Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cheating Part 3

OK this is the final blog of Cheating.

Some high position expat men working in Asia, they base in Bangkok with their families. Like my husband, we stay in Bangkok but he has to go all over the world including Asia and sometime as far as to South America. So I can say they all have more or less so many same accidents, same stories in their lives. Good and Bad both I should say.

The following story is take place in China!!

Lets call him "Mojo"!!

Mojo is holding a good position in a big company in Thailand. He has to go all over the world. One of the destinations Mojo needs to go is.... to Hinan Island, in China.

I haven't been there yet but according to people who had been there said, it has beautiful beaches and also many beautiful bitches too.

This is what happened to Mojo in Hinan Island .

Most proper hotels in every where they always have extra pillow in the closet. More over you can even find extra blankets...... Right? But not all hotels have extra pillow in China. Not at all!!

One evening after hard working and heavy meal Mojo got a call.

The caller said, "Sir do you need extra pillow?" Mojo thought what a nice friendly hotel so he said, "OK please....thank you!"

Mojo waited and waited and..... after 3o minutes someone knocked the door. Mojo thought well finally here comes my extra pillow. Mojo opened the door but not hotel worker with the extra pillow but was a young girl standing in front of Mojo's door!!

The girl was wearing a very short skirt and her blouse was way low cut neckline just barely covered her nipple!!

Mojo said to her, "Hello, I think you knock the wrong room!"

The girl said Mojo, "No no no no NOOO. You want pillow! MEEE Pillow. Me pillow" as pointed to her chest and keep saying repeatedly "Me Pillow. Extra Pillow!"

Then... Slow Mojo got the point. Of course I think Mojo is not that dumb as holding for a good position of job. The only thing he has to do is think fast!!!!

OK the story teller stop there. I have no idea what happened to Mojo and his extra pillow on that night. ???????

I am thinking.... Will Mojo said, "I am sorry. No, Thank you!" OR

"Oh yes... I want two extra pillows!".

If Mojo is a married man, lets hope he knows how to say NO even his family is far 1200 0r 4000 miles away.

The bottom line... We all write our own history.