Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pig, pig and verywhere pigs

I think all these pigs are whether having flu or mad!
The last one look the best!! I saw the new said one die in USA. Another new is...our President Obama was with someone who has Swine flu while he was in Mexico. Please stay healthy Sir!! You had promises us so many things all these need to be full fill.

By the way do you all see the Grading of Our President Job. His effort was A but the result was C! That man, who is he? The Secretary of Economic, can't remember his name sound like German name starting with G, he got D...ha ha ha ha to him! I would give him D - .

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pig Flu!

A very high self confident pig?? This one has no Swine Flu!!

After Tennis I went to Emporium for Lunch! Met a Japanese lady at the Taxi queue. As I am very easy to make friend, we chatted for 20 minutes. Rain was unkind to Bangkok yesterday. Water all over the level of above your knees. We can boat easily!

Out of no where she said, "My husband just came back from Mexico 3 days ago. I worried about him!!"... When she said that I talked to myself "Wowwww I am worry about me." I feel that there will be some Swine Flu sooner or later in Bangkok. I have to mask myself or stay at home for...oh how long???

Yesterday I went to see my doctor and throw him so many questions. He said if I have flu like I have to call him and get test. We do not have Pig flu test but we have human flu test in Bangkok. I guess if not the human flu, might be pig or chicken flu then. I feel a bit better after knowing what to do if this hit me!

Can still eating pork???....It is the question. The news said we are safe to eat pork. So here I did my research and read many interesting things. I found this question in internet...

Are Muslims and Jews safe from swine flu?

They do not eat pork. Actually Muslims do not deal with pigs at all. A Muslim is required to clean himself if he touches a pig. Does that mean Muslim countries will be least affected by swine flu?
-20 hours ago
- 3 days left to answer.

Here are some answers people put on internet....

1. Well i dunno if they are safe from swine flu or not..but when i was in Iraq, it was socially unacceptable to have sex with a women before marriage..but goats and camels are think I'm joking but I'm being very serious. I don't think they have too many pigs over there though.

2. Its spread through the air. if someone is infected and is in the area it doesn't matter what religion you are.

3. ITS not what you eat its your environment. its in the surfaces you touch and air you breathe.

4. don't eat meat and I'm just as likely to get it. Plus I work in a hospital which doesn't help my case...

5. You do not get Swine Flu from eating pork. Period.

OK many answers go on and on.......

For me is be caution! Stay alert! and take care of yourself!!

Hope you laugh!

Today I am starting with Laugh! A friend of mine sent me these photos. Hope you get a laugh too.

Friday, April 24, 2009

You Can't Pray!

Another crazy world? Someone forwarded the following Yahoo News to me. I read it, my jaw dropped and I blog it! What is wrong around us?? You can't even pray freely anymore?

Myanmar arrests opposition politicians for praying

Buzz Up


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Fri Apr 24, 12:38 am ET

YANGON, Myanmar – Two members of detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's political party were arrested and charged with insulting religion after they prayed for the release of political prisoners, a party spokesman said Friday.

National League for Democracy spokesman Nyan Win said authorities arrested Chit Pe, the party's deputy chairman, and party member Aung Saw Wei in Twante on Tuesday. Both took part in a prayer service for the release of political prisoners which was held at a pagoda in the township, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Yangon.

Nyan Win said the two were charged with insulting religion, which carries a possible two-year jail sentence.

"The government is suppressing anyone who opposes or challenges them," Nyan Win said. "If a Buddhist is arrested and charged for praying at a pagoda, what can they do?"

Myanmar's military, which has held power since 1962, tolerates no dissent. The current junta came to power in 1988 after crushing a nationwide pro-democracy uprising and has stepped up its campaign against opposition politicians and activists ahead of elections planned for next year.

In recent months, military courts have sentenced hundreds of pro-democracy activists to prison terms of up to 104 years.

Myanmar now has more than 2,100 political prisoners, according to rights groups. The most prominent among them is Suu Kyi, who has spent more than 13 of the last 19 years under detention. She is currently under house arrest.

Mad World

I have to deal with a "Mad World" this week. I am seriously thinking now what kind of world that we are living in. Some how I am so thankful that God teaches me love, kind, forgive, hold your tongue, all the virtue that I am learning day by day now...but....still, I am struggling my anger. I am not hidding, yes...I need help sometime!!

Two night a go at a dinner table my son said..."Mummy, I got CD in my parent and teacher contact book but please do not call the teacher it's over... I understand it and it's ok for me please let it go!" My eyeballs getting bigger and asked "What's this Shan? What is CD?" Shan said .."CD means Class Detention or Characters bla bla bla!!" I told him..."Ok explain to me more Shan ...ta ta ta!"

Shan said..."Mum, on the way back from school I met a new face on the school bus. I asked him that "Are you from Mexico? Are you Mexican? and Julie (not her real name), who sit next to me laugh off..."

The next day the teacher make my son wrote a sorry letter. My son did write a sorry letter for him asking that whether George is a Mexican". The teacher said not enough and said to my son need more explanations that why he asked this question??

OK the picture goes like this..when my son asked to George (not his real name) the question, Julie broke off laugh. That made George feel bad enough to tell his ma ma and the pa pa and the parents complain the school. George father is Dutch and ma ma is Indonesian. Hope you see the big picture now!!

I asked one last question to my son..."Shan why you asked this question to George??".. My shan answered to me "Mum he has brown skin and look like Latin people so I asked him.." I told my son.." OK Shan if you asked this without any intention, please do sleep well. ...."

I called the school and straight it out! My questions are..

1. Me, the teacher or the consulor of the school are not in the bus and how they give my son CD? How can we all get the real picture of what happened beside Julie, George and Shan??

2. Is that wrong if someone asking you "Are you from Mexico? Are you Marxian??

3. If me and Robins are could this problem will turn out more... may be more BS??

4. How could this teacher judge my son Characters?? Did the school see my son behaviour records from Year 1 to year 9 ??

5. Does the school know that my son was born in Guatemala and first language is almost Spanish??

6. Why the teacher see my son question to George is bad but why not see George's parent behavior is suck!!

7. Why the school did not see the sensitivity of this parents are a little odd?

8. Why people think "I am better than yours??"

9. Why The parent did not see that this is a International School not only Dutch or Indonesian School??? Come on my son is also half American and Half Shan!!

I am so mad at the parent of George who I think their son should not be at the International School. What kind of parent teach the son that "Oh you are half Dutch and half Indonesia... how dare this boy asked my son "Are you from Mexico?? Are you hurting ?? " How low!!

I got ask many time...Are you Chinese? Are you Mayan? Are you Apache? Are you from Peru?? No one ask me "Are you Shan, Lahu, Wa ???" though....I even got told that I have a Pug Nose means...I have flat nose!! It's ok for me...well obviously not OK for others.

This is what I told my son...."Shan in two years you are going to boarding school in Penn. State. You will face lots of wired things or saying. Please learn that people are different OK!"

For me my son's quesion ...."Are you from Mexico and are you Mexican" is nothing wrong. If the questions is "Are you from that ugly Mexico and are you Mexican Dude? ", this is very wrong and the problem but my son did not asked like that ugly way.

A message to George's parent: Grown up! There is nothing wrong being Mexican or the Burmese! They all have one brain, two eye balls and one Anus!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wake Up Call!

She looks like 23 and he looks like 63!! Well..he is happpy and she is too.

A wake up call for who? Sorry.... not for Global Warming yet but for those people who are old lonely or elderly guys or desperate divorcee or stepping stone women looking for the life long partner.

As you all know that the Chinese and the Indian people do believe in the "Match maker" saying the parent need to make sure of their child's future family life...mostly in material!! Not all successful some fail.

I saw with my eyes that a fail marriage to an educated Indian girl. She got married into a man that her parent matchmake for her. Only 3 months together she ran back to her parent. The man was mentally unbalance or mentally handicapped!!....Say, slightly crazy. Well no one can't stay with slightly or fully crazy man. That's the fact!!

For me I matchmaker for my self! My parent doesn't help me either. Actually I helped myself. My parent, they both busied with their own life. What the most Robins, my husband attracted to me was...his quietness, simpleness and not show off. He does not care who ware what clothes, who has how much money or who has what branded watches or shoes. He is a person very happy with street T-shirts. He does care 3 things....Shrimp, Stock market and his toes!! Do not ask me why his toes? ...this will be another story.

Living in Bangkok is not so different from other parts of the world . Here we do have matchmaker agencies too. Never been there but know some who are using. The amazing thing is.... some of the men who used such kind of agencies are not ugly beside they are very educated, materially OK but they are OLD though.

Found the the article from The Nation Asianews, Bangkok, dated on April 19-25 2009. Very interesting...I would say wake up call for both lonely men and women.


BY He Na, China Daily

Lured by the prospect of marrying a Westerner and living a comfortable life overseas, 39-year old Liu Qian (not her real name) sold everything she had, only to harvest tears.
In 2005, Liu's Chinese husband dumped her and their young son and moved into a new pair of sheets. Liu become so desperate that she almost contemplated suicide but held back only because of her 5 year old boy.

Just as she was reconciling with her failed marriage, she saw an advertisement making tall claims of facilitating successful marriage with well heeled foreigners.

When she first saw this ad in 2006, she was suddenly filled wit hope. She sold her minibus, her only source of income , and paid 24,000 Yuan (Chinese money which I called...Rain-man-pee), (US$ 3,500) to the Jlin Yiguanglian marriage agency, to become a member.

Some days later, Qiao Chunxian, manager of the agency, brought her some letters, which she claimed had been mailed from foreign con tries to Liu. "Qiao said a foreigner had shown great interest in me and was going to visit China in August, 2007, " Liu recalls.
However, after waiting ofr more than half a year, the only news she got from Qiao was he had lost contact with the foreigner.

The agency attributed his disappearance to Liu's looks.

"Qiao suggested that I undergo cosmetic surgery. In followed her advice and spent more than 10,000 yuan (US$1,462) on the operation. I did look better than before but Qiao still could not put me in touch with the foreigner", Lui says.

Qiao then began coming up with all kinds of strange excuses such as Westerners do not like women with children and that the feng shui of Liu's house is bad!!

Lui swallowed all this as she was desperately holding on to the possibility of marrying a man from the West.
But more than a year passed and Liu had still not set on her eyes on her prince Charming.

It was only when she met several women like her asking for refunds at the marriage agency, that she realised it was all a scam.

"I was devastated and just kept crying ." She says.

Lui's experience is a bitter example of the growing number of marriages between Chinese and Westerners as china opens up to the world. Inter-cultural marriages, once never heard of in China, are mushrooming across the country.

Dreaming of an affluent life in the West, not only young Chinese girls, but also middle-aged women, are jumping on to to the mixed marriage bandwagon without a second thought.

However, they often have little knowledge of foreign countries or of their language, and this can cost them dearly.

The news writer He Na continued written about the girl name Li Li who pay 20,000 yuan to the same agency. She got told the Westerner believing in pre sex and was common in the west. Li agree to this too.

The Westerner man disappeared and Li got mad. She was further horrified to learn that a few of those women had been hooked up with the same man. (I would say the man shopping well!)

He Na said, 70 victims made a report to the police and Qiao Chunxian was arrested in February 2008.

what did I see here. If you think in life everything is easy, everyone will walk on this easy road. Nothing is free and nothing is easy nowaday.

I is a Wake up call for all of us including ME!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Susan Boyle-Talk of the town

Susan Boyle (Please search about her), a lady who never being kiss but sing better than me and you is now talk of the town. Even in our Church today her name was mention!!

Again it's prove that no one for sure can judge a person just by looking at her. You never know what lay beneath the skin!! I wish she wins the talent show and she deserve a famous life now on.

I am very happy that Piers Morgan is offered to kiss her. As promise he better do it if not I will lost respect to him. Go....Piers!!!

Photos from Yahoo News...

Global Warming BS or not BS!!

PS: Read it only when you have time to kill!

Chris Ahn called me to help her Spanish Homework! One of the questions is ....What do you think about Global Warming??

My neighbour's son who are in Grade 11 is doing Global Warming thingi. His mother called me up for her son to talk with Robins about Global Warming for his homework too.

People who I met most of them think Global Warming is "
HUGE" AND it is in "DANGER" for our next generation. The problem is no one can't tell me that in which year is going to be the real dangerous to us.

Me, myself do not think Global Warming is HUGE at all. Robins said I am very ignorance! OK I want to say, "How true is he to tell me that I am ignorance???" Now after reading about Global warming I can say some.

41% believe that Global Warming is Ooooooh and Ahaaass for them. 46% think Global Warming is a huge BS!! The rest 10 ++ % is in mute and I would call they are the muters. I am afraid I have to say I am in that BS group folks. Let me say furthermore....

I do believe in that save the energy electricity. The best result for it is saving my money, to pay the bills. How much and how true it is impact on Global warming is......I am still very confuse on that.

The best evidence for global warming is that the average global temp has went up 1 degree in a hundred years. Wow. Huge right?? One of the College boy say the following. I found it in my reading from Internet!!

He said: "The problem here is, so many people are saying the Earth is warming up a lot faster than it should be. but the last time i checked, none of us are old enough to look back on the history of the Earth and compare this warm period with another. plus the world hasn't always been like it is. we all know it started off as a giant fireball. so the Earth will not stay like this forever, it is forever changing, whether we have anything to do with it or not.have fun enjoy life and go the bombers." This make me smile!! Well he has his own research I think.

Ok this is my hope and wish...those who are doing this research, hope not you are using my tax money. You better spend Al Gore's money to do this research and my last wish, hope you found the answer with good evidents.

The article below was from "My Politics Page"!!...Enjoy!

Global Warming, My Ass.(aka: The Sheep Will Believe Anything pt 1)

Go Back ToMy Politics Page
Now, let's go to Hey, this also looks pretty legit! It's got "enviro," which is a part of "environment," and "truth!" We're going to look at an article about whether or not our current "major climatic changes" are the product of us evil humans.

Here were a few interesting points they had to offer:

The hottest summers of the 20th century in Canada were during the dust bowl years of the 1920s and the 1930s, not the 1990's, as many Kyoto supporters claim (the deadliest heat wave in Canada occurred in July, 1936, when the temperature in Toronto hit 41ÂșC three days in a row, killing more than 1,000 people in the Prairies and Southern Ontario).

Humanity's emission of CO2 is but a tiny fraction of that emitted by the ocean, forest fires, volcanoes and decaying vegetation.

Not a single paper based on actual observations, and not on speculation through computer models, out of the hundreds of manuscripts that passed through the editor's desk in the past several years ever claimed that global warming has anything to do with extreme weather events.

Another global warming website;, offers this information on the topic:
Unfortunately, a lot of disinformation about where Earth's climate is heading is being propagated by "scientists" who use improper statistical methods, short-term temperature trends, or faulty computer models to make analytical and anecdotal projections about the significance of man-made influences to Earth's climate.

The idea that man-made pollution is responsible for global warming is not supported by historical fact. The period known as the Holocene Maximum is a good example-- so-named because it was the hottest period in human history. The interesting thing is this period occurred approximately 7500 to 4000 years ago -- long before human's invented industrial pollution.

CO2 in our atmosphere has been increasing steadily for the last 18,000 years-- long before humans invented smokestacks.
The case for a "greenhouse problem" is made by environmentalists, news anchormen , and special interests who make inaccurate and misleading statements about global warming and climate change. Even though people may be skeptical of such rhetoric initially, after awhile people start believing it must be true because we hear it so often.

Finally...let's look at the official website of the movie, "An Inconvienient Truth"
Well, there's definitely a lot of doom on it. Ominous music, and scary graphics of hurricanes coming out of smokestacks. There's a page called "the science" that I assumed would offer me facts and figures. Unfortunately, the following pretty much sums up the entire page:

The vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is real, it’s already happening and that it is the result of our activities and not a natural occurrence. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable.

What's missing? Well, for starters, who are these scientists? What are their credentials? Where are the figures? The historical data? The proof? It seems that it's all based on notion, premonition, and guesswork. Obviously, they had their computer models, but computer models can be loaded with biased data. Simulations can easily produce whatever data their creators want, regardless of "fact." Notice the information I've provided from the other websites. They have percentages, timelines, names etc. The website for the movie has absolutely none of these things.

Another thing to take into consideration is our star, the Sun.

Dr Sami Solanki, the director of the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany, who led the research, said: "The Sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global temperatures. The Sun is in a changed state. It is brighter than it was a few hundred years ago and this brightening started relatively recently - in the last 100 to 150 years."

So, basically, "global warming" might actually exist, and I've hardly made a case to discredit it. However, to blame global warming on human beings, is preposterous. Creating "greener" products is obviously a favorable notion for us to take, but to say that we must create these products in order to "save the human race" is flat-out irresponsible for anyone to claim.

Oh...and here's a few facts on Al "I'm Your Salvation" Gore...

* Near Al Gore's Carthage, Tennessee farm, he bought into a zinc mine, and created quite the toxic waste dump, in the process. According to the Washington Times, pesticide dumpings alone could have netted Gore $25,000 in EPA fines (since he was a democrat, I assume they conveniently looked the other way)

* In "An Inconvienient Truth," Gore refers to his role negotiating the Kyoto global warming pact in 1997. He does not mention that 95 senators, including John Kerry, had voted for a resolution that announced the Senate would reject any treaty that exempted developing nations -- but Gore agreed to exempt them anyway. So Clinton never dared to ask the Senate to ratify it.

* Average automobile fuel-efficiency hit a 19-year low under Clinton/Gore -- it was worse than under Ronald Reagan. President Bush has raised fuel standards more than Clinton/Gore. But Gore wants to clown the man who beat him (legitimately) in 2000. So he shows his audience one of his trademark charts, this one comparing U.S. automobile fuel efficiency with other countries. Interestingly...the chart begins in the year 2002. Why? Well, because it has to, for Al. You see, Bush performed better than Clinton/Gore.

Al Gore...just go the fuck away. Quit acting like Jesus, because it's bad enough that Bono thinks he's Jesus, we don't need two saviors.

It's Sunday, and the Disaster..err..Discovery Channel, is once again doing its part to scare the living shit out of its viewers. Tonight, it's tsunamis and vocanoes. A veritable overload of sights and sounds of death, destruction, and all around human tragedy. It's actually sickening, how they exploit this kind of shit, for ratings.

It's ok, though...the sheep of our society are addicted by the fascination of human tragedy. They can't help it. Death, specifically, is more marketable in our society, than anything else, we consume with our senses. We can't get enough of it. The Sheep are so enthralled by death, that they'll even follow stories in the news that give them false hopes for death. They know more about Natalee Holloway than they do about any of their state's elected officials. They read news articles on every missing person. They sit, glued to their televisions, watching scenes of carnage from Hurricane Katrina, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and various other natural disasters.

But there's a problem with this. For every deer that's caught in the headlights, there's the driver behind the headlights who has the deer exactly where they want it.

Thus is the premise of this piece.
Recently, Al Gore, produced the movie "An Inconvienient Truth," that supposedly gives overwhelming and concrete evidence that humans are, in fact, completely to blame for Earth's ecological and climatical changes. It gives the premise that, if we don't kiss Al's ass, and do everything he says we should do, then mankind will cease as we know it.

And...right on cue...the media immediately jumped in and started sucking his dick.

Dennis Harvey of says the movie is "an excellent educational tool." Amy Biancolli of the Houston Chronical, calls this "a film that invests hard science." (we'll excuse her..she's Texan, so that immediately discredits her) David Edelson of the New York Magazine says "it's one of the most realistic documentaries he's ever seen." Hell, almost 90% of the reviews that offers, completely idolize Al Gore, and his "scientific" movie.

But what exactly is the deal with "global warming?"
The hippies would love for you to believe that everything man-made, in the past 200 years, is directly (and adversely) related to global warming. I guess they believe that society is evil, and we should devolve back to how it was in medieval times. Perhaps we should just cast off all our worldly possessions (except maybe a bong and a guitar) and just live in grass huts, naked, eating berries.
But let's not think about Al Gore's 90-minute self-deifying political commercial, and let's look elsewhere for "the truth."

First, lets look at Sounds legit enough, right? I's name IS "global warming." Here is how they tackle the tough questions...
Is global warming occurring?

Although some computer models predict warming in the next century, these models are very limited. The effects of cloud formations, precipitation, the role of the oceans, or the sun, are still not well known and often inadequately represented in the climate models --- although all play a major role in determining our climate. Scientists who work on these models are quick to point out that they are far from perfect representations of reality, and are probably not advanced enough for direct use in policy implementation. Interestingly, as the computer climate models have become more sophisticated in recent years, the predicted increase in temperature has been lowered.
Are humans causing the climate to change?

98% of total global greenhouse gas emissions are natural (mostly water vapor); only 2% are from man-made sources. By most accounts, man-made emissions have had no more than a minuscule impact on the climate. Although the climate has warmed slightly in the last 100 years, 70% percent of that warming occurred prior to 1940, before the upsurge in greenhouse gas emissions from industrial processes.

If global warming occurs, will it be harmful?

The idea that global warming would melt the ice caps and flood coastal cities seems to be mere science fiction. A slight increase in temperature -- whether natural or mankind induced -- is not likely to lead to a massive melting of the earth ice caps, as sometimes claimed in the media. Larger quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere and warmer climates would likely lead to an increase in vegetation. During warm periods in history, vegetation flourished, at one point allowing the Vikings to farm in now frozen Greenland.
Interesting, don't you think?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is funny!

I like Jon Stewart show. I used to watch him when I was recovery from my liver transplant. He is good!!

I found this in Yahoo News...

"While only a member of the family for a short time, Bo already has the presidential seal of approval. Said Obama yesterday, "He's got star quality." The pup must also have a great sense of humor, as he already endured some razzing from "The Daily Show." Fake news anchor Jon Stewart called "Bobama" the "first openly gay" dog at the White House. You can see the video here. "

Please click on the "here" at above and you will see about Bo Bama!!

In Peace

Suddenly everyone is in peace in Bangkok, Thailand. Red, Yellow, me and my friends we all are happy. I hope this will last longer and never pop up again. Well... nothing can be said "never again never".

I was very in peace on the beach. I think I ate 20 crab, 5 fish and 4 squids, did 2 foot massage and one facial treatment. I look good but my belly looks a little stick out when I came home. Robins is on fruit diet and I am still eating. I was not only in peace but also in happy.

Last night we were at the pool with some friends. One of my friends introduced me to a lady who is doing PhD in Linguistic!! I was so interesting in what she is doing, I really do! Look I am not top smart but I am not stupid either. She is the first person who I see doing about languages.

I have seen so many MDs and PhDs in my life. I have go wowwww for hearing on all the organ transplants too. (By the way I got one do not know how my doctor did it but was a good one. I thanks Christ for make it working in me. It's a Miracle if you think it is not, I understand that why not a miracle for you but for me it is a definitely very yesssssssss!).

The other thing I was so amazed in.... (let me think here how to put it in polite way???), OK that woman who cut her husband dangling off and then holding it while she was driving for long?? 5 hours?? 3 hours??. Here come the smartness of the US doctors, they successfully reattached the dangling and it works! (it's said so on the news). I am sure you all saw that long TV live on. I was in Guatemala at that time. If I am in that lady shoes, I do not know that I will thank to the Doctors or not though!! Well...It is not nice to say such thing but unless I am honest to you.

OK back to PhDs. I saw PhD men and women who did a good job on this earth. I have met one PhD who did the fish and flu vaccine, another one who knows about shrimps, another one who are good at Education, many on nutrition, another one who did Omega 3. etc...Here come very interesting one, a Sweet Potato Expert, a PhD who I meet long time ago. Do we really need sweet potato Doctor after many many years the farmers are still producing enough for us?

Here is one question I want to ask you, Do we also really need a linguistic PhD? The lady is doing on Children how to start learning different languages and how . In my own way what I learn and see for the best way to know a child nature of linguistic ability is .......I think children who expose to a certain time of other language speakers. In time and in God Creation, automatically they starting to speak the language of the person who the child spend the most in his or her early time. I have seen American children who speaks Shan, Kaw, Lahu, Wa, Thai, Burmese you name it, they do well cause they lived with the local what ever their parents did in other part of the world. So do we need PhD to go into a child's brain and see what happening?? If you want to say or I want to is simple. It is hearing and repeating. You go into linguistic child's brain the answer will tell is call "Developing!!".

I.e. Shan, my son! His mother is mixed blood woman from Shan State and his father is 100% American but my son first word is "Aqua, then ball and bird".. Spanish is his very first foreign language because the nanny speaks nothing beside Spanish. He learn that by his nature giving by which I believe in God's creation.

Well over all what this lady doing is more than what I am how the cells are connecting?? how is works?? and how to fix it ?? ta ta ta ta and bla bla bla. In my language I would say..most all the children who are normal will speak other languages depend on the situation unless the child is not intelligent or something wrong with health or unkindly say, a child who are in retardation.

Another thing that I want to talk is.....OK You can call me not smart talking here but I will say something..How do you think about of Global Warming Experts!! I think it's abit late, might still help a tiny step but how well will help that''s I do not know. Let me ask the following questions..

Would you like to wipe your mess with paper, water or as Global Friendlier with Cloths and Rewash it?? Who's going to wash that dirty cloths? Even maid won't do it! let see to save the paper you wipe with or the clothes which relative to water consuming. You save the paper and the cloths but you waste the water or the banboo or the pine... right? For me I rather have water than paper or the cloths if there is a choice to do so.

After the planes are doing such a good job and suddenly you want to say too much CO2 and need to do something. If there is a damage, we did already for a long long time. So would you like to go back to the bullock cart or horse ride or ass ride again..lets do it but we all must do together then this will help Al Gore happy.

Nuclear is bad yes it produce good one too. Would you like to go back to stone age? Let deal with No Nuclear weapons and No light for saving energy. Switch off 8 hours in one day for the whole year is not working folk unless we all go back to the cave! I must stop my bla bla bla now well..... I like to "hapla" sometime so what's the heck!!

My conclusion is.....We all can do what make us happy if this is not hurting others! If we human in peace the rest will come nicely.

Peace for me including Love will cover all..friendships, families, churches, businesses, war and nations including........Global Warming!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thailand Political Situation-Photos

Red party in Victory Monument

Our Troop

Our Yellow and Red Party. Yello likes Mark, Red like Thaksin!

Our young and handsome PM Mr. Mark!

Our old and not so handsome Ex-PM Thaksin

They all need to be in peace and harmony!!
All photos are from Google Image.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to Bangkok

The following is from yahoo news!! I am back to Bangkok. Went to grocery store, pack up my food, my money, my medicne and holding my pass port....Again!! Where I live is very far from what happening all this mess but you never know so I am prepared.

Holiday was good, the food is fantastic and the room came with my private pool but no fully joy as worry what is going on in Bangkok.

Got to go to bed soon!!

Thai soldiers spray gunfire, tear gas at protests

By AMBIKA AHUJA and GRANT PECK, Associated Press Writers Ambika Ahuja And Grant Peck, Associated Press Writers – 7 mins ago

BANGKOK – The political unrest that seized the Thai capital on Monday claimed its first fatality in what the government described as an evening gunbattle between protesters and city residents enraged at their violent disruption.

The scuffle came after a day of clashes between the protesters — who are pressing for the ouster of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva_ and thousands of troops across the city. Troops fired warning shots and tear gas at the demonstrators and finally forced most to retreat and regroup near their stronghold around the prime minister's offices.

For more than 12 hours, red-shirted protesters — most of whom are supporters of ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra — and the soldiers locked in a series of running street battles across Bangkok that left at least 79 people injured.

Security forces had appeared to be pushing the protesters into a smaller area, but by late afternoon street fighting had broken out in several neighborhoods between normal citizens and the protesters.

But an early evening gunbattle at a market in one residential area near the prime minister's offices left one man dead, said Minister of the Prime Minister's Office Sathit Wongnongtoey.

Dr. Chatri Charoenchivakul of the official Erawan Emergency Coordination Center said the victim was shot in the chest and two other people were wounded by gunshots.

Malls and shops were shuttered and official celebrations for the Thai new year were canceled. More than a dozen countries, including the United States, issued travel warnings urging citizens to avoid trips to Thailand and for those already in Bangkok to stay in their hotels and away from the protests.

The violence threatens to slash tourism revenue and could lead to the loss of 200,000 jobs in the industry that directly employs about 2 million people, said Kongkrit Hiranyakit, chairman of the Tourism Council of Thailand.

It is also likely to give pause to foreign businesses considering building factories or making other investments — especially since it comes just months after a group of rival protesters occupied the capital's airports for a week, stranding thousands of tourists and businessmen and sending the economy into a tailspin.

Clashes erupted between protesters and residents in at least three areas earlier.
In a Muslim-dominated neighborhood on Phahon Yothin road, a clash between protesters and residents erupted. Hundreds of protesters threw objects at residents, burnt tires, went into the mosque and tried to set some food stalls in the area on fire.

Residents came out with wooden sticks and a fight broke out.
In the evening, three women wearing red shirts were beaten up by at least six drunken men about a few kilometers from Government House, said Police Spokesman Col. Suporn Pansua.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Red Red Red everywhere Red!

Yellow Shirted People party

Red Shirted People Party

Bangkok, Thailand is filled with red shirted people yesterday, today and got told that will be on tomorrow too. Me, Shan and Robins are heading to Hua Him beach for 4 days to get a way from all these mess going on. I do not know when will be amazing Thailand again....I wonder!

See our Songkla, Thai New Year is starting on Monday. Seen to me that people from North and East are getting pile up in Bangkok for the Red Party. Real meaningful of Songkla will be missed this year.

Robins failed for his Thai Driver test again and......still very mad at it. Unfortunately I can't help him with my ability. I can't borrow my eyes balls to him. Well he must go back for the 3rd times.

Shan's English tutor did not show up today as traffic is block by the red shirt people. Today I stock up my medicine for 3 months!! This make me feel good though.

Easter is coming up. I will end up my blog with..................

"And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen as he said Come, see the place hwere the Lord lay."

Matthew 28:5-6

Enduring Love!

Here are some, very proud to be American!!

There are commandments about "love" in my Christianity. Here some ...
1. Love your God with all your heart and your soul!
2. Love your neighbour!

If I can I wish to say "love your country with all your hart and soul after God". I no need to argue about what I am saying here this is my way and my believing...that's all! When I say "country" of course what ever the country that you are being in citizen.

Going around the world, I have seen people criticize about their own country (what ever they are from), or their government.

Remember that some countries you can't do that, if you do criticize your government you got the punishment beyond the law or you might got beating to dead! I can name some countries but I won't!

OK let's see the country that I greatly love, The United State of America!! You can say Clinton's administration or Obama's administration or Bush's Administration, what ever they do or they are..... bla bla bla! We all can freely do the criticizing in America as we do have freedom of speech. I do not have problem with talking about the white house folk but I do have the problem when people starting to talk negative about "The American People", "The law of USA", "The Citizenship of American People"!!

I might be wrong but this is want I think...when the law form in a proper country, I think the law are for all the citizens to obey. The law are not form for each individual, you or me only, it's for all.

From many stories that I heard I will tell you one as an example:-

The story is true and happened to very close family of mine!

One of our close family members got divorce. As the law and legal are abiding, he has to face the law of USA. Yes, he is the one who has more money than wife and he is the one make more money too but the law is the law if you divorce mostly goes 50/50 or some time wife get more or some time husband get more. (one of the family who is my neighbour in USA, she got less than the husband not know how???). OK both can fight what, how, where ever they want to but again the law is the law.

Then he starting to negative about the law of USA, saying is suck, not fair, not good, it's bad I will give up my US citizen and will go live in Belize or bla bla bla. Here is my point, if he is in his wife's shoes will he saying the same what he is saying now?? My point is divorcing is his problem, blaming being US citizen is unnecessary. I would tell him please leave the country any time you want. I am sure no one will stop you or him either. Thing not go to your way, that's does not mean the law is fault! You can't take this country law, you leave this country too!!

As you all know that I am from Shan State, Burma. I love this country but can't compare to my new country, The United State of America. America teach me alot! For me is very shameful to say that holding a USA passport and saying I hate America and American because of one accident which doesn't go my way!!

My last ward is......People who live in USA and people who hold the USA passport but still do not like America or American people, please do go stay in any countries you like. You also can freely drop off your passport at the nearest Embassy if you are not proud of what you have. The procedure is very easy to do too....but just remember there are so many people who like to work and stay in USA.

Amir was from Iran who live in Gainesville. He works at the public grocery store in Florida. After many time I see him one day I asked him....."Amir do you like America!" He answered me back.."I have no complain and I love America!" Amir is still in Florida and I will see him for sure in this summer too. He works the place that I shop for my weekly grocery!! I know and you know too why Amir is so proud of to be an American!!

May be...I have enduring love affair with "United State of America"??

Yes..... Iam very proud to be Shan-Lahu-Wa-Chinese-American!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Chairman Mao will be very pleased in Haven if he is in Haven!!

I love the song! Someone sent it to me and feel would like to forward it to the Chinese Ministers!

On 3rd April, Robins's birthday, I put some very little dinner party for his business people. There was a Chinese Lady too. It turned out to be a nice dinner party execpt Robins did not know what the surprise dinner party was! He took it a bit ugly way!

This is what I said to the Chinese Lady, "Hey Judy, Your Chinese Minister, is he crazy? He wants your money, "Rain-man-pee" (I am very sorry here. This is the only way I can sound the close at Chinese Money), to be a main money of the Dollars!!"
(Let me tell you what my worry here is, as the Chinese are smart to be the first people who invented the paper, they might print that Rain-man-pee, the Chinese Money, as much as they want to! Do not worry.... there will be plenty for each of us too....may be!)

She answered back to me, "Hey, Helen ah, We pay you people so much money La! to your country La!!" Chinese put sound "La" most of their end talking which is a kind of cute and funny. I can talk like them very well if I want to. By the way to be honest I haven't got any Rain-man-pee in my hand. Yah yah yah....they give the money to USA but I haven't got any La, Did you?? Where all these Rain-man-pee go????

Anyway enjoy the song and laugh it out! Laughing will make you look younger La!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Four years ago at the early evening tea time with a lady, she told me about her sister who just passed a way 1 year ago...with the tearful eyes this lady told me, "I wish I listen more to my sister and help her". She had this only one sister who married into a man obviously not good at all. OK let say her sister name is "Rita"!!

Rita was a Catholic background. Her husband was abusing her by verbally and also a womanizer. After much years of silent, she approached her sister (the lady that I know), and her mother to help her out of this marriage but she got told "No you can't, we are Catholic and bla bla bla.....'

Not long after Rita jumped out from her 10th floor condo end her life that the only way she can think of it....calls suicide!!

Then 4 or 5 days a go an Asian man shot randomly at the immigration dept in USA. I am sure you all watched or read about this new. 13 people die. I am not sure what cause to this man to do such action Then I was thinking why he choose the location at the Immigration? He failed for the test??

Last night I read an article from "Time" magazine. The title was "Deadly Business" by Ling Wooo Liu. One of my old blog I talked a about "suicide" if this world business is going the way heading to, there will be more "male" dead.

Suicide is happened and happening if you do not get straight of your way of living or thinking! Especially to those people who do not master the money and let the money master their lives.

Liu said in his article.." Rises in male suicide rates a year after the 1997 Asian financial crisis...In South Korea 45%, Hong Kong 44%, Japan 39% (I should say, it is alot!! Much release to know more male than female too!!).

Liu said " A lot of Asian people just work without any other things to make life more interesting; if they lose their jobs, it throws life into total disarray", says Paul Yip, director of the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention in Hong Kong.

Again I am starting to do the reading and found Encyclopedia of Death and Dying !! In one page said......

"The taking of one's own life is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, sociological, environmental, genetic, and biological risk factors. Suicide is neither a disease nor the result of a disease or illness, but rather a desperate act by people who feel that ending their life is the only way to stop their interminable and intolerable suffering".

I know people are different but suicide is a looser job because it is the last straw that he or she grasp......I would call this, selfish individual way to go. Before reaching the last straw, people should seek for help. Suicide did not poop up, it built up in period!!

Nowadays even with the genetic, there are plenty of ways to control by medicine. Not taking the medicine is the looser who heading to suicide even you do have genetically bad blood!! I would say....your own make it worse??

Lost of people say "I feel guilty"... I have learn in life that people (including me), who say feel guilty are indeed "You are guilty".

"Life is value, try to live happy". I am trying too. If keep failing please see the mental doctor cause I hate suicide. My best mental doctor is "Chirst".. He said it all, "How to live life in value".

"A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dires the bones." Proverbs 17:22

Friday, April 3, 2009


Robins, my husband said he did not fail in any tests in his life! Guess what??......He did failed at Thai Driver License Test!!!

In Thailand, if you have a US driver license you can go to the US Embassy for a paper saying my US driver license is...bla bla bla and with a Thai doctor's health report saying I have no leprosy, TB..bla bla bla and them with all these papers attached I can go a test to get a Thai Driver License.

We went there yesterday for a test, mostly for Eye sight and quickness.

The first test have to stand in front of a paper chart (about 6 yards far), which is full of dots with red, green and yellow. Then a lady who has a tough teacher personality pointed with a stick to the chart. We have to say the the colour of what she is pointed at! After each test she will shout with a very loud voice "You pass" or "You no pass" in font of others fellows who are taking test!

The second test was.....You have to sit on the stool and you drive (by the way no hand job just you right feet do the job only), but when you see the red light immediately you have to stop!!

The third test was...You have to put your face on the limited space (like eyes testing position), and there the lady will press the red, green and yellow on the side of your ears. You have to say what colour you see. I will say this test, a killer test!!

The fourth test have to sit on the stool (same distance as the first test, 6 yards) , and you have to drive back and front (by the way this is only hand job!!), try to adjust the two White Poles!! Am I confusing you?? If yes.. I can't help to explain because I am still confusing my tests too!!

There are 5 people in the room doing the test same time! Robins, Monica (she is from our building), A Japanese man, A Thai boy and Me!

Here come the results: Me and the Thai boy pass (only 2)!! The rest, the teacher told them "You No Pass"!! I want to laugh out so badly but I controlled. To be fair they were giving more than once chance but they keep failing, I do not know why?? They might have a real eyes problem!! They all failed for the 3rd test.

Here the reaction of the failers.......

Robins: Every time the lady shout "You No Pass" to Robins, he walked to me as a white Chimpanzee who lost mother! ! As failed to the 3 rd test, he kept talking..."What is this stupid test? I do not have eyes on the side I have eyes in the front...bla bla bla.." "You have bad eyes and now you pass and I failed..bla bla bla.."

Monica: She came in with very confusing face keep saying "I failed 4 times and this is my 5 times test..." She looked so scare of the test too. She said "I have a bad eyes sight...bla bla bla"..When she got told "You No Pass!!" She walked out gently without a fuss but with I will come back a gain looks. She has this personality.."I will never give up!!".

The Japanese man: My sympathy and concern goes to this man. He did not speak English very well. He looked like he did not know what happening around him. What ever colour came out.."He will answer Led (for red), Sareen (for green), and Lellow (for yellow), for the colour test".. He speaks English like when I was 35 years back ago so I understood how he feels very well. When he got told "You No Pass", he will pouty out his tiny lips in font of his face and scratched his arm pits! He also got 2 to 3 chances but he failed! I am sure he will come back again as Japanese men love to drive!!

Here is my life experiences, I can't say I never fail in my life but I can say I achieve my test when others were failing to this test!!

I can also say I am still achieving!! I am driving in Bangkok and still will drive all over the world where ever I go!!

I am good at driving.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Give me a break!

I used to dream about that I was Queen Elizabeth's mother, I was Brad Pitt's girl friend, I was the best Liver Transplant Doctor in the world, I was the First Lady of USA (Not Mrs. Obama but just as me, Helen. Helen Obama is not so good sound Michelle is better!!). OK, What ever you can dream of, please do dream because it mostly give you good feeling unless you dream like fall to hell.

Wen Jiabao (by the way I do not know how to pronounce this name), the Chinese Premier, he also can dream what ever he wants. The dreaming is no cost it is free of charge........... but,

Give me a break of Wen Jiabao's latest dream. See the following, I should say he has a night mare and a bad dream!!

China leads call to replace dollar
Jim Jones
Published:Mar 31, 2009

WHEN Chinese premier Wen Jiabao addresses the G20 meeting of heads of government in London this week, he will be leading the charge for the dollar to be replaced as the world’s reserve currency.

But whether the others from the Group of 20 leading industrial and developing economies will see things in such stark terms is another matter.

Wen began laying the ground last week when he fretted publicly about the security of the $1-trillion (R9.7-trillion) of reserves that Beijing has tied up in US government-backed securities.

He called on the US to honour its commitments on Treasury bills.
Why? It’s not as if the US has ever defaulted on its bonds, unlike, for example, communist China a short 60 years ago.

But China has 2-trillion socked away in reserves and continues to run trade surpluses that add to those reserves by the day. And that is a problem.

Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the People’s Bank of China, set out the party line recently, calling for the US dollar to be replaced by units such as the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights. It is, of course, part of Beijing’s strategy to win a greater say for China in the deliberations of the IMF and the World Bank.

But it sidesteps the facts that SDRs are created and backed by deposits and guarantees by IMF members in their own or acceptable currencies and the need for something approaching a world currency to be as convertible and as freely traded as the dollar.

Beijing’s dilemma is it cannot simply sell its US government paper — dumping T-Bills holus bolus would trash the bonds’ prices, cut the dollar value of Beijing’s holdings and hoist US interest rates.

Then bang goes the low-interest recovery programme that might have Americans back buying Chinese products. And bang goes the dollar, which will add to the eventual inflation agony that will almost certainly follow the Obama deficit- funded economic escape strategy.

The same goes for Beijing’s other options — slowing the rate at which it has been buying US Treasuries or dribbling them into the market.

If it wants to sell consumer goods to the US, China has either to finance those purchases by buying US bonds or buy something from the US or somewhere else that will take and spend dollars.

So, if Wen grandstands at the G20 meeting in London, he will be faced by others who realise that world trade flows in both directions.