Friday, April 3, 2009


Robins, my husband said he did not fail in any tests in his life! Guess what??......He did failed at Thai Driver License Test!!!

In Thailand, if you have a US driver license you can go to the US Embassy for a paper saying my US driver license is...bla bla bla and with a Thai doctor's health report saying I have no leprosy, TB..bla bla bla and them with all these papers attached I can go a test to get a Thai Driver License.

We went there yesterday for a test, mostly for Eye sight and quickness.

The first test have to stand in front of a paper chart (about 6 yards far), which is full of dots with red, green and yellow. Then a lady who has a tough teacher personality pointed with a stick to the chart. We have to say the the colour of what she is pointed at! After each test she will shout with a very loud voice "You pass" or "You no pass" in font of others fellows who are taking test!

The second test was.....You have to sit on the stool and you drive (by the way no hand job just you right feet do the job only), but when you see the red light immediately you have to stop!!

The third test was...You have to put your face on the limited space (like eyes testing position), and there the lady will press the red, green and yellow on the side of your ears. You have to say what colour you see. I will say this test, a killer test!!

The fourth test have to sit on the stool (same distance as the first test, 6 yards) , and you have to drive back and front (by the way this is only hand job!!), try to adjust the two White Poles!! Am I confusing you?? If yes.. I can't help to explain because I am still confusing my tests too!!

There are 5 people in the room doing the test same time! Robins, Monica (she is from our building), A Japanese man, A Thai boy and Me!

Here come the results: Me and the Thai boy pass (only 2)!! The rest, the teacher told them "You No Pass"!! I want to laugh out so badly but I controlled. To be fair they were giving more than once chance but they keep failing, I do not know why?? They might have a real eyes problem!! They all failed for the 3rd test.

Here the reaction of the failers.......

Robins: Every time the lady shout "You No Pass" to Robins, he walked to me as a white Chimpanzee who lost mother! ! As failed to the 3 rd test, he kept talking..."What is this stupid test? I do not have eyes on the side I have eyes in the front...bla bla bla.." "You have bad eyes and now you pass and I failed..bla bla bla.."

Monica: She came in with very confusing face keep saying "I failed 4 times and this is my 5 times test..." She looked so scare of the test too. She said "I have a bad eyes sight...bla bla bla"..When she got told "You No Pass!!" She walked out gently without a fuss but with I will come back a gain looks. She has this personality.."I will never give up!!".

The Japanese man: My sympathy and concern goes to this man. He did not speak English very well. He looked like he did not know what happening around him. What ever colour came out.."He will answer Led (for red), Sareen (for green), and Lellow (for yellow), for the colour test".. He speaks English like when I was 35 years back ago so I understood how he feels very well. When he got told "You No Pass", he will pouty out his tiny lips in font of his face and scratched his arm pits! He also got 2 to 3 chances but he failed! I am sure he will come back again as Japanese men love to drive!!

Here is my life experiences, I can't say I never fail in my life but I can say I achieve my test when others were failing to this test!!

I can also say I am still achieving!! I am driving in Bangkok and still will drive all over the world where ever I go!!

I am good at driving.