Friday, March 6, 2009

My beauty and Me

Here is an ugly couple but very very happy!

I read about "Cancer drug not whitener", article by Pongphon Sarnsamak from The Nation Newspaper. It said..."This cancer drug might destroy perfect healthy cells and tissues within your body."

The warning came after Dr. Pravit received lots of questions from patients about the efficacy of using the leukaemia drug to whiten the skin.

Pravit said leukaemia patients develop white spots, not a whiter complexion, form taking the drug. ..."

We human being never get enough don't we?? White want to be Black, Black want to be white and now the Yellow want to be white!!

On the beaches in Thailand, we can see the white are sun bathing till they got burned, some look like over toasted and some look like red lobsters!! Now you can see in some of Asia countries girls, they will go around with a tiny umbrella to cover their faces which is trade mark of High Society Colour!! Here if you are brown they thought you are the peasant's daughter.

If there is a wish of beauty, this will be my, Helen's beauty.....I want to be 5' 7", brown but not brownie colour, OK tan, green eyed or blue eyed, very dark dark hair, the boob size of Catherine Zeta Jone NOT Pamela Anderson size, a beautiful smile with chic and classy type! Well...I am totally opposite look of all my wishes. Then I ask to myself, Am I happy with my own look?..Yes... I am very happy. You can say Pamela Anderson has all the men. OK lets her has them. She will be the one very busy and I will be peace!! I am very happy with my own one man.

Real thinking... you can't control your own skin colour you know. May be for a short time or unless you want to look like Micheal Jackson for the rest of your life!

There a way to control your child colour though...may be a little control only. Lets say, a yellow one, if I want a black or tan colour babies I should marry a black man don't I? OR if I want a yellowish white babies, I need to marry a white man. If I really really want a red colour baby with a Chinese eyes, I should marry Eskimo or Apache man!! Is make sense ha?

We all want to be beautiful..I do not know about you but I do want to be beautiful but I will stay within my limit and I won't go for bleach! I might think about face lift if I hit 60 but no tummy tuck because my mouth is on my face not on my belly. Normal People do look your face more than your others.

Well have a beautiful inside your soul and outside of your face too.

How many of us thankful for our look?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your word of wisdom. It is what is in the heart that counts. The beautiful body will one day die and rot, but where will they spend eternity? There is REALY life after death.
A soul is precious to God our maker.We were made in His image. He love us no matter what we look like. Great job Helen. May God's healing continue to pour through your body always. Love you, G

Anonymous said...

i think beauty is a local factor, depend on time and space and customs....
so this isnt a true criteria, cause a true one is valuable upon time and space.
i think the only criteria is about people cant support sun, but white people need sun cause the pineal gland, but the society change the needs in fashion...and as usual every thing over the necessary is bad....the too much is the worse too...
a tanned skin give an healthy appearance , and you are lucky ! no need to exposure your skin under sun , and to burn your skin and have skin cancer...
the most important thing isnt the color of our skin but our abilities in life, what we are inside...isnt it??