Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Bangkok International Gem and jewellery Fair

2008 Gems show is here! I did not buy as world trader but I did buy some. I like to go to the International Booths..mainly I like to see Burmese, Vietnam and Cambodia Booths. This year I saw the Burmese had 5 or 6 booths. I think most of the traders is around the Burmese booths. They do have a good and quality gems. The show was from 11th to 15th Sept. I went everyday except on Sunday.

I saw the Burmese saphire necklace, not heated, the colour is beautiful. I like it as my collection. Me and my friend Kary went to see together. Kary is from Seattle, we got the AG together. He went into serious business but I never did. I business only when I want to and when I wish to. Before I did some business with Taiwanese People mainly. I am a person..... if I sell some and got profit a little, I am already happy. I did sell lots of African Rubies last 4 months ago though. Honestly I do not like so much African Ruby. They are beautiful but won't last time the colour fade as not natural.

Robins went to see the Saphire Necklace (calling prize 5500 US$), with me. I told him I want it for my birthday (which is actually do not know when? I did pick the date on 3rd of December) present but yesterday I changed my mind and told him that "Robins I do not want the necklace anymore but I wish we donate the church renovation some??"....Robins said "You did a good choice".. I will, Yes..Faith without Act is not good and also Act without Faith is meaningless FOR ME!
Various jewellery from Cambodia booth!
They both are gay boys but I like her/his out going personality! I bought 3 blue zircon (Not Cubic Zirconia) braclets from them. I like Zircon because the luster is higher than Diamond and the colour are nice! The Burmese are selling real high prize.

Thse bracelacets are very fashions nowaday. Semi precious with colour paitning on silva, gold, or pick gold! Enamal with gems. I love them. Some put the two together and they look so buatutiful. The owner is this shop is funny couple..She is Thai and her husband is Finn! (Finnish?)

I am enjoying the show! Actually this year I saw not so much traders as before! May be because of Thai Political Situation?? I do not know!!