Friday, January 30, 2009

Shameful or Suckful

First, lets see those ugly CEOs faces, (I did my research again). The middle one I do not know who he is but sound like, Northem???? Yes..his face look like his testicle got half boiled. Sorry!

Obama calls $18B in Wall St. bonuses 'shameful'!!

Do my morning routing, having breakfast with Shan, watch my CNN (I like more FOX), and check my email. Sure, you all see the above news, "OBAMA CALLS $18 BILLIONS IN WALL ST. BONUSES "SHAMEFUL".

I am angry! Hope those who call Executives, yes... very "Shameful" to you! Now my questions are, Who write the agreement? Who pay them? Themselves?" why is so unbelievable amount in this bad time of economy?

You, the bad CEOs, Hope you all sleep well and You, Who ever pay them, you are so "Stupidly" done the job!

See my point is Bangkok workers are lay off. In US tons of people are jobless. The most confuse me is.... the economic are way down and still they are getting the bonuses money?? For What? Doing the good Job or Who care type?

We lost XXXXXXX (7 figures) $ amount of money, who will pay us back?? See my concern is, if the economic is till going further down...later year me and you will see lots of news about suicide cases! No jocking!! WAIT and will becoming soon!
The most suiciders are those "Money Lovers and those who always think they are positive investors who knows the future like little angels". Well....My sympathy will go for them.
Give Obama a break! Give me and you happy, that's all I expected from those who call CEOs.

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