Monday, November 29, 2010

The talk of Turkey eaters!

Last week was a Thanksgiving week! Normally I am one of those who talk like a Turkey....Glob, glob, glop and glob op op op! Not much meaningful talking on that table what we call it the "Thanksgiving Dinner Table."

So I said this year I will shut my mouth and just doing the observation only and see what the people are talking about on the turkey table? and......... I did!

This year, 2010, I attended 2 Thanksgiving dinners and 1 Thanksgiving lunch!

I am going to talk about Thanksgiving dinner first. The first dinner was at a friend of mine house. The Turkey cooked real tasteful and the guests who came to eat were colourful too. They are Thai, British, American, Cambodian, Burmese American around 15 people.

On that night a lady who sat next to me was talking about her children, a boy and a girl! Saying how beautiful her daughter is. Then this lady said she is a drummer player. Look at her may be she is 55 years old look. Then she talked about one of the "Shan Princess"... and said how stupid this Shan Princess is too. Can you image how I feel for that saying how stupid the Shan Princess is??? Here I am part of Chinese/Shan/Lahu blood.

Actually This lady was talking nonstop so I had a hard time to catch up with her. I do feel this.... Instead of talking stupid I rather be a listener of the stupid talks!!! How about that??

Then the two guys were talking about how Burmese Junta is/was doing. Then we move to the dinner table. On that Turkey table one was talking about business, one was talking about flying fighter plane, one was talking about Thai Language and one was not talk at all and I said, good for her!!

The other Thanksgiving Dinner table was in my own house. I did not invited much. I only invited my son's friend parent who are friends to us too.

We talk about their business, our families .......... ta ta ta ta ta! I would say normal dinner conversation too. I did not talk much as busy doing the observation. Deep down time to time I asked to myself how deep these conversation that people doing the talking on my Thanksgiving dinner table. But it was enjoyable dinner as not much people are talking the same time and we can hear well.

Then went to this the great Chinese Thanksgiving lunch! My favorite one. None of them are American except me. Even me I am just brand new American.

I have no idea what these my lovely Chinese group are thanking about but for sure we all were having fun and laughing too. Honestly I have no answer why they are celebrating "Thanksgiving" for.

What my Chinese girls friends were doing on that Thanksgiving day? Well they played "Marg Chon". A very noisy Game. I would say a Chinese game busy with little square blocks throwing in and out and they drank wine.

What I like the most was... after all meal with the belly full, someone starting to calculate and divided how much cost for each of them. I was so happy that they did not charge me. After all I was the honor of the guest??? Who knows??? I said to myself... "A very Chinese Thanksgiving!" A Communist way!! Everyone pay equal la.

I had read an article. It said, Thanksgiving is not religious ceremony but this is only for American people. Only half true! Actually this is Christian religion done by American and Canadian people.

I check out the meaning of Thanksgiving and it said, " A harvest festival celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Traditionally thanksgiving is associated with giving thanks to GOD for the harvest and expressing of gratitude."

You think it which GOD these American and Canadian are thanking for???

Me too I do have my way of thanksgiving day. For me is each day not only a day of the year. I thanks to my God for every meals that I have.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Point Is...........

NOTE: Just a sharing not ill manner attached!!

I have been sleeping with the TV for more than 4 years now. Every night after my praying time I will put it on a movie then may be 15 minutes I pass out! Sometime the movie is still on when I wake up. Bad habit... I know, I know and I know it.

I am watching this movie, "1492 Conquest of Paradise" for one week but never seen the ending yet! Believe me do not do that if you are a married woman. It will destroy your marriage. Well not right a way but sooner you will see there is a big change into your life. I am not talking about only SEX but also the conversation! The bed room turn into no more meaningful conversation. The one who do the talking is....TV!!

When Robins's mother told us do not have the TV in the bed room... She knows what she was talking. Well.... a good son listen only what is good for him and I allowed it. I guess!!

So here I am trying to read more at night now on.

This is from my last night reading:

"Diana's ring a bad omen for Kate?" by Ami Angelowicz!!!

The writer was saying that the superstitious may think that 28 years old Kate should never wear the engagement ring of Lady Diana's as we all knew what happened to Diana.

The writer also said some believe jewellery can be cursed!! He did mention about the Hope Diamond, was not good luck for French royals. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the last royals to enjoy the stone it was stolen and they lost their heads!!

Well.. correct me if I am wrong. I think the Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lost their heads not because of the Hope Diamond. It is because they were having good times and did not think about the poor/civilians that much. He was a bed king and she was living in the woo la la land???

By the way I visited Paris last August and I am telling you... seeing the palace of these King Louis 12th, 13th, 14th , and 15th what ever the numbers is, it is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Beside that Antoinette needed the summer houses, not house but houses!! I like her summer houses though! Nice.

As I am in Jewellery business... yes I agree as Ami said some thinks the jewellery can cause you bad luck, insane or the witches can come and get you because of what you are wearing. Then the other way round some people think the jewellery can prevent all those wired things.

Now to my surprise is... those who thinks and believe in that wired are not uneducated people at all some are very very educated people.

The most to my surprise is even those who are very religious but said they believe in witch, jewellery, fortune teller and gods too.

I have a friend who parent is very very religious. They pray 5 times a day. One evening visited, they told me that the blue Sapphire brought them bad luck! Inside me I was speechless because this family is a very lovely educated family and pray all the time.

Then another family who calls themselves they are a good XXXX!!! But what bothering me is...... they go to ask the monk when ever they wanted to check this person or that person is good or not for to be friend or to be a business partner for them. This is very bad to do so. To judge a person is not depend on that person's characters but depend on the monk's mouth??? My problem is the monk even do not know that person who they wanted to check!!! No FBI, No CIA, No detectives and No back ground check up but plainly depending on another human being's mouth who proclaim that he can see the unseen.

Time to time I do have special order that they must wear this kind of specific gem to wear in order to bring them "GOOD LUCK!"

I am not saying I am the best but I am so happy where I am standing for... "Trusting only in my GOD!"

I do not need the Gem, I do not need the Pastor to tell me do not make friend with this person or that (so far no Pastor told me yet!), I do not need a person who said he/she can see the future, I do not believe in witches nor future tellers.

Yes.. I do believe in Lord Jesus!

The points is.............. if you believe the gods that you worship can't protect you, would you be better drop that gods??????

I will end with this......................,

"Love your God with all you soul, with all your heart and with all your mind!!"

I love you my God. For me, there is no one above you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Injecting vitamin C

Can't remember which day this week at lunch, a friend of mine said she is injecting Vitamin C for preventing cancer to come back! I am so interesting the topic of the conversation, " The "Vitamin C" injecting into your artery!!" And.... how could this prevent the other Big "C", the cancer???

Last Friday evening I went to join Robins' folks meeting at Shangrila Hotel. They were talking about Vitamins for Shrimps and Fish! Then the cocktail followed. Meet the famous Nutrition Doctor Thomas. I was so happy to see him as I wanted to throw the questions about Injecting Vitamin C into your artery.

Without surprisingly of course he said.. "I do not believe in it!". It is mostly beauticians' benefit. He did mention this and said... if not doing right it even can give you blood clod in the neck! Well... I understand what he is saying but did not understand the part of how it can cause blood clod??

Again as my curiouscity rise up..... I came home and I started to dug up about the Vit. C injecting into the vain. I have this the famous Google University and almost get my PhD.... ha ha ! And found many many many articles bout it. Of course there are some positives and more negatives.

Here are some articles that I wanted to share. Read it and tell me how do you feel about this injecting Vitamin C into your vain!!

Injecting vitamin c - Google Search: "Vitamin C Injection 20 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 7 Sep 2007
Injecting vitamin C is a very, very very bad idea with long-term effects that you may experience ten or 20 years down the line. ... - Cached - Similar"

Anti ageing treatments: the facts

For me I still stick into that eat right, eat moderate, eat fruit, eat Vege, exercise, no smoke, no excessive drinking and the big thing is try to be HAPPY!

The Satisfies and The Happiness is the main things that to look you good and young.

You look so beautiful but depress and drowning feeling will lead you to another DEAD!

By the way I am taking Vit-C 1500mg every day with other vitamin only by ORAL! According to Dr. Thomas, Vitamin C can easily go down with the pee pee.

I am not a doctor, I am a wife who read alot after my liver cancer!! Somehow I do believe in sniffing Oxygen than injecting Vit-C into your vain.

I remembered when I was recovering from Liver Transplant I did sniff Oxygen. May be in my mind but it did give me feel good and breathing better too.

Beside Vitamin C , I pray every nights that may God heals me because I trust God can do it easily if this is thy will! Again I said, Our mighty God never promise me that on one on earth won't die including me but he said, "Who ever abiding in me shall be safe!!" .... I just simply "Trust!".

Have a good read and thank you for poking my blog!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Lady-Boy Blinded By Bogus Doctors

NOTE: click on it and read it!!

Pattaya Lady-Boy Blinded By Bogus Doctors

Back to 9 years ago when I got on the sky train I would see the Natural Beauty of many Thai girls. Now I think 65% of them have done some enlargement or reattachment?? Well, in Asia not much reduction on any parts of the body because Asian women, mostly we are small in everywhere!!

Every time when I get on the sky train, I have my own survey now. I look around me and see how many girls have done their nose or eyes or boob job. Easy to spot the nose job has done or not. You can see that there is a shinning line running through from between the eyes to down on top of the nose. Somehow do not match the rest of the face naturally.

Hey... I have nothing to against with the job. If this is happy for them, they should do it. When they look at their flat nose in the mirror and suffer, unhappy and unsatisfied... they should do something.

I do have flat nose and flat boobi but I am very happy with my property.

Lots of Westerner women like the big boobi! ie: Ms.Dolly ! The woman who is the country singer. Some like her boobi alot but for me they give her out of proportion and over huge for her small body. She looks like she has 3 headed woman. Sorry.. I just talking about the huge and the tiny ONLY without ill manners.

The boobi has two personalities. When you are young with the huge boobi it is ok.....still not bad yet. But when you are over 65 and with huge boobs then you look like an old monkey playing with two coconuts!!

We (women and men), all like to look good. Me too I am one of the human being I want to look good more over beautiful and attractive but.........over done will do you harm than look good.

Young people need to remember that they do have the power of youthness and should concentrating on the main core of "what is the real beauty" means!!!!!!

Have a good Botox doctor if you need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michelle Obama and the fashion

Michelle Obama is a beautiful lady! When she is ugly not her naked beauty but by the clothes she wears is make her ugly. For me she is never been as a sweet lady but tough and soft is her personality.

In this Photo I do not like her hair nor her blouse or her dress. what ever it is, this is a ugly blouse and very very old fashion? Her solders look much better than her hair and her face! She just look like the big Babara Bush Sr.

Now in this photo... may be her hair is the same style of the top photo but the dress makes the different! Thanks goodness she did not used the same necklace from the top photo also. The ear rings make her looks match as first lady. By the way why we Asian Women (Majority), Why we are so short?? Damn!!

Here in this photo I like her hair, her nail colours, her dress, her necklace every thing look beautiful. Michelle needs to be watched out her butt though. Seemingly her butt is getting bigger and bigger!

Here is another Michell's stunning photo! I did not see her behind so it is OK. I wonder with this shinning long skirt with this colour, I am not so sure that it is OK for a girl who has big fanny or not?? Normally Not good for the big behind. She is lucky in this photo. With this kind of long skirt is always look good on tall girls. Michelle is tall so her tall help her out here. Look at the Indian Lady, she looks real stout and shout!! I do not like her colour nor the way she looks at all. Do you all know that Indian women are actully no that fat at all. The dress they put on... trust me many layers under neat.

In this photo with her husband, she looks real real First Lady!! Do you all noticed that Michelle loves belts??? She loves to put on belt most of her appearances. Belt can be done as a wonder touch but it can give you a very tacky look.

If Michell is my sister, I will tell her that ditch this dress! Oh how ugly is here. Not hers at all. The top cover looks so mighty small and her down part look sooooooooooo big! The twiggy right infront of her belly is suck too. I will fire my beauty adviser if she wants me to put on this clothes.

Oh Michelle....... Ma Bella? Quest a vous fiet?? Here she is over joy!!
Come on Michelle.. You are in Bollywood and you suppose to dance Bollydance. But instead here you want to show off your African back ground. What to call that?? African Heritage??

You both look NOT so Brat Pitt and Jolie here but you both look very happy. Michelle look so huge though!!! I really hate to see this dress on her body. Her arems look big, her legs look big, her bottom look real real big. Sorry!!!
Over all Michelle always looks OK because of her height. Tall people have this advantage of clothing.
One of my teenage dreams is.....
"I want to be First Lady too.!!"
I am happy as Sr. VP's wife for the moment but might be promote to CEO's wife soon if this is God willing!!! Hope Our God guides every part of Robins's future life.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Forgive or Forget!

We have heard many times that people are saying:

- Please try to forgive and forget about it.
-Take a deep breath before you blow it out.
-Wards won't hurt you. (Actually it does hurt badly)
-Walk out.
-Pray for them.

People just say it but how much they mean about it? I have no idea.

For me I wonder how much mean to you when you say "How are you?". Then how much you mean it when you answer like, "Fine and thank you". Yesterday our pastor said some people answer "I am good!!" and he continued what is mean to you for saying, "I am good!". What is Good? Your health is good or you are good?

I just want to point it out that when you say "pray for them"... please mean it.

Very interesting happened to me yesterday at the Church!

Someone said he was so Christian that he forgive the man who put him into Jail in Bangkok. He said he is praying for him. I can believe that he is praying for him but I can't understand why he did not explain us for what reason he got put into Jail??? Depend on the reason... may be he needs to pray for himself for forgiveness .

When my mother got pregnant (actually I was in her belly), at 14, for sure my grandmother was hurt. My grandfather was so mad that he throw my mom out from his house in Keng Tung. My grandmother still talking about my father that how he was so bad that make my mama got pregnant!

Then if you ask me what do you think about my mother got pregnant such a very very young age? I would say... Why not? Because of them I am here (sound a bit selfish right?), but sure I am quite please that I am here. On top of that I got Robins and I make my only child Shan. I love them both.

But see the following news and tell me how much you can forgive.

News Said: "Vienna, Nov.4 (Xinhua)

Doctors in Austria removed the healthy kidney from a cancer suffer earlier this week, leaving the affected kidney, authorities said Thursday."

Then also said: "The doctors now can only try to remove the tumor and , if unsuccessful, the infected kidney will have to be removed and the patient spend the rest of their life undergoing dialysis three times a week."

Then see what the news said:"Data showed the occurrence of removing healthy organs happened occasionally in Austria."

Now my question is if you are this cancer patient will you forgive the doctors and pray for them??? Now do not jump into easily saying.."Yes....I can and I can!!" Sure some people can but some people can't. May be 2% can forgive and 98% might want to kill this stupid doctors. REMEMBER HERE the news said not only doctor it's said doctorS!!!

I honestly need to admit it here one thing. Remember I am talking about the doctor who make mistake on my tumor?? Missed the tumor and hitted my kidney???

I do not pray for him. I do not hate this doctor but he is not in my prayer list! I am worry that he will do the mistake repeatingly. But see this how our mighty God works on me.

If this needle poked my tumor, the cancer cells will spread it out.

Let me end this blog with this.................

"For you created my inmost being; and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
Psalm 139: 13-14

Saturday, November 6, 2010

YES.......... is the answer of me!!

NOTE: Please feel free to Read or Stop!!!

Is Jesus God?
Scholars examine the facts about Jesus' claims to be God

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Stoning Part 2

NOTE: Here is the movie that I am talking about!