Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear God!

Sunday is my Church day! Good to be in the church. Seeing brothers and sisters in Christ and worshiping together with them is what a good feeling for me and sure for all of us.

Today I pray for.........

1. My good friend Chris who is facing with cancer. I pray for Our God be with her. I trust that yes.... God is with her.

2. I pray for Shirley for the best for her and her family. As she is a believer she knows what God's will is.

3. I pray for Ms. Lee who is also fighting with cancer.

4. I pray for my friend Rose Mary's sister who is suffering late stage of liver cancer.

5. I pray for Dr. McGarity's family. I believe that God will help him in God's time because Dr. McGarity is a true believer. He is always ready to pray for anyone who need prayers and tell me, who doesn't need prayer!

6. I pray for my Robins to be saved at home soon.

2 nights ago I was reading the following in my devotional time. It said...,

"I know I'm not supposed to worry, but I 'm a little concerned about something. Perhaps it 's because of a new situation in our family. AS I look around, I can't help but have abit anxiety. You see, my wife and I recently found out that we were going to be grandparents. This led me to think about the kind of world our grandchild will grow up in.

When he or she graduates from high school, it will be 2024. will college cost $100,000 a year by then? If There's any oil left, will gas cost $25 a gallon? And will the church still be making an impact?"

Somehow I do understand the one who share above thought! I am a believer but I still do have my own worry too.

1st of July I am flying back to Florida. Time for me a yearly check up. They will do MRI and others what ever my doctor will wants me to do.

Do I scare? Yes... I do! Even now when I am thinking about it I feel so scare. Then I also clearly know that if God wants me to be with him, my God take me longtime ago. Not with this cancer only but there are many ways that God is in control.....yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I pray..........

" Dear God,

I know and feel exactly how my friends are feeling because of cancer. I fully trust in your Miracle too God. You the only one can do this miracle. 4 years ago when Doctor told me that I had cancer I thought I am dying.

I pray to you my God for me to be with Shan more years and you did blesses me what I praying for.

I may not know what my future holds but we all can trust the ONE, you my God, who holds the future.

Forgive me sometime when my doubt and worry over come into my mind God.

In Christ name, Amen"

God said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Hebrews 13:5

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Law in Burma: Can't Marry Foreigners

In 1995 when my son was born we got his US Pass port in 15 minutes. Then I thought well my son should has Burmese passport too in case one day if we need it. Called the Burmese Embassy and I got told., "As the father is American we consider he is illegitimate child."

I talk to myself...Hummmm we spent XXXXX $ with the guests of 250, at one of the best place in Hong Kong that we married but how come they thought my son is not the real one?? Shitty law isn't it?

In 1992 I married to this white gentleman not for his skin colour but for his kindness and not so talkative attitude which I like it a lot.

I have no doubt that most normal women married to men not for skin colour but must be other reason.

Some one shared the following article on Facebook and I share it with my readers. I just mention on my FB ...., "It is sad that the Burmese Women lives and their Private Parts are control by the junta!!"

Ok enjoy the article...

Burmese Women Not Allowed to Marry Foreigners

"Burmese authorities have been instructed by the government to block marriage ceremonies between Burmese women and foreign men, according to legal sources.

Burmese law allows marriages between Burmese citizens and foreigners, provided they give divisional courts 21 days notice.

That law is now being suspended on the instructions of the government,” legal adviser Aung Thein told The Irrawaddy.

Aung Thein suggested the suspension of the law could be aimed at preventing human trafficking, but he described it as unfair. “It will prohibit the rights of couples if they truly love each other and want to get formally married,” he said.

The Rangoon journal Flower News journal reported this month that local brokers were involved with foreigners in trafficking Burmese women.

Lawyer Kyaw Hoe, said the suspension of the marriage law dates back to an incident five years ago when a young woman committed suicide after being forced by her parents to marry a foreigner.

“Since then all legal practitioners, including notaries, have not been allowed to officiate marriages between foreigners and Burmese women,” Kyaw Hoe said.

A well known Mandalay woman writer on social issues said Burmese should be free to marry whomever they wished. “I don't have any objection as long as it is not human trafficking,” she told The Irrawaddy, anonymously.

A representative of a Rangoon-based Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs' Association pointed out that Burmese women abroad had the right to marry whomever they liked.

A Burmese woman who married a foreigner 11 years ago and now lives in Thailand said: “What is most important is understanding and loyalty to each other. Race or religion don't matter.”

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From my morning reading............

A premeditated plan to burn Bangkok

By Thanong Khanthong
The NationPublished on May 26, 2010

The torching of more than 30 buildings in Bangkok last Wednesday in the aftermath of the red-shirt rally was premeditated.

The huge CentralWorld shopping complex was reduced to scorched rubble. Big C at Rajprasong was also badly damaged. The Centre One mall at the Victory Monument was burnt down along with the 300 shops inside, causing damage to the tune of Bt1 billion. The venerable Siam Theatre, which had stood for 44 years, was badly torched. The Maleenont Building on Rama IV, which houses Channel 3 TV station, was also damaged by fire, causing three days of blackout on that channel. The office building of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority was completely ruined by arsonists. About ten branches of Bangkok Bank around the city were smashed and set alight, and their ATMs outside were looted. Convenience stores were robbed. The violence also spread upcountry, where the red shirts came out to burn provincial halls.

Both Dr Panithan Watanayakorn and Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd have confirmed that the torching of central Bangkok, the provincial halls and other public and private buildings was part of a premeditated plot following the end of the red-shirt rally. The masterminds wanted to inflict maximum damage to the economy and the country as a whole.

From my understanding, CentralWorld was the biggest target for the reds, from the very beginning, if their rally failed. Burning down the giant mall would send a strong signal from the poor reds to the Bangkok elite. The owners and management of CentralWorld was aware of this possibility all along, of the building's vulnerability to arson attack. They tried to be friendly to the red protesters by allowing them to use the facilities, including toilets, in the basement of the building. After all, the reds were sleeping all around the "Ground Zero" of CentralWorld. The whole complex, along with nearby shopping malls, was closed down during the red rally from April 12 to May 19.

The reds used these buildings as if they owned them. They kept their arsenal of weapons and explosive stockpiles at CentralWorld, Big-C Rajprasong and in other buildings. Lumpini Park was where the reds' "Black Army" kept their weapons and explosives. Renegade officer Major General Khattiya Sawasdipol, who was killed by a sniper's bullet just days before the final crackdown, was responsible for defending the Sala Daeng barricades in the event of the military moving in. Khattiya said that if Sala Daeng were to fall, the Rajprasong rally site would be taken over.

Some time ago I overheard a red member saying: "We will never lose this battle. We have got strong backup. If the military moves in to hurt us, we will burn all the buildings. They will not dare lay a finger on us."

Going into the protest, the reds were almost certain that they would prevail. They thought that they would never have to use their weapons or explosives against the government's troops. By staging their rally at Rajprasong intersection, the reds were able to hold the entire country as their hostage. There were 2,000 to 4,000 reds, including women and children, at Rajprasong most of the time. This created a dilemma for Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. If he were to employ military force to remove the reds from Rajprasong, he would have to bear the consequences of the human casualties. The reds' armed faction would use heavy weapons to fend off any military attack, as well as kill their own supporters and burn the buildings in the area. The reds were assisted by snipers and black-clad extremists with military training. This "Black Army" would hit the security forces from behind the lines.

The reds would have put all the blame on Abhisit alone after the crackdown, especially if there had been a high number of casualties, particularly among the elderly, the women and the children. We would witness later on how the elderly, women and children feared for their lives when they were evacuated from the protest site to nearby Wat Pathumwararam, which is sandwiched between Siam Paragon and CentralWorld. Many did not know if they would be killed. They did not know what was happening around them. They cried as they walked out of the temple after the crackdown was completed with a minimum loss of life. It was like hell for them in the temple.

There is ample evidence, including video clips, to support the charges that the torching and destruction of Bangkok was premeditated. On January 27, Natthawut Saikua, a red leader, spoke to the red crowd at Khao Soi Dao, Chanthaburi. He said: "If they seize power, we'll start fires throughout the whole country. Burn them all, my fellow friends and brothers. I will assume the sole responsibility. If they want to find fault with someone, come and get me. If you seize power, just burn it."

On January 29, Arisman Pongruengrong, another hardcore red leader, told a red rally: "We'll have an appointment next time. If they are going to crack down on us, we don't need to prepare anything much. Just bring along your cups or bottles, which you can fill up with at least one litre of gasoline. If one million of us come to Bangkok, we'll have one million litres of gasoline. I can assure you that Bangkok will turn into a sea of fire."

CentralWorld was attacked and torched three times on May 19 after the red leaders caved in to the pressure of the military crackdown. About 200 reds were involved in these attacks. The first round of burning took place right after the red leaders announced an end to the two-month rally. The second attack happened at around five or six o'clock. The third occurred at around 9 o'clock.
I was told by an intelligence source that the reds also had reason to burn down CentralWorld because they wanted to destroy the massive weapons stockpile kept inside the building. They wanted to get rid of the evidence. As the government troops were about to advance to Rajprasong, the reds were left with no time to move the weapons out. The military started the operation to flush out the reds at four o'clock in the morning. After some fierce fighting, the troops managed to take control of Lumpini Park, and then broke through the Sala Daeng barricades several hours later. There was fighting in Lumpini Park, but we don't know the number of casualties there.

It also appears that there were behind-the-scenes talks to avoid a full-scale civil war. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, Korbsak Sabhavasu, the secretary to the PM, and Korn Chatikavanij, the finance minister, worked hardest to try to resolve the crisis situation. The military did not want to inflict heavy casualties on the reds. And the reds were well aware that they would be killed en masse if they were to fight back.
The reds must have known about the crackdown in advance. Was this a leak from the military watermelon again? I have heard that some police officers managed to sneak out red militants from Lumpini Park on the eve of the crackdown. But there would still be enough red fighters to fend off the crackdown for a while. In the end, the half-hearted remaining reds, using M-79s, sniper rifles and other weapons, could not hold out against the military's advance.

By 1:30pm, the red leaders at the Rajprasong rally site knew their fate. They had received the warning to disperse. Natthawut was the one who made the announcement that the reds would end the rally in the face of the military crackdown. The reds would surrender themselves at the nearby Office of the National Police.

Reactions were mixed. Many reds felt great relief that the rally had finally ended. Others were confused by the swift change in the tide. But many others were angry. They felt they had been betrayed by their leaders. A bomb suddenly exploded behind the rally site, causing the red leaders to move quickly away. Police officers came to the red leaders' rescue. They escorted them out of the rally site before the military could reach them. This helped avoid the humiliation of being nabbed by the Army, and so the red leaders walked proudly as heroes to surrender at the Office of the National Police.

Then, as we know, all hell broke loose. The torching of CentralWorld began in earnest. Later in the day, the other targetted buildings around the capital would suffer a similar fate. Arson and looting were rampant. The riots would spread upcountry.

As the red extremists burnt CentralWorld during three phases, to destroy their weapons and explosives kept inside, some of their number became trapped inside. In the aftermath, some ten reds were found dead in the basement of the huge complex near the weapons they were trying to get rid of.

The reds were ungrateful to the owners and management of CentralWorld, who had given them shelter and the use of facilities throughout their rally there.

In the end, the reds acted in a way that can be described as "kin bon ruen, khi rod bon lang kha". Eat in a host's home, then climb up on the roof to shit on it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bangkok Was............

This man was very mad at some body!

This one can't bare any more, even his pant. He did not like goverment, also own pant!
8 years in Bangkok... never seen such police or soldiers on the street at all!

The police on the stairs to Skytrain!

Right in front of Hyatt Bangkok! I love the buffet there.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sad-Bangkok (19th May 2010)

Photos-Bangkok Thailand!

It is very sad to see this beautiful Central world is burned down!

These are red women. Some of them are just doing the business, selling water, food, and my maid also went to give foot massage. She told me she got 100 Baht per hour for her lousy job. I can't say anything as she went there at her after works time. I just gave her nasty look what ever she told me that. Do not know the real meaning of anything just everyone look into how to make money in this bad time ....that's all!!
I think this is intersection of night bazzar!!

This monk is in the wrong place. He should belong to the monastery! I think he is getting free food!

I do not know who this woman is but obvious she does NOT like killing!

Such fire are all over down town. All I can wish is when this will be wnd and when Bangkok turn back to normal time. Thailand is a nice place if you know how to live in yourlife in here.

Breaking News

The breaking news are from The Nation on line.........

-Nine bodies found in Pathumwanaram Temple
22:54 PM
Some parts of Central World collapse
21:15 PM
Fires erupt at 27 spots across Bangkok
20:57 PM
Thai Airways International will operate regular...
20:18 PM
Arisaman arrested: reports
19:56 PM
Court approves arrest warrant against Thaksin, 9...
19:37 PM
Police Hospital evacuates patients from building...
19:17 PM
Central World building may collapse after arson...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Since my sister die I have rarely dream about her. I can count it not more than 3 times!

The first dream was the night she died. I was in Belize Shrimps Farm visiting Robins. she died in Rangoon. I was so hurt for losing my only sister who I dearly loved. We are truly two sisters brought up together without any guideness from much closer family. If you want me to say more clearly....., we were lack of love but built up the love between the two of us so firmly.

Jue Ju, my sister came into my dream on the night she died. She was so beautiful with milky skin colour with pink cheeks and lip who also dress like an angel, all white long dress except the wings were silky black. Waved at me slowly with sweet smiling face but not talking to me at all. I am the only one who was calling to her name out loudly but Jue Ju was just waving, smiling and fading away from me.

I am not Daniel (from Bible), who got a special talent provided by my God. So.... I have no idea what that's dream means. I take that dream as my sister loves me so she came to say bye to me before she went kneeling down in front of our God and Lord Jesus.

The second dream came while I was sick with Cancer. I got new liver and recovering my surgery at home in Gainesville, Florida. My dream was.........

There was a white big door. So I get into the room by that door. This is what I saw in that room. Again the room was so beautiful with all white!! The room was decorated with only a white bed. I saw my sister Jue Je was laying down on that bed again with beautiful long white dress with long hair. The minute when she saw me she smiled at me again and went to the only white window in that room has. She opened the window and looked back at me. Again without a talking but pointed finger direction to out of the window and gesturing for me to look out of from that window. I went to the window and look out!!!

This was what I saw from that window. There was a green, so green land which I haven't seen before with so beautiful green garden and full of trees, flowers and birds. It was nothing but jsut beautiful and happiness is what I feel. When I look back to her she was not there any more.

Again if Daniel is my friend, I would definitely will ask him what that dream mean. Now what I feel was my sister is very OK and she wants me to get out of that window and see how this world is beautiful as my God created in 7 days. ( Actually 6 days and the 7 days God show us it is the day of the rest as we are still doing till today. For me, the day of worshiping. )

My third dream was last night! That's why I am writing this blog. My sister and I was walking to go home which was in Rangoon to my mother's house. I told my sister, "We are in the wrong road." As always, she never talks to me in dream. We just kept walking. Then suddenly my brother Robert who are living in my apartment in Rangoon, he calls to both of us from the corner of the street. I look at my sister and I walked to my brother.

At that moment, Rosie show up on the road where we all are and she confirm and said yes we, me and my sister, are on the wrong road and she said she knew the right way to go home. We me, Robert, Rosie but I am not so sure my sister was with us or not but we all walk so happily together.

Rosie is a lady who is our Choir Members at here in Bangkok Church. The question is why Rosie??? She is not a person that I think about her day by day! She was a lady who I like... that's all.

I am not a person who believe in dream or fortune teller or any person who claim that can tell what my future will be. I know for sure I am a Christ follower. Daniel might know?

Today I just wanted to share about my dream. Each time when I dreamt about my sister, yes...... I do miss her. I want to see her and so much want her to be with her children. Like last night when I was reading a book name, "The DNA of faith" by Dr. Lednicky..................

As he said which I think I can say it too. "God loaned my sister to me for 31 years". I know God can surely do the other way as .... I might not have Jue Je on this earth at all. God gives my sister to me such a good childhood, good adulthood and such a good time together.

Thank you God for loaned my sister to me. Thank you very much.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bangkok New Update

Went to the Church and to my surprise, there were lots of people at Church. We did pray for Thailand. Just read the following news...

"Timeline of Bangkok chaos (May 16)
By The Nation

1.15pm - Sansern says the CRES has learnt that the terrorists would be dressed like police or troops to try to create a situation by causing misunderstanding that two sides of security forces would fight against each other.

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Hotel, tour and travelpackages at BTS Chidlom, Tel. 0-2674-5555 0-2674-5555 - Sansern says the CRES has learnt that the terrorists would be dressed like police or troops to try to create a situation by causing misunderstanding that two sides of security forces would fight against each other.

1pm - The spokesman of the Centre for Resolution of Emergency Situation will hold a meeting at 2.30pm to decide details about curfew imposing.

CRES spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd says police will study where curfew should be imposed and when and report their plan to the CRES for discussion at 2.30pm.

11.30am - Channel 3 reports that red-shirt protesters seized traffic light booth at the Din Daeng Intersection and light a big fire in the middle of road using tyres. Think smoke was seen billowing.

11.15am : red shirts try to fire a Bang Fire rocket but it goes off accidentally and injured themselves in Din Daeng area.

The protesters also threaten to fire at authorities if they attempt to break up the rally at the intersection.

11am : Red shirt protesters burn tyres in Bon Kai area, close to Bon Kai community. The fire engulfes and razes to the ground a Tesco Express located nearby.

11am - The Chulalongkorn Hospital announces that its medical services will be closed from Monday (May 19) until further notice.

The statement says the situation outside the hospital is not safe for its medical personnel and patients so it decides to close its Out-patient Department and its special clinic after office hours until further notice.

It will also suspend all surgery operations except the case of emergency. The public can call 02-256-4183 02-256-4183 for further information.

10am - A Nation reporter sees a woman shot at her head at 10 am Sunday while observing the protest in front of the Bon Kai community near the Rama IV expressway.

9am - Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva urges in a TV-pool programme the protesters to abandon the protest and go home.

Speaking live on his weekly TV programme, Abhisit says the ongoing crisis would end only when the red-shirt people end their rally.

He says the authorities have so far laying siege to the protest zone without entering to the main rally zone yet.

He says the people should not join the rally because they could get a jail term if they are arrested and they could be used by terrorists as tools.

He also urges the public to screen and cross-check information before believing.

He has instructed all schools in Bangkok to postpone their new semester by one week. The schools will be open on May 24.

9am - The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's Emergency Medical Service Centre revives the death toll of two days of clashes between protesters and security forces to 24.

The EMS Centre says so far 198 people are injured.

Of the killed, 23 were men.

8.30am - The situation at the Bon Kai area remains very tense as protesters set a huge fire in the middle of the road using several tyres.

They pile up tyres on at the Rama IV-Wireless Intersection and set fire to the tyres, sending thick smoke into the air. The protesters appear blatant and shout to provoke troops.

8.15am - Blood pressure for Maj Gen Khattiya Sawasdiphol has dropped so much that he slipped into kidney failure condition.

Doctor Chaiwan Charoenchokthawee said Khattiya's blood pressure constantly dropped until he was regarded as having kidney failure condition.

"In general, his condition worsened. Doctors are trying to reduce the waste in his blood and urologists are now helping take care of him." "

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Day

Today is my Wedding Anniversary, 19 years with someone who used to be totally stranger but become "One" together.

Me too, I have my own bumbling roads. Sometime the road become with a big hole and we have to mend it then walk on it, fix it walk on it and repair it then walk on it again and again... as other normal couples!!!

The other day I read in somewhere and it said.... "Life starts at 60" not even 40 any more. Then I read somewhere on my computer and said, " A Married Couple 's sex life die at 45!' Then I think who start all these numbers???? Crazy???

Life start at 60 or 40 years old ??? This I do not know as I still feel I am young but not very though. My beauty hero is "Tina Tunner". Damn, this woman is so beautiful. Have you all see her last tour when she was 70 years old??? She looks like 50! I guess this depend on each character how the way you see the life that you are walking on. You bitch or you love is between the 2 choices. For me between the two lines. I am not always bitch nor love. I am kind hearted that is true too.

Let me talk about sex a bit in this blog! Those sex experts are saying that age after 45 the sex is down to the south. It is not!!!! Normal women can still have a good sex even after 50++. The reason lost interest in sex between a couple is not the age. I know and I am very sure for that. NOT age BUT the communication is the main reason causing the problem. If you hurt someone with action or by the way you talk... this two reasons can kill faster than the age which saying 45!

Here is something to laugh off for a married couple who has Wedding Anniversary to day...............

"The Secret of a Happy Marriage
From R.Hynes of Mornington

My wife and I have the secret to making the marriage last...

Twice a week we go to a nice restaurant, have some good food, a little wine and companionship. She goes Tuesday and I go Friday. We sleep in separate beds, hers in Sydney and mine in Melbourne.

I take my wife everywhere, but she keeps finding her way back.

I asked her where she wanted to go for our anniversary, 'Somewhere I haven't been for a long time' she said. So I suggested the kitchen.

We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.

She has an electric blender, an electric toaster and an electric bread maker. When she said that she had too many gadgets but nowhere to sit down. I bought her an electric chair.

Remember that marriage is the number one cause of divorce. Statistically 100% of all divorces started with marriage. I married Ms. Right, I just didn't know that her first name was ALWAYS.

I haven't spoken to her in 18 months now - I don't like to interrupt her. The last time we had a fight, it was my fault. She asked, 'What is on the TV?' I said 'It looks like Dust'.

In the beginning; God created the earth and rested. Then God, created the man and rested. Then God created woman. And since then neither God nor man has rested.

Original article -
The Secret of a Happy Marriage by R.Hynes of Mornington."

This is what in my mind for today: Among those many couples are divorce, I am still walking on my married life because I am a person who fear (obey or respect), of God's law. I try to live my life in moral or ethical life.

I was brought up from a divorced parents and life was very uphappy for me and my sister's childhood. I learn my lesson and talk to myself that I will try very hard not to put my only child in that position which I faced.

I guess life is not that bad at all if you know how to live under God's guidness. This I speak for me (not for others), and yes...... I pray to my God that may God blesses my married life.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Reading News

Starting yesterday 3pm, my phone was ringing one hundred times... guess! I hope all the best for Thai people. Since I have been living in this country for 8 years, yes... I do fall in love some parts of them.

Actually Thai people are not blood boiling people as neighbouring. They are mostly happy people who love the seasonal festivals.

"Chai Yean Yean" means "Cool heart" is widely use in here. I guess now time is changing in all over the world.
Those people who lives in USA, and speaking out their own laws which suit to them must learn there are laws which we should abide with too. I am going to say it again here....

This Arizona Immigration law is so bothering me. People are looking at the picture with their small eyes. Most of them lost the big picture. I rather face the domestic problem them the whole country security. Do they know that terroistors are trying to come in different directions??

There was an Air line which involved with the Chinese Immigration people. Was a true story! This airline carried the Chinese people half around the world and drop them in Mexico to cross into the USA. Luckily this Chinese are coming to cook "Chow Mei or Chow Fun" ( Fry noodle or Fry rice), only. Thank goodness they do not want to blow up.

Oh well.. I do believe that my contry can taking care of the Business. They know what they are doing! So lets see...

Here is today news from my on line, "The Naiton" said,

"Thailand tense after fresh violence

by Anusak Konglang

BANGKOK (AFP) -- Thailand was tense Friday after clashes between "Red Shirt" anti-government protestors and troops left one dead and eight wounded, including a renegade general allied with the demonstrators.

The fresh violence in the capital Bangkok late Thursday came after Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva shelved a plan to hold early elections in November and hopes faded for a resolution to the crippling political crisis.

Renegade Major-General Khattiya Sawasdipol, a key figure in the protest movement, was shot in the head and seriously wounded while he was giving an interview to a newspaper journalist close to the protesters' sprawling camp.

Another demonstrator died in clashes with security forces.

Defiant Red Shirts vowed no surrender, despite the shooting of the fiery general, known by his nickname Seh Daeng.

"If you think the shooting of Seh Daeng will scare leaders and make them not dare to take the stage, you are wrong," one of the protest leaders, Jatuporn Prompan, said at the rally site in central Bangkok.

"No matters what the weapons are, it means nothing to people who are calling for democracy like us. We will not leave here as losers."

The Reds say the government is undemocratic because it came to power in a 2008 parliamentary vote after a court ruling ousted elected allies of their hero, former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, who was unseated in a 2006 coup.

Abhisit said he had ditched a plan to hold elections in mid-November under a peace plan aimed at ending the tense standoff because the protesters were refusing to disperse from their vast camp in the heart of Bangkok.

The mostly poor and working class Reds, who launched their campaign in mid-March for immediate elections, initially agreed to enter the process but efforts to reach a deal that would see them go home eventually broke down.

Bracing for further possible unrest, the government extended a state of emergency already in place for the capital and surrounding areas to 15 more provinces.

The United States said it was "very concerned" about the violence, and closed its embassy because it is close to the protest site.

"The government has to continue to have a dialogue with the demonstrators and they need to reach an agreement on a path forward," State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters.

Asked if there was a threat to democracy, he said: "There are fundamental fissures within Thai society and the only way to resolve this and to develop a civil and inclusive society is through peaceful negotiation."

Thirty people have been killed and 1,000 injured in Bangkok in a series of confrontations and attacks since the protests began in mid-March. It has been Thailand's worst political violence in almost two decades.

Hours before the general was shot the army had warned it would deploy snipers in the area around the Reds rally site as part of a lockdown aimed at preventing more protesters entering.

An army spokesman had said troops would surround the rally site with armoured vehicles and that demonstrators would be allowed to leave but not enter the area.

An unsuccessful attempt by troops on April 10 to clear a different area in the capital's historic district sparked fierce street fighting that left 25 people dead and hundreds wounded."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Helen Said:

From the Nation news:

Helen Said: I read the following news and this goes into my head......, such a nice shopping road but going to smell human waste!! I haven't been that place for now 7 weeks!!

enjoy the news please!!!!!

"Red shirts leaders not worried, power generators prepared"
By the Nation

"Red shirts leaders on Wednesday claimed they are not shaken by the government's warning of severing food and water supplies at the Rajprasong rally site.

They told reporters that they have their own power generators which would work immediately after the power supplies were cut.
Weng Tojirakarn, a red shirts leader, said, "None of the red shirts are afraid of your threats to cut water and power. We will run at soldiers with our two bare hands even if they fire at us with assault rifles."

"We just want Suthep Thaugsuban to publicly surrender himself to police," he said from a stage in the sprawling rally site in the capital where several shopping centres and upscale hotels have been forced to close temporarily.

The authorities announced new measures to take effect by midnight Wednesday to make life tougher in the sprawling encampment, cutting off electricity and water supplies as well as telephone and transportation links.

Sansern Kaewkumnerd, spokesman of Emergency Operations Center, said Wednesday that the cut of power and food supplies as well as telephone and transportation links would be cut around midnight on Wednesday.

"The people living in this area will be affected as well as embassies," said Sunsern.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has demanded the red shirts demonstrators leave the area on Wednesday, but the mainly poor and working class movement appeared in no mood to pack up and go home.

Protest leaders have vowed to continue their rally until deputy premier Suthep Thaugsuban surrendered to police, not Department of Special Investigation."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here is Real Happy Person!

Peter Buffett

I know there is a next life but marrying someone in the next life, I don't think so!! As a believer this is what I believe in. But..... if there is a next life and if I need a husband, I will ask Peter Buffett to marry me. If he ignore me I will ask 2 or 3 times more. He is not that handsome but I like his beautiful heart. That's all I count!!

The reason why I want to marry him is.............., Looking at rich people I can see 3 groups!! He falls in the 3rd group, that's why I want to marry him.

Here are the rich groups............

1. There are some rich people nothing but dwelling in Material, Sex, gambling, drug and drinking. They are spending money like peeing (often), this make me pewt out. Oh yeah I have seen them. Love to have 5 cars, 3 houses , 2 private plane and 1 yatch on top of that for some one including 3 wives. That's OK because they do have money to do such thing. Up to them not my problems. But I do have a problem when these rich people just think about me me and me, nothing to the poor needing people. Say...not sharing within limit.

2. There are rich but no love relation with any material at all but happy with a house actually they can do more better without waisting the money!! They are NO fun at all people. Even to do a family nice vacation trip they have to think 4 times. They think they are saving but a kind of lean into stingy, cheap and thrifty what ever you want to name them. I call them cheap bastard or money hugger and for sure they will die with same position...sitting down hugging bank books!!!!

3. They are rich no wasting money but do care about own, family, relative and OTHERS. They enjoy family outing or get together with friends. On top of that not dwelling their mine on their wealth but following what things make them real happy. Example.....Peter Buffett??? Oh he likes music just like me. He plays music and I sing.. how about that? Happy couple???

One thing I want to share with you is...............

You come naked and you go naked!
You know your birthday but you do not know your deadday.... so be good.

Lets find a real happiness as Peter Buffett has. Love you Peter!!!

Warren Buffett's son preaches values as wealth
NEW YORK (Reuters) – The son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett has an old-world spiritual message for today's money-rich parents: teach your children values and do not give them everything they want.

Musician and now author Peter Buffett preaches the message in his new book "Life is What You Make it: Finding Your Own Path to Fulfillment". Recently released in the United States, it describes how he wound up a "normal, happy" person instead of a spoiled child to one of the world's richest people.

Buffett, 52, teaches the rewards of self-respect and pursuing one's own passions and accomplishments rather than buying into society's concepts of material wealth.

"I am my own person and I know what I have accomplished in my life," he said. "This isn't about wealth or fame or money or any of that stuff, it is actually about values and what you enjoy and finding something you love doing."

People who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth can fall victim to what Buffett said his father has called a "silver dagger in your back," which leads to a sense of entitlement and a lack of personal achievement.

"Entitlement is the worst thing ever and I see entitlement coming in many guises," he said. "Anybody who acts like they deserve something 'just because,', is a disaster."

But Buffett wasn't always this wise. His own family gave him $90,000 in stock when he was 19, a small sum from such immense financial wealth. After studying at Stanford University, he moved to San Francisco and lived in a studio apartment with just enough room for his musical instruments.

"I was really searching," he said, adding that he began his musical career by working for free writing music for a local television station.

"I was kind of lost, but trying to find myself. It was definitely this strange period where I didn't really know where I was going," he said.


As well his musical passions, the values taught to him growing up and a sense of a bigger picture in life stayed with him during those trying times, he said.

"I was not only not handed everything as a kid, I was shown that there are lots of other people out there with very different circumstances," he said.

Although many people he encounters assume that his father wanted him to go into finance, he said his father accepted his choice to become a musician beginning with commercials then his own albums and composing for television shows and films.

"It was encouraged for a moment when I was open to the idea," he said about pursuing finance. But he added that as he grew older, it became clear the financial world "was not speaking to my heart."

Along with the book, Buffett has embarked on a "Concert & Conversation" tour in which he plays the piano, talks about his life and warns against consumerist culture and damaging the environment.

He said he eventually inherited more money after his mother died in 2004, but by then he had learned his lessons. Now he works on giving back to the world -- another of his life philosophies -- which includes through working for his father's NoVo charitable foundation.

"Economic prosperity may come and go; that's just how it is," he writes in the book. "But values are the steady currency that earn us the all-important rewards."

(editing by Bob Tourtellotte)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Real Happy!!!!!

I just read the new about Chaz, the daughter of Bono and Cher. The new said......

"A year after undergoing a sex change, Chaz Bono is now legally a man" "Chaz couldn't be happier", said Kristina Wertz, legal director of for the Transgender Law Center.

My thinking: I am a bit confuse here. I live in Bangkok and yes we have such a travesties population. I am not doctor so I do not know much but this is what I am thinking! I do understand that man penis turn into woman part. Understandable right? but now how can you turn woman vagina in to a man part? and this is my question for today. Medical wonder??

I did not know that US has a Transgender Law Center!!! I have no idea we have that kind of Center in Bangkok or not.

New said, " This is an important steep in his transition and will allow him to change variety of his identity documents to show who he truly is"

My thinking: I want to point out this!!! The new said, "Who he truly is". I imagine that his ID card should be..Born as woman name:Chaz Bono, after 2010: Repair as a man. Name:????

Now age at 41 she is officially HE! and.... real happy.

I want to talk about when people said "I am real happy"!! OK Chaz Bono said just turned into man, she is real happy now right? Lets Do the deep thought here. Can someone be very real happy just turned his sex life? I doubt it though.

Let see on me, Helen. The day my wedding day, I thought that day was my real happy day but somehow I lost it because of many reasons. I am not talking about love here. Yes... I do love Robins but real happy all the way is not sure. We have many things to face and somepoint I even understand what "Happy" is?

Then I got this my beautiful son. I was real happy when the day he was born. I feel part of mine is now created and very good looking too. But sometime this my little creature want me to spank him good. I love my son to dead but real happy with him I am not sure at all.

To say more clearly......... when I got hit by live cancer and now I fought and free for almost 5 years. I was happy but won't last at all. My 2 step brothers make me worry.

I learn one thing in this life.. If I do not surrender all my life into Christ I will never know how to feel last longer happiness which to say.. "I Am Real Happy."

Learn to trust in God and lets God leads your life is to see the real happiness! Trust me on this. Even when I hit down to the bottom I pray to God for help and leave it in Christ's hands!

This is from my reading of last night devotional time. I wanted to share with you because it is very similar to my situation too.


"For many years I was able to tell people that God had blessed me with good health. Then in 2005 I was diagnosed with Cancer. For someone who has experienced only minor illnesses in life, Cancer was quite a shock.

All during my cancer treatment, many of my friends prayed for me. I experienced some anxious moments, but I was always a ware that those who loved me were praying for me and asking God to support me. I began to realize that I still had the greatest blessing of all God's unconditional love, shown through the support of loved ones and friends.

I am doing very well now and have won my battle with cancer. But if things had not gone well, or if the cancer returned in the future, I still have the blessing of God's love for me, no matter what.

Now I simply tell people that God has blessed me with love that is greater than any struggle I may face.

Glen Graham (Louisiana)"

If I do not trust my God's power, I will never know what the Real Happy is!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Tea Party

We heard tea party this and tea party that often...right? Now I wonder if I can have my own tea party?? I am not talking about housewives tea party who will likely to talk about husbands, babies, money, clothes, make up, maid and ta ta ta ta ta..............................

I want my tea party can talk all the subjects. Likes, different headline news!

The following people are I wish to have on my tea party table so badly. I wish to include.............

-An actress
-A housewife (This will be me!)
-A Gay
-A Preacher
-A lesbian
-A doctor (I prefer Psychologist)
-A politician
-A self make millioner
-A half bimbo, likes....... Ms. Lewinsky (oh sorry), and
-A religious extremist

10 number is the good numbers for my tea party...don't you think so??? The following are out of my tea table list...........

-Global Warming man
-Depression man
-A Dress maker
-A Suicider
-A Pervert
-Communist man
-A house husband

If I have my tea party today, the following TOPICS are I am interesting to hear from my tea party members.................

1. China hit with world's fastest growing syphilis epidemic: Fueled by economic growth
(My question will be..... why the minutes people have money their first priority is about "SEX"?)

2. What would you say to Ahmadinejad?
(I hate this man but like to talk about how to stop his mouth!)

3. "Brazil archbishop says teenagers are "Spontaneously' gays, need guidance on sexuality...." said the Fox New on my blackberry.
(I just wanted to ask why the bad Catholic leaders did not control their desire instead of need to guide the little boys?? What is Spontaneously gays means???)

4. On Health, "Why we have weather on the brain?"
(I need to know more about Brain Weather)

I think that's enough for my Tea Party!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


TODAY I went to get foot massage. I might be very tired because I fell at sleep and when I wake up, my foot massage is already done!! Haven't play tennis for 3 weeks and started to play today. Under the heat of Bangkok, I think I become a rotten banana!! My Shan plays very well though.

Bangkok is nicer now. No more gun shot, no more road block, no more rally and no more RED!!! Well....not 100% yet. I should say...nearly there. Hope that not another detour!!

I am leaving to USA in end of June. Time for me to check up for my dear LIVER. I am living with my new liver for almost 5 years now. Time for me to check up all over my body again. Please put me in your prayers. I will say it again, for me I am living because of by the mercy of Christ! I say it and I mean it.

Most people say..."We live one life" but somehow for me I can say.. "I live two lives" which are before my cancer and after my cancer. My way of living, my perspective is totally different. Life is more beautiful after my cancer. I enjoy seeing my son, my Robins (sometime??), my grand mama, my love one. I am so thankful for still alive!

The following is from my TODAY devotional time! It said......

"This is my 94th year, and I spend a great deal of time reminiscing about the different stages of my life. I especially like to think about my happy childhood, I had loving parents who tried to teach Christian values and habits both by word and example. These values influenced my life through my teenage years and adulthood, and now they influence me in this stage of my life.

As I looked through a scrapbook of materials I've collected over the years, the following question gave me food for thought:
-When I die, will the world be a better place because I have lived or because I have died??

If I am to evaluate my life honestly, I also must ask other questions;
-Have I loved my neighbor as myself?
-Have I treated others as I want them to treat me?
-Have I done what Micah say God requires of me:"to do Justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with (my) God?

I know I have failed many times in many ways. But how thankful I am that God is merciful and forgiving and that I can say, "Lord, I am trying."

Billlies E. Kemp

Honestly to say, I am trying too Lord!

Just talked with a family who I dearly love them. What a difficult situation comes not one but many for them. Such a nice, good, humble, thoughtful family but why so many bad things hit them almost the same time. Why???

Them I remembered Jacob's life. We never know what God's plan is. Just trust!! We do our part of duty and I believe God will taking care of us.

"Dear God,

Please be with those who are in very sad time. God help us my Lord and help my friend's family.

In Christ,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An open letter to the Illegally Immigrants

"Let me see if I got this right.....









- IF YOU CROSS THE U.S. BORDER ILLEGALLY YOU GET................................
1 - A JOB,


Dear All Immigrants,

After reading above which sent it to me by email from another very good immigrants family from China, I decided to write this letter. You read it or not, none of my worry because I have no idea how many of you can read and write. I just hope, may be one of your family who read and write can read for you.

First thing I want to tell you all is do what the law request you to do!

Some how from my reading or just conversation with others, many are do not like American or American Laws but the surprise is... there are many still want to come to stay in US and work and looking for the American Dream!! More over some are looking American Husbands and Wives.....True!!

My one question,,,,,Is that too hard for you all to carry the damn card? After a job, good clothes, good food, nice house, and nice country?? and.................. no tax! On top of that free medical care! Damn better than living in Burma or Cuba!

Similar, I just want to tell you this. Say....... if you are a guest in someone house. After you shit please do not forget to flash or clean your mess up! Same thing in here you come to USA as your own will so please do flash and clean up your actions!!

Me and others good citizens are paying tax each years. We wish you will be in our shoes once in your life and just do the good thinking once in your life also... will you??? See how you feel if you are my place. Now.... just be honest is my request here!

One final sharing.... I am marrying into a white man from America. By the way I did not looking for him in US, he just pop up in Rangoon for work. The rest is the history amd I no need to detail......

With him I go all over the world where ever his job is. One year I got hit by the liver cancer. The rule of the country we are living while I got hit cancer is........ if you need a liver transplant, the local are the first prior which I fully understand and naturally should be that way. I respect their law too.

I went back to my wonderful nation to USA and got my liver. The amazing thing more I saw is ......., One Burmese boy who is working in Florida need a liver transplant. Not citizen yet, No money yet, but get free medicine which is many medicine needed after transplant. The Burmese boy got them all.

I am very glad for him. This is happening in only USA. Believe me in this What I say........ONLY in USA!!!

Another true is... When I visited to a Thai Princess friend who lives in XXXX. I met this Thai man who works in beauty saloon. He got his lung transplant same situation as the Burmese boy in Florida.

Again, I read which is true...... One Illegal Mexican little girl got 2 transplants not ONE, and living. All are in ONLY happened and happening in the great USA.

So what can we do back to this wonderful opportunity!! After all these thing........................... I will say,

Carry the damn Illegal Cards you all.

Helen De Bangkok
A legal Immigrant to USA

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Civil War in Bangkok??

The following is what I am reading today! I do not know where this is heading to. Do I concern? Yes, I do!! Look like never ending. Rumor or not I have no idea but said the government is waiting for the right time.

Today is Communion Sunday. I am thankful for Thai Government allow us to worship under freedom of religion.

This is my today wish...

1. Hope and wish that the King of Thailand will be healthy and happy.

2. Hope that this political situation will be end soon.

3. The Red and the rest should be living together again as before.

4. May peace on us everywhere around.

I pray that my wish will be fulfill soon. So help us God!!

Civil war warning
By The Nation on Sunday

Agence France-Presse
Published on May 2, 2010

"The prolonged row between the government and red-shirt protesters could deteriorate into an "undeclared civil war", but mediation help from other countries might avoid a slide into further violence, a top global think tank has suggested.

The Thai political system has broken down and
seems incapable of pulling the country back from the brink of widespread conflict," the International Crisis Group (ICG) said in a report released on Friday.

The stand-off in the streets of Bangkok between the government and red-shirt protesters is worsening and could deteriorate into an undeclared civil war," it said. "

Red shirts, soldiers ready
By Pravit RojanaphrukThe NationPublished on April 21, 2010

The red shirts barricaded all six entrances to their protest site on Rajprasong intersection yesterday after the government made it clear that it was waiting for the right opportunity to use force to disperse the tens of thousands of protesters.

However, Saladaeng intersection, adjoining Silom Road and Lumpini Park, had the heaviest barricades set up by both sides.

Dozens of soldiers, armed with M16A1 semi-automatic rifles and other weapons, were seen occupying 100 metres of the elevated walkway above Silom Road. They also started piling up car tyres as barricades yesterday evening, hung black plastic webbing on the elevated walkway to cover their positioning and placed razor wire at a number of spots on the street below.

On the other side, the red shirts put up two layers of bamboo fences and car tyres with two lorries blocking the street opposite Silom Road, which leads to Rajprasong intersection. Dozens of red-shirt protesters armed with sharpened 1.5-metre-long bamboo poles were seen standing guard behind a barricade of motorcycles.

Still, despite the impending violence, spirits among the hundreds of red shirts manning the barricades remained high.

"We shall fight for democracy for our children," a man was heard screaming into a loudspeaker from the back of a lorry at the Saladaeng intersection. A pedestrian overpass connecting the two sides was also barricaded with two layers of bamboo fencing.

In addition, two home-made rockets (known in the Northeast as bang fai) attached to the bamboo poles were being set off every 10 minutes.

"Don't waste the rockets, save them for the fight. Also people might mistake the signal," warned red-shirt leader Kwanchai Praipana through a loud speaker at the Saladaeng intersection.

Hundreds of red shirts stood behind the barricade waving red flags at the traffic passing by.

"Guard the gate with your life!" said another voice was heard saying through the loud speaker.

At the Pathumwan intersection, where Siam Centre and MBK are located, the barricades put up by the red shirts were much smaller in scale but made from the same materials.

Shops on the ground floor of Siam Centre, such as Adidas, Roxy and Vallains SF, removed all their merchandise in preparation of an imminent crackdown.
Water hoses lay ready at the mall, as red-shirt guards kept a vigilant eye out for any signs of violence. Though the mood here was much more relaxed than at the Saladaeng intersection, some red shirts said that they'd know if soldiers were heading their way if the 24-hour convenience stores suddenly started shutting down and mobile phone signals were cut off.