Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain and drop dead

I vividly remembered that when my doctor told me "50/50" chance, out coming result for my transplant! I had no idea but was thinking, too low %. May be I wanted to hear 75 % or 80 % for me to be a live! (How foolish? How much the doctors give to Armstrong? I think if my memory is correct, 17%?). I read his book in 2005 and I can't recall the detail. By the way I like it, Dr. G Chamberlain gave it to me. I read books when I was fighting with my liver cancer, 2 books that I like are...Purpose of life and Lance Armstrong books. Good for me!

Before my cancer problem, I was a one happy (still happy person but with a nice thought), healthy and laughing person. I do not smoke, do not drink, I do not take drug, I spent my time in the gym for 13 years aerobic almost every day except weekend. I had no seriously ill nor one broken bone in my body, except C section for my 10 lbs boy delivered. I danced ( I love dancing, I even took Latin and different dances lessons !), I was seeing so many different people around the world, life was very good but deep thought, I never had...but I was almost drop dead, wasn't I?

I asked back to my doctor "50/50"?? ?.... it's too low?? I never forget how my doctor answered me on that day, he said "Helen, we all have 50/50. Here I am talking to you now but when I go home, accidentally can hit by a car to anyone and can be dead"...Humm it is very true.

I was happily holidaying in back home in Florida in 2005 and the next day I was told "You have cancer"...and in 4 days I was cut! Then changed my liver! Yes it is true we all have 50/50 . One of my Indian family friend who had a smart, successful business man son, good life in New York, on 9/11 he was one of the victims! Life... Most of us have 50/50 but just do not know when?? Yes.. Some people had or are having a good life, that's I do not denial it. Like my grand mama she is 92 and so healthy and so happy for herself with a kind maid and a dog now. My good friend Silvia's grand ma ma, Dona Margarita, she passed away at 90++, Uncle Roy die at 85, He was a very positive man and I love him alot.

OK ....Now lets see Uncle McCain's health! Yes..he had skin cancer, honestly I do not know that how much life threating to him. Ja na ce pa! and et vou?... Lots of Democrats told me 'How could we do if McCain drop dead while he is campaigning as he is too old?".. Well..... there the Palin, Ms Barracuda!! Positive side thinking..Why you worry?? May be he will lives the next 15 years!! Look at his beautiful ma ma. McCain's mother is a beauty! Look likes he doesn't have much gene of his ma ma side. OK seriously, Have you ever ask yourself in reverse side as...."How could we do if Obama drop dead by heart attack" or "die of plane crash" or "mentally getting screw up?" ( you know, can be... for someone if the job load is very very heavy and can't handle it anymore....Howard Huge??), or etc...... So we all can't say who is going to drop dead first, don't we??

See I always thought Larry King won't live longer because he looks not so good but he is still talking. I thought that Mr. Rushlimbaugh (spelling?? Sound like Rush Ball to me??I love his talk show though I really do) will drop dead soon as he is smoking, taking Viagra (how I know? he got caught in Miami airport..well this might be making him alive!!) and FAT! but he is still talking too. Remember, all our thought and guess are not always positive results!

So let us not worry whether McCain is going to drop dead or not. As you will never know the exactly date of McCain will drop dead day, don't worry be happy. Lets worry about who is going to do the best President!!! Lets focus on that. What I am thinking is (again?)...even McCain drop dead, we still can deal with Barracuda, don't we! Even if Barracuda is not swimming well, we will put her back in Alaska Water! At last and last you can't help yourself and still worrying about McCain drop dead, .......My positive saying will be....

Look! We are the great Nation, we can deal with the drop dead President!! Just go VOTE please!!!!!

Vote first, worry the drop dead later, This is my motto!

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