Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One more blog for 2009

Just came into my attention that a blog name, "ke beranda blog" which is I have no idea that link into my blog for the first time today. If some one knew about this, "ke beranda blog" I wanted to know how and why link with me without my knowledge!!

I just check that it is from Indonesia.

If the other round that my blog is link to you, for sure I have no idea how and I want you to block my blog. so do I, I am looking into this matter.

Thank you!

Helen Layshan

My dear all.... 2009 is almost gone! Looking back into my life, I like my life I really do. We all have good and bad times. My bad time shook me off that life is not only born, study, married, make baby, taking care of your belonging, happy or unhappy, angry, greedy, good or bad and then............. die at all (at least it is for me).

In this life, I knew the meaning of living in a meaningful way is not only on those points. If you do not know what I am saying, please go sit one of the corner and think it hard till you head is hurt!!! Well.... do not waste your time on doing the thinking all the time as well because I know you are a smart people and hope you get the core of your life faster.

I said that because I never think before in a reasonable ways at all. Mostly, me, Shan, Shan and Robins and me, me and me again. Some time Insurance, money, health and bla bla bla too. have to think all those problems but not in negative ways like blaming to others. Examples.... I used to think that Do I need to blame my insurance because of my cancer? Do I need to blame my mother or to my gene because of my cancer?? Do I need to blame to Robins for not getting what I want?? Above of all, Do I need to blame to my God for all the bad thing??? Then what about Good thing? Are you going to blame to God for all the GOODTHIN?? NO!!! In Good and in Bad Yes, I have faith to my God. I have heard that people say, even on earth, you stick with your husbnd or your best friend or your son in good or bad.

OK here is the point that I learn to live on is.. I put my trust in Christ who knows the best for me. I trust Christ not only to comfort my soul or to get me, my way at all. I just trust him because He is my God and knew that Christ is living so, I just trust...period!!

I will see you all in Jan., 2010. I am laving to see my grand mother soon. I will be a way for may be 10 days.

In this blog I want to say you all, thank you for reading my not so good blog for 3 years. Thank you and I like it, I like it and I like it.

I just blogged on my 24 photos of my past years. Wish you enjoy them. Here things that I am looking forward to do...............

1. I am so please to go see the church that I helped (tiny amount), to build for the mountain people in Chaing Mai. I learn to share and very proud of what I have done to some others in the last years.

2. I am going to be among those who are unfortunate in this Christmas time. I am going to eat my pig and chicken with them for the third time in Christmas time. My son has a hard time to eat because the food are quite hot. You want me to say more??? OK I am not with them just to eat the pig and the chicken, I am there to celebrate the Christmas morning worshiping with them.

3. I am looking forward to be with my grandma who is 92 and who I love dearly. She has some very difficult time in her life but now she is one happy old lady. Still very strong and a true believer.

4. The feeling of being with my family, Robins and Shan on the mountain with cold weather in this Christmas is the best as last 2 years. Robins will fly in after 2 days.

Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!!

Love you all.

I believe in.."Believe in God and you'll believe in miracles; believe in Christ and you'll experience one!" and will live on it...................................

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Robins at Vanderbuilt Universtity

On the way to see my son's high school Pa.,

My son future high school

Shan, Dr. Newman and me on the boat!

Me one year after liver transplant!

Me and my only sister!

My wedding night Hong Kong

Shan, me and the elephant!

Me and the band menber

My building friends Sara, me and Elisa

Sara, me and Elisa

Me and my travelling suitcases

Just arrived Guatemala- only 6 months

Just Married at 6 Stars hotel and Honeymoon at -2 stars

Me and my long neck friend

Me with my new liver of 5 days old

Pi Nang, Nat (the Princess's son, me and my beautiful Princess

My mother in law, Joan, and my pa pa in law 2008

Me and Kik

Me and one of the twin

Me and the famous twin

Me at Air Suply concert 2007 Bangkok

Me at my TV room

My Grandma

Monday, December 14, 2009

Trying to poke my facebook after back from my tennis. Right that moment my Skype rang and was a call from my friend who live in Gainesville, Fl. I looked at the time and it was only 4 pm in BKK means 4 am in Florida. I was thinking what the heck she is calling me at 4am.

she called because her sister, a Canadian Citizen was in Bangkok Hospital for operation. They found tiny lesions in both ovaries and in Uterus. My friend was so worried and see what can I do for her sister. I can't do nothing as I am not a doctor but I will go to see her. The patient knew no one in Bangkok so I am going to see her and see what does she needs. I like to do it and I am glad that my friend called me too.

I know the feeling of when someone told you that they found some lesions in any parts of your body.

Then 2 days ago I called Feli, who is my driver every time when I go to up north, gave me a sad new. Her mother is in Coma of liver failure and her nephew is just diagnose with bone cancer in the same time. I am so so sorry to hear about the news. Bad news not only one but two that she has to face for. I will help her as much as I can.

We never know what the next day is going to be. That's why I learn to live the best way as I can be. Less envy, less anger, less negative, and more love not only to my family but also to others.

Life is so value if you live in a value way!

As I mentioned it somewhere, can't remembered it!!! What I wanted to share is....... This year, 2009 is a special year because for the first time I sang in Christmas Choir also call Christmas Cantata. I enjoy it so much and our 3 moths of practicing is paid off. We did it real well. I will put on the photos on my blog very soon.

Again I say, I was singing on top of my lung and enjoy it every moment.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why Christmas is so special?

The red is from posted by Arnold, Resurgence 2.0. The blue is my thought!

Yes..... we all aware of that Christmas is not exactly on the 25th of December. We do not know the exact day of our saviour's birthday but for sure we know Christ was on earth by witnesses and above of all, by faith. Well as 50% of my family members are born without birth certificates too even after much more years of Christ's birth!! So who can say it is not happen at all.

Our Church in Bangkok celebrated Christmas in this morning. We had this Christmas Cantata and was turn out very very good. I sang on the top of my lung because it is so joyful to praise Christ with singing.

Yes we were early celebration because our church is full of expatriates and most of them are leaving to their families as I am going to be with my grandma soon too.

This is my forth Christmas after my liver transplant!. Amazing journey with Christ!!! Indeed my Christmas present is seeing another one more Christmas with my loves one. Ok here are some that I would like to share with you!!

Arnold said, "What’s so special about Christmas?

Well, what’s so special about July 20, 1969? It is the day where man landed the moon. President Nixon, overjoyed with this breakthrough, proclaimed, “This day marks the most important event in the history of mankind”.

The great evangelist Billy Graham corrected him, “With all due respect, Mr. President, but the day man landed the moon isn’t the most important event in the history of mankind, it is when GOD landed on earth in the form of a man in the person of Jesus Christ”.

That’s why Christmas is special, folks. Christmas, whatever day it is that we want to celebrate, marks the day when the creator stepped into our lives in the form of a creature. It is a day when he decided to “come out of his comfort zone” because of his love towards mankind — that includes you and me. It is the day when Jesus started his journey that will eventually lead to him sacrificing his life and pay for the sins that you and I had been committed, is committing and will commit. "

Finally, I want to share with you all in Spanish..........................


Happy Happy Christmas to you all.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank Youuuuuuuuuuu Hollywood!

Robins went to China this morning after finishing his interview for a TV documentary. He said tired for the talking but now he is on his way for to do the another talking. Guess how many days he is going ta talk??? It is for one week in a very cold weather in China.

Today, had lunch with Shan and I took him to the movie call "Christmas Carol". The movie is for the children but also for adult especially who are stingy, thrifty, selfish and money hugger!! Thank you Hollywood for I no need to talk to my son much about Christmas this year because the "Christmas Carol" said it all for me.

Christmas is giving!! As God give us the big present as taking a human form, what present is value than this present to us ??? We can't do much as God done to us but I will do within my limit in this
special season call, Christmas!!

Those who want to call as "Happy Holiday", it's all up to you but for me is "A Very Merry Christmas" which is the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

Going back to the movie the " Christmas Carol", like in the movie I wish we all can see what going to happen after we die. For sure it will never happened but seeing this movie yes there is a time to change and to share.

Thank you Hollywood and Disney who put this movie together. The happiness is not only to receive but there is a bigger joy call "to give" with the meaningful gifts mostly laying under the Christmas tree!!

Let me share you with this which I read from....

"In 2001, Sport Illustrated magazine featured an article on the greatest come backs of all time. You might think Magic Johnson, Tiger woods, Roger Federer or Pelee!! Surprisingly, they selected the resurrection of Jesus as number ONE. It was stated this way: "Jesus Christ, 33 AD. Defies critics and stuns the Romans with His resurrection."

Without Chirstmas there is no resurrection, without rescurrection there is no God!! God plans is perfect!

I love you my God.

Friday, December 11, 2009

News make me say................

1. The new is "our President Obama received Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo yesterday!"

I say: I watch the new, some parts but not all of it. Obama said, "I am a black African American" in his speech, AGAIN!! Every time he said, "I am black", this make me piss off. Does he knows that he is not fully black!! Why he really do not want to recognize his white side often as he did to his black side. Why he has to be 100% black which is not. He shouldn't say nothing as he is not black or White, he is just browned man!!

Looking back into the Nobel Peace Prize history..... The Nobel Peace Prize goes to Aung Sung Suu Kyi, Mandela, Gandhi or ta ta ta ta but to Obama, Hummmmm?? I said that because 1. He is a Chief Commander of 2 wars. 2. He has done nothing peace yet on top of that he just sent 30,000 troops to the war zone.

The most funny part is...... Obama, the one who win for the Peace Prize Winner sure is talking alot of war on his speech!! Ha ha ha ha and I would say like someone said, the most Americans, including me, I also thought the Nobel Committee has lost their brains!! Well every one entitle to express what you feel don't you. Too bad if you are not agreeing with me.

2. The new on "Tiger Woods' alleged porn star lover advertise as Escort, acted on "Wonder Years"

I say: The porn star Holly Sampson said she slept with Tiger Woods at his bachelor party five year ago. If this is true....1. To begin with , this woman has no class which she doesn't has it. 2. Who care she slept with Tiger (which I am not so sure on this), on the bachelor night or how many men on the way as she is porn star but she is the one kissed and tell. So low that she even mention that how much she got from Tiger. 3. Obviously she is one of those wanted to say, "I knew Tiger Wood" and for one occasion which might not be true. Unkind to say, she is looking for a quick buck on TV interview???

The sad part is....If this new is true, Tiger shouldn't do that after engaged with someone he said he is going to be with the rest of his life. Well Some men do lie???

3. New said., "Surprise, Surprise, Many Scientists Disagree On Global Warming"

I say: Since in the beginning Al Gore never impress me on his Global Warming plan at all. Well... I remembered him as "How he kissed his wife in the public" only, don't you think so too??? The image of how he loves his wife but I will say, nothing wrong with to kissed his wife passionately in front of us. For me he is a real funny ga ga ga ga man on GW.

He is a man who lost the President race and so unhappy with it. May be nothing to do for a big job any more beside goes around with Saturday Night Lives show and talking about Polar Bears. If this is make him happy let him be but on Global Warming is too much???

I just read about the "Carbon dioxide". It is not only Negative to our world and there are some positive results too. Again, the Creation is perfect!! For me Science rely on Creation and can't live without Cration. Here are some facts of Carbon Dioxide which give us positive works......

"Many articles have been written about the negative effects of carbon dioxide. Sick Building Syndrome, loss of concentration due to high levels of carbon dioxide, asphyxiation in breweries or wine cellars, all these things spring to mind when we hear the magic phrase carbon dioxide. Yet, perhaps today (2005) when Venus passes across the face of the Sun, we should remember that our original atmosphere consisted of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Free oxygen is something that is not really chemically possible. Yet we have it as a result of plant life busily photosynthesising and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen during daylight hours. This is the original use of solar energy!"

"Plants require carbon dioxide to grow and why not help them by increasing the level of carbon dioxide? Normally, this is something that is undesirable, since carbon dioxide is the original greenhouse gas, as our neighbouring planet Venus can testify. But in a controlled, genuine greenhouse environment, there is no real reason why the level of carbon dioxide should not be enhanced in some way.

To Al Gore: Dare to tell me that I can not FART freely anymore!!

4. From my Blackberry news from under "living" of CNN, new said, Beware cheaters: Your lover's spouse can sue you by Wayne Drash, CNN!

I say: Drash write, "They're known as "alienation of affection" suits, when and "outsider" interferes in a marriage. The suits are allowed in seven states:Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota and Utah."

Drash also said, " A broken-hearted hubby could go after his wife's lover.. not with a gun, but with the law."

Let me tell you, Florida is not in the list yet but dare to cheat in our sunshine state. Yes..... there is a good chance you will lost most of your material that you save the rest of your life. My question is..

Can Tiger Woods's wife can sue the women who freely admitted that have affair with her husband as "Alienation"?????

The problem is how rich these women are? Worth to use them??

Wow Wow Wow...What a world we are living in!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things that may be you do not know about me!

1. I love America so much but I do not like their fast food. I will go to eat at McDonald may be twice a year or 3 times a year at Kentucky fry chicken.

2. My best childhood friend, Mie Mie Htun (Her grand father was a member of General Aung Sun's who is Aung Sun Suu Kyi's father, 30 members who went to Japan to get a training to fight English and also a member of to sign the "Nu Attlee " agreement in England on October 1st 1947), is still my very best friend and live in California now. We both have the best, the good and the rich years in Burma. She is still not marry and I wish she could find her life long partner soon.

3. I do not have pregnancy stretch mark on my belly even I carried 10lbs weight baby but I do have a huge "L" shape scar on my belly for my liver transplant.

4. I did not have SEX with my husband till the day of our wedding. I knew him for 7 years before we married.

5. My attitude changed after my liver cancer. I sleep better, I let go the things that not important to my life easier and I say NO better if I think the time is right to say NO.

6. My first job was a UN project calls ICAO. My boss was Canadian who doesn't speak Burmese and I spoke only very very little English. The rest of the Experts were from all over the world and they tried hard to communicate with me. Think it back I have no idea why I was there. The salary was good though. See this...after one year there I got the Job with US Embassy. I worked there for almost 3 years and left for Hong Kong.

7. I was in the Beauty Pageant call MISS YMCA run by Rangoon University Students and came out the 3rd place. I thought I was much prettier than the first place one who is a Burmese girl.

8. My late sister was on her way to TV movie star but stop after she got married. Again I thought I was beautiful than her too.

9. I love to live by the beach.

10. I can eat rice every day.

11. I do exercise almost every day except on travelling. I have dance Aerobic for 15 years and loves it. I rotate between Tennis, Gym and Aerobic.

12. I angry fast and I forget what I am angry at fast too.

13. I am a very unattractive cook!

14. I do not like durian fruit. I think the cat poo poo is smell better than this fruit.

15. I pray every night before I go to bed saying...Thank you to my Lord.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Tiger, I am talking about an animal. Of course he will sex with any female tiger passing by because of the animal nature.

Tiger, Now I am talking about a human golfer last name with "Wood". Of course if he has sex with any woman passing by he is not a good human Tiger because many young looking at him, A Hero!!!

My way of thinking is, " if you want to screw, do not marry but if you are married, do not screw beside to your wive." I do not care no matter how much you are craving for SEX. There is no excuse unless you are sicko man who is mentally unbalance also proved by medical experts!! Tell me who do not like SEX???? We all do, but moral is biding to a proper married couple.

Last week CNN said 3 women claimed that they have or had affair with Tiger Wood and this week, up to 7 people. To be fair Tiger is not all to blame for. I said this because.....

1. I do not know that "The Media" playing a fair game to Tiger or not.
2. Always need tow hands to clap. To get a one enjoyment event or 2 times or 3 times, I do not think Tiger Wood needs to beg those women.
3. All these women who said they have a fair with Tiger, probably they even can't wait for.
4. Some of those women may be they just only sat and having a drink as they are working in the BAR?? Who's knows may be they wants to show off or looking for a 15 minutes famous??

I am not excusing for Tiger... Yes, he did a bad choice if all accuses are true! I think if Wood is addicted to SEX, he should divorce to his wife FIRST!! You can't have two ways. More over, if Tiger is unable to give up sexing to different woman, he must talk to his wife or talk to a doctor!! I would let him go if I was his wife, but leave his MONEY! Oh yes... he must!!

Lets talk about how Mrs. Wood feels. All women do suffered if their men cheating. Those who said I don't care is hard to believe for me. If Wood's mew is true and Mrs. Wood golfed off her husband at 2 am in the morning, I fully understand and even more I could say..I support her. You never know how you will react when you are hurting so bad. My question is, Does Tiger wood knows that his wife is as good as swinging that golf off even to him??

Last night I watched a funny movie call, "Madea goes to Jail". I like the movie. In the movie, the huge black lady, actually she is right in any situations but she react it in anger everything and ending up going to jail repeatedly. So she has to see the anger management counselor. She said.." Look... the creation is we have two cheeks to turn for people to slap us when people make you mad. After turned two times of your cheeks, there is no more cheek to turn for people to slap me!!" I laughed to dead.... and said, hummmmmmmmmm????

May be Mrs. Wood has no cheeks to turn on for Mr. Wood to slap!!

To Mr Wood: Change your view on SEX!
To Mrs Wood: Get his money and find someone who loves you the way you are. Don't even leave your 2 children to him as he is not fit for a good father beside MONEY!
To Helen: Shut your mouth cause none of your business??

Note: 1. I might be wrong as I am not train as a relationship expert!

2. Deep down I know money is not the point but help. We woman needs the money to feed our mouth and our children to survive.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friends from Bangkok

More photos

One year older

The girls who came and dance with me
Dr. Arlo and his angels

Me and my lady boys

Me and my husband