Friday, October 22, 2010

People in Bangkok

Came to Bangkok 2002. Nice and big was my first impression!! Bangkok is another city which is never sleep! We have every thing except Atom Bomb and The Rocket go to the moon. Well you never know we might have that too in future. The Rocket go to the moon??? Who cares there is nothing on the moon right?

I am not going to blog about the good, the bad and the ugly in Bangkok. I want to blog about people in Bangkok. Bangkok is a cosmopolitan out look city.

There is a cinema complex call "Major". What ever new movies show in US, after one or two days, the movies are here in Bangkok too. Sometime the DVD of new movies which are even not showing in any cinemas in Bangkok yet but you can get it on the street. Yes...... 100% clear.

I have no idea how they get on Bangkok street. Some of them are very clean movies but what bother me is you can see the line on the screen and it said "This is only for Oscar Award Purpose only." Well too bad they are on the street in Bangkok! We are the Oscar Members too I guess!! Sorry.

Two days ago I was at the Major Complex to get some KFC for our dinner. I know I know it is bad. As I give all my helpers on Sunday is their holiday I cheat my cooking on Sunday. Hey hey but only sometimes not always. By the way try it KFC with home make mash potato.... It is good!!

When I was lining in to get the KFC there were a Muslim girl was behind me. She looks like her late 30. Whe I turned my head she was smiling at me. She has her burqa on it. She is a beautiful woman slim with the fine face. NO joke yes she is good looking.

She said to me, "Hello" . I was thinking Oh very friendly too. So I greeted her back, "Hello, how are you?"

The line was quit long as on Sunday. So we 2 women exchanged the conversation. One point I asked her, "What bring you to Bangkok?" and she answered to me, "My husband is working at the Suvarnabhumi (spelling??) air port". Then I asked here," Where do you from??" . She said to me, "Oh I am from Iran!!"

I was eating Korean food in Emporium Mall. I like Korean food you know. I like "Kyap Chair" (glass noodle what ever they do with it), and "Kim chee" too. Some restaurant they give you kim chee the size of your eye balls. I end up asking to fill it up.

So when the little waitress girl passed by me I said to her, "Can you give me more kim chee?" . She answered to me very politely and said, "Ka" . Then she walked back to the cash counter, with high voice and said, "Hey that "Bour Daw" wants more kim chee." (In Burmese which is I understand very well).

"Bour Daw" in Burmese means "Old Lady"! Of course I do not like people calling me Bour Daw so I waved at her and said to her with very sweet little voice IN BURMESE, " Do not call me "Bour Daw". I won't give you a good tips!!"

She covered her mouth with her one hand and went... "He he he he he he sorry sorry ma ma!" (Ma ma means Sister!)"

Can you tell me what Language is the "he hee he hee he heee"???

That's what happened in Bangkok to me!!


johnnycee said...

Very Cool. Great Blog.
I Cr 13:8a, Love never fails.

Helen said...

GullywThank you jonnycee. Yea love never fails and sleep well too if we act with it. Thanks for your comment. Anytime feel free to share.

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