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God, Money and the thief in Gainesville!

God and Money:

God:When come about these two things, God and Money, I mostly shut my mouth. God, I do not use the name in vain. I only talk about God to praise, to worship, to pray in good time or bad time because.....God is good and I trust, I have faith, I delight in God. I answer or express about God when people simply asking me about my faith or expression my grateful. I answer the truth between me and my God without any doubt. Let me tell you a person who said what ever he/she believes in and said, God is good when he/she is in good times and God is bad when he/she is in bad or trouble times, I do not think that person is a real believer what ever he/she believes in (including Christians). An Atheist said that, then I fully understand it because he/she is an atheist and he/she will has doubt or negative or rejection until.... who knows??

Money: I know very "Little" about money. Basically I know like "You save money, you have money"! That's it! nothing more nor would like to know more. My husband would say.."You invest, you save, you have money". He invests when he was 10, guided by his father and now he is doing the same to our Shan. Shan already owns 2 stocks when he was also 10! I do nothing because I do not interesting about it and my husband takes care of me every things.

Last night I got "Thank You" from my husband. Last trip back home to Gainesville, I told him to sell the Wachovia Stock, (Once in my life advised to him and worth it ?). He did and he was happy.

See this morning news about Wachovia? and also see the following new. It happened in my town in Florida!!!

The Thief: Wachovia employee charged with stealing $695K

By Cindy SwirkoSun staff writer

Published: Saturday, September 27, 2008 at 4:40 p.m. Last Modified: Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 12:41 a.m.
A Gainesville woman who worked at a local Wachovia Bank branch has been arrested on charges related to the theft of $695,208 from the bank since November, according to an arrest report filed by the Gainesville Police Department.

Letica Risby
Letica Renita Risby, 29, of 2322 NE 10th Terrace, was charged Friday with scheme to defraud and grand theft from the Wachovia at 3838 NW 13th St., where she was the vault manager, the report stated.

The theft came to light when Wachovia conducted an internal audit and discovered that the money was missing.

Detectives questioned Risby no Friday and she reportedly confessed to stealing the money on various occasions dating back to Nov. 1, 2007.

The report states that Risby told investigators she would move money from the vault to teller drawers that were not occupied. She would later take the currency from the teller drawers for her personal use, sneaking it out of the bank under her clothing.

According to the report, Risby told Gainesville Police she may be able to recover about half the money but would not say where the cash was.

Cindy Swirko can be reached at 374-5024 or at swirkoc@gvillesun.com.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Jacobsons

Robins called me from the office and told me the following news! One of the Jcobson got kidnapped!! We know the family very well and they are good friends. They are "well to do" business family. They own the hotels in Central America and also shrimps farms. Molly Jacobson is the mother. She passed a way in Guatemala at late 90 year old. I love her. She was part of my life! I said that because "she is the one who teach me how to make different sandwiches".. We were togethere at women activities. I saw her every week at the church. I had a good time in Guatemala and I do have wonderful friends there.

Once Christmas, Robins was a way (because of shrimps sick, I think), Molly called me and said "Helen, Christmas is a family time come and join the lunch with us".. On that day, Molly had the most gorgeous Silva Wears that she decorated elegantly. I had a good time with most of the Jacobsons. Yes..when people do something good to me, this will be in my heart forever. I care so much about her thought and kindness.

I thanks the Lord for Tom came out a live! If Molly is alive, she might be very thankful of her son is no harm.

Kidnappers free US hotelier abducted in Honduras

2 hours, 32 minutes ago

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - Authorities say a U.S. hotelier kidnapped a week ago has been freed.

Security Vice Minister Mario Perdomo says 55-year-old Thomas Jacobson was released by his captors Saturday in Copan, about 250 miles (400 kilometers) west of Tegucigalpa, the capital.
He says he doesn't know if a ransom was paid.

Perdomo said Sunday that the businessman "is at home ... and in good health."
Four gunmen accosted Jacobson Sept. 20 as he was getting into a car with his young son at his Gran Hotel Sula on the Atlantic Coast. The son escaped.

Jacobson has lived in Honduras for 15 years. Authorities did not release his hometown in the U.S. He is among at least 40 businessmen who have been kidnapped in the country so far this year.

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Natural Vs. Man Made

Note: I understand what the article is saying about but let me blog it as a time to kill reading..like kind of responding to the article!

My mother in law is 80++ year young and she is a healthy woman. She watches what she eats and does ride station bicycle one hour every day except week end. I remembered that she used soy bean Bacon (for me is horrible taste), artificial sugar, low calorie things and read carefully the label of products which she bought. 10 years ago she keeps telling me 5 serving of veges and fruit per day (I thought "What in the world that American people are so bla bla blaing about food? There are so many natural good one and why they look for treated food?).. See I was young and beautiful, Sorry I should say young and healthy !! At that time I did not care about health.

I was reading US News and World Report Magazine last night! I saw " What Will We Eat?", an article by Nancy Shute. She said...........

"The world's appetite is growing, and the global larder is suddenly looking bare. The oceans are all but fished out. New arable land is scarce. People now compete with ethanol-slurping cars for corn. And the population will hit 9 billion by 2050, 2.5 billion more than now. No wander food costs are soaring"..

I agree with what she said, but I do have questions... Is that mean fish will stop making babies? As such huge oceans that we have on earth, where the fish will go in 2050? if so.... how accurate the calculation is?. I do know very little about Shrimps, but I know they make millions of babies too (each time!). I saw a ma ma shrimps shoot the babies out a lot, per time dude! (I even saw a slow motion version of documentary when BBC interviewed my husband in Belize.) How about other animal husbanding? Are they becoming mute (What ever languages they commute), and no action!

Nancy said "At the same time, meat eating is more popular than ever, with newly affluent people in China and India chowing down on pork, beef, and chicken"

I would say.. People do not eat every animal at all. I mean they do not eat the same. Let me put it this way..Indian they did not eat beef nor pork, they are mostly vegetarian. Middle East people do not eat pork at all, they eat more mutton, lamb or fish (In Israel they eat a kind of fish not all fish, as some Christian), China eat lost of pork! actually the whole pig is no way to waste. Some part of Asian do not eat beef or pork! In Africa, Yes I do know some countries are suffering famine! Starvation is a big problem over there. I am sorry for them. They eat elephants though.

You know this is my thought, might not be agreeing by you. People are smart they will do for the best in certain level! Also there are more to eat if you do not have a choice...like frog, snake, bugs (there are eatable bugs,many of them. Come see in Bangkok), Crock, tigers, rabbit (the French love it), elephant, still lots of birds, dogs, cats and more. I am very sorry to say that but I am going to say it any way.."some are already eating those I mentioned, not for nothing to eat but by choice), and even said "GOOD!"... I will eat dogs, cats, snakes and sparrows only the day that if I do not eat, I will die!

The article also said, some researchers are now developing vitro meat (mean lab meat). Lab-based production world be "cleaner, more efficient, more sanitary" says Jason Matheny, a health economics graduate student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public Health......

The artists used tissue engineering to grown to quarter-size disks of muscle on a polymer scaffold, then saut'eed the steaks In a honey-garlic sauce, quartered them and served dinner for eight. It was not a gourmet experience. The scaffold did not degrade enough, Catts says, and the unexercised muscle had a texture reminiscent of snot. "It was fabric with Jelly" (Woooo...I will spew it off as fast as I can), He says. "Four people spit out the bits"..(ha ha ha no surprise! ). That was five year ago, and he hasn't eaten meat since!

The article make me understand that "Lab meat also needs exercise before it is fit for the fork. Meat's distinctive texture is formed by the stretching and flexing of muscle fibers as the animal moves" Hummm..now my thinking is "how are we going to exercise the lifeless meat into exercise?? So they are still on going research. "Henk Haagsman, a professor of meat sciences at Utrecht University who is leading the project, says his group hopes that in six years it will have produced a ground meat like product that could be used in Pizzas or sauces. (Hope Pizzas Company will not wipe off from the market!!).

Man made are wonderful, Science are incredible but for me, the science can not cut off creation! Creation by God is perfect! Put it this way, my mother in law bought that fake bacon to eat but never taste as good as natural! no way! There are more articles that I read last night.."What Will Human Beings Become?", "How did life on Earth Get Started?" and "How Did People Reach the Americas?..The scientist are doing researches but nothing come out that one perfect result but unfinished theories!

Now more research are saying "eat natural, eat everything in moderate.".... Man made are good but Natural are perfect!

Finally , I wanted to know "The air that we are breathing, how and why on earth? put it this way.... who put around on earth at certain level?" When are we going to use it all out? 2050? and we all dead?? I am glad I am a simply believing in Creation by Holy God!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hi there...from Yellow American

Note: 1. Lahu Baptist Church in Visalia, California (ca)
Name: Lahu Baptist Church Street: 1248 N Willis StVisalia, ca 93291-3302
Phone: (559) 625-43831

2. About shan people, you can go to google and type "Shan in California", you will see the information.

3. About Chinese people, you no need to type nothing because you can see the Chinese all over the world with your naked eyes!

Naturally when I say I am from Burma, people think I am Burmese. Yes..... they are correct, but only half. By blood, I have no one drop of Burmese Blood. Put it this way....When someone told me "I am American!".. I like to dig out their blood line. This curiosity is always under my skin. I wish people starting to ask me what kind of people am I from Burma when I answered I am from "Burma".. Well..now I am American, one of those American form by white, black, yellow, red and chocolate or molatoes! I am a yellow American and very very proud of it! There is two more yellow of my father side and one yellow of my mother side in USA. Another one yellow of my mother side but she is in UK doing her PhD.

In Burma we have Shan, Kachin, Chin, Mong, Yakhin,Karan, Kaw, Lahu, Pa o,Yao, Mao and Myan Mar. What's a neat thing right? (Well... except the Junta. They are no neat but bunch of nut balls.) In each of this people divided into so many blood lines again. Example: In Shan, Mountain Shan and land Shan. In Lahu people we have red, black, yellow Lahu ( I am so happy that there is none green Lahu). Would you believe me if I tell you that there is a Lahu village in California or there is a Kachin town (like China town) in Jacksonville, fl. or a bunch of Chin people in Miami?? Believe me that I saw it, I heard it, that is true! On behalf of Burmese People (I should say, Shan, Lahu, Chin and Kachin), if I can, I will say "Thank You Uncle Sam!!" You are good and promise you that I will be a good relative of yours.

Once Pi Twe took me to Tampa, Fl..... I tell you there is a Temple full of Thai people in Sunday Temple market which made me, I was in Thailand! So many Thai pinicing there. A kind of recreation and was fun day for me. I heard the first "Sawadee" there after along time in Florida.

In Burma people greet each other saying "Minglaba!!" the same as Thai, "Sawadee"... But in up north of Thailand and some part of Burma, Shan people they greet each other "Yu Lee Ha"..means "How Are You?"...

In America, mostly people greet differently. "Good morning" from my in law, "Hello how are you" from neighbour,"Hey Helen, What's up!" from my Tennis Coach John and Adula, "Hi there" from my friends, some time from elderly people saying " Sweetie, Honey and Pumpkin".. The best one is "Yo! you little yellow!"...it is call by a special lady, she is black and I like her a lot. What ever I said something to her, she laughed so loud and so friendly. OK to day I wish you all...."Minglaba", but my favours one is.........

Hi there! nice , easy and friendly.

Asia » Burma » Inle Lake
March 20th 2006 by ablondon

Fishing at Dawn
Inle lake is spectacular.Myanmar First Impressions

Millitary rulling is not the way to go. Though Myanmar lacks a lot of basic infrastructure, phones, internet, electricity, it still manages to be a wonderful place.

Somehow a military run government has created some of the kindest people I have ever met.

I decided to forgoe trying to get a plane ticket and just go overland to Myanmar. I entered the country at 10:02 am on March 15th. Start the clock that means I have 28 days or exactly 672 hours in Myanmar. I have decided to call this country Myanmar because I have learned Burmese in only one of some 35 different tribes that make up Myanmar. Thus the name Myanmar Encompases all of these differnt people.

Back to my story...

I entered via land. The lady at the border office was extrmely nice and called the airport to see if there were any flights. It turned out I couldn't get to Mandalay as planned but I could get to Inle lake, second option. I figure I was going to go there anyways so why not just head there first. I had a "taxi" or a guy on a motor scooter .

Rowing at sunset: They row with their legs. check it outtake me out to the airport. We bargained for a while. he started at 2 dollars I got him down to 1.50. Though I think I still got screwed. I ended up giving an extra 25cents as a tip cuz he told me about his 4 kids and how he dreamed of comming to America. That story gets me everytime.

I showed up at the aiport only to have some guy with an AK-47 tell me to wait. I decided it was best to do what he said. The flight was kind of exciting "slash" scary. It worked more like a bus as we took off and landed twice in our twin propeller plane before we got to my final destination. Sidenote: My seat was next to the propeller and it was making funny sounds I fellt like at any moment it was gong to fly of and come into the cabin. I figured if I leaned forward far enough it was going to miss me.

Anyways. Arived in Heho only to find out I was still 1.5 hours from my final destination. Decidied to walk instead of getting ripped of by a taxi driver, ended up meeting .

Thanaka: Everyone where's this stuff...it is a protection from the sun...mad from woodtwo Myranmese people. One who gave me all the info I needed, and the other who offered me a ride on his scooter, for fee of course. He turned off his motorbike at the top of the big hill and he cruised in Neutral for about 20 minutes. Anything to save a buck

Found an awesome hotel in Nyunshwe....called "Remember in". Satalite Tv, Hbo, and my own bamboo room, private bathroom and breakfast, $5. Not bad. Also had a "traditional burmese massage" where the guy walked on my back on my legs. Pretty painful but i went to bed at 8pm because i was so relaxed.

Took a long bike ride my first day. The seat bruised my butt, but it was worth it. Had lunch for about 50 censt. The cool thing with burmese food is that when you order, you really never know what you're going to get. Example: I ordered noodles with vegetables. What did the bring out? Noodles with vegatable, soup, tomatoes, and tea. They also bring all of your food out at the same time. It's always a surprise. I love it, I'm going on another trekk for two days.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good to read!

My GI, Doctor Nelson told me "You can eat everything but moderate." Yes, I do eat almost everything but not so much red meat. No reason, just my mouth do not like it any more. Surprisingly, I love cake, bread, butter, cheese after my new liver but I was good at controlling not to eat fat too much. I remembered that I ate peanuts butter sandwich for the first 3 months of my transplant. That time I can't help it, my mouth want it so bad and It was so good. Now I do not like it any more. I eat more veges and fruit......and I love water. I do drink lots of water.

Exercise is no problem for me either. I go to Gym and I play tennis 3 times a week....so this is enough. Time to Time I stop for 2 or 3 days, I give a rest to my body when I feel pain or lazy. No more dancing though because I can't stay late and I do not miss it either. No joke! I think my liver is turning into Asian Liver because I love Asian food now, I do.

I found the following and hope this will help someone as I learn some from it too.

CA Cancer J Clin 2003; 53:303 doi: 10.3322/canjclin.53.5.303 © 2003 American Cancer Society

Answers to Questions Often Asked by Cancer Survivors About Nutrition and Physical Activity


Are there foods that will help with dry mouth and swallowing problems?Sugarless gum, especially those that are citrus flavored, can increase saliva formation. Keep a water bottle nearby and take sips often throughout the day. Mouth sprays and saliva substitutes can be helpful. Select foods high in moisture, or add sauces, gravies, or oils. High-calorie shakes and drinks prepared in a blender also can help. Canned nutritional supplement beverages and other high-calorie shakes can be useful, but there are many alternatives. Any food can be pureed, mashed, blended, or mixed to be softer and easier to swallow. Drink liquids together with small bites of solid foods. Moist and soft foods such as eggs, custards, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruits, soft-cooked vegetables, and soft meats are usually easier to swallow.
Are there foods that will help with my loss of appetite and with nausea?Loss of appetite and nausea are common symptoms after cancer treatment. Your sense of taste can change during treatment. Increasing the amounts of spices and condiments used might help to increase food appeal. Experiment with spices and flavorings often, as your tastes may have changed. Try to eat small, more frequent meals and snacks. Sometimes medicines can be very helpful to reduce nausea. Some medicines can help to stimulate your appetite. Ask your health care provider whether those might help you.
What can I do to reduce fatigue?Nutrition and physical activity can help reduce fatigue. Often, cancer survivors become fatigued because they do not eat or exercise enough. Starting slowly with an exercise program, even if only for a few minutes each day, can help to restore energy. You can then increase how often and how long you exercise. Some survivors’ fatigue is a result of specific medical problems such as anemia, which can be helped with medicines.
Is there a diet to help improve anemia?Anemia is common during and after cancer treatment. It can result from blood loss, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or from the cancer itself. A balanced diet can help support the body's repair system that will produce new blood cells. Iron supplements should be taken only after consulting with your health care provider. Extra iron is useful to correct iron deficiency, but it is not helpful for other conditions and can cause digestive system side effects, such as constipation and nausea. Good food sources of iron include meats, leafy greens, and fortified grain products. Consuming sources of vitamin C (such as oranges, strawberries, and peppers) with fortified grain products will help you to better absorb the iron in those foods. Several causes of anemia occur in cancer survivors, and some of these are best treated with medicines or blood transfusions.
Should I be concerned about unintentional weight loss?Weight loss often occurs in the early stages of cancer treatment and recovery. Continued weight loss should be avoided. To keep from losing too much weight, focus on eating more and using less energy. Try between-meal snacks of foods and beverages that are good sources of calories, fat, and protein. Although physical activity may be useful in helping to reduce stress and increase strength, high levels of activity make weight gain more difficult.
Should I be concerned about weight gain?In the short term, during treatment with some chemotherapy protocols, weight gain is often unavoidable. After treatment, during recovery, a program of regular physical activity and healthful food choices usually can stop the pattern of weight gain and lead to slow, controlled weight loss. Maintaining a healthful body weight should be a long-term goal to help reduce the risk for new or recurrent cancers, heart disease, and diabetes.
Should I try to lose weight?After the treatment phase, survivors who are overweight can benefit from modest, slow weight loss of up to 2 pounds per week. Stopping weight gain and beginning weight loss are beneficial, even if that process is slow. If you are overweight, it is likely that any amount of weight loss will be helpful, even if you do not reach your ideal weight. The best way to lose weight is through a healthful, well-balanced diet and moderate physical activity.
What is a good way for cancer survivors to protect their bone strength?A woman's bones often lose some of their calcium and become weaker (osteoporosis) after menopause, whether it is a natural menopause or one that has been induced by cancer therapy. Estrogens can increase bone strength, but they are not recommended for women who are at high risk for breast cancer, and their safety in women who have had estrogen-responsive breast or endometrial cancers is uncertain. Soy-based foods and supplements and other sources of phytoestrogens have been suggested as a substitute for estrogen, but it is also unknown whether these products are safe for women who are at risk for or are survivors of breast or endometrial cancer. (See also the question below on soy.)
A man's bones may become less dense as he ages. Thinning of the bones is also a side effect of hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.
Increasing intake of calcium and vitamin D (from foods and supplements), prescription medicines (such as bisphosphonates), and exercise can be effective for women and men with osteoporosis. Bone density can be easily measured to determine the need for treatment.
What are good ways to control symptoms of menopause?Estrogens can reduce menopausal symptoms, but estrogen therapy may not be a good choice for women who have had estrogen-responsive breast cancer, endometrial cancer, who are at high risk for breast cancer, or for women who have had complications that can be worsened by estrogens, such as blood clots. If hormone replacement therapy is a consideration, most doctors now recommend that it should be used only for a short time to relieve symptoms, and they discourage most women from long-term hormone replacement. Other methods of controlling menopausal symptoms include exercising regularly, eating a healthful diet, avoiding caffeine, reducing alcohol use, reducing stress, and taking nonhormonal prescription medicines. Many dietary supplements taken to manage symptoms of menopause contain estrogens, so you should talk to your doctor before using them.
Can changes in diet and physical activity help with lymphedema?Lymphedema is swelling in the arm or leg that can occur after cancer surgery or radiation. It is caused by a blockage of flow of the lymph fluid. Although a high-protein, low-sodium diet has been recommended by some, no scientific evidence has shown that this approach helps. Exercise, specifically range-of-motion exercises, may be helpful. It is a good idea to look for specific physical or massage therapy programs designed to treat lymphedema.


Is regular exercise useful after a diagnosis of cancer?
Moderate exercise reduces fatigue, promotes a sense of well being, and can speed recovery. It is not known whether exercise will reduce the chances of cancer recurrence or will slow cancer growth. The benefits of regular exercise for weight control and cardiovascular health also make regular, moderate physical activity a good choice for cancer survivors.
Are there reasons why I should not exercise?There may be special precautions you should consider, depending on your treatment or its side effects. For example, if you have severe anemia, you should delay exercise until the anemia has improved. If you are having radiation treatment, you should avoid swimming pools, because chlorine in pool water can be irritating to irradiated skin. If your immune function is compromised, you should avoid public gyms (and other public places) until your white blood cell counts return to a safe level. You should always consult your health care provider before beginning an exercise program.
How do I select an exercise program that is right for me?The right exercise program is one that starts slowly and gradually increases in time and intensity as you are able. Your muscles will tell you when you need to slow down and rest. An effective exercise program addresses strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness.

Should I supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals?
Food is the best source of vitamins and minerals. During treatment and recovery, dietary intake may not be optimal, so a vitamin and mineral supplement may be needed. The best choice is a balanced multivitamin–mineral supplement containing as much as 100% of the "Daily Value" of most nutrients (formerly known as the Recommended Dietary Allowance, or RDA). Some people believe that if a small amount of a nutrient is good for you, then a lot must be better. No scientific evidence supports that idea, however. In fact, high doses of some nutrients can have adverse effects. The exception to this advice is that doctors often prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements for patients with certain health problems, such as osteoporosis or anemia. Be sure to discuss vitamin and mineral supplement use with your health care provider.
Can I get the nutritional equivalent of vegetables and fruits in a pill?No. Vegetables and fruits contain more than 100 healthful compounds. The small amount of dried powder contained in the pills that are represented as being equivalent to vegetables and fruits contains only a small fraction of the substances that whole foods contain. Many of the benefits of vegetables and fruits are from the combined effect of several of the nutrients they contain and therefore cannot be duplicated by individual supplements. In addition, some of the beneficial micronutrients in plant-based foods are not available as supplements because they have yet to be discovered.
Should I take antioxidants?It is not a good idea to take very large doses of any vitamin or mineral, including the antioxidant nutrients, at any time. High doses of antioxidants may interfere with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, so be sure to discuss your use of supplements with your health care provider. Vegetables and fruits are the best source of naturally occurring antioxidants.
Should I take supplements containing beta-carotene?Supplements containing 5 mg or less of beta-carotene are unlikely to be harmful, because this is similar to the levels available from foods. However, higher dose supplements should be avoided because studies have shown that higher doses may actually increase the risk for certain cancers, such as lung cancer, especially if you smoke.
Should I take soy supplements?Although soy-based foods such as tofu are good sources of protein, taking large amounts of soy protein, as found in most soy pills or powders, could affect cancer risk in ways that are as yet uncertain. Phytoestrogens and other naturally occurring plant chemicals (phytochemicals) that are present in soy may affect the way cancer cells grow. Although there is reason to believe that these effects might be beneficial, especially for prostate cancer, high doses of soy might act in the same way as estrogens to increase the growth of estrogen-responsive cancers, such as breast or endometrial cancer. Breast and endometrial cancer survivors should therefore not take high doses of soy without first consulting with their health care provider (and should limit food sources of soy, such as soybeans, tofu, and soy milk, to no more than three servings per day).
How do I know whether alternative or complementary methods are safe for me?Use all sources of information, but beware of testimonials or information that comes only from those who are selling a product. Be sure to tell your health care providers about the methods you wish to use, so they may advise you about any particular benefit or interference that might occur with conventional therapy. It is also best to remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is not true.


How do I select a diet that is right for me?
Start with the American Cancer Society Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention. These guidelines form the basis for a healthful diet that emphasizes vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains; low-fat or nonfat dairy products; and limited amounts of red meat (lean meats are preferred over processed meats and those high in fat). Special dietary problems might require consultation with a registered dietitian or your doctor.
How many servings of vegetables and fruits should I eat every day?Everyone should eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruits each day. During cancer treatment, it may be difficult to eat five servings per day, but it is possible by using balanced meals, nutritious snacks, and juices. Serving sizes are small, smaller than you might think: one medium piece of fruit; one-half cup chopped, cooked, or canned fruit; one-quarter cup dried fruit; 6 ounces 100% vegetable or fruit juice; one cup raw leafy vegetables; and one-half cup cooked or raw vegetables.
Can I get good nutritional value in fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables and fruits?Yes. In fact, frozen foods are often more nutritious than fresh foods because they are usually picked ripe and quickly frozen. Canning can reduce some of the nutrients, but the nutritional value of canned vegetables and fruits is often the same as those that are fresh.
Should I be juicing my vegetables and fruits?Juicing is not necessary, but juicing can add variety to the diet and can be a good way to consume vegetables and fruits if you have trouble chewing or swallowing. Juicing also improves the absorption of some of the nutrients in vegetables and fruits. If you buy commercially juiced products, make sure that they have been pasteurized.
Should I be concerned about pesticides in my foods?There is no evidence that the low levels of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits affect cancer growth. Pesticides can be toxic, but only in very high doses, such as those to which agricultural workers are exposed in handling chemicals. To reduce exposure to pesticides, thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits.
How do I avoid illnesses from foods contaminated by germs?Wash all foods thoroughly, do not allow meats and dairy products to stay at room temperature; thoroughly cook all meats, poultry, and seafood; and do not drink unpasteurized commercial beverages.
How much water should I drink?Unless your doctor suggests otherwise, you should try to drink at least 8 cups of fluids each day. This can include water, juice, or other fluids such as broth, gelatin, and so forth. Many symptoms of fatigue, light-headedness, and nausea can be caused by dehydration.
Should I avoid alcohol?Although moderate use of alcohol (no more than two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women) can help prevent heart disease, these same levels increase mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, liver, and breast cancer risks. Although little information exists on alcohol and cancer recurrence, most experts recommend that survivors of these cancers avoid frequent use of alcohol.
Should I limit my caffeine intake?Limiting caffeine will not affect your cancer, but it can help to control many heart problems and help you to sleep better.
Should I eat high-fiber foods?Yes. Fiber from whole grains and from high-fiber cereals can improve bowel function and help to decrease heart disease risk. But so far, studies have not shown that fiber supplements reduce cancer risk. Vegetables and fruits are good choices for their fiber content and because they contain many other nutrients that reduce the risk for several
chronic diseases, including some forms of cancer. Beans are also high in protein and are good meat substitutes.
Should I reduce my fat intake?The type of fat eaten, rather than the total amount eaten, appears to have a greater effect on chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. During cancer treatment, adding moderate amounts of fat-containing foods can help to improve calorie intake. This is important if you are underweight before treatment begins or if you have side effects from treatment that make eating difficult.
After treatment, you should eat a diet low in saturated fats (found primarily in red meats and dairy products) and trans fatty acids (found in many baked goods, shortening and margarine, and other foods containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oil). Instead, foods that contain monounsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids (such as fish, olive oil, walnuts and other nuts, seeds, and legumes) are recommended as healthier sources of fats.
Should I avoid refined grains and sugar?Refined grains and foods high in sugar can cause fatigue as a result of fluctuating blood sugar levels. It is wise to limit intake of refined sugars in favor of more nutritious foods. The main sources of carbohydrates in the diet should be whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. When selecting grain products, look for those that list whole-grain as the first ingredient on the label's ingredient list.
Should I become a vegetarian?You do not need to eliminate meat from your diet after cancer, but eating less red meat (and fewer other sources of saturated fats) can reduce your risk for heart disease and colon and prostate cancers. A vegetarian diet can be healthful if it is carefully planned. Diets including lean meats in small to moderate amounts also can be healthful. If you choose a vegetarian diet, check with your health care provider or a registered dietitian to determine whether you need a multivitamin-mineral supplement.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I stayed in Gainesville, Florida over a year when I was with my liver cancer. Shands, as it is a University Hospital, I saw so many different faces. I met doctors from all over the world likes....India, Thai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Middle East. Some of them are Interns and some of them are Brushing Up (in my language OK!), or updating medical field.

In Clinic, I met a doctor He is from Taiwan. He was concerned about me, coming all the way from Thailand. He gave me a visiting card and said...." We do have a good doctors in Taipei...". I think so as 85% successful rate.

I have heard and read many news about the way Liver Harvesting in China. I know (even with my samll brain ), that "Harvesting" is one of the very important parts of liver transplant....in my language I would say "bad seed, bad plant"! Have a look at the article.

Liver patients warned against China transplants INHUMANE HARVEST: With some organs sliced from executed prisoners in the 20-minute ambulance ride to the crematorium, transplant patients are at risk DPA, Taipei Monday, Aug 16, 2004,

Taiwan doctors have warned liver patients of the dangers of receiving liver transplants in China because the success rate is only 50 percent.The warning was made by two chief surgeons at a symposium held over the weekend on liver disease.

Lee Poh-hsing (李伯皇), from National Taiwan University Hospital, and Cheng Lung-pin (鄭隆賓), from the Chinese Medical University Hospital, told the symposium that about 70 to 80 Taiwanese have received liver transplants in China in recent years. "Since the livers were hastily harvested from executed prisoners and the quality of surgery varies from hospital to hospital, the survival rate of Taiwan recipients is only 50 percent, compared to the 85 percent survival rate in Tai-wan," Lee said. "

We heard that most of the livers were harvested from executed prisoners. From execution to cremation there is only 20 minutes, so the livers were hastily harvested in dimly-lit ambulances," Cheng said. "By the time the livers were transplanted, the livers had been without blood circulation for a long time and their quality was affected," Cheng said.

Cheng has traced 17 patients who received liver transplants in China.The survival rate was 50 percent, compared to the 95 percent survival rate for Taiwan patients who received livers from relatives and the 85 percent survival rate for Taiwan patients who received livers from traffic accident victims.

At National Taiwan University Hospital, 12 liver cancer patients received liver transplants in China and only six have survived. Another six liver disease patients also received liver transplants in China, but Lee did not mention their survival rate.

Some 500 patients are waiting for liver transplants in Taiwan, but there are only about 100 donor livers each year, prompting some patients to travel to China for a transplant.International human rights groups have condemned the underground organ trade in China, especially organs harvested from prisoners even before they have stopped breathing.But Beijing has turned a blind eye to the practice because it brings in foreign currency for Chinese hospitals.

According to the local Chinese-language press, hundreds of Taiwanese go to China every year for organ transplants, mostly for kidneys. Taiwan's health ministry is aware of the situation but has apparently not taken any action to stop it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photos of Ms O'Hair

I can't find her younger age of photos! Out of no where I am starting to looking her photos just wanted to know how's she looks like. You know she wanted to be a President of United State?? Thanks goodness she failed for this one. The last photos made me laugh.... What a characters!!

The Atheist- Ms. O'Hair

We have a friend, he is a doctor, a PhD. He is a very nice man and fun to be with. I like him a lot, and he is a good friend of my husband, Robins. I have some Atheist friends, they are nice and having good time in life! I have friends in various religions too. We all respect our own believing. I have face many times that I thought people say not correct but I shut my boca! because I understand people have differences...ta ta ta ta ta! We do!!

Since I met this doctor, (lets say his name is Randy!), OK Doctor Randy, back 10 years ago, every time I met him we starting to talk about believing (actually I am the one starting, the reason is... I am very curious about the thinking of Atheist ). I like him because .... He is a openly Atheist and... finish there. Period! Nothing more!!. He has no desire to attack any religions at all. He understand very well of people's religions and their believing. He knows a lot about Fish Vaccine likes my husband know about Shrimp and Alge (spelling??)!!

Last time when I met him, he said "Helen, I will only believe in God when he shows up in front of me and say Hello Randy!"...I just smiled!!

Normally I do not saying anything but this is what I am thinking myself..(Remembered I love God, My Lord Jesus, without conditions, that's my believing...). "Does God is so simple that every time people asking to do something, he will do?" Does Jesus said "Blessing is the one who believe"... As I mention many times..If I can, I really wanted to know .."Why my mother die at 42 and my sister die at 31? Of course with Cancer! but Why my mother and my sister? ...?????? Many qestions but again I say "I have faith in Jesus!" Period..No more as Dr. Randy, he is an Atheist, Period...No more!

NOTE: Before you guys read the following, I have to clear the air that I do NOT know Ms. O'Hair is punishments from God....because I say , "not my job to judge! " and simply ,I do not know the answer.

Another question I am asking myself is ... An Atheist means... a person who did not believes in any Gods right?. When Atheist say against that God is existing, Which God he/she is talking about? All?

Now see the Ms. O'Hair.... Yes she is a very nasty Atheist but why too much to Christianity (She does attacking all religions but why especially Christianity)?, Why her own Son turn to be a faithful Christian (boy she was so so angry for that)? Why she got killed by her own Atheist member why not from other religions (the results said, Mr. Water killed her)? Why she can't be a nice Atheist? She said NO GOD but why she kept the bible? Why not Koran or Tora(spelling?) or other teaching?

The Atheist - Madalyn O'hair

THE ATHEIST'S GOD: THE REAL MADELYN MURRAY O'HAIR[Note: I've had a couple of emails disputing some of the details of this lady's career and beliefs, as they appear in this article and others. Maybe someone who's researched it all can send me any corrections you deem necessary. Rowland].

- by Charles Colson

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who led the charge to remove prayer from public schools in 1963, was recently back in the news again. O'Hair disappeared four years ago and her whereabouts are unknown. The most recent speculation, widely reported, is that she may have been murdered.

But when the IRS recently ordered an auction of O'Hair's remaining property to pay back taxes, a whole new side of the infamous atheist came to light. Among O'Hair's belongings were several diaries, and they give a glimpse of the inner life of the woman once known as the most hated person in America - an appellation, by the way, she wore proudly.

The diaries confirm that O'Hair was indeed a bitterly unhappy woman, a vicious racist, and an anti-Semite. She was consumed with ambition for wealth and power. In 1973, her New Year's wish list included a mink coat, a Cadillac, a cook, and a housekeeper.

She also wrote, "In 1974 I will run for the governor of Texas, and in 1976, the president of the United States." Around that time I debated O'Hair on David Frost's talk show. For some reason, the segment was never broadcast. At the end of the debate, I told her Christians were praying for her and wished her the best. "And I wish you failure," she snarled. I can testify, she was a nasty and bitter woman.

Yet a surprisingly different side of O'Hair's character emerges from the newly discovered diaries. A 1959 entry reveals an almost pathetic despair. "The whole idiotic hopelessness of human relations descends upon me. Tonight I cried and cried, but even then, feeling nothing." In 1977, she wrote, "I have failed in marriage, motherhood, and as a politician."

O'Hair clearly sensed that something was missing from her life. One poignant phrase appears again and again. In half a dozen places, O'Hair writes, "Somebody, somewhere, love me."
How telling that this hostile and abrasive person, who harbored nothing but hatred for God and His people, who believed human beings were merely the product of a cosmic accident, would nevertheless cry out to the great void for someone just to love her.

What a powerful example of the fundamental truth that we are made for a relationship of love with our Creator, and that we can never fully escape from our true identity and purpose. No matter how much we may deny it intellectually, our nature still cries out for the love we were made to share. To paraphrase the famous words of St. Augustine, even the most bitter atheist is restless until she finds her rest in God.

This is a remarkable story that we can use in defending our faith with family and friends. Madalyn Murray O'Hair sought to live her entire life in a manner consistent with atheism. And yet, in the secrecy of her diaries, she admitted it was impossible. If a philosophy is impossible to live out, that's a pretty good sign it is simply wrong.

Every philosophy or worldview, after all, purports to present a map of reality, a geography of the soul. But if the map won't show you how to get from point A to point B, or if the roads aren't connected, the map is not worth very much.

The inside story of O'Hair's diaries is that atheism is faulty because it cannot be lived out--not in the world, nor in the deepest recesses of the human heart. Not even by its best known proponent.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama and black

I saw Obama did the talking in CNN this morning in a short news...Said, "I know there are some won't vote for me because I am black..bla bla bla"... This lead me to blog about Obama and black. I do not see Obama is black nor he is white, I see him black and white! True.. he is black and white right?

I remember once, I decided to stay in US. Me, my mother in law, my father in law and Shan, we went to see the school for my son. We like Montessori Private School. They asked us to fill in the paper. In one information, I have to pick...

White, Black, Asian, Latin, or ALIEN!!! (even Eskimo was there). I look at my son...I did not see in him Black, White, Asian, Latin.....I talk to myself "Ohhhhhhhhh...in US people calls my son Alien!"... Next comes one question to myself ,"What is the Alien?" " Without thinking, I was not so happy for that. Are they saying my son is from the outer space? or I had sex with Alien to made this boy??" Well I saw the Alien Movie and I do not like the look of Aliens, for me they look like more animals with bad attitude!

My father in law is an old Southern man, polite and very proud of his Scottish blood. He is not so happy to put his grandson in "Alien Group"... He has a good point you know...said, "Why can't call him White/Asian or White/Yellow?" I thought "Hummm good questions!!!!"

Let me search my son's blood lines, ( I am afraid, there will be many bloods)!!. OK lets see my side...My grand mother ( my mom side) is Chinese, born in China. She married to my grand father, who is a pure mountain Shan (Tai Yai) who she met in Shan State. My father side is full of hill tribes, including Lahu, (honestly I do not know much history of my father's parents, I never seen them, they were never part of my life because of young divorce may be).

Let see Robins's blood lines...very easy right?? White and Scottish! That's all!! What I like about Robins is he told me, long long time ago.."I am American!!". Now see my son is half white and half yellow and a little bit of black (mountain Shan are quite dark) not like other Shan people at all. As he was born in Guatemala City in Central America, Yes, he is pure Chapino and likes burritos!

Lets not put the colour first place in every situation. We all have two eye balls with a set of brain. So lets see clearly and use that BRAIN good!

If my son is still in Alien category, yes he is a good looking Alien, so does Obama is a good looking black and white man!

Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain and drop dead

I vividly remembered that when my doctor told me "50/50" chance, out coming result for my transplant! I had no idea but was thinking, too low %. May be I wanted to hear 75 % or 80 % for me to be a live! (How foolish? How much the doctors give to Armstrong? I think if my memory is correct, 17%?). I read his book in 2005 and I can't recall the detail. By the way I like it, Dr. G Chamberlain gave it to me. I read books when I was fighting with my liver cancer, 2 books that I like are...Purpose of life and Lance Armstrong books. Good for me!

Before my cancer problem, I was a one happy (still happy person but with a nice thought), healthy and laughing person. I do not smoke, do not drink, I do not take drug, I spent my time in the gym for 13 years aerobic almost every day except weekend. I had no seriously ill nor one broken bone in my body, except C section for my 10 lbs boy delivered. I danced ( I love dancing, I even took Latin and different dances lessons !), I was seeing so many different people around the world, life was very good but deep thought, I never had...but I was almost drop dead, wasn't I?

I asked back to my doctor "50/50"?? ?.... it's too low?? I never forget how my doctor answered me on that day, he said "Helen, we all have 50/50. Here I am talking to you now but when I go home, accidentally can hit by a car to anyone and can be dead"...Humm it is very true.

I was happily holidaying in back home in Florida in 2005 and the next day I was told "You have cancer"...and in 4 days I was cut! Then changed my liver! Yes it is true we all have 50/50 . One of my Indian family friend who had a smart, successful business man son, good life in New York, on 9/11 he was one of the victims! Life... Most of us have 50/50 but just do not know when?? Yes.. Some people had or are having a good life, that's I do not denial it. Like my grand mama she is 92 and so healthy and so happy for herself with a kind maid and a dog now. My good friend Silvia's grand ma ma, Dona Margarita, she passed away at 90++, Uncle Roy die at 85, He was a very positive man and I love him alot.

OK ....Now lets see Uncle McCain's health! Yes..he had skin cancer, honestly I do not know that how much life threating to him. Ja na ce pa! and et vou?... Lots of Democrats told me 'How could we do if McCain drop dead while he is campaigning as he is too old?".. Well..... there the Palin, Ms Barracuda!! Positive side thinking..Why you worry?? May be he will lives the next 15 years!! Look at his beautiful ma ma. McCain's mother is a beauty! Look likes he doesn't have much gene of his ma ma side. OK seriously, Have you ever ask yourself in reverse side as...."How could we do if Obama drop dead by heart attack" or "die of plane crash" or "mentally getting screw up?" ( you know, can be... for someone if the job load is very very heavy and can't handle it anymore....Howard Huge??), or etc...... So we all can't say who is going to drop dead first, don't we??

See I always thought Larry King won't live longer because he looks not so good but he is still talking. I thought that Mr. Rushlimbaugh (spelling?? Sound like Rush Ball to me??I love his talk show though I really do) will drop dead soon as he is smoking, taking Viagra (how I know? he got caught in Miami airport..well this might be making him alive!!) and FAT! but he is still talking too. Remember, all our thought and guess are not always positive results!

So let us not worry whether McCain is going to drop dead or not. As you will never know the exactly date of McCain will drop dead day, don't worry be happy. Lets worry about who is going to do the best President!!! Lets focus on that. What I am thinking is (again?)...even McCain drop dead, we still can deal with Barracuda, don't we! Even if Barracuda is not swimming well, we will put her back in Alaska Water! At last and last you can't help yourself and still worrying about McCain drop dead, .......My positive saying will be....

Look! We are the great Nation, we can deal with the drop dead President!! Just go VOTE please!!!!!

Vote first, worry the drop dead later, This is my motto!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miracle 3 - Gordon Bridewell


As I mentioned in two blogs back, I want to blog about "Miracle"...Yes! I do believe in Miracle. I trust the Lord Jesus with his power of miracle! I believe in that Bible is the "The Words of God"...even I do not understand all of the meaning (I honestly admitted that I do not understand so much about old testament ), I just have faith!

I NO need to be explain, to argue, to mock, to questions and answer nor to discuss by some body to believe in God. I have no desire to do so. I just trust him . Do not think I do not have questions for God? Oh yes... I have plenty! Example: Why do children die, in mother's womb, live only 3 days? Why good people die early and left love one behind? Why young people die in horrible way? Why my mom and my sister die early with the same cancer? ...Why my liver's boy die so young and some are living with his body parts including me?....many many more questions! Well I know that for sure we all going to die some day but why different ways? (I will never judge those who die young are because of their act in past life or els..........It's not me to judge other). Yes I have questions but my faith will pull me through.

I am surely not going to answer all those above questions nor won't listen to those who talk like they know every thing about GOD!....because simply I or they do not know the answers. I will even NOT trying to answers as I can read God's mind or pretending that I know what God's plan is because I still have some growing up things to do each day .... I am not perfect but I trust him.

I just put my trust, my faith, my believing and my love in God no matter what! Am I blind? Yes.... for that I will be blinded happily forever!!

I also happily understand you agree or not agree with me, you believe in miracle or not...it doesn't matter God give all of us free will! It's all up to each's what ever you wish and believe.

I want to end with the following true story....

"A suicidal woman stood on a bridge in Seattle for 3 hours ready to jump. The situation created such a colossal traffic jam that some motorist, caught in the delay, began to curse the woman and screamed at her to jump. she did ....... and
she survived the 160 foot fall into a canal. Many residents later sent flowers and cards to her in the hospital, apologizing for what had happened. But some of the angry drivers phoned the local news paper and blamed the woman for not choosing a less traveled place to end her life!".............."

In this true story I am talking about only reactions....... I see two kind of reactions and two kind of people! Each situation has different attentions, just we want our own cherished plans or kind??? Up to you!

Every one might not believe in miracle but mostly want miracle! I found the following article from Google.

Gordon Bridewell

When Gordon Bridewell was being transported at top speed from the West Country on New Year's Eve 1975, to undergo a pioneering liver transplant, he was also travelling into the record books. For Gordon, who is now 59, has become the UK's longest surviving liver transplant patient and one of the world's top ten longest living liver transplant recipients.

The extraordinary chain of events began with a minor injury during a football match. "A tiny lump appeared on my leg and it ached when I walked any distance. I was keen on sport, so I went to my GP," says Gordon, from Devizes in Wiltshire.

After an operation to remove it, Gordon did not recuperate well from the anaesthetic. He started having blackouts and hallucinations, and one theory was that his liver had not filtered out the anaesthetic. He submitted to a long series of tests and questions: "But I wasn't jaundiced or bloated, I felt very fit." Before he could return to work with Wiltshire Police, where he was an engineer for their vehicle fleet, his GP recommended a precautionary visit to King's College Hospital in London, for further tests.

"At King's they did about 20 to 30 tests," says Gordon. "I wondered what I was doing there, I felt fine. Then the consultant told me what I had - a tumour on my liver."

The tumour was removed, but tests revealed a second tumour, which was inoperable. Now a liver transplant was proposed. "I was shocked. I hadn't come down from the ceiling with the news of the second tumour. I knew kidney transplants were being done but I'd not heard about liver transplants, except as a last resort, and mostly for elderly people," says Gordon, who was 30 then.

"It was a waiting game - I had four false alarms, arriving in London to find that the organs weren't compatible". Enquiries were even extended to the rest of Europe to find a suitable match. In December 1975, he was called for another potential transplant, and his police colleagues drove him to London in a police car. "At 6am, we reached Chiswick flyover, where the Metropolitan Police collected me, and took me to King's."

The 12-hour operation was led by Roy Calne (now Professor Sir Roy Calne), who performed the first liver transplant in Europe in 1968. Waking up immobile and attached to a host of tubes, Gordon was determined to get back on his feet, despite 30 external stitches and even more internal ones. He has nothing but praise for all the support and skill of the team involved in his transplant.

He recovered well and returned to work with Wiltshire police after 13 months: "Two hours a day with a pocketful of tablets - those hours were like a lifetime," he says. "I still had a tube attached to me to take out bile, until the new liver functioned properly, and I had to empty it two or three times a day. The Force was very good to me and understanding - I didn't realise how good, until I looked back."

Sport was soon back on Gordon's agenda and in 1980 he trained for the Ross-on-Wye 100 mile raft race and became the first transplant patient to do it. Over the years he has also counselled people from around the world to help them prepare for their liver transplant.

Gordon is grateful to his donor and proud to be the longest surviving liver transplant patient: "It makes me honoured and privileged. Every New Year's Eve it all floods back and I always celebrate. I'm so glad to be here."

"The operation changed my whole life - I'd only been given five months when the suitable liver became available. I talk to many people about being a donor and ask them what if your son or daughter needed an organ transplant?"

Gordon thinks his "mad sense of humour" has played a part in helping him keep well, but it would take a lot to beat his first full meal after his operation: "I was really looking forward to it and the nurse lifted the lid and gasped ‘I can't give you this!" It was liver and onions.

Miracle 2 -Mr Png Kok said "God willing......."

I got the following article from my Google subscriber! What's an attitude that Mr Png Kok And has? Living with the most deadliest cancer with advanced Stage! Yes...I am so thankful for the medical and medicine advance! I am so so happy for Mr Png Kok And that Nexavor is working well in his body! Nexavor is also use for Lung Cancer.

I did not go to the church this morning. I wake up with pain all over my body! I did a stupid thing yesterday. I played tennis from 9 to 10 am with my coach, sweat like a cow, and then went to the MBK mall which is too cold with high air com! I think I got a cold. Robins need a DVD cabinet and need my help!

Have a good Sunday!

SEPTEMBER 20th, 2008

MOST liver cancer patients with his advanced stage of liver cancer do not live more than three to six months on average. That is what doctors say. But Mr Png Kok And, 60, has defied the odds and is still alive and kicking six months later.

There is also no sign that his cancer is growing.
And Mr Png intends to go on living longer than his doctor has estimated.
'God willing I can do it. It's all in his hands,' he said. 'Of course, I'm helping as much as I can by living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food, no more alcohol, no more durians or other 'heaty' fruits,' he said.

What is helping him do this is a newly- approved drug for the treatment of liver cancer called Nexavar.

Thanks to the drug, Mr Png now has a good quality of life. He gets out and about, drives himself everywhere he wants to go, and goes bowling.

Mr Png, who was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer early this year, said: 'I feel great, everything is very normal. I live life one day at a time and I get to do everything I want to do, such as go to church twice a day, and meet up with my friends who are mostly retired.'

New continue on...........................................

Friday, September 19, 2008

Breaking News!

Breaking News, on TV it is mostly bed news right? Last night I got an email from my friend from Central America, the title is "Braking news" !! Ok Good or Bad you decide it.

Warning: Read this article as " A time to kill if you have free time" ! No seriously reading please.

I will vote for sure in coming November... I am still waiting and learning what will come out from the mouths of Obama and McCain more. Here is what my friend sent it to me.........

"Rumor at this point, but one I keep hearing about through different channels. Just for your info, On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary.

This is timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2. There have been talks all weekend about how to proceed with this info. Generally, the feeling is that we should all go ahead and get it out there to as many blog sites and personal email lists as is possible. I have already seen a few short blurbs about this - the 'health problem' cited in those articles was aneurysm. Probably many of you have heard the same rumblings. However, at this point, with this inside info from the DNC, it looks like this Obama strategy will be a go. Therefore, it seems that the best strategy is to get out in front of this Obama maneuver, spell it out in detail, and thereby expose it for the grand manipulation that it is. So, let's start mixing this one up and cut the Obamites off at the pass ....bla bla bla bla"

I am starting to search relative to this new whether true or balone and here I found that The Dude Joe Biden said to ABC or NBC (can't remember which one), news reporter.... saying "Hillary, quite frankly, may be do better job than me (something like that bla bla...)"

I hope that these Obama and McCain, they both instead of too want to be President, they should focus on How I want to be a good President! The following are my thinking.........................(all night long folks! I did think! if you think I am crazy, I don't care!). See my points are.....

1. If Obama begs Hillary to take a VP position, say.... under untrue reason as Biden is sick and he decided to back off, I will never vote for Democrat. Its too obvious and abit shameful! The Asian said "lost your face"!!

2. If this rumor is true, I feel Obama already has a legend....It will be like this..."Not even president yet he can't pick the right VP?"

3. Obama attacked McCain saying that how wrong the choice of McCain's VP is a woman who has no experience enough but now he himself wants " A Woman"! hummmm....................How about Opral (spelling?).... I like her alot! she will do better job, mean more votes for Obama!

4. In respect to Hillary , Obama should ask her first and if she turn down the offer and then................. he's re approaching! That's will be a good story if she accepted without loosing her own rounded face. Well you never knows what Senator Clinton will do. She is very eager to work for the position too.

5. My advise to Hillary is... take the Big "P" girl ...Not that Small "Vp"! You might get it in 2012??? I like her tough fight but for the moment, the Barracuda is swimming well.

6. When McCain picked Palin, she said loud and clearly "Yes!.....I am ready and I will serve for Our Country"!! Now Joe Biden said "Quite frankly..Hillary may do the better job"...Come on Joeeeeeeeee, show your ability, show your real man side, tell your big "P" that you have a firm Testicles!! Ooppe..sorry!

Yes...I think alot don't I??...Deep down I wish we got the best President in Our Great Nation....! I got to go to the Dentist!

PS. I used to get emails saying that "how we going to do if McCain drop dead in the White House?" ...This will be in future blog..the title will be "Drop Dead!"
Coming soon!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miracle 1

NOTE: You can stop reading now if you are not believing in Miracle!!

These days I will blog, cancer survivor true stories. I know there is always good and bad are side to side, always. Cancer, the same thing come the result with survivors and dead. I give respect to those cancer patients, who fight and never give up. I repect to those believe in miracle and those only beleive in science too.

The story of Fay Polson is a miracle for me. She fought that liver cancer, read it you couldn't believe it that how she won the cancer! Some do not believe in God's miracle, they believe in Luck. That's fine! what ever the luck mean to you. Every one talking by own experience but for me ...Prayers works and miracle is there! I often ask to myself ...why the same medicine, the same surgery, the same treatments but work for some but fetal to other?? Yes I know some are answering.....depend on how well your body accepting the treatments!! Then the next question I am asking to myself is why your body did not accept as other does?? Let me share with a bibile verse with you today.............

"A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps"
Proverbs 16:9

Fay Polson
Learn More About Our Cancer Survivors:

Toward the end of 1996, I was looking forward to retirement after working for 22 years. I had been to the doctor several times about the pressure I felt in my abdomen. Then a raised place came up over my liver, and the doctor told me I needed a CT scan. The scan revealed a large tumor. He wanted to do a biopsy and I agreed to have one the next day. When they put the mirror in the incision they found that the tumor had grown onto my liver and had ruptured it. After telling me I only had a few months to live, unless we got this
liver cancer under control, they sent me with my files across the street to a local hospital.

After looking at my scan, the doctor sat down and had a short conversation with us. My husband, Bob, and daughter, Sheryl, were with me. The doctor said he thought we could do direct chemo to the liver and try to shrink the tumor. But he said I only had a 50/50 chance. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. Because of his heart, our daughter’s husband had gone to Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) to use the radiation pellet implant to treat his prostate cancer. They were so pleased with CTCA and the service they received, Sheryl said we should go out to the center for a second opinion. The call was made and we got in almost immediately. By this time, my abdomen was so large I had to wear a maternity top.

From the day I walked into Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, I knew that it was where I wanted to be. Everyone was so very friendly and warm. And, we did not have to sit in the waiting room for hours!

I saw Dr. Hans Nevinny. I cannot tell you how pleased we were with him. He hugged me and he hugged my husband and talked with us forever explaining what kind of treatment I would have. Then I saw Dr. Jimmie Crow, who was one of the surgeons at that time. He told us he wanted to save just one-fourth of the liver since the liver regenerates itself. If you could only know what a blessing I had just received! Until this point, I thought I was going to be dying in about three months, leaving my family, small grandchildren and all my wonderful friends. Words cannot explain the feeling. I had just been granted some more years.

On February 14, 1997, I had my first surgery. The tumor weighed 3 ½ pounds. Since my husband had wanted to see the tumor, Dr. Crow decided to carry it out in a bucket into the waiting room. After Bob looked at it, all the rest of the family wanted to see it too. I had a long six weeks trying to recover from this first surgery, as the tumor had zapped all of my minerals, from my body, and the nutritionist said I was severely malnourished. She gave me several things that I had to take every day, besides drinking Ensure. And I saw her every time I came in to see the doctor. She would always look at my charts and see how much I had improved. And if I needed other things, I would take them too. Also after my surgery, someone who came to see me at home must have had a stomach virus because I became very ill and had to be hospitalized again to take care of this. I had a long time recovering from this surgery.

In May of 1997, I took my first chemo treatment. My body was in good shape by then and I did not have any trouble with the chemo. I had radiation treatments along with the chemotherapy. It was not a chore for me to come out every day for chemo and radiation. There were so many wonderful people to talk and visit with, especially two men who were so much fun that everyone wanted to be in the room they were in. We did a lot of laughing every day.

In exactly one year, another tumor appeared in my liver. Once again there was surgery and all went well again. I only had to stay a week this time. And one of the wonderful things about CTCA is that they let Bob stay with me, every night, even in ICU. The people are just so wonderful at CTCA.

In the latter part of 2000, I had yet another tumor in my liver. This time they did four different ablations to try to destroy it, followed by two alcohol injections and two heat treatments. When the CT scans showed I still had the tumor, I once again faced surgery. Dr. Crow said that there were two tumors, one on top of the other. The injection treatments had destroyed the top tumor, but not the bottom one. The surgery was successful and it was my last one. My follow-up visits with my oncologist have all been with good results.

I just cannot explain how well I did with the wonderful help of the doctors and staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). Along the way, Bob and I have met many people and tried to visit them at CTCA as often as we could. They are always so glad to see a person that has a successful cancer story. What a marvelous blessing we have received! If I had not come to CTCA, I know I would not be alive today. Thanks to their outstanding care, I am cancer free.

Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Bangkok International Gem and jewellery Fair

2008 Gems show is here! I did not buy as world trader but I did buy some. I like to go to the International Booths..mainly I like to see Burmese, Vietnam and Cambodia Booths. This year I saw the Burmese had 5 or 6 booths. I think most of the traders is around the Burmese booths. They do have a good and quality gems. The show was from 11th to 15th Sept. I went everyday except on Sunday.

I saw the Burmese saphire necklace, not heated, the colour is beautiful. I like it as my collection. Me and my friend Kary went to see together. Kary is from Seattle, we got the AG together. He went into serious business but I never did. I business only when I want to and when I wish to. Before I did some business with Taiwanese People mainly. I am a person..... if I sell some and got profit a little, I am already happy. I did sell lots of African Rubies last 4 months ago though. Honestly I do not like so much African Ruby. They are beautiful but won't last long..in time the colour fade as not natural.

Robins went to see the Saphire Necklace (calling prize 5500 US$), with me. I told him I want it for my birthday (which is actually do not know when? I did pick the date on 3rd of December) present but yesterday I changed my mind and told him that "Robins I do not want the necklace anymore but I wish we donate the church renovation some??"....Robins said "You did a good choice".. I will, Yes..Faith without Act is not good and also Act without Faith is meaningless FOR ME!
Various jewellery from Cambodia booth!
They both are gay boys but I like her/his out going personality! I bought 3 blue zircon (Not Cubic Zirconia) braclets from them. I like Zircon because the luster is higher than Diamond and the colour are nice! The Burmese are selling real high prize.

Thse bracelacets are very fashions nowaday. Semi precious with colour paitning on silva, gold, or pick gold! Enamal with gems. I love them. Some put the two together and they look so buatutiful. The owner is this shop is funny couple..She is Thai and her husband is Finn! (Finnish?)

I am enjoying the show! Actually this year I saw not so much traders as before! May be because of Thai Political Situation?? I do not know!!