Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thailand In Red

Oh dear... first it was yellow shirts people all over Bangkok, including at the airport now it is red shirts people starting to pile up again. I can't say "There Will Be Peace In Bangkok!!" yet but I can say "Where Is the Old Good Time Of Bangkok??", "Where are Those Smiling Faces??".

Ex Prime Minister, Thaksin is still pooping up often on big TV screen to speech to his Red Shirted Party. He is doing phone in or VDO links to appear (I think his soul is still in Bangkok, don't you think so???), what ever he can reach to his followers. Why can't let it go and let it be. I do not know where he is now though. He is good at flying all over!! One week in South America, one week in Hong Kong, one week in Africa...a busy life for him.

Now our Foreign Minister Kasit called Thaksin, a"Demon" man. I wonder where is Mr. Thaksin's Kama now. If he is a demon, will he be a little rat for his next life?? Who's know!! You can watch former PM Thaksin's video link at.. but I think it is in Thai! I am sure what he is talking about is yellow this and yellow that!!

Then our army chief Anupong completely rules out coup, said in Bangkok, The Nation newspaper. I do not want to see blood anymore. Life is value!

Meantime I read, The Chinese Government calls their money, "Renminbi" to become a main currency of the world, means.... they want to take over of "Dollar" can't take this greenbank easily off of your life..period!!

Honestly can you pronounce "Renminbi" correctly?? You have to put 3 marble balls into your mouth say it and then you might get the right saying. The close at you can say.."Rain-man-pee"!! Easy to remember too. I would say forget about it sir! Leave the dollar alone unless you willing to change "Rain-man-pee" into "Chinese Dollar"!!

Mean time I am packing my medicines, my passport ready, counting my dollars and eating my Tom-Yum-Kung!!

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