Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday I was in the Church! Sunday is my worshipping day because I have appointment with God. I like to keep my appointment!!!

This is what I believe......

God gives me 7 days in a week! From these 7 days, I always keep my appointment with my Lord Jesus Christ on SUNDAY unless I can't move. I have lots of time for what ever I need to do on the rest of 6 days but on Sunday I do need to let my God knows that what is on my prayer list. I know God can help in thy time and thy date. I have been enjoy having conversation with my God.

In Good time or Bad time, God is always Good!!

This week I watched 2 movies.... "Being Julia" and "Sylvia". Oh big mistake...... both movie make me so depress. "Being Julia" is fun with depress but Sylvia is sad and depress!!

Being Julia......

The woman, Julia has affair with almost the age of her son even she has quit nice husband. She is famous, she has money, she is good at what she is doing but not happy after her toy boy dumped her for the younger woman. The movie end with she showed every one that she is still in control.


She met her future husband when she was in collage. They married, had a short time of happiness. She become well know poet writer. The husband cheated with her married friend. Mean time she fall into depression (Which made me so depress just watching her in the movie too), so bad and so bad that she end up killing herself. Sad movie!

Co accident or reality, I don't know but lately I got news that old men are cheating on their wives.

Last week went to the party. Full of expat wives. I was sitting next to the XX company CEO's wife. Next to her Japanese, next to her new arrival Chevron Director's wife next to her was sitting Mexican woman, next to her was a housewife, then wine distributor and ME, the shrimp farmer wife!!

To be continued please see tomorrow blog! Cheating Part 2!

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