Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 Christmas Feast with Lahu, Akha and Shan

I like my mother in law Christmas Table. The table is always so elegant, with pure silva wears, cups and plates with nice decoration. She always feed us full menu with various deserts. She prepares the meal for us at least 3 weeks ahead. I no need to detail here because for sure you all know how the Christmas Feast of comfortable American families in US look like. I have fun with family, willing to open the presents, should say many presents.

I thanks to her for many many time of her beautiful, elegant Christmas Feast with her and her friends. She has that all her children and in law 's names with small silva frame on the table too. Of course you have to sit where your name is.

Looking many years back with the McIntosh, Yes..... I did have good time, I did have fun time and good memorials but do I think about real meaning of Christmas?? Honestly I answered "Very little" . I was very busy saying Thank you many times to many people on Christmas time. Looking for Christmas shopping, I mean excessive way. But.................

Last 2 years...When I decided to spend my Christmas time with poor people, some how my whole vision of Christmas was changed. Yes, I can tell Robins lets go to the beach with family (I have no desire to critic that those who go to the beach . No prejudice to no one here), or sailing, lets go eat at the best restaurant or hotel, Lets go to Hong Kong, Singapore for shopping ta ta ta ta (I can say being there and done that), but somehow I found my enjoyable time in different ways now.

For me I learn that what is the Christmas really mean to me when I saw Real Thank You from mountain people, when I see Real Happy eyes from poor people, when I heard Real Wishes saying, " Merry Christmas and praying for you" from a stranger who I never meet before.

On Christmas eve some mountain people from different mountains where their villages are, they leaves their houses, farms and animal to be with others mountain people. They go a round to the different churches for praying, helping cooking, decorating and singing with their TRUE COLOUR. For them is just be with friends and family at the different churches to pray together. Some even do not have presents at all but with only smiling faces.

Thanks God for my mountain friends!!

K let see my 2009 Christmas Feast.........

This is a pure small killer green and read chillies pounded with garlic and baked onion to enhance your mouth appetite. It is very very hot but the Lahu and the Akha love it!

This is a pig head soup, sound horrible for you but was a good soup. Remember I told you that in China also the whole parts of pig are eatable! Did I eat it too? Hummmm...
This is a meat ball. They mice with garlic's roots, leek, pepper. They boiled the balls first and then recooked with very little oil. I love this one!

The taste is good for this pork curry. Some how skin are still attached with hair!! My son refused to eat it because of the Hair, he said so. See mountain people did not have tweezers and cooking and cleaning at night.

This is just a plain fried pork with salt and pepper. Good one!
I did not get much presents this year but I get lots of enjoyment.