Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Chairman Mao will be very pleased in Haven if he is in Haven!!

I love the song! Someone sent it to me and feel would like to forward it to the Chinese Ministers!

On 3rd April, Robins's birthday, I put some very little dinner party for his business people. There was a Chinese Lady too. It turned out to be a nice dinner party execpt Robins did not know what the surprise dinner party was! He took it a bit ugly way!

This is what I said to the Chinese Lady, "Hey Judy, Your Chinese Minister, is he crazy? He wants your money, "Rain-man-pee" (I am very sorry here. This is the only way I can sound the close at Chinese Money), to be a main money of the Dollars!!"
(Let me tell you what my worry here is, as the Chinese are smart to be the first people who invented the paper, they might print that Rain-man-pee, the Chinese Money, as much as they want to! Do not worry.... there will be plenty for each of us too....may be!)

She answered back to me, "Hey, Helen ah, We pay you people so much money La! to your country La!!" Chinese put sound "La" most of their end talking which is a kind of cute and funny. I can talk like them very well if I want to. By the way to be honest I haven't got any Rain-man-pee in my hand. Yah yah yah....they give the money to USA but I haven't got any La, Did you?? Where all these Rain-man-pee go????

Anyway enjoy the song and laugh it out! Laughing will make you look younger La!!