Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear God!

Sunday is my Church day! Good to be in the church. Seeing brothers and sisters in Christ and worshiping together with them is what a good feeling for me and sure for all of us.

Today I pray for.........

1. My good friend Chris who is facing with cancer. I pray for Our God be with her. I trust that yes.... God is with her.

2. I pray for Shirley for the best for her and her family. As she is a believer she knows what God's will is.

3. I pray for Ms. Lee who is also fighting with cancer.

4. I pray for my friend Rose Mary's sister who is suffering late stage of liver cancer.

5. I pray for Dr. McGarity's family. I believe that God will help him in God's time because Dr. McGarity is a true believer. He is always ready to pray for anyone who need prayers and tell me, who doesn't need prayer!

6. I pray for my Robins to be saved at home soon.

2 nights ago I was reading the following in my devotional time. It said...,

"I know I'm not supposed to worry, but I 'm a little concerned about something. Perhaps it 's because of a new situation in our family. AS I look around, I can't help but have abit anxiety. You see, my wife and I recently found out that we were going to be grandparents. This led me to think about the kind of world our grandchild will grow up in.

When he or she graduates from high school, it will be 2024. will college cost $100,000 a year by then? If There's any oil left, will gas cost $25 a gallon? And will the church still be making an impact?"

Somehow I do understand the one who share above thought! I am a believer but I still do have my own worry too.

1st of July I am flying back to Florida. Time for me a yearly check up. They will do MRI and others what ever my doctor will wants me to do.

Do I scare? Yes... I do! Even now when I am thinking about it I feel so scare. Then I also clearly know that if God wants me to be with him, my God take me longtime ago. Not with this cancer only but there are many ways that God is in control.....yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I pray..........

" Dear God,

I know and feel exactly how my friends are feeling because of cancer. I fully trust in your Miracle too God. You the only one can do this miracle. 4 years ago when Doctor told me that I had cancer I thought I am dying.

I pray to you my God for me to be with Shan more years and you did blesses me what I praying for.

I may not know what my future holds but we all can trust the ONE, you my God, who holds the future.

Forgive me sometime when my doubt and worry over come into my mind God.

In Christ name, Amen"

God said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Hebrews 13:5


shirley said...

Well said, Helen. We love you!

Helen said...


I love you too.