Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The % of happiness

I am seriously want to ask you (who ever read my blog), are you happy? How happy you are? How you are going to find the happiness? who you are going to happy with?? ....ect...............................

Let me look back my happy times......Most people say the happiness starting within the family first..mean if you have a good set of parent, you will have the confident in adult life and most likly to success in future!! Ok these are coming out of my life experiences with happiness...........The following are only for fun to read BUT not a lie in there!!

With Parent: I will rate happiness with my parent is 40 %. I said this so because as my parents were divorce when I was only 7 or 8 years old. I did not like them, I did not want to see them but I love my grandmother! Happiness with my grandma is 100%! I know I am normal because I had a set of parent (not in blood parent) who are very high class in attitude!! love..yes I do love my own parent.

With schooling : It is 100% happy and fun in high school. I love my high school years because I did have a set of very good friends. Now we are all over the world. With University year, I said 100 % happiness with friends but for learning may be only 45 % because I hate what I was learning (talking about Burmese Education way).

With dating: I did not date so much.... say... I am not so good at this one. Thank goodness...I had never date a pimp, a pervert, an idiot nor muderers!! so I rate in this field for 85% happiness!

With Marrying: Honestly I love married life because you face verything with someon you love...but I did not mean alway happy though... you do not have happy, happy and happy. It is fun to see the hpppiness % of this one... never stay the same % ...its goes...sometimes 100%, may be more sometime like 150 % but it can be like dive down to 25 %, may be sometime 0 % or may be sometime minus -50%...so we need a good Dr. to do a resecrch!! It's goes like my Prograf level ( my immue surpressor), it does change up and down and up and down.

With your child: It is always 100%. Do not ask me why? because I do not have answer I just felt it that way.

With In laws: If you have a good set of in laws, yes .... love can reach almost...I said almost 100% but if you have mean in laws ...Ok I will let you answer this yourself!!!

With friends: I am saying platonic (spell??) friendship...I have feinds that I love them a lot. ..almost 100%. I love Mie Mie Htun (the grand daughter of old Finance Minister), she is in LA now. She was the person I grew up together with 16 years in one house, we shared one room, same school, the same friends, movies, almost everything.... Her family fed me and my sister for so many years. She is my very very good friend to me till now. Later years I am so close to Rose, Rose Mary, Pinky, Sandy, Cho Mar,Sein Sein, myu, Nyunt Nyunt. In my over sea years.... I love this lady... She is a Princess, lives in Washington DC. She is a true good freind evey time I need help or kind wards she is the one who help me or to others too. So many good feinds called me when I was fighting with my liver cancer in Gainesville..she is the one cried with me.. She understand my feeling for that ugly time of my life! People I did mention in here are being friends to me over 16 years to 25 years!! A real true good freinds!!!Somehow I love my doctors, my nurse and my cordinators too...Not only because of I am doing very well but also the kindness that they showed me.

Now to answer the questions of happiness....Yes I am happy because I know more about life now than before (never be 100% because I am still learning). I am happy most of the time lately because I know how to accept the proplems and ugly peoples. How am I going to find the happiness????...well if you balance of your work, family and prayers with true faith, this will give you the ALMOST happiness in this world. Someone said..."if you are very good at work, top seed of what ever you are doing with it but if you forget the family and faith... one day you will wake up like Howard Huge's. Same as you are a good family man or woman but not good at work and not definitely in faith ( what ever you believe in )..you will confuse your child or to your family. Also you are a good belivers but forget about your work, and family?? answer yourself please!!!

Talking about MYLIFE......I do find very peaceful when I pray with my family before going to bed... also when I read my bible. I felt such a calm in my mind. I will finish with my son's prayer which he says before to bed...... he, my Shan said " God is good, God is great and thank you for everything. Please help mommy and Daddy"....Have a very happy day!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Liver news

I got the following articles from my google subscriber. There are always good news and sad news. I would like to express my very thank you to my doctors..
Dr. Hemming, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Soldavilla Pico and the whole transplant team at the Shand hospital, University of Florida at Gainesville.

Oro Valley resident Dianne Miller won a second chance at life. Now she uses her victory to recruit help for others.

To watch her work out in the training room at the El Conquistador Country Club, it's hard to believe that in 2004 Dianne was almost dead.
As she exercises, she says, "They gave me my last rites twice."
A virus attacked her liver. Within weeks it shrunk the largest organ in her body to the size of a silver dollar. Then, at the 11th hour, while she was in a coma, she received a liver transplant.
Dianne says it saved her life. It also turned her into an Olympic competitor.
As she works out, she explains, "This is all about organ donation, to show that transplantation works. After being transplanted we have a second chance of life and we don't sit on the couch and eat potato chips and watch movies all day."
Dianne competes in the U.S. and world Transplant Olympics. And she wins events including tennis, track and swimming.
Among her victories she says are, "14 gold in Australia, 4 in America. And then I went to the world transplant games and I entered three events in swimming and set three world records."
At 59, she's obsessed.


Mother sacrificed her life by refusing cancer treatment so her premature baby would live
Lorraine Allard lost cancer battle three weeks after giving birthBy ANDREW LEVY -
More by this author » Last updated at 00:38am on 26th January 2008
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Four months into her pregnancy, Lorraine Allard was devastated to learn she was in the advanced stages of cancer.
Doctors advised her to have an abortion and start chemotherapy straight away.
Instead, with steadfast courage, she insisted on waiting long enough to give her unborn son a chance to survive, telling her husband Martyn: "If I am going to die, my baby is going to live."
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Lorraine Allard, 33, and Liam two weeks after he was born. She started a course of chemotherapy almost straight away and was able to cradle him just a handful of times before she died last Friday

A caesarean delivery was scheduled at 26 weeks, but Mrs Allard went into premature labour a week before and Liam was born on November 18.
She then started chemotherapy, but died on January 18 - having left her bed a handful of times to cuddle her son beside his incubator.
"Lorraine was positive all the way through - she had strength for both of us," Mr Allard said yesterday.
"Towards the end we knew things weren't going well, but she was overjoyed that she had given life to Liam."
The 34-year-old oilfield technician from St Olaves, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and his 33-year-old wife already had three daughters - Leah, ten, Amy, eight, and Courtney, 20 months - when they learned they were expecting their first boy
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Grieving: Lorraine's husband Martyn with his two daughters, Amy, 8, and Courtney, 20 months
"We were going to have the full set and didn't plan to have any more children after that," said Mr Allard.
But in October last year, his wife started suffering stomach cramps and tests at James Paget Hospital in Gorleston revealed tumours on her liver.
It is believed the disease spread from bowel cancer that had been growing unnoticed for years.
"The doctors said they couldn't do anything because she was pregnant," said Mr Allard.
"She told them straight away they were not going to get rid of the baby. She'd have lost the will to fight."
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Fighting for life: Liam in hospital just after his birth. He is still in hospital but it is hoped he could fit enough to go home in March
Mrs Allard went into labour a couple of weeks after the diagnosis and gave birth at the Norfolk and Norwich University NHS Hospital in Norwich.
"Liam was so tiny, just 1lb 11oz, so the nurse picked him up and allowed Lorraine to give him a little kiss before he was taken to an incubator," said Mr Allard.
"She was so emotional. She had been so determined to give him the best chance and was happy that he had been born naturally, which meant she wouldn't have to recover for a couple of weeks after a caesarean before beginning the chemotherapy."
The treatment began almost immediately and Mrs Allard spent her time recuperating at home, apart from four visits to her newborn son.
The first was when he was two weeks old, during which a treasured photo of her cuddling him was taken.

Treasured photo: Lorraine and Martyn with Liam. Her father said 'She was a big personality with a heart of gold'
Liam has responded well to his care and it is hoped he will be sent home from hospital in early March.
But his mother's health started to deteriorate just before Christmas and a scan on January 17 revealed the tumours were still growing.
She died the following day. Mr Allard said: "The doctors had said the cancer was no longer curable, although they were trying to shrink the tumours - which they thought might give her a couple of years.
"On the day Lorraine died, she hadn't eaten for two weeks and couldn't drink.
"I laid beside her and she was gripping my hand quite tight.
"We were like that for about half an hour. I could feel against my chest that her heart was slowing down. She just slipped away after that. It was very peaceful.
"When Liam is old enough, I won't tell him that Lorraine gave her life for him, but I will say she made sure he had a good chance of life.
"She told me she didn't want him to feel bad about it."
Mrs Allard's father, Tom Berry, said: "I was overwhelmed by the way Lorraine took it.
"She lived for her husband and children. She was a big personality with a heart of gold."
Babies born at 25 weeks have a 50 per cent chance of survival.
This goes down to 39 per cent at 24 weeks and 17 per cent - or a one in six chance - at 23 weeks.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I considered that I am a smart woman and Robins is a very expert in his business..... But how come my son, Shan's first term report card is not satisfactory to me??? We just came back from teachers and parents meeting at Shan's school. I am ok but not happy of my son's performent which is he can do better!! Then I told myself that even he is a cleaner at the airport (which is I hope never will be)...he is still my only child..... so... I will love him always.

I have been looking my air lines schedules for my next check up in Florida. Now already 2 weeks I can't make decision how will I go to Gainesville. I do not like flying at all. I hate it but no choice. I have been flying since I was a child. I am ok but ...put it this way even Brad Pitt is next to me, it won't help me to feel good in flying. I always lost my smile in the plane. IF there is a ship from Bangkok to Miami for 3 days trip, I am happily will go for it. You can say it is crazy but I don't care. For sure those flying phobia will join me.

I already did non stop from Bangkok to LA and NY! I hated both trips. Not to the air line but to my feeling of flying. It is 18 hours to NY and 16 hours to LA. This is giving me half of my brain boiled! I need to break for this trip. See for a woman can't sit one place for 15 minutes is facing 18 hours flight!!! This is a real purnisment to me.

The Ex Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Taksin is coming back in May! This is the head line of news paper. I know he has some hate him and some love him people. Well again all of the leaders face such thing but my wish to Mr. Taksin is just only looks for the best of Thai people then will be fine.

Election is coming for US too. I like McCain but the only thing I worry is he might drop dead
while campaining or else... I must go for massage because my son report card make me not so me.......mean I am lost of thinking straight!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"Meai Noit" means small wife ( actually mean mistress) and "Meai Long" mean big wife (real meaning is first wife) in Thai language. Bangkok is as many other big cities, we have full of meai long and meai noit club!!

On Saturday at aroud 2 pm, there was a shooting right at the corner of my home. The big wife came to shoot at the small wife for being a small wife to her husband. Luckily the small wife is not dead becaue the big wife is such a bad shooter!!! The small wife got a way with it as the result was only screatch on her arm. Around my place, we do have very good looking houses belong to doctors, lawyers, investers or businessmen ...ect.... I was so childish to think that how come Maei Noit has such a beautiful house!!

Two months ago when I was at up Northern Point of Thailand...There was a girl who was engaged just about to marry soon, went to have a tea with another male friend at coffee shop. Suddenly her finance came to shoot at her to dead!! Sad...very sad.

Ok let me think about all these Meai Long, Meai Noit's news which is going on often in every where. Remember that the following are my thinking only and might not agree by you all...........There are full of single male or female on this earth and Why don't all these single goes find another single person?? why need to screw the one belong to someone. If someone excuse me saying .."I can't fine good single one OR I just love this married man or woman"! I would answer to her or him that "Are you a looser with shrimp's brian??" (remember shrimp do not have brain in the head just full of $#@*!! Most (not all) educated people do not like second hand... They do not want to be Meai Noit or Pho Noit (small husband). Well... theres alway need two hands to clap though.

For those who can't controll their own body, mean who has a sickness in their sex life and need both Meai Long and Meai Noit...please be smart!! Why don't you have one in Bangkok and the other one in Africa??? In this way you might save your Meai Noit's life or may be sometime your Meai long's wife or may be your own life too!! Agian even not save 100 % because someone might take the plane and go shoot at your meai noit.

I wish women should be smarter than men! (byt he way we do have a song said so)........ why don't both Meai shoot the man!! Well I've been talking rubbish, actually none of my business. The only thing will becoming my business is IF my Robins has Meai Noit!!! or I am starting to looking for "Pho Noit"?? I promise you that will not happen in this life but let me clear the air...... I am not the "Hillary Clinton". I am not a kind, forgiving wife nor a shrimp either!!! After 16 years of my married investment I think Robins belong to me. Hope you agree my thinking of today!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

white lies

The following are from "Bangkok Post" New Paper.......

The odds and ends said "British people are average lie four times a day, ( Wow..that's too much to lie for a day. I hope David and Genni not mad at me!!!), but it's mostly to avoid embarrassment rather than to deceive people.

According to a survey by drinks brand WKD, the most frequently uttered lie is "Nothing's wrong-I'm fine".. ta ta ta .... Then goes....................

Almost a quarter of men have told a partner that she looks good in an outfit, despite thinking the opposite, and 29% have lied about flirting with another woman.

Almost half of the famales admitted to having lied about how much new clothes really cost them and 30% about how much they have had to drink.

A third of the 2,500 polled a dmitted to havin glied a bout their weight!!


Ok please see my view point of lies........

I do not or will not say that I never lie, now I can excuse that.... yes I did some British lies too. My husband said calling someone a lier is very bad (may be this is American point of view).

I also learn something about lie too.. if you lie please do not let other caught.. because the minutes you got caught this is bad. I caught some people lies to me and make me feel sick in my gut.

Lets see some of my lies... Yes I admitted lieing about my shopping. Bangkok post said "women lie about how much new clothes cost"...I was or may be I am one of them. ( I have gut to tell the truth !!). Some of my dresses cost good prize tag. If I told the real prize to Robins, he will preach me for how I must save the money for one weeks till my ears got hot!!! So that I lie...But......Let me tell you my Robins is very good at preaching about money.

We never lie about our fatness to each other though. He used to tell me how fat I am and told me not 2 serving. I told him how fat he is too. I have excuse for my fatness ! See I made baby and got fat but what kind of fat cause to my Robins get bigger?? Thai food? Happyness? Stressless???...

Well lets lie in British way only please!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

more photos and traditional medicine

Here more photos! I am not good at computer so the photos is not in a good arrangement. See the one grilling the baby pig!! This is the way of mountain people grill the meat. There are some zinc covering around the fire.... have a reason to cover with it too. The zinc absorbs the fire very well and the pig got the heat evenly cooked. That man sat there for 1 hours rotating the bamboo.

This is the way Robins sitting at my first sitting room waiting the guests!

My beautiful grandma (center), Stela (my cousin, the one on the right, I have never met her before) at the New Year Party. Ok now see the left girl... I do not remember her name! ( I am very bad at name).. Please see her neck carefully, you will see that there is a long red line. This red line is NOT hikki (spelling?)...(I used to think how come mountain people are so naughty too)... Actually this is a very traditional medication. When people suffer headache or bodyache, they got this treatment. It is call "Khunt Sar", They used a kind of medicated liquid and scratch with Thai money coin repeatedly till the red mark came out!! (it is believe to be taking out the body's heat)... The first time when I tried to do it, I thought I was going to drop dead because it was a very painful treatment. Now sometime I like it and for me it is work too. I feel very good feeling like after getting Thai Foot Massage!! (by the way there is a foot massage place call "Dr. Foot", if you are in Bangkok please do not go back home without visiting this place)......It is very good!!!

Let see some more mountain medications....I remember that my grandma used to give me termarine juice if I can't go to the toilet! Try it and you will see that it is work well. Some time She fed us Papaya, this fruit work very well too. Termarine will loose you up good..

If you have running stomach, please eat the banana grill! After two banana grill you will feel better. Work better if you eat with sticky rice!! It will clog you good.

If you suffer for the heat, there is a kind of root call "Thanakar".. you put some water and rub on the rock then a very good fragrant liquid come out. You put that "Thanakar" liquid all over your body it will cool you down and make you feel soooooooo good too.

OK this one might work or not I do not know but mountain people said this.... They said if someone is "epilectic" put the key change in their mouth!!! I never saw people done that so do not try this at home!!! Oh the mountain people say that there are so many plants and roots and animal's skins or brain or claw or hairs or blood will do good things to you ...See they do not have doctors on the mountain so they will do what ever they can think about it. Believe me that some parts of the world are still using mountain medicine!!

Even in the middle of Bangkok park ( limpini park), I saw Japanese people were drinking snake's blood saying boost their sex life!! (this is before Viagra).

Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Photos

This is not my Christmas's pig but this is my New Year's Pig. It was a baby pig !! I tased it and was good. I will tell you the true that seeing the whole part of pig and eating next to that baby pig was not easy to swallow. The party was by the fish ponds! The weather was cold so I did went home early. My grandma and my son were stay late.

This photo was taking at my Bangkok's house. I think in late Novenber. We gave a coaktail party with 30 people. You can see Robin's shrimps are on the table.


I got the following article from google. I am sincerely thanks to my donor's family. You do not know how much I wanted to meet his family, the answer is very much!! I wanted to give his mother a hug. Sometime I'm thinking that who he looked like?? his eye, his hair and his skin colour.... what he liked?? what he wanted to do?? ect...... so many questions. He is gone but part of him is working in my body. I will see him oneday when my time is comeing. Surely I will tell him that I thank you to you and I love you!



Jade Stoner's organs helped save the lives of four people
Debbie Stoner's life was shattered when her seven-year-old daughter, Jade, died after a road accident just outside her home.
She told BBC News: "Jade was playing outside and, for some reason, decided to cross the road. A car knocked her off her bike and it was a horrible, tragic accident," she says.
"We went to the hospital and they did checks on her but she was brain dead. My mum Barbara suggested donating Jade's organs so that her legacy could live on. I thought it was a great idea but my husband was initially against it.
"He said he wanted Jade to be left in peace - he said he didn't want her to be "hacked into pieces" but I talked to him and persuaded him to change his mind.
"Jade was all soul but when she died, all that was left was a shell. We didn't want her life to be in vain.
"She was the loveliest girl and was caring and giving and this was certainly the right decision.
"She has saved the lives of four people and we are immensely proud of her. Jade's heart was donated to a 10-month-old baby girl, while her liver was given to a 17-month-old baby boy.
"We have set up a website in Jade's name and when people read about her story, they have told us they feel inspired to become donors."


Police worker Caroline Abel is certain she would have died before her 21st birthday if she hadn't received a kidney and liver transplant.
"Although it was 11 years ago, that transplant transformed my life", she says.
"I had problems with my kidneys from a very young age but then, and even now, the doctors were unable to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with me. They did not know if it was something I was born with or something I developed.
"All we knew was that they were deteriorating and I ended up on dialysis by the time I was 17. They offered me a kidney transplant and so were assessing my suitability for that when they realised there was something wrong with my liver too and I needed a multiple transplant.
"They gave me a pager so they could let me know as soon as I'd be able to have my operation but they ended up actually ringing me personally.
"I looked a mess before having the transplants. Although I was only 20, I looked like I was 60 years old. I had yellow eyes and my skin was a horrible colour and people would stare at me.
"My donor changed my life. All that I know about him is that he was from Sheffield, was 29 years old and died in a road accident.
"I wrote an anonymous letter to his family because you are able to do that and thanked them for his gift to me.
"I try and take care of my kidney and liver because of where it came from and, having been on the receiving end of a transplant, I only hope this proposal goes though."


Stewart Rankin is still waiting for a heart transplant
Father-of-two Stewart Rankin says his long wait for a heart transplant has taken a terrible toll on his family.
The 57-year-old has a congenital heart condition which means his heart is the wrong way around and his arteries pump blood to the wrong places in his body.
To compensate for the defect his heart works harder than a normal heart would and consequently is larger and more muscular than it should be.
"I've been on the waiting list for 19 months now and my time is ticking," he says.
"Before you can have a transplant, you have to be assessed to see that you are fit enough. The longer I have to wait, the worse I get, so it's a no-win situation for me.
"I'm finding it harder to exercise and I now have breathing problems but there is no match.
"The other problem is I'm 5ft 7in and I need a big heart for the transplant to work properly. There are lots of factors to consider which people don't realise.
"To be fair, a lot of younger people are registering to be donors but there is a shortage in the older age groups and even ethnic minorities.
"My children are studying for the GCSEs and A-levels and I'm sure this stress is affecting them.
"I really feel for my wife too because when I'm sad or my daughters are, we know we can lean on her. Who can she lean on?"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This diary is base on my own situation only............

I got all the liver's news from Google to my Blackberry. I read about the girl, Natalli who passed a way because of insurance problem..(well...this is what I
understand).... I feel so sorry for her and thinking how many people are the same as in hers shoes!

I have this insurance for the last 12 years and in my own experience... I wanted to say Thank You so much to my insurance company. I mean it too....without this insurance company, I do not know where I will standing today. Yes... Robins can help me but It might cause hell in my marriage life.

I do not know so much about policies... after my liver cancer the insurance hike up. It still paying some % of my medication and Robins needs to add up some. I wish I am rich like Bill Gate then... no need to look at no one face and taking care of myself. I really do. I do not mean to bring this problem to my family but it happened. If my health is to blame for please do so!!

Money is necessary..it helps, it talks, and it gives you position and power. Other ways I see for so many people...money is nothing but problems to them. I saw some who needs transplants with tons of money but wait and mean time die or helpless even doctors can't help for some situations!

I drop so many pills on the way and now taking only two main medications which is expensive. It reach the point that I got told very often .."I have to work till I die".."It cause me and my retirement plans".. so many..mostly "you spend so much money"... How could I spend so much money which I have no controll over?? Cridit cards is in limit! I got pay as workers!!! How could I sincerely thanks as give me unhappy every time I am taking the pill??? Do I need to see the ugly face every time I buy the medicine??

I wish someone can invent no more pills for transplant patients but just one injection per year is enough! I know my sound is crazy but I can wish, don't I??? I want to see my son growning up, help needing people and be happy where ever I am in but sometime things did not permit me to do so..

Ok...looking around there are so many people helpless but I still do have helps.

Again thank you to my insurance company even increasing each year and causing negative thinking but something is better than nothing. helen.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My trip

The day I arrived at my grandma's house: She was sitting outside waiting for me and Shan. She looks so good and in my eyes she is as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor! For 89 years old woman, she is still walking straight up, cooking and planting so many things in her small garden. My grandma is not rich as Elizabeth Taylor in money but I am very sure she is more richer in her inner mind. Well my grandma did not have 7 husbands as Ms. Taylor! I do not know what she will feel for that if she ever had 7 husbands too! We had a good time and I took here to Cheing Mai for a house warming party. We came back at night to Mai Sai and she yelled at me and said "next time don't even put me at night in the car, I can't see the view and I do not like to sit in the dark"..

My Pig: My Christmas pig!!!I have no photos of my pig before one but I do have some after one. I ate the pig and was so good. They cooked the pig as mountain way which is not so much oil. You will see some photos soon.

My chicken: I do not touch the chickens as they looked so skinny. I do not know why the pig was fat and the chicken were so skinny (not so much meat but full of bone)..... They cooked chicken curry but not like Indian nor Burmese curry ....ofcourse as mountain way whcih mean the chicken were flooting on water with little oil.

Stela: Her grandfather and my grandfather were brothers...so I do not know how she's relative to me, my cousin???? I never seen her in my life before but my grandma introduce me. She is a very attracted girl. She let me drove her SUV and we went to Cheing Seing, a town border to Lao. I saw so many people pee peeing by the river side and so many fishs they are cooking by the river too. Those fish might be so salty!!! I did not eat the fish there ...I was thinking so deeply and make me pewt!!

New year night: Stela arranged the new year party by the fish farm. My shan was fishing and we had that baby pig roasting on the banboo fire. Everyone drinking so much except me and my grandma. There are so many people said they can't speak English but after 2 bottles each of wine...everyone starting to speak english which I did not understand much. My Shan won't touch the baby pig saying they did not clean the brain off.. That's my boy!!!

Christmas day: We all went to the church. At the church there were 4 American, well 5 if you including my son or he is half half???? So... American, Shan, Lahu, Chinese and Kaw people we all prayed together but to only one holy God! This is very good.

bye now.....helen

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Bangkok

I am back to Bangkok! It was a wonderful....so wonderful trip for me. I am a bit tired and will rest today except to the church. I am so thnakful because I had a good time with my grand ma, friends, mountain people and seeing my father is good enough...... but I lost my uncle on 31st of December. He is a vet. doctor, lived in Rangoon and only 64 year old. Die of complication of heart.

Robins, Shan and I went to Burma twice for shopping. I bought the Happy Face, made out of teak wood to look at when I am not in happy time!!!! The weather was so cool and good air in up North Thailand.

Happy New Year to you all! See you on my blog soon.