Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheating Part 2

Lately when I wake up I did not say "Good morning" to my husband. The question is....Why not? The Answer is.... Because he even can't give me a proper regular "Good morning kiss" to me any more. He Rush to the office, rush to the coffee, rush to the car, rush to eat and rush to just about everything. Now I am starting to think what he is rushing for!

This is what I say to Robins in different morning,
-"Look, don't you dare to cheat me."
-"You behave!! I will hire the private detective to follow you." (Cheap in Bangkok but they do the good job too)
-"You have mistress??"
-"Are you testing your ability?"
-"I need to see the financial report each month."
-Bla bla bla

NOTE: To my knowledge Robins hasn't cheat to me. In 19 years marrying and living with him, he is still acting well. Back home by 6 pm evey days to be with us except when he goes to all over the world which is often. So should I say NOT YET!!!

The reason I bring up about "Cheating" is........,

Way back when I just arrived to Thailand I went back to school to become a Gemologist!! We had 15 people from all over the world.

Madeline (not her real name), is from France and she was my diamond classmate. She had been married to her husband for 25 years (??) and went all over the world as he is working for the French Government. To make the story short, when he got posted in Thailand and right after one year he cheated on her with a young Thai girls. Not once but twice!! She kicked him out.

Latest news is... he is living in Thailand with his young wife by the religion married ceremony only even his divorce paper is not reach in the final stage yet. He is not young but an old fart!! I give him 2 years and he will end up deep @#$% or sleepless in Thailand.

Now back to my expat wives party last week. (see my last blog)

In our table, I did not know how the conversation started but suddenly the well know CEO's wife was talking to the XXX Director's wife (who just arrived to Bangkok 2 weeks), that not to leave her husband alone in Thailand! The CEO's wife has the reason to say though.

The CEO's wife said, " You know one of my friends's husband divorced his wife after many many years for the girl who is younger than his own daughter. My friend is so nice being as his good wife, as a good mother. She is simple and why my friend deserved this..."

I think the man is around 60 an old fart! I give him 2 years too. He will be broke and misery till he leaves this world.

Then last week I went to my son school for parent morning coffee meeting. There's a lady she is from Argentina. She was telling that her friend's husband left her for another young Thai girl. He is late 50 and for me another old fart! I give him 2 years also. he will be very regret when his sex life die down.

If I blog about how many men end up cheating their wives, there will be next 15 blogs more to finish cheating stories in Thailand. Oh yeah I know it is happen all over the world but what I want to say is.... what is going on and on in Thailand.

Deep thought.....

I have some questions...

1. A man wants to cheat, he will be cheating anywhere right? It is up to individual or not?


2. The fashion in Thailand?


3. These men are back in their own country they are just nobody and they feel somebody in Thailand??


4. Back home they are mostly Blue Collars and here in Thailand they thought they are Superiors?


5. Being so old fart that can't help their own old age and just behaving real bad!!

All these questions are base on the "Old fart men and young girls" stories!!!