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The Atheist- Ms. O'Hair

We have a friend, he is a doctor, a PhD. He is a very nice man and fun to be with. I like him a lot, and he is a good friend of my husband, Robins. I have some Atheist friends, they are nice and having good time in life! I have friends in various religions too. We all respect our own believing. I have face many times that I thought people say not correct but I shut my boca! because I understand people have differences...ta ta ta ta ta! We do!!

Since I met this doctor, (lets say his name is Randy!), OK Doctor Randy, back 10 years ago, every time I met him we starting to talk about believing (actually I am the one starting, the reason is... I am very curious about the thinking of Atheist ). I like him because .... He is a openly Atheist and... finish there. Period! Nothing more!!. He has no desire to attack any religions at all. He understand very well of people's religions and their believing. He knows a lot about Fish Vaccine likes my husband know about Shrimp and Alge (spelling??)!!

Last time when I met him, he said "Helen, I will only believe in God when he shows up in front of me and say Hello Randy!"...I just smiled!!

Normally I do not saying anything but this is what I am thinking myself..(Remembered I love God, My Lord Jesus, without conditions, that's my believing...). "Does God is so simple that every time people asking to do something, he will do?" Does Jesus said "Blessing is the one who believe"... As I mention many times..If I can, I really wanted to know .."Why my mother die at 42 and my sister die at 31? Of course with Cancer! but Why my mother and my sister? ...?????? Many qestions but again I say "I have faith in Jesus!" Period..No more as Dr. Randy, he is an Atheist, Period...No more!

NOTE: Before you guys read the following, I have to clear the air that I do NOT know Ms. O'Hair is punishments from God....because I say , "not my job to judge! " and simply ,I do not know the answer.

Another question I am asking myself is ... An Atheist means... a person who did not believes in any Gods right?. When Atheist say against that God is existing, Which God he/she is talking about? All?

Now see the Ms. O'Hair.... Yes she is a very nasty Atheist but why too much to Christianity (She does attacking all religions but why especially Christianity)?, Why her own Son turn to be a faithful Christian (boy she was so so angry for that)? Why she got killed by her own Atheist member why not from other religions (the results said, Mr. Water killed her)? Why she can't be a nice Atheist? She said NO GOD but why she kept the bible? Why not Koran or Tora(spelling?) or other teaching?

The Atheist - Madalyn O'hair

THE ATHEIST'S GOD: THE REAL MADELYN MURRAY O'HAIR[Note: I've had a couple of emails disputing some of the details of this lady's career and beliefs, as they appear in this article and others. Maybe someone who's researched it all can send me any corrections you deem necessary. Rowland].

- by Charles Colson

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who led the charge to remove prayer from public schools in 1963, was recently back in the news again. O'Hair disappeared four years ago and her whereabouts are unknown. The most recent speculation, widely reported, is that she may have been murdered.

But when the IRS recently ordered an auction of O'Hair's remaining property to pay back taxes, a whole new side of the infamous atheist came to light. Among O'Hair's belongings were several diaries, and they give a glimpse of the inner life of the woman once known as the most hated person in America - an appellation, by the way, she wore proudly.

The diaries confirm that O'Hair was indeed a bitterly unhappy woman, a vicious racist, and an anti-Semite. She was consumed with ambition for wealth and power. In 1973, her New Year's wish list included a mink coat, a Cadillac, a cook, and a housekeeper.

She also wrote, "In 1974 I will run for the governor of Texas, and in 1976, the president of the United States." Around that time I debated O'Hair on David Frost's talk show. For some reason, the segment was never broadcast. At the end of the debate, I told her Christians were praying for her and wished her the best. "And I wish you failure," she snarled. I can testify, she was a nasty and bitter woman.

Yet a surprisingly different side of O'Hair's character emerges from the newly discovered diaries. A 1959 entry reveals an almost pathetic despair. "The whole idiotic hopelessness of human relations descends upon me. Tonight I cried and cried, but even then, feeling nothing." In 1977, she wrote, "I have failed in marriage, motherhood, and as a politician."

O'Hair clearly sensed that something was missing from her life. One poignant phrase appears again and again. In half a dozen places, O'Hair writes, "Somebody, somewhere, love me."
How telling that this hostile and abrasive person, who harbored nothing but hatred for God and His people, who believed human beings were merely the product of a cosmic accident, would nevertheless cry out to the great void for someone just to love her.

What a powerful example of the fundamental truth that we are made for a relationship of love with our Creator, and that we can never fully escape from our true identity and purpose. No matter how much we may deny it intellectually, our nature still cries out for the love we were made to share. To paraphrase the famous words of St. Augustine, even the most bitter atheist is restless until she finds her rest in God.

This is a remarkable story that we can use in defending our faith with family and friends. Madalyn Murray O'Hair sought to live her entire life in a manner consistent with atheism. And yet, in the secrecy of her diaries, she admitted it was impossible. If a philosophy is impossible to live out, that's a pretty good sign it is simply wrong.

Every philosophy or worldview, after all, purports to present a map of reality, a geography of the soul. But if the map won't show you how to get from point A to point B, or if the roads aren't connected, the map is not worth very much.

The inside story of O'Hair's diaries is that atheism is faulty because it cannot be lived out--not in the world, nor in the deepest recesses of the human heart. Not even by its best known proponent.

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