Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Points

I got the following article from my subcriber, The Irrawaddy new! The Author points out the Burmese bulldog's history very updated one. Good to read and learn the Burmese Junta history you all!

SCONTRIBUTOR Critical Need for New Initiatives in Burma
Thursday, May 29, 2008, -->

The people of Burma are now victims of both a humanitarian and a political tragedy. It is nothing less than grotesque how the military government has, for such a long time, obstructed relief to the suffering population.

The main focus must of course be the humanitarian assistance to the victims of the cyclone. However, recent incidents have revealed the need for new political initiatives in order to put a more coherent and efficient pressure on the military rulers of the country.

Kjell Magne BondevikThe UN secretary-general should now take the initiative for a high-level roundtable conference on Burma with the most important actors.

The military junta in Burma has once again shown its true face by the brutal handling of its own people. Thousands of people were struck by a natural catastrophe, but the regime refused the rest of the world the right to bring relief to the victims. At the same time, the junta carried out its planned referendum on a new constitution for the country, albeit with a certain deferment in some of the hardest hit areas. And we still remember how the junta last year cracked down mercilessly on peaceful monks demonstrating for freedom.

The house arrest of the leader of the National League of Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi, has recently been extended, in violation of the country’s own laws, which forbid sentencing anyone to more than five consecutive years’ house arrest.

Faced with this kind of inhumane behaviour, the international community feels powerless. Ever since the military refused to cede power to the winner of the 1990 election, the National League of Democracy, the international community has reacted in very different ways. In the UN and other international organs, resolutions have been adopted demanding democracy and respect for human rights. Western countries have introduced various sanctions, while Asian countries believe in a policy of “constructive engagement.” The UN Security Council has remained hamstrung and weak in this situation. Nothing has worked as intended. Or could it be the differing strategies themselves that cause the failure, because the junta can play on the dissension? Could the hesitant opening for international relief personnel over the last few days represent something new? only time will tell if there will be any lasting effect.

In a situation like this there is a need for new initiatives. We cannot give up the struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights for the Burmese people.
The central actors must come together and discuss a more coherent strategy for a Burma policy. The UN secretary-general should take the initiative. China and India are key countries: both have considerable economic cooperation with Burma and can therefore wield influence. Asean has Burma as a member and is therefore centrally placed. In the West, the EU and the US are, of course, the most influential players.

Sanctions, “constructive engagement” and other means must be debated freely and without prejudice, in the hope of agreeing a more coherent strategy. In doing so, contact should be maintained with the relevant stakeholders, as it is important that the policy be conducted in understanding with those most concerned.

Who will take the initiative for a new, coherent and hopefully more efficient Burma policy? The challenge goes out to the UN secretary-general. The letter has been mailed.

The author is former Norwegian prime minister and current president of the OsloCentre for Peace and Human Rights. He contributed this article exclusively to The Irrawaddy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Me and Shan photos

My friends from Europe asking me that no news about my health anymore, how am I doing? The photos above are my latest photos. Taking in April 2008, holiday trip. Thanks for asking me! I have been living with my new liver for one year and seven months now. I am so thankful for still seeing my son and my family.

Shan...My son is now 12 years and 9 months. He is now 5' 5", very tall for his age. He is very much his father's side. Studying in Britsh Private School in Bangkok, in Year 7 this year. Playing tennis very well but he likes more computer. He likes movie and we are going to see Indiana Jone on coming Saturday!!

Agamemnon's kiss

Robins went to Soul, South Korea for WAS meeting. He brought back 2 books for me as a present from Nick, who lives in Australia. One of the book is Agamennon's Kiss. I was reading it the last 3 days ago. The Author is Inga Clendinnen. I think she got her new liver between 1988 and 1994 in Austin Hospital in Melbourne. I like the book! As myself was a transplant patient, I understand very well that how she felt. She put it into a book was the best too. In her book.....

Inga said: People on the waiting list panic easily. They need to know somethings, but not others, and they haven't yet learnt to trust the medicos, who naturally want to control the information flow so that no one get muddled or demoralised. But we sometimes meet. Before my transplant I had just seen my doctor and was waiting by the units's lift, shaking, yellow, cradling my distended belly with my arms........

I said: I did panic too. Somehow my trust in God help me alot. Believe me if I say... my prayers put me very peaceful in my mind also admitted that sometime the scare did hit me. My trusting in my doctors is another help . I am a person who never take pill before till my first operation nor never been to the hospital. To be honest, I did not want to know detail that what is going to happen after my transplant!!! I rather deal with day by day...sure I do not want to die. The reason is "My son is only 11 years old". Another way to deal for worry is...talking! I did talk to most of the patients who already got the new liver. It is help because I learnt that patients have different problems after the transplant. My recovery was pretty good!

Inga said: To end with a long leap from narcissism to altruism. Transplant patients are a motley lot:different classes, levels of education, religions, ethnicities. Most of them are the sort of people I would never meet in my daily life. Now we feel a special tenderness for each other. We have been, are and will always be in the same boat.

I said: Agree with her. I met this fellow name Jim at the liver supporting group meeting. I saw him 3 times, I did not talk to him much but I am still praying for him time to time. Another patient, she was my next door when I was in the hospital. I still remember her name...Ms. Huge, Hope she is well. As Inga siad we are all in the same boat, how true! I learnt one thing when waiting for my new liver to come, we all must wait! Money can't help just wait!

Inga said: We are bound to the people of the Liver Transplant Unit because we owe our lives to them. I have never been of docile temperament, but I do what the LTU people tell me, because I am their creation.

I said: I love my Liver Transplant Unit people in Gainesville, Florida. Listen and do what the LTU telling you. They know what they are doing. My doctors and all of them are in my prayers.. I thank God for creating such doctors and caring people. I do wish that I do not want them to die ahead of me. I need them more than they need me!

Inga said: Most of the ones who spoke to me during my several hospital stays didn't talk about religion or dying at all: they talked a bout journey and opportunities for growth. They would stumble around in their metaphors for a while, and then go away. But there was one woman, officially a chaplain, who would turn up at any hour and who had a rare talent for unraveling knotted angers and fears. I say she can do that because she is an extraordinary person. She would say she can do it because of her faith!

I said: I am not an extraordinary person. I still not a perfect person but this is what I prayed to Lord Jesus: "Lord, you raised the dead, you let the blind see, you let the deaf hear again..I believed in your miracles. Help me God". That's all I prayed and I believed in it!

Inga said: I knew that family and friends would grieve, there was nothing I could do about that, or indeed about anything_ a small, luxurious abdication of responsibility.

I said: I knew some how my close family is thinking that I will face my short life. My mother in law even told me that we should say something to my son. I told to myself... I will do that the day that I know I am going die soon. I also realized that Me, myself is the one need to cope this with my prayers. I did form a talking group in my email, it's help me alot. This was real helping me with my lonely time. Knowing friends and family are praying for you is the best medicine. Believe me, what the transplant patient wanted the most is hear kind, lovely words and care.

In my sick life I got some books as a present. I like the one written by Lance Armstrong, Dr. Chamberland gave it to me. Now this book Agamemon's Kiss, I like it too. Thank you Nick!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bulldog news

The bulldog wants 11 Billions Dollars...said in the news today!!! What a shameless bulldog. I consider that I am a smart women and fast learner but in this Nagis case in Burma, I am lost and do not understand the way the Bulldog are acting up there.

First the Junta, the bulldog said no need help.....Now the dog said he wants 11 billions dollars. For what?? For who?? Hope who ever helping to Burma, please make sure this helping will goes to the needing Burmese but not to the bulldog!

Sunday, May 25, 2008
Cautious Optimism over Than Shwe-Ban Agreement
Friday, May 23, 2008, -->

The leader of Burma’s ruling junta, Snr-Gen Than Shwe, has finally agreed to allow in “all aid workers” after meeting with the head of the United Nations in the country’s capital, Naypyidaw. But given the regime’s history of mistrust towards non-governmental organizations and UN agencies, most greeted the news with cautious optimism. “I had a very good meeting with the Senior General and particularly on these aid workers,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “He has agreed to allow all aid workers regardless of nationalities.”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (L) met with Burma's junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe on Friday in Naypyidaw. (Photo: AP)Ban Ki-moon also said it was “an important development” that Than Shwe agreed to make Rangoon the logistics center of the aid operation. Burma’s main opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), called the news a positive step, provided the junta keeps its promises. “We will be very glad if that news comes true,” Nyan Win, a spokesman for the NLD, told The Irrawaddy on Friday. “But the good news should have come for survivors immediately after the cyclone hit the country. Now it has been three weeks.”Several Bangkok-based aid workers who were waiting to get a visa to enter Burma also responded cautiously to the announcement, noting that the regime has a history of not keeping its promises.

Foreign aid workers already inside Burma need permission to travel outside of Rangoon—another hurdle that will need to be cleared before an effective response to the disaster is possible. But some Burma watchers regarded Than Shwe’s decision to allow foreign aid workers into the country—after weeks of refusing to even respond to telephone calls from the UN secretary general—as a genuine concession.

Aung Naing Oo, a Burmese political analyst, said that Than Shwe needed to make a compromise after facing weeks of unrelenting pressure. He said that this pressure was both internal and external, leaving the junta’s top general with no other choice than to end his resistance to calls for a larger international aid effort.“I heard even Burmese military officials are displeased with the junta’s poor relief distribution system in the delta region and slow response to international aid,” he said.

Many local Burmese aid workers who have been to delta region said that doors that have been opened slightly can just as easily be closed again. “This is the nature of the Than Shwe regime,” they said. Larry Jagan, a British journalist who writes on Burma affairs, said he was rather doubtful that Ban Ki-moon’s remark represented a major breakthrough. “I cannot believe that Snr-Gen Than Shwe is going to allow thousands of foreigners to delta region,” he said. Some analysts said that Than Shwe may be worried about the possibility of the Burma issue being raised again at the UN Security Council.France said on Thursday that it would push for a Security Council resolution authorizing the aid delivery to Burma’s cyclone victims “by all means necessary” if pressure from Ban Ki-moon and neighboring countries doesn’t work.

The French ambassador to the UN, Jean-Maurice Ripert, said that France will wait to hear from Ban Ki-moon and John Holmes, the UN humanitarian chief, as well as from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, to see if there is any concrete progress on the issue of access to the victims. “If not, we will have to go back to the Security Council,” said the ambassador.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Buffalos

When I was looking for some Cat Eyes Chrysoberyl from a Burmese Man today, I got an email from my black berry. It said..... Breaking News! The Junta allowed International aid!! Finally...the buffalos are enjoying the guitar. Good job Mr Ban Ki Moon!! and I want to say "Thank You Sir" to him because it is not easy to play Guitar in front of the Burmese Buffalos!!

When I was in Guatemala I saw some cattle farms on the way to Shrimps farm. They look good! The cows or the buffalos ,they all look well fed. In Burma, the Burmese buffalos are thin like in this picture. I remember that the buffalos meat from Asia are tough too.

Once my father was a buffalos trader. (Buffalos Trader used to be considered as a well pay business)!!! He went to somewhere to buy some buffalos and bringing into his hometown. Read this and believe it...everytime when he reached the check point, he has to pay for his buffalos to pass!! Sometime they hold my father's buffalos for days till they get the prize which they asked for.

Well...bottom line, as the breaking new, nice to hear about the Happy Buffalos from Burma!!! I hope they behave well too.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ban Ki Moon

I do not know What Ban Ki Moon can do in Burma but I do know one thing in Burma, the Burmese are saying................

"You can't play guitar in front of the Buffalo"!!! do you see the point??? I think Ban Ki Moon is playing guitar in front of the Buffalos!!! He is there, mean time the Buffalos are arresting people. See the article that I received today!!

Soon....There will be no young and brave left in Burma, in future what we can see in Burma is Old Farts with the mean attitude!! Please please lets pray for the Burma to get freedom soon.

NLD Members Arrested
Thursday, May 22nd 2008

About a dozen people, most of them members of Burma’s main opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), were arrested on Thursday morning, according to family members.

Relatives said that local police arrested 11 NLD members at their homes, including the NLD’s Sanchaung Township chairman Thet Wai and leading youth members Khin Tun and Tun Zaw Zaw. Three of the arrested are former political prisoners who have spent years in detention. NLD spokesman Nyan Win, speaking to The Irrawaddy on Thursday, confirmed the arrests, but could not provide any explanation for the action taken by the authorities.

Thet Wai was arrested by local authorities and police from Rangoon’s Sanchaung Township at 5 a.m. Thursday, while Khin Tun was taken into custody at 3 a.m., according to a family member.

Colleagues of two of the arrested NLD members, Ma Cho and Lay Lwin, said that the authorities accused them of trying to cause unrest among survivors of Cyclone Nargis at a relief camp in South Dagon Township, located in the outskirts of Rangoon. They didn’t elaborate.

At least one other person who does not belong to the NLD was arrested.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prize Tag!

May 20th 2008

I was abit under the weather for 3 days! My head and my body got pain. I took Tylenol and slept off. Today I went to the gym, do the track and bicycle!! Sweat off always help me feel good. What did I do yesterday ?? Oh yes...went to shopping at the Emporium Mall looking for a dress. Got invited for the Princess's party at the hotel tomorrow night. Part of it actually for my happiness. Shopping is one of my happy medicine!

See this..I went to Jessica dress shop! her prize tag is from 4000 to 13000 or more. I saw this very nice dress so I check the prize it said 2900 Baht. So I thought cheap for this good looking and made out of such a good material!! without thinking I told them OK! Them the bill comes said ..5900 baht (about 200 ++dollars). I said "please let me see the prize tag??"

What happened was..the dress prize was way way inside the dress!! The one (prize tag) dangling behind the dress was from the necklace that decorated for the dress. What a fun mistake!!!..well I did get the dress with lots of pain!! Hope I look like Lucy lui from Charlie Angels!! well...I like the dress though! It is.... actually beautiful.

I got to stop now as I am going to drop some of me and my son clothes to the Church. The clothes will go to Burma by Baptish mission directly to the poor! There are about 6 Japanese women form NIST school are helping to pack the clothes at someone house ready for shipping also. It is very nice to see people's pure hearts and sincerely to help as time is difficult for others.

These clothes are no "Prize Tag" but tags with.... "Love"!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


May 16tg 2008

I looked at my dictionary because I really want to know the meaning of "Junta".... and the dic. said, "Junta" mean......"A body of men gathered together for some secret purpose, especially for political intrigue, faction, cabal....

I do not care what the dictionary said.. This is the way of my interpretation of
Junta, is....mean, selfish, murderer, thief, manipulated, fake, Child Molester (Rambo said so in his last movie), lier, killer, money hunger and the last one is..
A@#H@#$%!! Sorry! as a woman I shouldn't say that but forgive me "I can't control my anger"...

Junta Says Constitution Approved
Thursday, May 15, 2008, -->

The Burmese military government announced on Thursday that their draft constitution was overwhelmingly approved in a referendum held while the country was reeling from a devastating cyclone.

The document was approved by 92.4 percent of the 22 million eligible voters last Saturday, Aung Toe, head of the Referendum Holding Committee, said on state radio. He gave voter turnout as more than 99 percent.

The ruling junta says a general election will follow in 2010. The document guarantees 25 percent of parliamentary seats to the military and allows the president to hand over all power to the military in a state of emergency—elements that critics say defy the junta's professed commitment to democracy.

The constitution would bar Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, the detained leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD), from public office. The military refused to honor the results of the 1990 general election won by her NLD party.

Aung Toe said another 5 million citizens were eligible to vote May 24 in Rangoon and the Irrawaddy delta, the region worst hit May 3 by Cyclone Nargis, which the UN says may have killed more than 100,000 people.

Human rights organizations and anti-government groups have bitterly accused the government of neglecting cyclone victims to advance its political agenda.
Following the balloting, local journalists said they saw cases of intimidation of voters at polling stations around the country.

The fear of the military, which has ruled since 1962, was so great that few people were expected to vote "No" despite a campaign by pro-democracy activists to oppose the constitution.
The editor of a respected Burmese newsmagazine who had reporters stationed around the country said the information he received showed the vote was not free and fair.
"The essence of secrecy is totally lost in some of the polling booths," said the editor, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.
He said irregular practices seen by his reporters included officials telling voters, "Don't forget to put the tick, the right mark," as they got ready to cast their ballots.

Voting officials would also sometimes pull aside the curtains protecting the privacy of the voting booths, in addition to asking voters to affix their fingerprints on the ballots. Other journalists witnessed voters clutching three or four national registration cards, which they exchanged for an equal number of ballots, a violation of voting rules.

Voting was postponed in two regions battered by the killer cyclone until May 24, but results from the late balloting could not mathematically reverse the constitution's approval with only a simple majority needed among a total of 27 million eligible voters.

More Articles in This Section
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Behind the Story in Laputta

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Time to Invoke ‘Responsibility to Protect’: Burmese Activists

Asean Assessment Team Expected in Burma Today

Un Chief Calls Emergency Meeting on Burma

NLD Slams Plan for May 24 Referendum Vote

Authorities Harass Local NGOs, Private Donors

US Sends Five More Aid-loaded Planes to Burma

Burma Seeks Help from Neighbors

Thursday, May 15, 2008


May 15th 2008

I saw the most strange and sad news in this morning. The news said..... A man (can't remember his name), who flew from New York to somewhere in California was force to sit in the toilet??? It is horrible!! He was very up set that (I bet I do too), he is suing the Jet Blue for 2 million!! If someone sued MacDonald for 6 or 9 millions because of the hot coffee burned between her legs by her own accidentally, not by someone, I should say the toilet man is very kind to sue only 2 millions!! I think the toilet man is kind actually very very kind.

Talking about toilet, I have seen so many toilets in my life as going around the world. Some are nice, some are very nice but some are even do not know how to sit on. In Shan State when I was young, my father has this quite nice ( 30 years ago), two story brick house. But I notice that there are no toilets in the house. Back then who care, now think it back I was Shan style? tradition? for health? Preventing from danger?? who knows!!..... My father yard is about 1 1/2 acre.. the toilet is way way back of the house. We did have electricity back then even better than nowadays. The electricity is only in the house so at night my father had this urine pot ( a big one), so he was in good condition and convenience. My father no need to find accompany to go far back home toilet but me and my sister did not have Urine Pots. So every time we want to go at night, we both go together with candle. I remembered we fight alot for disturbing toilets.

In Thailand, way up remote place on the mountain...there is no toilet at all. They all run to the bushes!! When 16 years ago on my trip for hiking and staying with mountain people (This is only American way of holiday, I should say) and their way of living, I learn the value of toilet. I still do remember that the most special toilet I had ever been to.

One late night of that trip, my stomach was so pain that I need the toilet immediately. I told Robins to help me to go find toilet. He was so tired and dead sleep too. Meantime I was feeling almost come out with attacking pain...So I ran out of the hut but can't make decision which direction or which bushes?? Then I saw in the middle of the village, there is a Elephant Stand (as elephant is so big, in order to get on their back to ride on you have to climp up the stairs to reach on the elephant's back), it is almost high as one story flat level. Without thinking I was so happy to climb up on the stand, my butt hung out in the middle of the night, I did what I have to do unconditionally. I was so released and so happy!!

Here came the night mare of my whole life! Suddenly I head that awful noises....was causing me fear to dead! Screamed to get help! No luck at all. There were about 18 pigs came out from nowhere fighting for my @#$% !!! I can't go down from the Elephant Stand waiting for the pigs to go away. It was a good 15 minutes crying and waiting! I never forget that toilet and specially on that night of my life!!!....OK be positive, what a wonderful experience?? From that night on ..I learned to sit behind the bush with a long stick to chase the pigs out every time I need TOILET!! Was so fun to see all the tourists with the long stick finding the bushes for 3 days with the mountain people!!

The next day lunch... the village Head Man fed us pigs curry for lunch. Of course I did not touch nor look at that pig curry dish. I do have a good reason for not to eat but never tell other tourist do not eat that pork either. Have a good Toilets you all!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

What kind of people do this??

May 11th 2008

I met 10 doctors, some nurses and pharmacists in the Church today. They all are from around the world. There is a group that where ever disaster hit, if you are a doctor or els.. you can donate your time to go help by this organization.

We chatted with 2 doctors from Australia after the church. They took at lease one month leave from their clinic and say good bye the families just to help the Burmese people with their skills.

Guess what happen?? They are waiting to get Burmese Visa! They all get together in Bangkok as all the doctors are come from different countries. Since last Thursday they are still waiting!!! Most embassies will be opened if your country is suffered from such a great distress. No one can't understand at all.

I do wish one thing to day...I wish this doctors can get the visa and even late visa. If this safe one life, I am happy. I see the real joyful in their faces as they are ready to help. You knows these doctors have money, they can just send the money but they don't. They act as ..."Love your neighbours as you love yourself".....

Saturday, May 10, 2008


May 10th 2008

Today is my wedding Anniversary! 16 Years with only one man and one married ! That's all it is enough for me. We did only simple thing, we went to the flower shop and donate flowers to the church for tomorrow which is also mother day. My flower representing my thank you to my God. We are not superstitious so we did not do nothing but will go to the church for sure.

See the following article...Burmese people believe lots of things! Like... If you do this you will be good, if you do that you will be bad!! I understand different kinds of believing but I would like to ask one question. I know the answer of this question but I still want to ask everyone anyway.... The question is.....

"How far the superstitious will save your life"?? ( Am I putting the right English??? I do not know!!)....As the following article said Elephant Hair will bring you good Luck!! Very OK for me what others are thinking. Thinking is free of charge right?? You can think as much as you want...... so....Here my "Thinking" is........"We all are going to die one day..say timely or untimely, young or old, beautiful or ugly, doctor or patient, superstitious or not superstitious, good one or bad one, we all are going to die. Mean if you die you are in bad luck???? " The dead comes because you do not do what you suppose to do??

I am not superstitious! That's do not mean that I am wiser than other. This is what I believe...

"Rejoice with them what do rejoice and weep with them that weep" Romans 12:16


By En-Lai Yeoh

May 9 (Bloomberg)

Leaders around the world are trying totell Myanmar's military ruler, Than Shwe, how to respond toCyclone Nargis. He may be more likely to listen to a soothsayer,according to scholars who study his regime. A fortuneteller's warning that blood would spill in the cityof Yangon prompted the general in 2005 to shift the country'scapital from there to Naypyidaw, a jungle outpost 300 kilometers(186 miles) inland, said Irrawaddy News, a weekly that coversMyanmar from Thailand. The military rulers who will decide how much internationalcyclone relief Myanmar will accept and where it will go arereclusive and repressive by the reckoning of international groupsand western governments. The junta leaders also are believers inthe magical powers of good and bad luck. ``The amount of superstitious beliefs, the following ofsoothsayers make it difficult to understand why they act in acertain way,'' said Christopher Roberts, a post-doctoral fellowat Singapore's S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies whospecializes in Myanmar politics. The May 3 cyclone may have killed 100,000 and left a millionhomeless. The military, which has controlled Myanmar since 1962,delayed allowing in relief workers and supplies, prompting anoutcry from the United Nations, the U.S., other countries and aidgroups. Before responding to the pressure, junta rulers ``wouldbe looking for guidance'' from fortunetellers, Roberts said. Than Shwe, who is in his 70s, and his underlings are similarto their countrymen in this regard, said U Thaung Yee, avolunteer worker at the Marist Mission in Ranong, Thailand, whicheducates orphans from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Elephant Hairs

Among beliefs that are common in Myanmar, he said: Shoesshouldn't be left upside down. Elephant hairs bring good luck.Shampooing after a funeral may bring bad luck. And childrenshouldn't be exposed to dark places. ``Myanmar people are very superstitious; we cannot livewithout it,'' he said. ``Everyone talks to fortunetellers, eventhe generals, as we believe they will tell us our future.'' Former dictator Ne Win, who ruled for 26 years until 1988,ordered a switch from driving on the left side of the road to theright after his personal clairvoyant told him the left sidebrought bad luck, Roberts said. Cars switched sides the next day,Roberts added. A meeting last year between Than Shwe and Ibrahim Gambari, aUnited Nations special envoy, was delayed for days while thegeneral waited for an auspicious time, said Mizzima News, anonline service run by exiled Myanmar journalists in India andThailand.

Surprise Move

The decision to move the capital to Naypyidaw surprisedChina, Myanmar's neighbor, and fellow members of the Associationof Southeast Asian Nations. The relocation took place at a timeand date chosen by Than Shwe's soothsayer, Irrawaddy News said. Naypyidaw is a cluster of buildings with no internationalairport that's a 10-hour rail journey from Yangon, Myanmar'slargest city. It has underground bunkers and anti-missiledefenses, according to Irrawaddy News. Photographs show mansions,parade grounds and pagodas for the junta's top brass. ``It is outrageously spread out and outrageous for a country this poor,'' said David Steinberg, director of Asian studies atGeorgetown University and author of ``Turmoil in Burma: ContestedLegitimacies in Myanmar.'' Than Shwe ``is being treated as though he's a monarch. No one can raise anything until he raisesit first.''

Friday, May 9, 2008


May 9th 2008

I went to check up my liver on 6th of May..went to the lab early 645 am.... the result were good. My liver are doing well and the only not doing well is my brain. Do I need Brain Transplant?? Do you all feel tired in the Brain? I did !!! May be too many news about Burma. Seeing unhappy thing all the time is not good for me. Hearing the stupidness of the leaders there is worst.

Well tonight I am putting a nice dinner for the Princess and friends. I cook! can you believe it that ''Yang can cook so I can cook"!!! (Hey I like that China Man, Yang's cooking lessons on TV, lately where is he ?? anyone know??). I Just finished my Chicken Lemongrass Curry, Pork with Ginger, Shrimp with garlic and Guacamole with nacho chips! Burmese and Guatemala mix.

Talking about cooking, when I was in Guatemala there was a lady who lived above of my apartment. She is from way way..very close to South Pole. Well can't remember right now the name of her country. It is a small country..well too bad now it is out of my mind ..anyway she gave me late lunch one day with her other friends. Ok ok... I just looked at my Globe Ball...... she is from URUGUAY, sound similar ( U-R-GAY)!! Her cooking smell was so wonderful...Oh believe me there are some food that smell like a rat dead for a week!!!
Food calls "Kapi" or "Shrimp Paste" .... These are very bad bad smell but when in cooked, they are so yummy!!

The Uruguay woman cook one dish that looked like a lean meat yellow curry but not quite like asia curry. She said "Comer lo Helen, estan mui bueno" ..I asked
her "que esto??" she answered " no te preguntale..comer comer"...So I did eat but a bit chewy in my mouth so I said "die me lo ques esto?" she said "Linqua de Vaca he he he".... I do not like her "he he he " at all. I told her I need to go to toilet right a way and I did spitt it all out. I do not like any tongue of animal..never!! I saw some Taiwanese ate "Duck Tongue" in Hong Kong. Well I should stop my rubbish now.....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bad Intervention?

May 7th 2008

I got phone calls and emails from my friends all over the world. Thank you for asking. Yes! my father and my step brother are in Burma. My father lives in Shan state and my brother lives in my apartment in Rangoon . They both are doing OK.

I am so so sorry for the Burmese. I can't do nothing but I can pray for them. So I did! I got some emails, saying that " They killed the monk so the Burmese are suffering for what they did to the monks" ... I do respect what ever you believe in but in this difficult time, I do hope that we should be a opened minded, be Positive is the right thing that I should say!! How could you say this is a punishment for the Burmese..let's see who is the one suffered in this situation?? Those who are poors and living by the river are suffering the most. They are nothing to do with killing the monks at all. Farmers who knows only how to grow the rice and worry for that what they are going to eat the next day. See.... the one who gave the order to kill the Monks are unharmed? Why? I do not know and do you??? .... To who ever do the punishing using "the Nargis", I would say.....unfairly punished to the wrong people. So instead of saying..... you are bad, so bad things happened to you, lets looking for how to help them without judgement.

Once Jesus said ...."who ever think holy and sinless, throw the first stone at....."...Guess??? There are none!!! We all are little bastards or big bastards. Lets see...... I was with cancer. If you think this is because of my last life was a bad person? Was I a bitch last life? Was I a killer? Was I a lier? How dare you judge to other like that meanwhile you yourself are not saint at all. You know...I am so glad that I have God who is full of love, forgiving, caring and merciful one. Ofcourse also will do the judement only in his way which is you and I will never understand why? I like to ask to God.....why Burma? Why poors people? Why childrens? Why not the bad guys?? I have no answers.

I am so glad that my God, Jesus is slow to anger. He is good!!! I just trust him.
Put it this way "We can understand the God but we can never read the God's plans".......You never will untill when your time comes. .... very clearly because we are human being and he is God!!!

Burmese say "Pa zart ka pha ya pha ya, lek ka car ya car ya".... mean "Your moth said oh my God and oh my God but you hands are doing wrong thing and wrong thing"...Good ha!!! I love it. To the Burmese: Please hang in there, our thought and prayers are with you all. See the following article......

Divine Intervention?
Tuesday, May 6, 2008,

Hammered by Cyclone Nargis, many superstitious Burmese cannot help but believe that nature has finally intervened and punished Burma. But it’s is not fair, they say. The cyclone didn’t hit Naypyidaw where all the top brass live.
Traditionally, Buddhist Burmese consider that if the country is ruled by a bad king, it is doomed to face natural disasters—floods, storms and fire. It’s a sign that the tyrant or inept ruler needs to be removed.
And there is reason to believe. The regime unleashed its wrath through brute force on peaceful gatherings of Buddhist monks and their supporters in September, killing dozens of innocent people. Killing monks is an unthinkable crime in a predominantly Buddhist country. Since then, many Burmese people have been warning that bad karma was coming and the generals would be punished.
Thanda, a Rangoon resident in her in late 30s, told The Irrawaddy that she spoke to many locals who believe nature has punished the country because the regime killed Buddhist monks. After having seen the devastation in her city, she said, “It is really sad to see Rangoon turned into a ghost town.”
“I can imagine Madam Than Shwe is now consulting with astrologers,” said a regular visitor to Burma who resides in Thailand. “Snr-Gen Than Shwe and his family are deeply superstitious and they always consult with astrologers and soothsayers before making a decision.”
In 2005, many ordinary Burmese believed Than Shwe relocated the capital from Rangoon to Naypyidaw in central Burma due to advice from his astrologer. Millions of dollars were spent to build the new capital from scratch. Rumor has it that Than Shwe's trustworthy astrologer reportedly told him that the former capital Rangoon would face a natural disaster and social unrest and he was strongly advised to move to a new location.
How ironic then that the catastrophe hit Rangoon and the delta and not the new capital and its high-ranking local elite. Yet again, the innocent people of the country were punished instead of the perfidious oligarchy.
Thanda, who arrived in Thailand on Monday as soon as flights resumed between Bangkok and Rangoon, said, "Sure, Burmese people are angry at the military leaders because the assistance is too slow. However,” she added, “they are also angry at Cyclone Nargis because it did not hit Naypyidaw."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Air Supply

May 5th 2008

I went to play tennis today, feel like almost drop dead as playing one hours under hot weather. It made me real sweat!!!..... came back home check my email! Got an email from one of my friends. She is married to a drummer of Air Supply Group which is famous in SE Asia. Hey you all know Tom Patty???? Tom Patty, some how not so many knows him here in Thailand. Europe knows him well??? I wish he could tour in Bangkok so this will make Robins very happy also the Thai will know him better too. Tom Patty is from Gainesville! his piano man is Robin's neighbour from 23rd street house... Robins has all of his CDs. I just know only "Free falling" pretty good though....Tom Patty is loved by Robins and The Gainesville ....also hero for Robins. For me I have mute feeling for Tom!

In Bangkok we have a famous market calls JJ market. I think Anderson Cooper did some documentary for CNN about animal in this JJ market. I love to go there also but now I can't take so many people pushing each other in there. It's a
weekend market! You can find anything in that JJ market.. even bugs fried!

About 3 years ago.... me, Robins and Shan was visiting JJ market and a nice Blondie woman walked to me and said hi! and conversation with me. She was so out going and with other 3 American. They are looking to go another shopping center. We took them and they were so fun to be with. So I told them if you have time, dinner with us before head to USA. They came and we had the best time. Turn out to be her husband is working with Air Supply. Susan, ( not her real name) is very fun even in the emial. I like her and her job also. Anyway she will be here in Bangkok in June 29th. Air Supply is performing on July 1st and asking me wanted to be at the show or not? Of course my answer is very "YES............"!

To Air Supply: Welcome soon to Thailand!!!!! Of course the best shrimps of Robins is waiting for you all! Just tell me fry, steam, curry or grill???

Thursday, May 1, 2008

African Ruby

April 30th 2008

Last three days I was busy selling gem and jewellery! Was a good sell so I have no complain and should not be. I did sell ....oh..someone need to work 1 or 2 months to get that kind of income. Amazingly I found out that some people like African Ruby. Some are very attracted though. Yes..they all are heated...without heat there are not good looking at all. The prize are starting from 200 (9$) baht to 4000 (130$) baht per caret according to the weight. I do not like African Ruby as I know how's the beauty of Burmese Ruby's are.

To get a good colour you must heat the African Ruby with the chemical.... you have to know how to taking care of them too. You can't let the perfume, Acid or alcohol contact on.

Some one came to show me some very very nice Burmese unheated , natural Rubies. Price tags are 1 million bath (33,000$) to up like 5 or 6 million baht. Very very beautiful... I had work enough for 6 months and going to retire soon...Aha!

I am tired and going to back early today!