Thursday, April 9, 2009

Enduring Love!

Here are some, very proud to be American!!

There are commandments about "love" in my Christianity. Here some ...
1. Love your God with all your heart and your soul!
2. Love your neighbour!

If I can I wish to say "love your country with all your hart and soul after God". I no need to argue about what I am saying here this is my way and my believing...that's all! When I say "country" of course what ever the country that you are being in citizen.

Going around the world, I have seen people criticize about their own country (what ever they are from), or their government.

Remember that some countries you can't do that, if you do criticize your government you got the punishment beyond the law or you might got beating to dead! I can name some countries but I won't!

OK let's see the country that I greatly love, The United State of America!! You can say Clinton's administration or Obama's administration or Bush's Administration, what ever they do or they are..... bla bla bla! We all can freely do the criticizing in America as we do have freedom of speech. I do not have problem with talking about the white house folk but I do have the problem when people starting to talk negative about "The American People", "The law of USA", "The Citizenship of American People"!!

I might be wrong but this is want I think...when the law form in a proper country, I think the law are for all the citizens to obey. The law are not form for each individual, you or me only, it's for all.

From many stories that I heard I will tell you one as an example:-

The story is true and happened to very close family of mine!

One of our close family members got divorce. As the law and legal are abiding, he has to face the law of USA. Yes, he is the one who has more money than wife and he is the one make more money too but the law is the law if you divorce mostly goes 50/50 or some time wife get more or some time husband get more. (one of the family who is my neighbour in USA, she got less than the husband not know how???). OK both can fight what, how, where ever they want to but again the law is the law.

Then he starting to negative about the law of USA, saying is suck, not fair, not good, it's bad I will give up my US citizen and will go live in Belize or bla bla bla. Here is my point, if he is in his wife's shoes will he saying the same what he is saying now?? My point is divorcing is his problem, blaming being US citizen is unnecessary. I would tell him please leave the country any time you want. I am sure no one will stop you or him either. Thing not go to your way, that's does not mean the law is fault! You can't take this country law, you leave this country too!!

As you all know that I am from Shan State, Burma. I love this country but can't compare to my new country, The United State of America. America teach me alot! For me is very shameful to say that holding a USA passport and saying I hate America and American because of one accident which doesn't go my way!!

My last ward is......People who live in USA and people who hold the USA passport but still do not like America or American people, please do go stay in any countries you like. You also can freely drop off your passport at the nearest Embassy if you are not proud of what you have. The procedure is very easy to do too....but just remember there are so many people who like to work and stay in USA.

Amir was from Iran who live in Gainesville. He works at the public grocery store in Florida. After many time I see him one day I asked him....."Amir do you like America!" He answered me back.."I have no complain and I love America!" Amir is still in Florida and I will see him for sure in this summer too. He works the place that I shop for my weekly grocery!! I know and you know too why Amir is so proud of to be an American!!

May be...I have enduring love affair with "United State of America"??

Yes..... Iam very proud to be Shan-Lahu-Wa-Chinese-American!!!

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