Monday, November 8, 2010

Forgive or Forget!

We have heard many times that people are saying:

- Please try to forgive and forget about it.
-Take a deep breath before you blow it out.
-Wards won't hurt you. (Actually it does hurt badly)
-Walk out.
-Pray for them.

People just say it but how much they mean about it? I have no idea.

For me I wonder how much mean to you when you say "How are you?". Then how much you mean it when you answer like, "Fine and thank you". Yesterday our pastor said some people answer "I am good!!" and he continued what is mean to you for saying, "I am good!". What is Good? Your health is good or you are good?

I just want to point it out that when you say "pray for them"... please mean it.

Very interesting happened to me yesterday at the Church!

Someone said he was so Christian that he forgive the man who put him into Jail in Bangkok. He said he is praying for him. I can believe that he is praying for him but I can't understand why he did not explain us for what reason he got put into Jail??? Depend on the reason... may be he needs to pray for himself for forgiveness .

When my mother got pregnant (actually I was in her belly), at 14, for sure my grandmother was hurt. My grandfather was so mad that he throw my mom out from his house in Keng Tung. My grandmother still talking about my father that how he was so bad that make my mama got pregnant!

Then if you ask me what do you think about my mother got pregnant such a very very young age? I would say... Why not? Because of them I am here (sound a bit selfish right?), but sure I am quite please that I am here. On top of that I got Robins and I make my only child Shan. I love them both.

But see the following news and tell me how much you can forgive.

News Said: "Vienna, Nov.4 (Xinhua)

Doctors in Austria removed the healthy kidney from a cancer suffer earlier this week, leaving the affected kidney, authorities said Thursday."

Then also said: "The doctors now can only try to remove the tumor and , if unsuccessful, the infected kidney will have to be removed and the patient spend the rest of their life undergoing dialysis three times a week."

Then see what the news said:"Data showed the occurrence of removing healthy organs happened occasionally in Austria."

Now my question is if you are this cancer patient will you forgive the doctors and pray for them??? Now do not jump into easily saying.."Yes....I can and I can!!" Sure some people can but some people can't. May be 2% can forgive and 98% might want to kill this stupid doctors. REMEMBER HERE the news said not only doctor it's said doctorS!!!

I honestly need to admit it here one thing. Remember I am talking about the doctor who make mistake on my tumor?? Missed the tumor and hitted my kidney???

I do not pray for him. I do not hate this doctor but he is not in my prayer list! I am worry that he will do the mistake repeatingly. But see this how our mighty God works on me.

If this needle poked my tumor, the cancer cells will spread it out.

Let me end this blog with this.................

"For you created my inmost being; and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
Psalm 139: 13-14

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