Thursday, December 20, 2007

Northern Thailand

I am leaving to Chaing Mai tonight by Train. My son loves to go there only by train. We enjoy our private room and going to the dinning cart. I am looking forward to a nice cool weather and Northern part of food. They cook the noodle different way which I can eat 2 bowls. I have a summer house there which is now living by my Grandmama and a care taker. I heard the pine trees that I planted in year 2005 is now taller than my house. I did extend a samll house at the back, can call a suit only for Robins and Shan.

Northern Part of Thailand is beautiful with mountains. Good weather with so many kinds of flowers. People there speaks slightly different than Bangkok Thai. Very similar to Shan language almost the same though. We can do a day trip to Lao and Burma. In this time of the year there will be tons of tourist in the most Northern Part call Mei Sai . You can see the gems stores all over the main streets with full of fake.

Looking forward to the Christmas with mountain people. Normally I am busy with shopping and packing but this year I know what I must do. Sharing my blessing and thinking about people who can't buy the present for their love one.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gems and Shrimp

Today I was busy all day long! I went to the club that we belong and played Tennis one hours in the morning and then rushed back home for to see the gem stones... four people came to my home and they showed me some. I feel so good for touching the Spinel and some Jades again after for a long time. I saw the best good looking Spinel and reliazed that the prize are way high, 3 times up!!... Jades are good looking too as apple green colour, weight at 6 or 6.5 caret, calling prize 500,000 Baht (devided by 33.78 you will get the US$)....I saw the Paskistan's Peridot for the first time.. very different looks from Burma and China. I would say good colour! I did pick up some gems for me and also for???? Sopha, my helper made for us Shan Noddle and I ate 3 bowls. She is a good cook...........

Robins went to the farm for one night. Went to the south farm by palne . Lately he is travelling only domestic. I remembered that he went to London and did the talking 2 months ago was his last talking for 2007... may be!!!. Hey... by the way if you put Robins's name in search, here come out 10 pages about his books and his ta ta ta... I was so jelous and I put my name in search... here come out only one paragraph which is a prayer for a child who are waiting for a liver transplant in Gainesville, Shands hospital! Even not a page at all. Why??? May be I should talk about more shrimp now on. 16 years of marrying to Robins, there is not a day without talking about shrimps (ok not with me..I hear on the phone he is yaking almost everyday. Yesterday he was talking with Dr. Bolge or what ever the spelling is, on the phone for 45 minutes about shrimps which is drive me nuts) .... So much shrimps talking that I think I know how to grow shrimp without Expert's advisor!! Robins always has something to talk about shrimp all the time..Example...Shrimps read head, shrimps white germs, shrimps read tail, how shrimps eating, why not eating , why eating so much, shrimps babies and the ma ma shrimp's sex joking tons of the shrimps news!!! Never ending!!

Now see this.... I have some shrimps photos in my house. The 4 people who came to show me some Gems saw them and starting to ask me... Why so much shirmps photos? Do you like shimps? Even the Gems people like to know about shrimps!! No way out right!!

Onething I do not understand is...why people will pay to go to the shrimps meeting all over the world??.. It can cost 1400$ to attend the meeting only...the cost is not including your air ticket, hotel and food!!! Sometime I wonder do they have cow confrence, pig confrence or rabbit confrence??? I attended the Shrimps confrence in Thailand (1995), in Hondurus. (2 meeting is enough for me).... Robins invited me to go to Paris and Florance (2004) meeting also but I can't go because I can't leave my son a lone with maid...ok enough shrimps. You all have a good day!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Two days ago I got a message…it said "Norman passed a way yesterday afternoon"....... He was young and if life is good, he can stay the next 40 years. On that night he was in my prayer and I starting to think about "dead" again.. He passed a way with the Liver problem.

Wai Wai Kan Oo: She was a woman that I know....I would say she is a person that I know but not my friend. Rose emailed me from Singapore and said Wai Wai Kan Oo passed away with Liver Cancer. When Wai Wai knew that she had liver cancer, it was too late... After 3 months, she passed away last week. Rose was so shocked; for me I was not so shocked for people dying with liver cancer in Burma. Wai Wai was a beautiful, so attracted woman. A woman never lack of boyfriend!! I think she is half Chinese and half Burmese... I am not sure but she look like it though!!. She was only 51!!!

Myat Mong Kyi: She was my classmate for years 4 to year 12. We studied at Saint Auguestine for many years together. Her mother is Shan and father is a Burmese Colonel. Myat Mung is so beautiful because of the mix blood that she got! I remembered that she is always on top of the class.. I got a call from Mie Mie from LA and said Myat Mung Kyi passed away with Liver cancer 3 months ago. Mie Mie told me that Myat Mung Kyi did not like to see no one during her last days. She came into my memory like a movie.... She was so young and so beautiful but her life was cut shot by the ugly cancer.

Naomi Nang Mie: My mother, she was only early 40 and passed away with Liver cancer also. Me and my mother had just arrived in Hong Kong for a week when she started to tire so easy and she looked very weak... I have no idea what happening to her. The day the doctor told me that "your mother is very sick and sorry you will loose her soon".. I was so surprise that I do not remembered what I felt on that day….I Just stared at the doctor’s face and I was so confused ...I was totally lost.

Nora Layshan: My sister was killed by a liver cancer when she was only 31 year old. This time I knew what I felt… I felt like a knife struck in my heart and never got out of it. We were so close and so everything to each other. I flew from Guatemala to Singapore and then to Rangoon just to see her before she was leaving us. I visited her for 2 weeks before she die. That visiting was a very unhappy, very sad and very painful visiting for me. I love her and I miss her so bad. I told to myself “she is in the better place and she will never want to come back to this earthly world again”…

As most of you know I just got a new liver because of my liver cancer. I do not know what my future is going to be. In the moring I pray “Lord thank you for a new day”… In the evening I pray “God please has mercy on me.”….. I just live each day. Yes… the scare hit me time to time but I am with very good team of doctors and most of all I am in the hands of my God…I will end this with!!... “Not my will but thy will be done”……….

Monday, December 10, 2007


Christmas is coming soon! Thanks the Lord for another year with my family. Somehow Dr. Bob's last year sermon about Christmas came into my head. I do not remembered so much of Christmas sermons but this one really come into my head and stayed in my head for a long time...

He said " what we are going to decorate with our Christmas Tree this year?" and continued..."each year we are busy buying different things to hang on the Christmas Tree for to look the best!! ...but this year let us decorate with kindness, loving, sharing, caring, considerions ....." and go on. I thought what a wonderful sermon!

I read the bible last night and it said......."Love your enemies"....Matt 5:44 and I asked to my self that "am I going to decorate with my love on my Christmas tree this year??"............... Here I am trying to love my neighbors (I do not hate my neighbors but busy to notice them) so hard and here...The Lord said to love your enemies is not easy...I do not have enemies but honestly I admit it that I have some that I do not like them. Used to be bothered me a lot but now I couldn't careless ...I let it go....I will love them later or not??... This not for sure but for sure I feel much better for not to remember them.

Is that "Mad" and "Hate" relative?? Or may be if you mad at someone, you starting do not like this someone and may be end up hating someone??? Let see how many people that I used to not like them....

I used to very mad at my Rangoon University System (individually who I have to mad at that I do not know)..... I did not like the way they push us to do that I do not want to do.....I wanted to be a Lawyer but end up Zoology saying I am not smart enough for to be a Lawyer!!! You do not know that how much killing me that....I feel "Studying" is not necessary anymore. OK I finished my BSc..But did I use my Zoologist ability??? NO!! I end up "House wife" for the last 10 years till I got my AG...finally I am happy... I love it, good at it and enjoy it a lot!.Then again I realized that I am in "Mad Industry"...

First time I got cheated by a Burmese Woman (no name to you)... I mad at her so bad that I almost call the Thai Tourist Police!! I was testing my first year in GIA school!...teacher told me to know your ability please starting to buy and I did!! I bought a Burmese Rubies Necklace...look beautiful. I told that lady clearly "Would you help me to brush up in my selling ...ta .ta. ta...." She gave me that necklace and said " This is very good you will make money"...I bought it and show it to my GIA teacher and she said " This is a big Crap..." my blood boiled out ...but I handle it very well that I got back my money!! Do I love this
woman??....honestly I answered "NO"!!

Then I got cheated by a man for the second time (no name to you again)!! He, who is suppose to be good at in Gem Trading and good and honest at selling...His partner was a man from New York. I bought a loose Ruby Cabochon by them ...Again my teacher told me "this is second Crap Helen"... again I was so mad that I could feel the smoke coming out of my ears! Well again I can handle it very well that I got what I want back...Do I love this man?? the answer is for sure "NO".. for me to put the love for this man on my Christmas Tree is ...not easy but I will try my best though.

Well....I know I will face time to time of unfairness or untruthful but I can handle it... might not be well but I am ok... You all have a wonderful time of in this special season!
Burmese Red Spinal (from my collection)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The benefit of Liver Transplant

I went to the Bumrungrad hospital this morning for cleaning my teeth. Good news...the doctor said my teeth are look good and big!! To celebrate that I went to the Central Shopping Center.... My life is full of celebrations now!! Oh let me tell you...When I said I need to go holidays to celebrate, every one laughing at me...Why??? They said... "Helen you are always on holidays, you are not working"....That's made me abit up set because I feel I am useless..... Sometime I think I agree with them but sometime not...I will say most of the time not agree....see I will be back to my gems business after new year!! Will be selling again and hopefully counting money soon! Tired of asking money from husband too because it is not easy to ask money from anyone!!

I used to fat, I was 132 lbs...For a small woman (not short OK) 5" 2" I think I am fat...ok I was fat, but I do not like that word so I would say "I am jsut a big boned woman"... Well let me tell you ...the first benefit from the liver transplant is...I am thin!!! See in Thailand I was quite big, I was big for 5 years! the dress size in Bangkok is like size 1, 2 and 3.... The Thai are not fat most of them are small or thin or so thin like no food. I used to mad at the sale girls at the Emporium (spelling??) because they told me "Madame your size ...down stair ok down stair".. First I do not understand until I saw the down stair's clothes, they are simple and big people style.....How dare!! Now every style I am fit into it!!! Like today I got a dress...I tried it on. Wow... I look like Charlie's Angels!!!

Other benefits from Liver Transplant are...I am kinder, more thoughtful!! Oh yes...I used to bite back a lots... even none of my business, if I see someone is not fair to someone I used to jump in and bark well... now after liver transplant I like to share an think about other's feeling too. As some of you knows I am feeding mountain people on this Christmas the way my grandmother told me that they found the biggest pig from the mountain too...I hope that the pig are feed by proper food and not &*#@ eating pig!! You never know!!

My meaningful benefit from liver transplant is... my faith!! My faith is both firm and confirmed... I know who is holding my life. Again I say...I am so bless that I have someone special, my Lord Jesus who is with me when I was walking through the dificult time. I was a Christian all my life but never think of what is the true meaningful Christian till I got sick!! I was hit with a life threatening disease and I felt what is Mercy and Miracle.........This is the best benefit from my Liver Transplant.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thank you

Thank you so much for wishing me by phones, by mails and by sms......

Again the following are for you all!!!

Kyae zuee Tin Ba De (in Burmese)
Khop Krue Kha (in Thai)
Graci (in Italy)
Gracias (in Spanish)
Meaci (in France)
Or Bom Ei Gya (in Lahu)
Yin Lee Kha (in Shan)
Kyei Kue Kaba sai (in Kachin)
Thoue Kyaia (in Cantonese)
Yseik Seik Ni (in Mandarin)
Obligada (in Portuguese)
Thank you very much (in English, in Canadian, in Australian, in American, in
South African...what more???)

Tomorrow is our Thai King's birthday...I wish him for the best of his birthday to return again and agian ... also very good healthy life a head of him!!!


Monday, December 3, 2007

How my parent make me and their life...

Today is my birthday! I do not care how old I am because I feel good and very happy ..........Some of you knew that I was born a mother who is 14 years old and a father who is 18 at the time they made me. I use to tell my friends that I just very fortunate to be alive as my mother know nothing about how to take care of a child.... My father ......for sure not by planning but by just regular releasing his sperms!!! The result was here I came out.. (I never say that to my father's face though!!)... Such thing can be happen everywhere! So it is simple as you see how my parent made me.....Later years my grand mother becoming my mother's place.

I was made in Thachileik but delivered in Keng Tung (Shan State)...................... My grandfather was so mad at my mother that ignored her till I was born! My grandmama went to pick up my mother to make me in Keng Tung for a safe deliver. The Keng Tung clinic was run by the American head nurse, Peggy Smith!! She is now may be late 70 or early 80!! Still living in California. She is also who trained my mother to be a nurse.

I was delivered at home by Ms. Peggy Smith because my mother can't go to the clinic as The Shan and The Burmese were havenly fighting at that night time...Thinking back I thank to Ms. Smith as she ran to my mother to get me out!
The last message about Peggy Smith was 12 years ago she went to looking for my mother as she visiting to Burma and met my late Sister. (my sister called me to Guatemala and told me the news)... I tried my best to locate Ms. Smith but no news!!!

I never met my grandparent of my father's side but I knew my mother's! My father's family does not have money so his parent was smart enough to send him to stay with Rev. Paul (Another American missionary in Burma but later moved to Chaing Mai and also the owner of very first Hill Tribes collection shops in Northern Thailand)...... They put him to school and living with them till.....Oh! who knows for how long.....with them my father learn how to speak English.. may be I should say American....

My father is still in Shan State who loves to hunt wild pigs, baby bears and deers.....I remember that he used to have different kind of guns for hunt but now no more as the Burmese took them all.

Well I do not care how my parents make me..... I love them many ways... They tried hard for me to get the best education in Rangoon and thanks the Lord for I have 10 toes and 10 fingers with a set of very good brain...... on top of that I am not ugly at all.......

Well...Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!