Friday, October 29, 2010

The Stoning

PS: I have no intention to talk about religion base on this blog! This is purely about the movie!!

I never ever walked out from watching the movie in my life. But.... this movie "The Stoning of Soraya", I can't watch it any more. I had to walked out to the toilet and closed my ears. Then the next day I like to know hows the movie ended so I talk to myself.. "Helen, this is only in the movie and watched the ending part!!"

So sad, so disgusting, so amazing and so unhappily ending movie.

What bother me is this..... the movie is based on a true story.

Here some parts of critic on this movie by Cibbuano!!

"by Cibbuano

- written in 1994, it describes the true story told to a French-Iranian journalist as he was passing through a village. Told by Soraya's aunt, the story unravels the deceit and lies told by the men in the village, using the convenient charge of adultery to stone Soraya to death.

What was Soraya's charge? The movie is quite one-sided on this: she was falsely accused by her husband, who only wanted a divorce, but did not want to pay her to support herself. Using his connection with the corrupt local mullah, he convinced the men in the village that she was a lusty woman, mostly because she smiled at a widower."

For that smiled to the opposite sex, she got the punishment of stone to dead!!

I am so glad that I am living in Thailand! Thailand is calls "The Land of Smile". Me too I mostly smile at people around the world (may be except those forbidden to smile countries), specially in Thailand because people around here are so friendly and happy people.

If I will get the punishment of stoning because of smiling at someone, I will be dead by long time ago! Well....I might die with the smiling face as I like to smile. On top of that I like laughing and I laugh alot. Hummm for just smiling you get that bad punishment right?? I wonder what kind of punishment for laughing like ha ha ha ha with the male friends???

I guess in some countries you have to walk with a very angry faces! What a life???

Somehow this remind me when I was in Burma years! In Burma you can NOT kiss (Simple kiss nor Franch kiss), in public! But as an exceptional, you can kiss your wife or your lover or your partner who ever in your own House or University Compound or Movie Halls or in the Zoo!!

In Rangoon young people go to the zoo are not to see the animal at all. 80% of those people in the zoo are just for to KISS your lover freely!!!

There is no stone to dead in Burma though.

Then today I read this:"Iran woman could be stoned to dead soon!"

Yeah right another one!

By the way I do believe in punishment from the government though. ie: Ted Bundy!! I think he was the most cruel man on earth to kill 30 ++ women by his own pleasure on the sickness of him.

Here I want to point it out between this Iran woman who is just about to stone to dead and Ted Bundy. She was committed "Adultery" which is she is not acting along. To be an "adultery woman" you need a male partner...don't you??? Right???

OK as the way they believe that this woman must die by stoning but how about the man she had fun with??? What is for this man's punishment?? 3 days in Jail?? If the punishment is equal to the man and woman I would try to understand it but now I can't UNDERSTAND!!!!

Why the woman must stone to dead and the man is still breathing??

SAD and UNFAIR is I see here.

Now back to the movie......... "The Stoning of Soraya"

This is how the movie ended. The first to stone at her was her own blood father. Of course he throwed the stone at her as missed direction, did not hit her. How could a father do that? NO!

So the second person to thrown at her was her own husband who want her to die in order to get married to a 14 years old girl without child support to his first wife. That is the motivation of this ugly man. He stoned at her right on her head!!

Then the third persons to thrown at her was her own 2 sons! Speaking by the blood the 2 sons do not want to do it but by force they did it. Without a doubt I say that they live this moment in their whole lives!!

Then all of the male villagers thrown at her with thousand of stones till she die. Then there was a party at the village too.

Here we are 2010 but what kind of punishment is this?

Ted Bundy die with peace and in sleeping position.

Soraya die with pain and in waist level buried position.

I did check out about the stoning punishment and this is what I found: Both in Judaism or Islam, the Stoning are not written in the Koran nor Jewish bible. "It is Oral Law."

NOTE: Do not have sex with other's women in Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan and Saudi Arabian!!! You will get the pain and slow to dead by stoning. Also reading about you can't be GAY or LESBIAN in those countries too.

Friday, October 22, 2010

People in Bangkok

Came to Bangkok 2002. Nice and big was my first impression!! Bangkok is another city which is never sleep! We have every thing except Atom Bomb and The Rocket go to the moon. Well you never know we might have that too in future. The Rocket go to the moon??? Who cares there is nothing on the moon right?

I am not going to blog about the good, the bad and the ugly in Bangkok. I want to blog about people in Bangkok. Bangkok is a cosmopolitan out look city.

There is a cinema complex call "Major". What ever new movies show in US, after one or two days, the movies are here in Bangkok too. Sometime the DVD of new movies which are even not showing in any cinemas in Bangkok yet but you can get it on the street. Yes...... 100% clear.

I have no idea how they get on Bangkok street. Some of them are very clean movies but what bother me is you can see the line on the screen and it said "This is only for Oscar Award Purpose only." Well too bad they are on the street in Bangkok! We are the Oscar Members too I guess!! Sorry.

Two days ago I was at the Major Complex to get some KFC for our dinner. I know I know it is bad. As I give all my helpers on Sunday is their holiday I cheat my cooking on Sunday. Hey hey but only sometimes not always. By the way try it KFC with home make mash potato.... It is good!!

When I was lining in to get the KFC there were a Muslim girl was behind me. She looks like her late 30. Whe I turned my head she was smiling at me. She has her burqa on it. She is a beautiful woman slim with the fine face. NO joke yes she is good looking.

She said to me, "Hello" . I was thinking Oh very friendly too. So I greeted her back, "Hello, how are you?"

The line was quit long as on Sunday. So we 2 women exchanged the conversation. One point I asked her, "What bring you to Bangkok?" and she answered to me, "My husband is working at the Suvarnabhumi (spelling??) air port". Then I asked here," Where do you from??" . She said to me, "Oh I am from Iran!!"

I was eating Korean food in Emporium Mall. I like Korean food you know. I like "Kyap Chair" (glass noodle what ever they do with it), and "Kim chee" too. Some restaurant they give you kim chee the size of your eye balls. I end up asking to fill it up.

So when the little waitress girl passed by me I said to her, "Can you give me more kim chee?" . She answered to me very politely and said, "Ka" . Then she walked back to the cash counter, with high voice and said, "Hey that "Bour Daw" wants more kim chee." (In Burmese which is I understand very well).

"Bour Daw" in Burmese means "Old Lady"! Of course I do not like people calling me Bour Daw so I waved at her and said to her with very sweet little voice IN BURMESE, " Do not call me "Bour Daw". I won't give you a good tips!!"

She covered her mouth with her one hand and went... "He he he he he he sorry sorry ma ma!" (Ma ma means Sister!)"

Can you tell me what Language is the "he hee he hee he heee"???

That's what happened in Bangkok to me!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There are 2 kinds of women. As I am a Christian woman lets me put it this way...... Mary and Eve kinds of women!

Mary, earthly mother of Christ and she is nice!
Eve, the one seduced Adam to eat fatal fruit and sin!

I want to talk about EVE today!! If I am wrong please share what is your thinking about her also.

We know Mary is good and Eve is bad. For me Eve is easy to fall for sin and Adam is stupid enough to eat the fatal fruit knowingly he got told, "Do not eat fruit from this tree!!" (" shall surely die" (Genesis 2:16-17)"

Thinking about it... even on earth there are some fatal foods that you are not suppose to eat. ie: Some Mushroom, blow fish!! We still have huge freedomly choice of to eat OR not to eat those fatal food.... don't we???

Why Adam eats the deadly fruit? Some said, because Eve attempted him to eat!

Why Eve blames Adam? Some said, Adam was made out of DUST! Doesn't take much time to think about what is right and wrong. Do it now and sin it later type!!

Well how true, you think it yourself!

For me: God told them "Both" that "Do not eat this fruit!" right??? So they both sin together and can't blame one to the other. Can't blame Eve nor Adam! If you sin you are sin NOT he or she makes me do it!!!

I read about "Adam and the fruit!" by SirDent's blog. He wrote as he was in Adam's place and talked about how He, as Adam struggled the love between God and Eve. Interesting!!!! Google it and good to read though.

Well nowadays how many Adam Men on this earth who love blindly their wives? Not Much.....

There are many temptation on this earth. It all up to us!
Lets see this. I know my marriage is not always rosy road. I know Robins loves me and I love him. But say.... One day Robins comes to me with the sweetest face of him and said, "My darling Helen, please eat this blow fish (the one not taking out the poison bag!!), if you really love me".

I will say to him, "You are trying to kill me and I will call the police or call 911 as soon as I can be!"

Use your brain which God puts it up in the head for a good reason so use it nicely folks!!

Let me end with this:

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book (Bible), if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto these him the plagues that are written in this book:
And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

Revelation 22: 18-19

PS: I am not the sinless person but trying hard to use my brain to act accordingly right with the help of Our Mighty God. I love you my God.

Monday, October 18, 2010

View on Masturbation

NOTE: I am not a doctor nor masturbation specialist. But read this as a health view.

One of my good friends presented me a book calls "Everything Menopause Book: Reassuring advice and the latest information to keep you healthy and sane by Samona Slupik, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.,"! By the way I should say that it is a good book and women who are in menopause should read it!!!!

Now wait a minute... I am not menopause yet. I might be in perimenopause.

Lately I got this hot flash run different parts of my body. Strange, I had this hot flash right after I got my new liver 4 years ago but stayed with me only 2 days and never came back till last 3 months ago!! That's mean after 4 years.

I do not have birth certificate but now by the creation I can tell I am approaching my middle age.. I guess!!

I look up exactly the meaning of masturbation (why I looked up about this I will tell you later), and it said,

"Erotic stimulation of one's own genital organs, usually to achieve orgasm. Masturbatory behavior is common in infants and adolescents, and is indulged in by many adults as well. Studies indicate that over 90% of U.S. males and 60 – 80% of U.S. females have masturbated at one time or another."

You know I never ever been to the hospital except these two occasions. One was when my son was born (C section as he was big 10 lbs boy), and the other was my "liver Transplant" . I was healthy and living right till this huge thing hitted me. So... I am not interested to read about health BEFORE but now I am so careful about health and read about health MORE and MORE!

Most Asian women did not talk about masturbation at all. We used to think it was a dirty and shameful thing to say or to do. I am an Asian woman so never talk about it before but now a very health concern woman I will tell everything about it to my liver coordinator and to you.

Right after living with new liver, I should say around 2 years, my asexuality desire went up. I did not tell to no one as thinking this is shameful. Then the other round I thought my body screw up and worry that what is happening in my body. Main question, "Is my new liver OK??"

Now after 4 years I asked my coordinator this question last year. With all my energy taking OR I should say with very bravely face OR uncomfortably I asked to my liver coordinator...

"Is there anyone complaining about their sex life gone crazy after new liver??"

The answer was...guess what?? Of course "YES!!"

Coincidentally I read about masturbation as a part of the book which my friend gave me. (Now you know why I blog about masturbation!). It said (To those women who are in Menopause Lives),

"Many Doctors and sex therapists encourage their patients to masturbate to increase their ability to respond to sexual stimulation and to combat stress and anxiety!!"

Now I thought I have to research on masturbation how this effected on health view. I read more and found the following (Purely my own curiosity). It said,

� May help to reduce stress and release sexual tension
� May help a person become more comfortable with his or her own sexuality
� Masturbation eliminates the potential for pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
� Being self-aware of one’s body and sexuality may better prepare him/her for sexual activity with a partner.

� Frequent and vigorous masturbation may produce skin abrasions or superficial bruising/temporary discoloration.
� Masturbation may become an obsession or addiction.

Masturbation may become an obsession or addiction which is generally felt to be the case if it reduces time available to participate in other activities (i.e. social relationships, job, work). This may lead to diversion of income toward sex merchandises (i.e. videotapes, chat rooms, online pornography, phone chat lines)."

-I did not know that masturbating can be addicted that bad till I read about it!
-I did not know that masturbatory behavior is common in infants! Or should say almost to everyone!
-I did not know that lots of people in USA are masturbating until I read about it!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Inner Peace

I am trying to understand what is Inner Peace.

Wikipedia said, "Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress. Being "at peace" is considered by many to be healthy (homeostasis) and the opposite of being stressed or anxious. Peace of mind is generally associated with bliss and happiness."

So it mean, mentally and spiritually at peace right? My question is how could I find both together.

Lets see people/things around me.

Husband: No trouble. Feed us well, give us well and he sleep real well too. But.... I have no idea about him that his body and his spirit are still attached or not. He looks like Robot!!! We have been married to 19 years. Those who are married to this long know how things changed. Without a lie I can tell you that.... how strong our thought, respect, priority and love between us. Can't answer you that.

Thanks goodness that I still can read some about him. I know he wants to be the best of his career life. He wants to meet my health's bills. These 2 points, he still showing that how important for him. How I know it?? Because he act and show me clearly that it is his center point!! Talking, taking, spending, thinking time about family, I have no idea which stage he is in.

He is not my both mentally and spiritually inner peace at all.

My son: He is a lovely child. Now at 15 he is fighting with his teenage life. All the mothers know what I am talking about! He has his own strong point of views now. He doesn't want to talk too much either. The computer is his world. Honestly my family doesn't do much together anymore. Do you think just playing tennis on Saturday only will keep the family together alive??? I don't think so.

My son can't help my inner peace either.

My father: As I told you before he is not much in my life. I love him but how deep??? I can't answer it because he was not in the picture of my childhood.

My father can't give me inner peace to me.

My grandmother: Thanks God for this lady. She faced the worst of her life. Lost her daughter and her grand daughter (my sister), both in a short years but still have faith said, "When God calls me I am ready. I will see them both (my mother and sister), I am not worry."

She is a lady always laughing. Complaining is not her style. Sailing her life so lightly and happily with her faith. She knows clearly who her Captain is!!!! A lady who loves God and yes.... she share me where to find my inner peace.

Me: I try to be a good mother and a good wife. I am not a flawless diamond but some inclusion in it! But I know what I want. What I want is a happy, healthy and a meaningful family. Now more and more getting hard to reach that Happy Family picture.

I do worry. I worry about my son's education because lately he was telling me that he doesn't want to go to boarding school in US but I can't raise him in Thailand. He must go!!! He must grown up and see the real world. Life is not always with Driver, Maids, and me, the mother. He has been bless by all comfortable life. Everything is ready in front of him. But for sure this will not give my son inner peace. I am sure for that!

I worry about how my son is going to face this real world.

I worry about my 2 step brothers (the most)....Food!!

I worry about my health future! (Only my Christ knows!)

This is what I lean how to get a mentally inner peace. "Just shut the mouth will work for me."

To get my spiritually inner peace.....

Sometime we all feel that we are up against a wall, struggling with a decision, situation that make us so down and feel bad. Sometime I just want to run from everyone and be myself then..... I know this won't work either.

2 nights ago, I read my prayer devotional book! It said, "Turning Point, a decision to turn things around."

The book asked these questions...
-What if Noah had told God, "I don't do boats!"
-What if Joseph had not forgiven his brothers and failed to protect them from the life-threatening famine?
-What if Jesus (God in human flash), had refused to die on the cross?

You answera them yourself!!

For me here is my best way to get my inner peace..........

"Surrender becomes victory when we yield to God."

"I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampart, and watch to see what HE will say to me." Habakkuk 2:1

PS: I am so thankful that my family still do pray together on Sunday. For me sure because of that I am still having this family!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chichi peralta - procura

Thank you so much to all my readers! Just checked it and many of you are reading my blogs. I will be back but now enjoy the CHICHI and dance it off! I did.....

Lately I am not so happy and need time. I might go somewhere for to get a fresh air to fresh me out too.

Have a good time with this music!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cheating Part 3

OK this is the final blog of Cheating.

Some high position expat men working in Asia, they base in Bangkok with their families. Like my husband, we stay in Bangkok but he has to go all over the world including Asia and sometime as far as to South America. So I can say they all have more or less so many same accidents, same stories in their lives. Good and Bad both I should say.

The following story is take place in China!!

Lets call him "Mojo"!!

Mojo is holding a good position in a big company in Thailand. He has to go all over the world. One of the destinations Mojo needs to go is.... to Hinan Island, in China.

I haven't been there yet but according to people who had been there said, it has beautiful beaches and also many beautiful bitches too.

This is what happened to Mojo in Hinan Island .

Most proper hotels in every where they always have extra pillow in the closet. More over you can even find extra blankets...... Right? But not all hotels have extra pillow in China. Not at all!!

One evening after hard working and heavy meal Mojo got a call.

The caller said, "Sir do you need extra pillow?" Mojo thought what a nice friendly hotel so he said, "OK please....thank you!"

Mojo waited and waited and..... after 3o minutes someone knocked the door. Mojo thought well finally here comes my extra pillow. Mojo opened the door but not hotel worker with the extra pillow but was a young girl standing in front of Mojo's door!!

The girl was wearing a very short skirt and her blouse was way low cut neckline just barely covered her nipple!!

Mojo said to her, "Hello, I think you knock the wrong room!"

The girl said Mojo, "No no no no NOOO. You want pillow! MEEE Pillow. Me pillow" as pointed to her chest and keep saying repeatedly "Me Pillow. Extra Pillow!"

Then... Slow Mojo got the point. Of course I think Mojo is not that dumb as holding for a good position of job. The only thing he has to do is think fast!!!!

OK the story teller stop there. I have no idea what happened to Mojo and his extra pillow on that night. ???????

I am thinking.... Will Mojo said, "I am sorry. No, Thank you!" OR

"Oh yes... I want two extra pillows!".

If Mojo is a married man, lets hope he knows how to say NO even his family is far 1200 0r 4000 miles away.

The bottom line... We all write our own history.