every where.

7. Husband/wife who let their mate feel so little. Put the mate down in public or without public.

8. Husband/wife who provoke their mate all the time.

9. Husband/wife who teach you "unconditional love" but do not exercise nor practice it.

10. Husband/wife who never realize that your mate need not only quality time but also quantity time too.

11. Husband/wife who put works infront of family, own child and own mate.

See above all of those facts can leads you to the Parting Road without third party!!

Parting is not good but for some one there is no choice????