Monday, November 22, 2010

The Point Is...........

NOTE: Just a sharing not ill manner attached!!

I have been sleeping with the TV for more than 4 years now. Every night after my praying time I will put it on a movie then may be 15 minutes I pass out! Sometime the movie is still on when I wake up. Bad habit... I know, I know and I know it.

I am watching this movie, "1492 Conquest of Paradise" for one week but never seen the ending yet! Believe me do not do that if you are a married woman. It will destroy your marriage. Well not right a way but sooner you will see there is a big change into your life. I am not talking about only SEX but also the conversation! The bed room turn into no more meaningful conversation. The one who do the talking is....TV!!

When Robins's mother told us do not have the TV in the bed room... She knows what she was talking. Well.... a good son listen only what is good for him and I allowed it. I guess!!

So here I am trying to read more at night now on.

This is from my last night reading:

"Diana's ring a bad omen for Kate?" by Ami Angelowicz!!!

The writer was saying that the superstitious may think that 28 years old Kate should never wear the engagement ring of Lady Diana's as we all knew what happened to Diana.

The writer also said some believe jewellery can be cursed!! He did mention about the Hope Diamond, was not good luck for French royals. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the last royals to enjoy the stone it was stolen and they lost their heads!!

Well.. correct me if I am wrong. I think the Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lost their heads not because of the Hope Diamond. It is because they were having good times and did not think about the poor/civilians that much. He was a bed king and she was living in the woo la la land???

By the way I visited Paris last August and I am telling you... seeing the palace of these King Louis 12th, 13th, 14th , and 15th what ever the numbers is, it is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Beside that Antoinette needed the summer houses, not house but houses!! I like her summer houses though! Nice.

As I am in Jewellery business... yes I agree as Ami said some thinks the jewellery can cause you bad luck, insane or the witches can come and get you because of what you are wearing. Then the other way round some people think the jewellery can prevent all those wired things.

Now to my surprise is... those who thinks and believe in that wired are not uneducated people at all some are very very educated people.

The most to my surprise is even those who are very religious but said they believe in witch, jewellery, fortune teller and gods too.

I have a friend who parent is very very religious. They pray 5 times a day. One evening visited, they told me that the blue Sapphire brought them bad luck! Inside me I was speechless because this family is a very lovely educated family and pray all the time.

Then another family who calls themselves they are a good XXXX!!! But what bothering me is...... they go to ask the monk when ever they wanted to check this person or that person is good or not for to be friend or to be a business partner for them. This is very bad to do so. To judge a person is not depend on that person's characters but depend on the monk's mouth??? My problem is the monk even do not know that person who they wanted to check!!! No FBI, No CIA, No detectives and No back ground check up but plainly depending on another human being's mouth who proclaim that he can see the unseen.

Time to time I do have special order that they must wear this kind of specific gem to wear in order to bring them "GOOD LUCK!"

I am not saying I am the best but I am so happy where I am standing for... "Trusting only in my GOD!"

I do not need the Gem, I do not need the Pastor to tell me do not make friend with this person or that (so far no Pastor told me yet!), I do not need a person who said he/she can see the future, I do not believe in witches nor future tellers.

Yes.. I do believe in Lord Jesus!

The points is.............. if you believe the gods that you worship can't protect you, would you be better drop that gods??????

I will end with this......................,

"Love your God with all you soul, with all your heart and with all your mind!!"

I love you my God. For me, there is no one above you!


HH said...

You have some interesting ideas. You are right about your bedroom as a better place for sharing with your husband than sharing it with a TV set.

helen said...

OH I am sharing my bed room with not only TV but also with computer, CD player, books... more!
Too late for me!
I just live the way it is.