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Healing Power of Gem and My Points of View

NOTE: My view on gem ONLY !!


By Ritu Khanna

We tend to examine a gem for its clarity, color and carat. Add to that another 'C': Cure. The healing power of a jewel, and its effect on the body, mind, heart and soul, is painstakingly charted by astrologers, duly acknowledged by gem dealers, and then reinforced by wearers who think them to be a stepping stone to better health, prosperity and happiness. But can wearing a particular jewel heal and cure all your problems?

Helen Said
: Astrology or Astrologist, I do not believe in both because.... how could another human being can claim that he knows me and other's future just seeing my hands, my face or else ??? let me put it this way ..I know what I am going to do tomorrow but I do not know what is going to happen to me tomorrow. Life you never know!!! I believe in guiding by the teachers for my education , by my parent's gaudiness and by a proper religion leaders. Even if a Preacher came and tell me that he is above of all, I will drop that kind of preacher very quickly. Well lets see why Christ cleans his disciples foots? There might be a reason. Did I clean other's foot yet? I will say, trying!!!

Gem as health
: I have a hard time to believe in that. Do you really think that gem can cure you?? I don't! i.e. You got hit by a cancer and just hold a Ruby, will cure you ?? Even just wearing it? or need to eat that hard Ruby??

Gem as prosperity
: Of course to get a good gem, you have to have good amount of money to buy it. So if you can buy an expensive ruby or diamond, yes !you are already prosperous!

Gem as happiness
: It's go like this.......... If I have a 6 carets of diamond ring, yes I will feel happiness. My question for you is, Do you really think that Gem can give you the happiness?? Another question is, For how long?? For me if I can , I want the true joyfulness than gem. Not for that short time happiness. Speaking my own experienced, I rather have a good healthy liver than 30 carets diamond! I mean it!!

Of carmine red colour, a ruby is the sacred stone of the Burmese, who compare it to a human soul about to enter the precincts of the Buddha. They believe that its color changes gradually—colorless to yellow, green, blue, red when ripe. It also changes color in the presence of poison or with the deteriorated health of the wearer, or when trouble threatens. A ruby influences the wearer very strongly for good or evil and wards off bad dreams. It is associated with divine power, love, dignity, royalty and peace. Do not wear at night or during summer, and avoid constant use as it is very hot. Wear in ring, bracelet or brooch, on the left side. It is recommended for actors, children, teachers, and in matters of love. It is believed to heal eye trouble, meningitis, anaemia, fever, digestive disorders, low blood pressure and heart diseases. Ground to powder, it helps in snake bites and bleeding. Substitutes: garnet, sunstone, spinel and agate.

Helen's view on Ruby: I love ruby too. I do respect to what the author's believing in but I do not believe in "What Ruby can do for you! " One thing I know..... I sell the ruby, I got the money. I see ruby as a precious stone and beautiful beside that nothing more!

BLUE SAPPHIRE A variety of corundum, deep azure blue in color, a blue sapphire is a sacred stone for the Hindus and is consecrated to their gods. It is dedicated to Indra, the god of thunder. The Buddhists believe it reconciles man and God. It changes color if the wearer is unfaithful. A blue sapphire prevents fear, and helps overcome depression. It influences financial matters and is associated with prosperity. The stone is very cold and should never be worn alone, but with a red coral or copper ring. But, be careful: discontinue wearing if it does not suit you; its effect is evident within 24 hours. It should always be worn on the right hand. It is recommended for lovers, bankers, those in finance and speculators. A blue sapphire is believed to cure allergy, cancer, jaundice, hair loss, biliousness, poliomyelitis, anaemia, arthritis, old age-related diseases, ulcers, chronic fever, epilepsy and prevents excessive sweating. Dipped in cold water, it can be used for eye trouble. It can also be used in powdered form or taken orally with honey or garlic juice. Substitutes: blue zircon, amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue garnet and blue spinel.

Helen said: Very surprised what I am reading! I do not know that what Blue Sapphire can do for your health...almost cured every thing. I also do not mislead you with this article. I make it clear again, I do not believe in that the Blue Sapphire can do wonder works. I wish we all use our brain for that. If you have above health problems, my suggestion for you will be "Go see the good science doctor" please.

PEARL Found in the shell of a pearl oyster, it has a brilliant lustre, with varying tints. It is said that a dark pearl is presided over by Lord Vishnu, one that resembles the moon by Indra, the king of the Hindu pantheon, the yellow pearl by Varuna, the god of wind, and a pearl with the brilliance of Agni, the fire god. A pearl's beauty depends on the health of its wearer. An unblemished pearl brings wealth, vitality and a long life, as it protects against enemies and accidents. A pearl is associated with peace, purity, innocence and chastity. It has a soothing effect. It should be worn on the right hand. Cultured pearls have only 25 per cent efficacy. A black-specked pearl is very inauspicious. A pearl is believed to cure myopia, breathing disorders, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, cerebral thrombosis, indigestion, heart diseases and blood pressure. It can be crushed to powder and dissolved in water or wine. Take orally in case of calcium deficiency (especially recommended for pregnant women). Substitutes: moonstone and white sapphire.

CORAL The skeleton-like deposit of the coral polyp, composed of calcium secreted from seawater, a coral is also found in white and yellow colors. It changes color as a warning of the ill health of its wearer. A coral protects against evil spirits and averts accidents. It is associated with marital happiness and courage. Should be removed at night. It is recommended for brides. It is believed to cure blood disorders, arthritis, blisters, bronchitis, backaches, chickenpox, color blindness, constipation, cramps, common cold, cataract, ear diseases, diabetes, foot trouble, fever, gallstones, gout, hay fever, hiccoughs, hernia, jaundice, malaria, measles, mumps, piles, toothaches, and prevent miscarriages.

YELLOW SAPPHIRE Of a light yellow color, an unblemished stone gives the wearer good health, wisdom, wealth and fame. A yellow sapphire is a protection against evil spirits and is associated with peace of mind and friendship. It is especially recommended for girls who want an early marriage. It is believed to cure allergy, anaemia, appendicitis, arthritis, backaches, bladder trouble, cholera, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes (wear with red coral), eczema, gallstones, ulcers, hernia, influenza, car sickness, sunstroke, tuberculosis and typhoid. Substitutes: yellow quartz and citrine.

Available in many colors, a cinnamon stone is said to belong to the zircon family. Generally of honey or red color; when colorless, it resembles a diamond. A cinnamon stone protects against enemies and is associated with health and wealth. It is recommended for soldiers. It is believed to cure leprosy and leukaemia.

EMERALD Of a rich green color, an emerald is a variety of the beryl. It was venerated by the Romans who believed in its overwhelming presence, saying that a serpent becomes blind if it looked at an emerald. It changes color in the presence of false friends or witnesses; it also registers the intensity of love (turning pale when love is waning). An emerald has the power to predict events when placed under the tongue. It protects against evil spirits and has a cooling effect. It is associated with faith, friendship, love, kindness and nature. It is recommended for pregnant women and for travellers as it protects against dangers on land or water. It is to be worn at religious ceremonies. It is believed to cure eye and ear troubles, asthma, hair loss, digestive disorders, hay fever, heart diseases, insomnia, leucoderma, hernia, menstrual disorders, neuralgia, typhoid, and prevent miscarriages. Substitutes: aquamarine, turquoise, peridot, green agate and jade.

CAT'S EYE A very powerful stone, this is a variety of quartz that belongs to the chrysoberyl family. It has opalescent reflections from within. It has a shining band inside which moves when the stone is turned. A cat's eye helps the intellect and protects against hurdles and delays. It is said to bring quick results and is associated with energy and stamina. A black dot in the stone can prove fatal for the wearer. It is recommended for pregnant women, and those involved in litigation. It is believed to cure coughs, piles, indigestion, eye ailments and headaches. Substitute: tiger's eye.

DIAMOND Usually colorless (though yellow, green, black, brown, rose and blue diamonds are available), a diamond consists of pure carbon. It is said to be of four kinds: Brahmin (colorless, no blemish), Kshatriya (slight red hue), Vaishya (yellow) and Shudra (black). A flawed diamond is considered very unlucky by the Hindus. The stone loses its brilliance with the deteriorating health of its wearer. A diamond helps to improve concentration, promotes spirituality and protects against evil forces. It is associated with wisdom, courage, purity, innocence, repentance, forgiveness and joy. Losing a diamond is considered very unlucky. It should preferably be gifted to the wearer, not purchased. and worn on the left side of the body. It is recommended for those seeking constancy in marriage and for sleepwalkers. It is believed to cure diseases of the bladder and heart, leucoderma and insanity. Its ash can be used for treating tuberculosis, diabetes, anaemia and swellings. Dipped in water and wine, it forms an elixir that treats gout, jaundice and apoplexy. Substitutes: white topaz, zircon, tourmaline and quartz.

My conclusion: In this world we have different colours, different looks, different religions, different believing, different traditional. You can agree or disagree on what other doing or believing but just do not say "I am better than you!", "My way is better than you!" .

You can express your feeling, your thinking, your agreement or disagreement and your believing but please do not judge!

"Thou Shall Not Judge!" is What God told me!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sucker lists

Lest see some photos of Bad CEOs!

Micheal Cherkasky of MMC

Angelo Mozilo (CFC)
(White Haired Man)

James Tobin of BSX (with the glasses)
Went to Tennis then lunch with Nat and came home. I have nothing to do but still angry at those Shameful CEOs!! Suddenly I said to myself .."Hummmmmmm let me Google about those bad suckers!" and I typed "Bad CEOs lists"..
Oh my gooooosh...there were 10 pages about those bad suckers lists! It is very bad new for investors. Serious folks! Take your money and set a side for a while is the best thing to do. If I am a CEO, that's my advise to you all.
I was so happy to find out that I am not the only one in curiosity about bad lists but some one too.

January 01, 2008
2008 Corporate Resolutions: Firing Your Bad CEO's (BSC, BSX, CFC, FINL, MMC, MNI)

2007 has been a volatile year in the stock market, but there are many key technology CEO's who just aren't making a passing grade. has issued a brief list of some recognized CEO's in technology whose shareholders would likely be rewarded if the CEO was axed or stepped down. We think these CEO's have a great shot at getting the ax in 2008.

We decided to run a GUIDELINES FOR CEOs TO GO. Most of these CEO's have a recent history of disappointment, and calling a CEO out can't be just over stock prices. The CEOs have proven their need to be called on to go. Out of 24/7 Wall St.'s CEO list for 2007, six of the eight that we called on to be fired were fired or finally forced out. Here's the full list, with a brief sentence and a link to the full explanations for each:

Alan Cohen of Finish Line (NASDAQ: FINL) has proven ineptitude if you have watched this last week. We named him on the list and showed what may happen to that stock before last week's debacle. The founder needs to bring in new blood. Here's the full scoop.

Gary Pruitt of McClatchy (NYSE: MNI) is responsible for heading up the acquisition of Knight-Ridder, and the stock has never been the same since. The balance sheet is now more leveraged and his old glory days are long gone. Here's the full scoop on that one.

James Tobin of Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX) is a CEO in the middle of giant quagmire. Not all of the problems at the company are his issue alone, but they are the worst performer in their sector and this acquisition of Guidant was such a dud that the BSX-GDT combined company is now worth less than Boston Scientific was before it went after Guidant. Here's the rest.

Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide (NYSE: CFC) is a different call here. We think Angelo will survive if he wants to, but what we think will happen in 2008 is that he will announce his retirement as CEO to bring in more of a day to day operator. We think Mozilo will remain as non-executive Chairman and here's why.

Michael Cherkasky of Marsh McLennan (NYSE: MMC) was one of our top candidates to leave his CEO role, and the company finally decided to act ahead of 2008. But they didn't heed the writing on the wall and HAD NO REPLACEMENT. Here was the full scoop on that.

So we already had on of the CEO's TO GO make the firing squad even before 2008 started. We do actually have a replacement candidate, although we admit it is an obvious one that may be too easy:

James Cayne ("Jimmy") of Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC) is probably not going to be sitting with this Chairman AND CEO role for very much longer. We understand that he's well liked, and frankly it's hard to pick him out of all the other obvious financial companies that are lenders, brokers, traders, guarantors, and the like that had major CDO or mortgage related losses that hurt the company. But he is already in his 70's, has spent much time out of the office, recently had health issues, had a reporter 'pot smoking' accusation, and there are too many other reasons we think that Bear Stearns will want to replace him. Unfortunately for him, he probably won't be running Bear Stearns that much longer.

We also ran a separate list of five different TECHNOLOGY CEO'S WHO NEED TO LEAVE that include CEO's of AMD, BigBand Networks, Circuit City, Alcatel-Lucent, and Symantec.

We'll see what happens in 2008. Six of our eight that we called on to go in 2007 back in December 2006 were forced out in 2007.

You can subscribe to our free email distribution list to see more previews on other mergers, restructuring, turnarounds, spin-offs, IPO's and more. Happy new years to all, even to this lot of CEO's that need to go.

Jon C. Ogg January 1, 2008

Shameful or Suckful

First, lets see those ugly CEOs faces, (I did my research again). The middle one I do not know who he is but sound like, Northem???? Yes..his face look like his testicle got half boiled. Sorry!

Obama calls $18B in Wall St. bonuses 'shameful'!!

Do my morning routing, having breakfast with Shan, watch my CNN (I like more FOX), and check my email. Sure, you all see the above news, "OBAMA CALLS $18 BILLIONS IN WALL ST. BONUSES "SHAMEFUL".

I am angry! Hope those who call Executives, yes... very "Shameful" to you! Now my questions are, Who write the agreement? Who pay them? Themselves?" why is so unbelievable amount in this bad time of economy?

You, the bad CEOs, Hope you all sleep well and You, Who ever pay them, you are so "Stupidly" done the job!

See my point is Bangkok workers are lay off. In US tons of people are jobless. The most confuse me is.... the economic are way down and still they are getting the bonuses money?? For What? Doing the good Job or Who care type?

We lost XXXXXXX (7 figures) $ amount of money, who will pay us back?? See my concern is, if the economic is till going further down...later year me and you will see lots of news about suicide cases! No jocking!! WAIT and will becoming soon!
The most suiciders are those "Money Lovers and those who always think they are positive investors who knows the future like little angels". Well....My sympathy will go for them.
Give Obama a break! Give me and you happy, that's all I expected from those who call CEOs.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Someone!

Thank you for sharing this Dr. Hui! I remembered as said in this link, "Two people can see the same thing but differently"....

Without a doubt that some of you who read my this blog will see the links as thoughtful sharing or what a waste of time to open it!! For me, I like it a lot! Thank you again.

"The interview <> "

DD for Dealing Dead

A woman who I followed her blog from Singapore had die 2 days ago. She fought till the last minutes with her own way. Die of cancer after 3 years. Her breast cancer was spread so fast. Believe in me please if I say she was in my thoughts and prayers. My heart go for her 2 very young children.

I do not know this woman but somehow I feel like I know her because she was facing of her cancer situation very similar way of my sister's, except she was 42 and my sister Jue Ju was 31, She got her best medical care but my sister was not, as in Burma you can imagine that. Jue Ju has 2 children exactly same age of her 2 children also one boy and one girl.

Looking back when I visited my sister in Burma while she was dying, I saw she never wanted to give up only because of her 2 very young children. Now...with my own cancer, when I was facing cancer 2 years ago, I fully, fully understand that how much I do not want to leave my child. (I have one boy, he was only 10 when I was told I had liver cancer). I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE MY CHILD IN HIS VERY YOUNG AGE!

I remembered each night of my prayers,with my different ways of begging mercy from my God. One night I prayed ,"Dear God, May I see my son going to collage"..then the other night I prayed, "Father, please give me the next 5 years." then I prayed again " Lord, Sorry give me years as your will." then I begged, "Dear Jesus Christ, not my will thy will be done." Many prayers in each nights! I even remembered that I talked to Christ saying, "Lord...While you are in human form, you heal the sickness which no other can't do. You let the blind sees and let the lame walks. I trust in you, I have faith in you...please help me!'"

As my God never told me that I am not going to die, day I will die as you all are...may be different ways. I should say not "may be" surely different ways! But I still seeing my son, I saw my son future boarding school, I have done some which I wanted to do."

For me "Life Is Beautiful".

Thank you God.
Please enjoy the article which I found interesting!

I found the following in "Live Science" web!

Top 10 Weird Ways We Deal with the .........Dead

1.Towers of Silence
Zoroastrians believe the body is impure and shouldn't pollute the earth after death through burial or cremation. Instead, the deceased are brought to a ceremonial "tower of silence", usually located on an elevated mountain plateau, and left exposed to the animals and elements. When the bones have been dried and bleached by the sun, they are gathered and dissolved in lime.

2.Tree Burials
Indigenous tribes in many parts of the world discovered that the best way of disposing the dead was to put them up high, rather than down below. Groups in Australia, British Columbia, the American southwest and Siberia were known to practice tree burial, which involved wrapping the body in a shroud or cloth and placing it in a crook to decompose.

3.Viking Ship Burials
Middle Age Vikings lived and literally died by the sea. After death, wealthier Vikings were placed in ships filled with food, jewels, weapons, food and even sometimes servants or animals for their comfort in the afterlife. The boats were interred in the ground, set alight or sent out to sea. The ultimate postmortem destination for Viking warriors was Valhalla, or "Odin's Hall", made famous in the Old Norse sagas.

4. Tibetan Sky Burial

Ever wanted to fly? In Tibet, you get to do just that, only after you're already dead. Instead of trying to bury bodies in the hard, rocky ground, some Tibetans send their loved ones to the top of a mountain and leave them to be eaten by the vultures. The disassembled corpses are even mixed with flour and milk for a tastier treat, to make sure every bit leaves the Earth for good.

5. Bog Bodies
Plenty of travelers perished accidentally crossing the murky bogs of northern Europe, but at least some individuals, especially in the Middle Ages, were buried there carefully and on purpose. Lucky for archaeologists, the chemical make-up of a bog preserves human flesh very well, allowing them to study the unlucky bog bodies closely.

6. Neanderthal Cave Burials
Before they began interring their dead in the ground proper around 100,000 years ago, Neanderthals routinely left the deceased deep inside the caves of Europe and the Middle East. To Neanderthals, the dark, mysterious recesses of a cave may have seemed like a good place to transfer over to the otherworld, some archaeologists have argued.

7. Plastination
Send your corpse on a tour of museums 'round the world with plastination, developed by German scientist Gunther von Hagens. His popular "Body Worlds" exhibits showcase the controversial preservation technique, which involves dissecting the body into bits, embalming it with a hardening fluid and reposing the body into various 'educational' positions.

8. Balinese Cremation
Contrary to the more somber western funerals, cremation ceremonies among the Hindus of Bali have an almost carnival-like atmosphere. Festive floats parade down local streets accompanying the body to a burning ground, where it is transferred into a ceremonial bull receptacle and set alight.

9. Cryonics
Who's never heard of Walt Disney's quest for immortality by having his body frozen? While that was an urban legend, cryonic science is a reality, currently only legal to perform on those who've been pronounced dead. Soon after dying, participants are stored in a liquid nitrogen solution to prevent decay until that time when death becomes a reversible phenomenon. Until then, the bodies remain on ice.

10. Mummification
The mummies of ancient Egypt are probably the world's most famous dead bodies. Reserved for members of the upper classes, mummification involved the removal of all organs including the brain, which was pulled through the nose by a hook. The body was then stuffed with dry materials like sawdust and wrapped in linens. The Egyptians believed that mummification preserved the soul for its journey into the afterlife.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

True or Not true!

I had read my daily cancer news from my subscribers for today! I found some interesting news!! An article which is wrote by someone from her own experience, said.............."My mother breast cancer was cured by drinking mangosteen juice for once a month (honestly I admitted that I have a hard time to believe in that)!!!. and then another article drinkers will get profit from preventing constipation and liver cancer ta ta ta.

Every time I am in Florida, I drink lots of Orange Juice because I was brain washed and believed that Orange Juice is Natural Vitamin C and prevent cancer. That is True or Not True??? I won't eat so much sugar because cancer loves sweet. Ture or Not True??

I have heard at one time the egg was bad for you now egg is good for you, coffee is bad for you now coffee is almost cure everything including Prostate Cancer and meat is bad for you. I know vegetable and fruit are good for health but do we really no need the meat at all??

"Helen, everything is moderate"..This was my GI told me (I agreed on that). With my own experience I am cancer free for 2 years and 4 months, yes I eat everything except wired animal like rat, rabbit, snake, monkey, but very low amount of meat without fat!!

My husband has many Scientist friends. One PhD even explained to me why B-B-Q meat is not good for the cancer people. He said not the meat but the problem is when the meat hit the fire suddenly and the way Qing the meat is what the cause. Chemistry change and go make sense too even I am not a PhD.

My question is does meat really cause cancer?? Then why some pure vegetarians are still suffering cancer too??

Why Does Red Meat Really Increase The Risk Of Colon Cancer?
Date: 27/01/05

NutritionIf you're to believe some media sources, red meat causes colon cancer. Of course, as usual, there's a lot more to a recent study involving red meat and cancer than the media is letting on.

If you're to believe some media sources, red meat causes cancer. Of course, as usual, there's a lot more to a recent study involving red meat and cancer than the media is letting on. All you can eat In a nutshell, here are the highlights from the red meat study that appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association:

American Cancer Society (ACS) researchers collected ten years of dietary and medical data from nearly 150,000 subjects over the age of 50. The data was analysed to assess a relationship between meat intake and colorectal cancer. A possible link between the two has been indicated in some studies but inconclusive in others. The ACS team reported the following results:

Those who consumed the largest amount of meat over ten years had a 30 percent higher risk of colon cancer compared to subjects who reported eating the least amount of meat.

Those who consumed the largest amount of PROCESSED meat had a 50 percent higher risk of colon cancer .

Colorectal cancer risk from eating red or processed meat on a regular basis (three ounces per day) is lower than the risk associated with obesity and physical activity .

Long-term consumption of poultry and fish was associated with a slightly lower risk of colorectal cancer.

The ACS researchers included pork, along with beef and lamb, as red meat. Processed meat included bacon, cold cuts, hot dogs, sausage and ham. Hold the hormones First of all - and most obvious - eating red meat does not 'cause' colorectal cancer.Not even close.

According to one of the researchers, a person who eats red meat a couple of times each week would qualify for the lowest consumption group for this study, putting them at very low risk. And finally, what is it about meat that might cause colorectal cancer?

Researchers speculate that fat may be to blame, or the iron content, or the nitrates used as preservatives, or the way meat is cooked. Or it might be the hormones...especially the use of them in the US.

According to the Organic Consumers Association in the US, about two thirds of the cattle produced in the US are treated with several growth hormones allowed by the US Department of Agriculture and the US Food and Drug Administration. One of these hormones - 17 beta-oestradiol (a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone) - has been proven to be carcinogenic. Fortunately, the European Union has banned the importation of any cattle treated with 17 beta- oestradiol. Suddenly organic beef sounds pretty appealing. So the next time you read an article with an absurdly simplistic phrase like, 'Eating red meat causes colorectal cancer,' you'll know that's probably just the hormones talking. ..and another thing The Alliance for Natural Health hearing at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg began on Tuesday.

This landmark case is challenging the EU Food Supplements Directive that threatens to lower the dosage amount of many nutritional supplements and ban many others that Ive been bringing you regular updates on in your daily e-alerts. Opposing oral submissions were made by the European Commission, the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament and only one EU Member State, Greece. Interestingly, neither the UK government nor Portugal attended to present oral arguments despite having filed Written Observations in the case. This means that none of the major EU countries felt the need to oppose the ANH's application for a declaration that the ban in the Directive was unlawful.

David Hinde Solicitor and ANH Legal Director said: 'Given the vigour with which the UK government resisted this application at the Judicial Review stage, it was extraordinary it did not now think the issue sufficiently important to warrant being represented at the ECJ to make oral submissions. The question inevitably arises whether this signifies a change of attitude on their part and a retreat from their previously bullish position about the legality of the Directive.' Paul Lasok QC, a world leading expert on EU law, representing the ANH opened the proceedings and systematically undermined the legal and scientific basis of the Directive, highlighting contradictions between various arguments put forward by the key bodies involved in developing the Directive, namely the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament. When asked by Judge Lenaerts as to the origin of the positive list which appeared to have been derived from an old list produced by the European Commission, and so omitted a vast array of nutrients that can normally be found in food, Mr Lasok responded: 'The list was put together without adding, without subtracting and without thinking.' Advocate General Geelhoed, the senior judge at the hearing, appeared to be baffled by the procedure for adding nutrients to the positive list, which he described: 'As transparent as a black box.' Dr Robert Verkerk, executive director of the ANH said after the hearing: 'It was remarkable that the vast majority of points that we had gone to great length to show the Court were not countered in any effective way by the opposing parties. The Commission, the Council and the Parliament were not able to give any adequate scientific explanations for why so many forms of vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in foods could be banned across the EU.' The final judgement is expected in June 2005 and obviously Ill keep you fully updated on developments as they happen in your daily e-alerts.

My understanding after reading above medical news is.....

1. Red meat did not cause cancer but the fat is the problem.
2. The only kind of Red meat cause the cancer is because from the hormone treatment cows. True or Not True?? You tell me!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Fair Game

An eyes doctor shared the following,

" A friend led him into my office. The blind man felt about him for a chair and sat down clumsily. He was born with cataracts in both eyes, and he wanted me to remove them. I explained that I could remove the cataracts, but he would never have normal sight. Since he had the cataracts from birth, the retina and the neural pathways had not developed normally. Still he as sure that he would see.

A few days later, we removed the cataracts and covered his eyes with protective bandages. I was a way from the hospital when the bandages were removed so I did not see his reaction.

A week later, I spotted him coming to ward my office. He was walking rapidly a long a crowded hallway. He easily avoided bumping into anyone. He came in the office and sat down jubilantly without feeling for the chair."

On that day the doctor prayed.... " Father, give me faith to use the talents, senses and abilities You have given me in full confidence of Your ability to use them for Your good purposes."

When I read the above the experienced of a doctor, here I am doing the thinking about faith.......

When you are sick, God did not promise you that you are not going to die.
When you got a new liver, God did not promise you that your liver will always going to work.
When you have cataracts, God did not promise you that you will see again for sure.
When you are lonely, God did not promise you that you will find a true love one soon.
List can go on never ending. But..................

God promise us that...."Who ever abide by me shall be save"...Save for me is for sure. Save in this earthly world or Where? How?When? All up to the mighty God!
You and I are not God so will never know Where? How? or When? but I see all the very fair games.

I know when Christ heals the blind man, he said..................

"Go thy way; thy "faith" hath made thee whole."
Mark 10:52

Keep faith means, To continue to support a person or idea even when this is difficult. I will keep my faith in Christ when thing difficult or having fun!!!

Faith is combined by five short little words but the meaning of these five words is very deep, simple and also very mystery.
I love you, Christ!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Good Dog (left photo)
NOTE: Beside I got the idea to blog about the "Dog!", no any others intention!!

Last night I went to one of my friends dinner party. As you all know that I am not an Animal Lover nor like to talk about it much! I think I have to write more about animal here to be cleared what I really what to say. I do not hate dog nor any other animal. I even have some love to my son's turtle though. He has been with me for 4 years but IF this turtle die, I am sure I will be sad but will not be the same feeling as IF my Robins die!! Will be a very difficult thing to face for me because Robins is my husband and I love him but the turtle is a buddy for me only. My son loves dog and any other animal. For me I am not sure about that. I have one question for myself..."AS people love their animal so much why can't we love each other as we love our animal?????" I have answer to myself in my way too. Because..."Animal do not response badly and do not talk ugly back to you!"

Back to the dinner, one of my friend bring up about what dog is thinking! The conversation become very attracted to me. I have wired behavior that if thing that I do not understand, I will ask or read and learn more about it.

I have no doubt about that dog has feeling like....angry, love or look sad. Actually mostly instant reactions but.... Does a dog really think as we human being do??? I start to do research and found the following which is make sense.

I found the aritcle at "" , Leading you into NZ's very own "Barry's Place". The author is a dogs taninner and specialist in dog.

Do dogs have feelings like us humans?
A little insight...

I train dogs and specialize in analyzing dog behavior through body language and gestures.
Through a lot of experience and knowledge, many things about a dog's intentions or mood can be deduced, but as good as I would like to think I am at what I do, reading a dog in this way is about as primitive a form of "communication" as a game of charades is.

First, no one knows whether animals experience emotions, and if they do whether they are perceived or "felt" in the same manner we experience them. So when we talk about our convictions about animal emotions, I think we should step back and realize that we are talking more about our own brains than the dog's brain! People get "invested" in this argument because THEY have strong feelings or possess a paradigm about how animals think and feel, but only a dog knows what its own paradigm of reality is like.

On the one hand, it is rather egotistical of us to think that dogs or other animals must think or feel in ways similar to us. Considering that dogs have different instincts than us, different goals and different strategies for obtaining those goals, a difference sense of time and causation, a totally dissimilar anatomy and physiology for the most part--considering they have much smaller brains, evolved in a different environment than we did, communicate differently than we do, are hunters and carnivores unlike us, go through developmental stages unlike humans, reach maturity within a year or two unlike us, live a life that is 1/5th to 1/6th the length of the average human life, (and I could go on for pages)... how likely is it that they have evolved to think or feel emotions in a manner that is in any way similar to the way we do?

Some people point out that all mammals share similar structures-- more specifically that they all have a limbic system of some sort, which is involved in the generation of emotions--you fail to consider that the similar structures do not necessarily perform similar duties, no matter how closely related the species may be. Our distant cousins, the apes, have opposable thumbs, but that does not give them the dexterity of a human hand. Wolves, dogs and humans all have urinary tracts, but only the first two use them to scent mark and communicate information. Virtually all mammals share a tongue, but unlike dogs who use it to regulate body heat, we will not die if ours is removed.

Seemingly analogous anatomical structures differ in their function in various animals, but more importantly, dogs lack many of the additional anatomical structures and abilities which humans possess. It has been made clear through numerous experiments that dogs are not good problems solvers, especially in situations that demand logical connections, memory, generalization, or imitation.

(In the Coppinger's "Dogs," there is a fascinating story of how foxes and dogs and other canines where kept in kennels inside a larger chain link fence that surrounded the compound. In order to escape, an animal had to not only open its own cage, but had to somehow get through the locked gate in the fence that surrounded the facility. Dogs would routinely escape their cages, only to be stuck for the night inside the perimeter fence. On the other hand, wild canines (I forget if they were foxes or wolves) knew how to open their cages, but never did so until one evening when a careless worker left the outer gate open. On that night, numerous foxes or wolves escaped. They had waited for months, hiding the fact that they could open their cages from their humans handlers--until the open outer gate provided the opportunity for them to escape! No dog ever did this. It is beyond their mental abilities to put that many concepts together!)

So, yes, we can point out that dogs have a limbic system like humans, and that it is catacholamines such a seratonin, GABA, norepinepherine, and dopamine that regulate the way an animal feels, but we do not know whether these same chemicals occur in dogs in the same proportions found in humans. We do not know that the canine nervous system reacts and "feels" these chemicals in the same way as in humans. (Remember, as similar as we may be, chocolate is a treat for humans and Ibuprofen is a miracle of a pain killer, but both substances in moderate amounts can kill a dog!)

Most importantly, humans have additional brain features such as pre-frontal lobes and a vast network of ganglia dedicated to thinking and making connections between stimuli which dogs lack, or do not have in such a highly developed form. These structures of the human brain add layer upon layer of enhancement and meaning to the primitive "fight or flight" type emotions (fear, anger, etc.) generated by the amygdala, one of the prime components of the limbic system. This enhanced processing power of the human brain refines and associates basic emotions with thoughts, images, and other sensory data to create complex pathways and patterns of interconnected thoughts and associations in our brains that a dog is certainly not capable of experiencing.

Outwardly, also, we see few examples of dogs emoting as humans do. I have never seen a dog laugh in ten years of working with dogs. When people tell me their dog smiles, I think of the "smile" on the face of a newborn human infant--usually a dependable sign of gas pains, but certainly not a response to humor! And dogs are incapable physically of exhibiting even one of the most basic and universally understood of human emotional gestures: crying and the creation of tears.

The claim that we can recognize emotion in a dog seems particularly silly to me when I contemplate the fact that we cannot even reliably recognize emotions in a fellow human! People often cry when they are happy. Many hide their feelings behind a stark poker face for an entire lifetime, while others cannot contain the mildest feeling without acting out. As a public school English teacher, I read clear understandable passages to 12th graders who have no idea what they mean! Many students pretend to be listening, but they are not. And some of us hear voices telling us we are being watched by aliens. So how anyone can claim to "know" a dog's inner world--what it may be thinking or feeling--is beyond me! According to Freud, I do not even know all that I am thinking!!!

We live in a time when there are two competing and opposite views of dogs: One is the Walt Disney view (better know in the scientific community as anthropomorphizing), in which our dogs hug and "kiss" us, and love us and miss us, and are basically reduced to midgets in dog suits. The opposing view is best exemplified by the Behaviorists, who will not admit anything that cannot be measured, tested, or directly observed--where dogs end up as empty robot shells. (Interestingly, the most successful methods we use to train dogs are based on this view, including Operant and Classical Conditioning.) Somewhere in between is the dog--a species in its own right, with its own characteristics and ways of perceiving--a noble and lovable companion animal and worker that is neither human nor robot.

Only when we stop trying to make dogs into something they are not, stop trying to attribute to them the qualities we WISH they had, but also allow that there is more there than the behaviorists' war-cry of "What you see is what you get!"--only then will we be honoring and valuing these animals for what they are instead of for what we dream them to be. They are dogs--a wonderful enough creation without the fanciful embellishments!

Having said all that, I defend the right of any dog owner to indulge in the fantasy that their dog loves them and is responding to them in a human manner. I indulge in such imaginings myself. But when we fail to realize that they are just imaginings, and not reality, that is when we do a disservice to ourselves and our pets. Barry "A dog cannot be bad, it can only be a dog."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

View on First Lady Inauguration dresses

I like Michelle's Inauguration Ballroom dress. It suit her very well. She has this beautiful long arms and the dress also covered her big butt very well too. She look really good so does her man!

But sometime I feel like they are on their wedding day, not feel like in the Inauguration ballroom at all. They dance like a newly Wed couple also. Beside that they both look good.

I like Obama's white ribbon tie! good choice Mr. President!

Are these women belong to Mr. Johnson?? Am I born yet?? In that year might be the top of the fashion but in this year for my eyes I do not like it much. I feel they used so much cloth.
They are not ugly at all!

Mrs. Bush looks very nice with this dress but....
If I were a First Lady I won't wear it.This dress will look good on who has a solid body like Jessica Beil. This dress will show all my fat rolls at my belly! Do not read me wrong please! Mrs. bush look good with this dress but she can do much better with other choice.

Poor Hillary!! She alway dress not so stunning at all. She should fired her dresser. I honestly think this dress is ugly and Wooooooo....

This one is first time or second time I am not sure. A bit better than the white one. And her hair is alway look oooo la la la.

Jackie, alway the best! still all time first lady fashion. her taste is really suit her high class look. She present well too.

Till now I never see any first lady dress like her. She does have a very very good taste.

Well she was young and beautiful. I do not think this photo was taking at the inauguration day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama My New President, Not Balck nor White!

Watched " The Obamas's Inauguration" yesterday evening. Beside too many Black this and Black that, I feel so happy for them. They both look good and their daughters are the best!

Our President Obama, himself did not talk to much about "Black" (Thanks goodness for that), but the rest of the world and the CNN are. I understand that the Black folks are happy for the history but I also wish that they see the point of "The President of United State". There is no such thing say "The President of the Black"!! (By the way I am yellow!). I am very sure that as Obama said and promise...."I will work for American people". I hope and wish that he will and he will do the best for us! Let's see what the American is......

Americans are Red, White, Black, Yellow, Brown, and milky!! This is a real America. If my son become the President of United State (don't smile, you never know!), I wish the newsreaders, commentators, the world and the American will call him..

"Robins Layshan McIntosh, The President of United State", stop there! No more white nor yellow.... beside that know by only American is enough, more than enough. (do not bring me here saying "As a history of the American Presidents".... , I know more or less as you know the history. I rather wish to know more about the performents of American Presidents history than the color of their skin history!!). My son will learn by himself that he is coming from part of me and part of white. White and Yellow is nothing to do with "to be the best of the President" .... Well.. to be fair, he will get the vote from them (majority)!. I do not wish that people will remember of him only Yellow President nor White Asian American President nor Alien President. Thank you!

Have you heard people prefer saying "I am yellow Christian" or "I am a brown doctor" or "I am black Catholic" or "I am yellow Muslim" 0r " I am white Aerobic Teacher'???

What I am hearing is............" The Black President (even he is not fully black!and How come we have so many black Presidents in Africa but they do not call them "Black Presidents??? They preferred calling them "The President of Nigeria or Zimbabwe!!)". Well they call ..." The Black Actor and Actress"...Why?? Of course you will bring it up because of " The Hirstory"!!

They all look good!
This is one of the best of the Obamas!

I love the colour the Michelle wear, A+ for that. Hair should be one inch shorter. Her shoes look simple and can do better than that. Over all they both look good! Well...I think Barok is a little handsome than Michelle.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My very very close family photos

Shan and me
Shan and his great grand mother

Shan took this photo for me! He always make me look short.

Me and my grand mother

Me and Robins

How True!

I got the following email from my sister Helen Ritchie. I like it a lot!

Look at around us, ipot, iPhone, isearch, even internets and Wii are spelling with "i". Nothing but with i,i, and i. Our world is full of "i" nothing with "we". Sound like it!

OK don't take me wrong here. All these new things (the gadgets), if you know how to use it good for your children and for you, fast hand, quick brain, including entertainment ta ta ta but if you used the gadgets as "baby sister", this will become a problem. My son love those new things. But...he also become just "i" nothing with us (we!!). I have to tell him STOP! time to study, time to tennis, time to movie with us.... list go on. With my own experiences...How True! (By the way the game "Paint Balls", thanks goodness they did not name it "iGun").

looking back to my young life in Shan State (actually till 8 0r 9, then heading to Rangoon to schooling), what I had and seen was...many fruity trees that I climbed, many animal that I played with (mostly with my sister's good dog "Molly", my monkey, my father pigs and cows and.... friends that I kick and fight with at school), that's all we had.

Enjoy wisely the "i" with many "we not wii"!!

Jay Leno ( I like him and his show)!

SUBJECT; BORN 1930-1979

To Those of You Born 1930 - 1979
Quote of the month by Jay Leno..


1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant.

They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can and didn't get tested for diabetes.
Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-base paints.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, locks on doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had baseball caps not helmets on our heads.

As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, no booster seats, no seat belts, no air bags, bald tires and sometimes no brakes.

Riding in the back of a pick- up truck on a warm day was always a special treat.
We drank water from the garden hose and not from a bottle.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and no one actually died from this.
We ate cupcakes, white bread, real butter and bacon. We drank Kool-Aid made with real white sugar. And, we weren't overweight. WHY?

Because we were always outside playing...that's why!
We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day. And, we were O.K. We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then ride them down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes. After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem.

We did not have Play stations, Nintendo's and X-boxes. There were no video games, no 150 channels on cable, no video movies or DVD's, no surround-sound or CD's, no cell phones, no personal computers, no Internet and no chat rooms. WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them! We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no lawsuits from these accidents.

We ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever. We were given BB guns for our 10th birthdays, made up games with sticks and tennis balls and, although we were told it would happen, we did not put out very many eyes.

We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just walked in and talked to them. Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn't had to learn to deal with disappointment.

Imagine that!! The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law! These generations have produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever.

The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.
We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned how to deal with it all. If YOU are one of them?

CONGRATULATIONS! You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids.While you are at it, forward it to your kids so they will know how brave and lucky their parents were. The quote of the month is by Jay Leno:

'With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?'

Helen said: The Answer is "All Up To You"!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Transplant Story

Man shares transplant story
By Lynn Arave
Deseret News
Published: Friday, Jan. 16, 2009 11:45 p.m. MST

MURRAY — Each organ transplant recipient has a unique story to tell.

And it was Jim Millard's that highlighted the inaugural gathering Friday of recipients and donors at Intermountain Medical Center in what administrators hope will be an annual conference. The Utah man received a new liver nearly 20 years ago.

"My lifelong goal was to meet the liver donor (family)," Millard said as he addressed the conference. "It took 19 years for this to happen."

Last summer, Millard heard from his donor's mother, Colorado resident Gail Walker.
Millard prepared a history of his life after the transplant and wanted to personally express his gratitude for the gift he received. That opportunity finally came last summer when both his family and his donor's family agreed to meet at DisneylandIn retrospect, she said, "it was an unbelievable empowering moment" to know her son could help many people. "I felt so good about that decision."

Millard sent Walker a letter shortly after the transplant explaining how her son's liver had saved him. He was the only organ recipient to send her a letter. As a perpetual procrastinator, she said, she was very slow to reply.

She later had twin girls, became caught up in her life and finally decided to respond to Millard's periodic letters nearly 18 years after the first one.
"This is the part that makes organ donation not yucky but wonderful," she said.

After meeting that first of two days at Disneyland, one of her daughters remarked that it was weird meeting Millard. The daughter went on to explain to her mother that what she meant was simply she felt she had known Millard all of her life. They all felt that way.
"I was very happy to learn that Adam's liver was going to reside in Utah," Walker said, stressing she loves the state and especially its natural beauty.

Millard has spent many years as a volunteer at the hospital educating and counseling potential transplant patients. He had a second firsthand transplant experience a few years ago when he needed a new kidney. His sister was a perfect match and donated one of hers.
"It's been a good run," he said. "I've met a lot of people along the way. I've had a lot of good experiences."

Millard was the only survivor of five people who at about the same time 20 years ago underwent liver transplants in Salt Lake City..
Back when his liver was failing two decades ago, "I knew someone was going to pass away for me to live."

Walker's son, Adam, was brain-dead and on life support after a car accident.
"It was every parent's nightmare," she said, explaining she reluctantly gave permission for all of her son's body to be used for organ donation.

In retrospect, she said, "it was an unbelievable empowering moment" to know her son could help many people. "I felt so good about that decision."
Millard sent Walker a letter shortly after the transplant explaining how her son's liver had saved him. He was the only organ recipient to send her a letter. As a perpetual procrastinator, she said, she was very slow to reply.

She later had twin girls, became caught up in her life and finally decided to respond to Millard's periodic letters nearly 18 years after the first one.
"This is the part that makes organ donation not yucky but wonderful," she said.

After meeting that first of two days at Disneyland, one of her daughters remarked that it was weird meeting Millard. The daughter went on to explain to her mother that what she meant was simply she felt she had known Millard all of her life. They all felt that way.
"I was very happy to learn that Adam's liver was going to reside in Utah," Walker said, stressing she loves the state and especially its natural beauty.

Millard has spent many years as a volunteer at the hospital educating and counseling potential transplant patients. He had a "I bring that up because of how blessed I feel," he said.
Friday's conference might not have happened at all for the 300 recipients who attended were it not for committed organ donors.

Liver transplant recipient Mark Jenkins, for example, wouldn't have been there with his band, Hammer Down, to provide lunchtime music.

The Abdominal Transplant Program at Intermountain Medical Center began in 1983 when the first kidney transplant was performed at LDS Hospital.
Its success and the many that followed led to the addition of a liver and pancreas transplant program in 1986. Since then, more than 3,000 patients have received transplants at LDS Hospital, and now at Intermountain Medical Center, where the program continues to maintain excellent patient and graft survival rates.


Above story made me cry. I deeply want to mention here that..

1. Thank you America! Thank you for producing good doctors , good research!

2.Thank you for the generous donors who are thinking about others even in such a hard time.

3. Thank you for the Transplant Team.

Above of all...Thank you God for that second livers is working!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wooooow What's a Bird!

A very proud Canadian goose, for me look very delicious!

After reading the following article, IF I am a pilot I would say..."Damn Birds". .....

How could we do with these 12 lbed birds flying at 5000 ft! Aren't they tired?. Well the air space is not only for human being. The birds deserve to fly where ever they want, may be. I think the goose should go from Canada to Russia!!! I wish they do not come to Florida when I live too. Sound selfish but can't help, I don't want them. I will google to night about 'How many birds in Orlando Airport?" This week I am learning about the birds and the plane. See I do not know that.............

1. One bird strike for every 10,000 flight!
2. Aircraft are being struck by bird almost every day! (damn bird!)
3. I did not know that 3.9 million Canadian geese are living in US land without Visa nor Green Card. ( Some time good to be a bird!)
4. There have been over 200 fatalities in the past 20 years due to the birds!

If there is a pay job to sit by the Hudson River bank and shoot the goose I will apply for that job. How about you?? I love to shot bird! My father is a hunter you know.

Wish the bird knows where to fly! That's all I wish for them.

Birds, an aviation hazard, hit 1 in 10,000 flights
Buzz Up
By JOAN LOWY, Associated Press Writer Joan Lowy, Associated Press Writer – Fri Jan 16, 5:05 am ET

AP – CORRECTS number of incidents at unknown altitude; graphic shows reported incidents of birde striking …

Slideshow: US Airways plane crashes into Hudson River

WASHINGTON – Airplanes chew up birds all the time but sometimes the birds win. That may be what happened Thursday in New York when a US Airways Airbus 320 made a crash landing in water shortly after taking off from LaGuardia International Airport.

Flight 1549's pilot reported a "double bird strike" to air traffic controllers moments after taking off, and said he had lost thrust in both engines, said Alex Caldwell, a spokeswoman for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

Technically, that means the plane had struck — or been struck by — two birds, Caldwell said.
But Air Line Pilots Association safety committee chairman Rory Kay said the pilot's message could easily have meant that the jetliner had ingested birds in both engines or that it had been struck by more than just two birds.

"It's not easy to count birds," Kay noted wryly, when you're taking off or landing and typical speeds can exceed 100 miles per hour.

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Diane Spitaliere said, "Bird strikes do happen from time to time."

She said there haven't been many major accidents due to birds strikes, "not in many years — not like this one. ... It's more common in general aviation — smaller aircraft."
From 1990 to 2007, there were nearly 80,000 reported incidents of birds striking nonmilitary aircraft, about one strike for every 10,000 flights, according to the FAA and the Department of Agriculture.

The administration requires pilots to report bird strikes, Spitaliere said.
But Kay called birds "a definite Achilles heel" for aviation.
A commercial airliner like the US Airways plane is most likely to encounter birds on takeoffs and landings because that's when the plane is flying at lower altitudes, Kay said.
Most of the time airliners are flying at 20,000 feet to 30,000 feet where birds are few in number.

But below 5,000 feet is where planes run into trouble, Kay said.
"There is no shortage of bird strike reports ... You just don't get to hear about them," said Kay, a Boeing 767 pilot who has been flying for 34 years.

Kevin Poormon, a senior research engineer at the University of Dayton Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio, tests the ability of airplanes and engines to withstand bird strikes by firing 4 pound to 8 pound birds at strategic points along aircraft from compressed gas guns at hundreds of miles per hour. He said he uses "freshly killed" birds or a gelatin substitute "that has similar impact properties."

If necessary, researchers can launch the birds at up to 900 mph, Poormon said. FAA requires airliners to withstand strikes from birds weighing as much as 8 pounds at particularly vulnerable points along the aircraft, he said.
"It's a pretty significant problem," Poormon said. "There have been over 200 fatalities in the last 20 years due to bird strikes worldwide and there are 5,000 impacts that are reported every year."

"Aircraft are being struck every day by birds," Poormon said. "The reason you don't hear about them so much is they are designed to take these impacts. But once you get to large flocks or large birds striking at a critical moment, that's where these events hit the news."
Richard Dolbeer, a former USDA scientist who coordinated wildlife management at airports nationwide and was chairman of Bird Strike Committee USA, a multi-agency group, said that gulls are a problem nationally along the coasts.

Canada geese living in the United States have increased from about 1 million in 1990 to 3.9 million in 2008, he said.

A resurgence of birds and wildlife that end up being hazardous to aviation has followed the environmental initiatives of the 1960s and 1970s aimed at cleaning up the nation's water, protecting species, eliminating dangerous pesticides, and expanding the wildlife refuge system.
At the same time, aircraft have become faster and quieter so birds don't detect them as readily.
Often, birds are sitting quietly until they hear an airplane coming, and then trying to get away, fly up and wind up striking the plane, Kay said.

Ted Lopatkiewicz, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, which sent a team Thursday evening to New York to investigate the US Airways crash, said bird strikes are a continual concern.
"The engines are made with that in mind," Lopatkiewicz said. "They understand that that's going to happen."

Associated Press Writer Rita Beamish in San Mateo, Calif., contributed to this report.

2009 Christmas Feast with Lahu, Akha and Shan

I like my mother in law Christmas Table. The table is always so elegant, with pure silva wears, cups and plates with nice decoration. She always feed us full menu with various deserts. She prepares the meal for us at least 3 weeks ahead. I no need to detail here because for sure you all know how the Christmas Feast of comfortable American families in US look like. I have fun with family, willing to open the presents, should say many presents.

I thanks to her for many many time of her beautiful, elegant Christmas Feast with her and her friends. She has that all her children and in law 's names with small silva frame on the table too. Of course you have to sit where your name is.

Looking many years back with the McIntosh, Yes..... I did have good time, I did have fun time and good memorials but do I think about real meaning of Christmas?? Honestly I answered "Very little" . I was very busy saying Thank you many times to many people on Christmas time. Looking for Christmas shopping, I mean excessive way. But.................

Last 2 years...When I decided to spend my Christmas time with poor people, some how my whole vision of Christmas was changed. Yes, I can tell Robins lets go to the beach with family (I have no desire to critic that those who go to the beach . No prejudice to no one here), or sailing, lets go eat at the best restaurant or hotel, Lets go to Hong Kong, Singapore for shopping ta ta ta ta (I can say being there and done that), but somehow I found my enjoyable time in different ways now.

For me I learn that what is the Christmas really mean to me when I saw Real Thank You from mountain people, when I see Real Happy eyes from poor people, when I heard Real Wishes saying, " Merry Christmas and praying for you" from a stranger who I never meet before.

On Christmas eve some mountain people from different mountains where their villages are, they leaves their houses, farms and animal to be with others mountain people. They go a round to the different churches for praying, helping cooking, decorating and singing with their TRUE COLOUR. For them is just be with friends and family at the different churches to pray together. Some even do not have presents at all but with only smiling faces.

Thanks God for my mountain friends!!

K let see my 2009 Christmas Feast.........

This is a pure small killer green and read chillies pounded with garlic and baked onion to enhance your mouth appetite. It is very very hot but the Lahu and the Akha love it!

This is a pig head soup, sound horrible for you but was a good soup. Remember I told you that in China also the whole parts of pig are eatable! Did I eat it too? Hummmm...
This is a meat ball. They mice with garlic's roots, leek, pepper. They boiled the balls first and then recooked with very little oil. I love this one!

The taste is good for this pork curry. Some how skin are still attached with hair!! My son refused to eat it because of the Hair, he said so. See mountain people did not have tweezers and cooking and cleaning at night.

This is just a plain fried pork with salt and pepper. Good one!
I did not get much presents this year but I get lots of enjoyment.