Monday, January 12, 2009

The good parts of my holiday

I love seeing Shan and Robins with local people hat and bag. Robins with Shan People bag and my son with "Black Tooth people heat ornament!

I enjoyed the Akha people New Year! I like them a lot. The girls and boys came out with their best dress . They were so happy to see me with their dress too. To be honest I like the way they dance but the way the old people sing, I do not like it. Sorry! It was not so like music but like someone repeating something to annoying you. Sound like an old man winding to get a lollipop!

Some where around this lake, I was born. My great grand mother had a house by the lake and I remembered I visited to them after my father and my mother moved to Thachileik.

I love my morning walk around the lake. The air was fresh and the view was fantastic! In this photo I was with my pajama!

I am happy to know this boy who works at the tea shop! His name is Myo Htet Aung. He is only 14 but earning for the whole family. When I was passing by I heard a voice yelling at me in Burmese.."Lar Phet Yay Thouk Ma La?", In English "Like to drink tea?"..We went to sit under the tree and chatting with him.
So young not in the school but working. He is one happy dude as he can be. I wish him for the best.

I love shopping! Mai Sai, Thailand was packed with people around New Year. I am sure some must be sleeping in the bus. I bought a Ruby Ring from Burma side. I bought it because the ruby was natural and no heated.

My grand ma ma is the best part of my holiday! Here (left to right), the maid, my grand ma ma, Shan, my grand mother friend, me.

On 24th December I went to see my pig turn into small pieces of pork! The Hill Tribe people helping the Christmas Lunch. Good to see everyone are helping and having a good time in Christmas Season.

On 25th Christmas morning! I am ready to go to the Church!

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