Monday, September 29, 2008

Natural Vs. Man Made

Note: I understand what the article is saying about but let me blog it as a time to kill kind of responding to the article!

My mother in law is 80++ year young and she is a healthy woman. She watches what she eats and does ride station bicycle one hour every day except week end. I remembered that she used soy bean Bacon (for me is horrible taste), artificial sugar, low calorie things and read carefully the label of products which she bought. 10 years ago she keeps telling me 5 serving of veges and fruit per day (I thought "What in the world that American people are so bla bla blaing about food? There are so many natural good one and why they look for treated food?).. See I was young and beautiful, Sorry I should say young and healthy !! At that time I did not care about health.

I was reading US News and World Report Magazine last night! I saw " What Will We Eat?", an article by Nancy Shute. She said...........

"The world's appetite is growing, and the global larder is suddenly looking bare. The oceans are all but fished out. New arable land is scarce. People now compete with ethanol-slurping cars for corn. And the population will hit 9 billion by 2050, 2.5 billion more than now. No wander food costs are soaring"..

I agree with what she said, but I do have questions... Is that mean fish will stop making babies? As such huge oceans that we have on earth, where the fish will go in 2050? if so.... how accurate the calculation is?. I do know very little about Shrimps, but I know they make millions of babies too (each time!). I saw a ma ma shrimps shoot the babies out a lot, per time dude! (I even saw a slow motion version of documentary when BBC interviewed my husband in Belize.) How about other animal husbanding? Are they becoming mute (What ever languages they commute), and no action!

Nancy said "At the same time, meat eating is more popular than ever, with newly affluent people in China and India chowing down on pork, beef, and chicken"

I would say.. People do not eat every animal at all. I mean they do not eat the same. Let me put it this way..Indian they did not eat beef nor pork, they are mostly vegetarian. Middle East people do not eat pork at all, they eat more mutton, lamb or fish (In Israel they eat a kind of fish not all fish, as some Christian), China eat lost of pork! actually the whole pig is no way to waste. Some part of Asian do not eat beef or pork! In Africa, Yes I do know some countries are suffering famine! Starvation is a big problem over there. I am sorry for them. They eat elephants though.

You know this is my thought, might not be agreeing by you. People are smart they will do for the best in certain level! Also there are more to eat if you do not have a frog, snake, bugs (there are eatable bugs,many of them. Come see in Bangkok), Crock, tigers, rabbit (the French love it), elephant, still lots of birds, dogs, cats and more. I am very sorry to say that but I am going to say it any way.."some are already eating those I mentioned, not for nothing to eat but by choice), and even said "GOOD!"... I will eat dogs, cats, snakes and sparrows only the day that if I do not eat, I will die!

The article also said, some researchers are now developing vitro meat (mean lab meat). Lab-based production world be "cleaner, more efficient, more sanitary" says Jason Matheny, a health economics graduate student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public Health......

The artists used tissue engineering to grown to quarter-size disks of muscle on a polymer scaffold, then saut'eed the steaks In a honey-garlic sauce, quartered them and served dinner for eight. It was not a gourmet experience. The scaffold did not degrade enough, Catts says, and the unexercised muscle had a texture reminiscent of snot. "It was fabric with Jelly" (Woooo...I will spew it off as fast as I can), He says. "Four people spit out the bits"..(ha ha ha no surprise! ). That was five year ago, and he hasn't eaten meat since!

The article make me understand that "Lab meat also needs exercise before it is fit for the fork. Meat's distinctive texture is formed by the stretching and flexing of muscle fibers as the animal moves" my thinking is "how are we going to exercise the lifeless meat into exercise?? So they are still on going research. "Henk Haagsman, a professor of meat sciences at Utrecht University who is leading the project, says his group hopes that in six years it will have produced a ground meat like product that could be used in Pizzas or sauces. (Hope Pizzas Company will not wipe off from the market!!).

Man made are wonderful, Science are incredible but for me, the science can not cut off creation! Creation by God is perfect! Put it this way, my mother in law bought that fake bacon to eat but never taste as good as natural! no way! There are more articles that I read last night.."What Will Human Beings Become?", "How did life on Earth Get Started?" and "How Did People Reach the Americas?..The scientist are doing researches but nothing come out that one perfect result but unfinished theories!

Now more research are saying "eat natural, eat everything in moderate.".... Man made are good but Natural are perfect!

Finally , I wanted to know "The air that we are breathing, how and why on earth? put it this way.... who put around on earth at certain level?" When are we going to use it all out? 2050? and we all dead?? I am glad I am a simply believing in Creation by Holy God!

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