Thursday, January 22, 2009

View on First Lady Inauguration dresses

I like Michelle's Inauguration Ballroom dress. It suit her very well. She has this beautiful long arms and the dress also covered her big butt very well too. She look really good so does her man!

But sometime I feel like they are on their wedding day, not feel like in the Inauguration ballroom at all. They dance like a newly Wed couple also. Beside that they both look good.

I like Obama's white ribbon tie! good choice Mr. President!

Are these women belong to Mr. Johnson?? Am I born yet?? In that year might be the top of the fashion but in this year for my eyes I do not like it much. I feel they used so much cloth.
They are not ugly at all!

Mrs. Bush looks very nice with this dress but....
If I were a First Lady I won't wear it.This dress will look good on who has a solid body like Jessica Beil. This dress will show all my fat rolls at my belly! Do not read me wrong please! Mrs. bush look good with this dress but she can do much better with other choice.

Poor Hillary!! She alway dress not so stunning at all. She should fired her dresser. I honestly think this dress is ugly and Wooooooo....

This one is first time or second time I am not sure. A bit better than the white one. And her hair is alway look oooo la la la.

Jackie, alway the best! still all time first lady fashion. her taste is really suit her high class look. She present well too.

Till now I never see any first lady dress like her. She does have a very very good taste.

Well she was young and beautiful. I do not think this photo was taking at the inauguration day.