Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Most of the working people earn the money, salary! Big or Small, it is depend on situation. Some got huge amount so big that the size of Mount Avert. Do not ask me why they got that size of money? I do not know!

Other might say because of their Kama? They were doing wonderful job with kinded hearts in their past lives? That's I do not know how accurate either. For me, by money only is not to judge some one's characteristic. My problme is I still can't see some one's past life with my eye balls. Even in this present lives, I can't read someone mind to say this person is really really sincere. Well this will be on another blog. Should I call "Characterisitc"??

Lets talk about the salary only here. Me, Helen, I haven't earn Salary for 18 years since the day I got married. I become pure housewife. I had read somewhere, sometime about how much the house wife should be earned?? The calculation said "the Amount of Salary for a housewife should be around 400,000US$ per year." In this case, I rather wish to be AIG CEO's wife!!

My newspaper reading for today, in Daily Xpress dated on march 31,2009 said ....................................................,

"Pastor's huge salary"

A Singapore-based church paid one of its leaders more than S$ 500,000(Thai Baht 11.7 million) in its last financial year.

The New Creation Church, which raised $19million in just one day in February for the construction of its new premises, paid one employee between $500,001 and 550,000. (Here I do not understand what for the 1 S$ end. Why not stop in 500,000 instead 500,001? What the different of 1S$ did ???)

The Church did not confirm if the money was paid to its leader, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince. But honorary secretary Deacon Matthew Kang was quoted as saying it was the church's policy to "recognise and reward key contributors and Senior pastor Prince is the main pillar of our church's growth and revenue".

My Conclusion: I am glad that a church is growing, I am proud of the Pastor is good enough for raising so much money for a day. Each church's policy is slightly different but if I can express my one wish, this will be my wish....

"Hope that all churches around the world put one main policy which is above of all......

"Love God with all your heart and with all your soul"

If there will be another wish for me to say, I wish each Pastor loves equal to all his church members those who pay more, work more and those who pay less and work less. Pastor job is.....Loves all your folks! In my language...A good Pastor should loves good, bad, ugly, faulty, weak, even repented bastard in under his leader.

Wish you all salary will be as big as a bucket full!!

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