Saturday, January 31, 2009

Healing Power of Gem and My Points of View

NOTE: My view on gem ONLY !!


By Ritu Khanna

We tend to examine a gem for its clarity, color and carat. Add to that another 'C': Cure. The healing power of a jewel, and its effect on the body, mind, heart and soul, is painstakingly charted by astrologers, duly acknowledged by gem dealers, and then reinforced by wearers who think them to be a stepping stone to better health, prosperity and happiness. But can wearing a particular jewel heal and cure all your problems?

Helen Said
: Astrology or Astrologist, I do not believe in both because.... how could another human being can claim that he knows me and other's future just seeing my hands, my face or else ??? let me put it this way ..I know what I am going to do tomorrow but I do not know what is going to happen to me tomorrow. Life you never know!!! I believe in guiding by the teachers for my education , by my parent's gaudiness and by a proper religion leaders. Even if a Preacher came and tell me that he is above of all, I will drop that kind of preacher very quickly. Well lets see why Christ cleans his disciples foots? There might be a reason. Did I clean other's foot yet? I will say, trying!!!

Gem as health
: I have a hard time to believe in that. Do you really think that gem can cure you?? I don't! i.e. You got hit by a cancer and just hold a Ruby, will cure you ?? Even just wearing it? or need to eat that hard Ruby??

Gem as prosperity
: Of course to get a good gem, you have to have good amount of money to buy it. So if you can buy an expensive ruby or diamond, yes !you are already prosperous!

Gem as happiness
: It's go like this.......... If I have a 6 carets of diamond ring, yes I will feel happiness. My question for you is, Do you really think that Gem can give you the happiness?? Another question is, For how long?? For me if I can , I want the true joyfulness than gem. Not for that short time happiness. Speaking my own experienced, I rather have a good healthy liver than 30 carets diamond! I mean it!!

Of carmine red colour, a ruby is the sacred stone of the Burmese, who compare it to a human soul about to enter the precincts of the Buddha. They believe that its color changes gradually—colorless to yellow, green, blue, red when ripe. It also changes color in the presence of poison or with the deteriorated health of the wearer, or when trouble threatens. A ruby influences the wearer very strongly for good or evil and wards off bad dreams. It is associated with divine power, love, dignity, royalty and peace. Do not wear at night or during summer, and avoid constant use as it is very hot. Wear in ring, bracelet or brooch, on the left side. It is recommended for actors, children, teachers, and in matters of love. It is believed to heal eye trouble, meningitis, anaemia, fever, digestive disorders, low blood pressure and heart diseases. Ground to powder, it helps in snake bites and bleeding. Substitutes: garnet, sunstone, spinel and agate.

Helen's view on Ruby: I love ruby too. I do respect to what the author's believing in but I do not believe in "What Ruby can do for you! " One thing I know..... I sell the ruby, I got the money. I see ruby as a precious stone and beautiful beside that nothing more!

BLUE SAPPHIRE A variety of corundum, deep azure blue in color, a blue sapphire is a sacred stone for the Hindus and is consecrated to their gods. It is dedicated to Indra, the god of thunder. The Buddhists believe it reconciles man and God. It changes color if the wearer is unfaithful. A blue sapphire prevents fear, and helps overcome depression. It influences financial matters and is associated with prosperity. The stone is very cold and should never be worn alone, but with a red coral or copper ring. But, be careful: discontinue wearing if it does not suit you; its effect is evident within 24 hours. It should always be worn on the right hand. It is recommended for lovers, bankers, those in finance and speculators. A blue sapphire is believed to cure allergy, cancer, jaundice, hair loss, biliousness, poliomyelitis, anaemia, arthritis, old age-related diseases, ulcers, chronic fever, epilepsy and prevents excessive sweating. Dipped in cold water, it can be used for eye trouble. It can also be used in powdered form or taken orally with honey or garlic juice. Substitutes: blue zircon, amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue garnet and blue spinel.

Helen said: Very surprised what I am reading! I do not know that what Blue Sapphire can do for your health...almost cured every thing. I also do not mislead you with this article. I make it clear again, I do not believe in that the Blue Sapphire can do wonder works. I wish we all use our brain for that. If you have above health problems, my suggestion for you will be "Go see the good science doctor" please.

PEARL Found in the shell of a pearl oyster, it has a brilliant lustre, with varying tints. It is said that a dark pearl is presided over by Lord Vishnu, one that resembles the moon by Indra, the king of the Hindu pantheon, the yellow pearl by Varuna, the god of wind, and a pearl with the brilliance of Agni, the fire god. A pearl's beauty depends on the health of its wearer. An unblemished pearl brings wealth, vitality and a long life, as it protects against enemies and accidents. A pearl is associated with peace, purity, innocence and chastity. It has a soothing effect. It should be worn on the right hand. Cultured pearls have only 25 per cent efficacy. A black-specked pearl is very inauspicious. A pearl is believed to cure myopia, breathing disorders, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, cerebral thrombosis, indigestion, heart diseases and blood pressure. It can be crushed to powder and dissolved in water or wine. Take orally in case of calcium deficiency (especially recommended for pregnant women). Substitutes: moonstone and white sapphire.

CORAL The skeleton-like deposit of the coral polyp, composed of calcium secreted from seawater, a coral is also found in white and yellow colors. It changes color as a warning of the ill health of its wearer. A coral protects against evil spirits and averts accidents. It is associated with marital happiness and courage. Should be removed at night. It is recommended for brides. It is believed to cure blood disorders, arthritis, blisters, bronchitis, backaches, chickenpox, color blindness, constipation, cramps, common cold, cataract, ear diseases, diabetes, foot trouble, fever, gallstones, gout, hay fever, hiccoughs, hernia, jaundice, malaria, measles, mumps, piles, toothaches, and prevent miscarriages.

YELLOW SAPPHIRE Of a light yellow color, an unblemished stone gives the wearer good health, wisdom, wealth and fame. A yellow sapphire is a protection against evil spirits and is associated with peace of mind and friendship. It is especially recommended for girls who want an early marriage. It is believed to cure allergy, anaemia, appendicitis, arthritis, backaches, bladder trouble, cholera, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes (wear with red coral), eczema, gallstones, ulcers, hernia, influenza, car sickness, sunstroke, tuberculosis and typhoid. Substitutes: yellow quartz and citrine.

Available in many colors, a cinnamon stone is said to belong to the zircon family. Generally of honey or red color; when colorless, it resembles a diamond. A cinnamon stone protects against enemies and is associated with health and wealth. It is recommended for soldiers. It is believed to cure leprosy and leukaemia.

EMERALD Of a rich green color, an emerald is a variety of the beryl. It was venerated by the Romans who believed in its overwhelming presence, saying that a serpent becomes blind if it looked at an emerald. It changes color in the presence of false friends or witnesses; it also registers the intensity of love (turning pale when love is waning). An emerald has the power to predict events when placed under the tongue. It protects against evil spirits and has a cooling effect. It is associated with faith, friendship, love, kindness and nature. It is recommended for pregnant women and for travellers as it protects against dangers on land or water. It is to be worn at religious ceremonies. It is believed to cure eye and ear troubles, asthma, hair loss, digestive disorders, hay fever, heart diseases, insomnia, leucoderma, hernia, menstrual disorders, neuralgia, typhoid, and prevent miscarriages. Substitutes: aquamarine, turquoise, peridot, green agate and jade.

CAT'S EYE A very powerful stone, this is a variety of quartz that belongs to the chrysoberyl family. It has opalescent reflections from within. It has a shining band inside which moves when the stone is turned. A cat's eye helps the intellect and protects against hurdles and delays. It is said to bring quick results and is associated with energy and stamina. A black dot in the stone can prove fatal for the wearer. It is recommended for pregnant women, and those involved in litigation. It is believed to cure coughs, piles, indigestion, eye ailments and headaches. Substitute: tiger's eye.

DIAMOND Usually colorless (though yellow, green, black, brown, rose and blue diamonds are available), a diamond consists of pure carbon. It is said to be of four kinds: Brahmin (colorless, no blemish), Kshatriya (slight red hue), Vaishya (yellow) and Shudra (black). A flawed diamond is considered very unlucky by the Hindus. The stone loses its brilliance with the deteriorating health of its wearer. A diamond helps to improve concentration, promotes spirituality and protects against evil forces. It is associated with wisdom, courage, purity, innocence, repentance, forgiveness and joy. Losing a diamond is considered very unlucky. It should preferably be gifted to the wearer, not purchased. and worn on the left side of the body. It is recommended for those seeking constancy in marriage and for sleepwalkers. It is believed to cure diseases of the bladder and heart, leucoderma and insanity. Its ash can be used for treating tuberculosis, diabetes, anaemia and swellings. Dipped in water and wine, it forms an elixir that treats gout, jaundice and apoplexy. Substitutes: white topaz, zircon, tourmaline and quartz.

My conclusion: In this world we have different colours, different looks, different religions, different believing, different traditional. You can agree or disagree on what other doing or believing but just do not say "I am better than you!", "My way is better than you!" .

You can express your feeling, your thinking, your agreement or disagreement and your believing but please do not judge!

"Thou Shall Not Judge!" is What God told me!