Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yearly Check up

I left Bangkok on 1st of July 2010, one week a head of my husband Robins and my son, Shan to Florida.

Our holiday is not completely holiday anymore after I am living with my new liver. Well ... not complaining at all actually I am so thankful to my God that I am still talking.

Arrived 3rd of July in Gainesville. On 5th did the lab work and on 7th of July, my liver team arranged me to CT scan. The result came back no cancer!!! Let me tell you how I feel for that.... I am once again walking in the air, feel so light, so happy and so good!

Then checked up with the woman doctor. I have some fibroid in my belly. Here I want to share some more news. This fibroid cause me anemic. Went to see doctor in Bangkok. He suggested that I should take out my uterus. Well, I talked to myself that I should seek the second opinion. See my US doctor and she told me NO to take out my uterus!! Did the biopsy of my uterus and came back no cancer. Now all back to normal. Taking iron pill once daily and now my red blood cell count is 12.4! I am feeling wonder woman.

It was very nice to see my GI doctor and the transplant team. My surgeon, Dr. Hemming is not in University of Florida any more. He moved to San Diego University. I miss seeing him. He is often in my prayer. He is a very good doctor!

I am suppose to do colonscopy. I told my GI can I do it next year? I hate this check up. Even I wouldn't know nothing. The work is done when I wake up but still thinking of colonscopy, I have goose pimple!!

Mammogram is going to be soon in here Bangkok! May be next week I will do it. May I finish with..............................

"Dear God,

Thank you for adding another year of happiness to me and my family. I strongly believe that my life, my living without you is impossible. I need you everyday in my life. I am the clay in thy hand and my Lord mold me as thy will.

My God, you never say that we are not going to die but you said clearly that, "Who ever abide in you, shall be safe" ! How? I do not know but I do know that I love you and have faith in you. You are my true holy God.

Thank you for everything.
In Christ's name I pray,

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