Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama My New President, Not Balck nor White!

Watched " The Obamas's Inauguration" yesterday evening. Beside too many Black this and Black that, I feel so happy for them. They both look good and their daughters are the best!

Our President Obama, himself did not talk to much about "Black" (Thanks goodness for that), but the rest of the world and the CNN are. I understand that the Black folks are happy for the history but I also wish that they see the point of "The President of United State". There is no such thing say "The President of the Black"!! (By the way I am yellow!). I am very sure that as Obama said and promise...."I will work for American people". I hope and wish that he will and he will do the best for us! Let's see what the American is......

Americans are Red, White, Black, Yellow, Brown, and milky!! This is a real America. If my son become the President of United State (don't smile, you never know!), I wish the newsreaders, commentators, the world and the American will call him..

"Robins Layshan McIntosh, The President of United State", stop there! No more white nor yellow.... beside that know by only American is enough, more than enough. (do not bring me here saying "As a history of the American Presidents".... , I know more or less as you know the history. I rather wish to know more about the performents of American Presidents history than the color of their skin history!!). My son will learn by himself that he is coming from part of me and part of white. White and Yellow is nothing to do with "to be the best of the President" .... Well.. to be fair, he will get the vote from them (majority)!. I do not wish that people will remember of him only Yellow President nor White Asian American President nor Alien President. Thank you!

Have you heard people prefer saying "I am yellow Christian" or "I am a brown doctor" or "I am black Catholic" or "I am yellow Muslim" 0r " I am white Aerobic Teacher'???

What I am hearing is............" The Black President (even he is not fully black!and How come we have so many black Presidents in Africa but they do not call them "Black Presidents??? They preferred calling them "The President of Nigeria or Zimbabwe!!)". Well they call ..." The Black Actor and Actress"...Why?? Of course you will bring it up because of " The Hirstory"!!

They all look good!
This is one of the best of the Obamas!

I love the colour the Michelle wear, A+ for that. Hair should be one inch shorter. Her shoes look simple and can do better than that. Over all they both look good! Well...I think Barok is a little handsome than Michelle.

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