Thursday, March 26, 2009

Red Meat

About 2 years ago, in the Starbucks Coffee shop, Me, Robins and Dr. Arlo were having conversation about Cancer. I asked Dr. Arlo that...How is Red Meat cause cancer? He did explain to me real well about the way how the Fat Red Meat and High Temperature B-B-Q!!

I have a hard time to believe that the Red Meat cause cancer!! Stone age people ate Red Raw Meat, actually all Raw right!! Then they found the fire and I am sure what they are eating is B-B-Q days and nights, months and years! I am glad that they all did not die with cancer till to produce me, Helen Layshan. I do not like B-B-Q that much but I got hit by the Liver Cancer so I had my own reason to believe that how could the Red Meat can cause cancers??

Then I saw the following ariticle in The Nation,Daily Xpress on 25th March 2009.

The Article said.......
"Read Meat ups death risk, white lowers it"
AFP, Washington

People who eat more read or processed meat have a higher risk of death from all causes including cancer, while a higher consumption of white meat reduces such risks, a decade-long US study has found.

The joint study, begun in 1995 by the National Institutes of Health and seniors group AARP , followed more than half a million men and women between ages 50 to 71, who filled out a food frequency questionnaire estimating their intake of read and processed meats as well as white meats such as pork, chicken and turkey.

Over the study period, 47,976 mean and 23,275 women died. The one fifth of men and women who ate the most read meat-a median of 62.5 grams per 1,000 calories per day-had a higher mortality rate than the one fifth who consumed the least 9.8 grams per thousand calories.

Cancer-causing com-ponds are known to form during high-temperature cooking of meat, the report stated, and meat is a major source of saturated fat, which has been linked to certain cancers."

I remembered before I was heading back to Bangkok, I asked my GI doctor that What Should I Eat To Be Healthy?? He said.."Moderate" is the key. Now as my brain is bigger along with my age, I think that yes...... The fat of red meat are not good.

Even though I still have one question.......

"A cow, a buffalo, a pig, a goat etc... which all eat 99% of good food only like Vegetables, how could they can produce a fat which can cause mortality??" They are not exercising? Lazy as just sleep, eat and drop the waste??

I am still a little confuse but won't eat red meat that much!

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