Thursday, November 18, 2010

Injecting vitamin C

Can't remember which day this week at lunch, a friend of mine said she is injecting Vitamin C for preventing cancer to come back! I am so interesting the topic of the conversation, " The "Vitamin C" injecting into your artery!!" And.... how could this prevent the other Big "C", the cancer???

Last Friday evening I went to join Robins' folks meeting at Shangrila Hotel. They were talking about Vitamins for Shrimps and Fish! Then the cocktail followed. Meet the famous Nutrition Doctor Thomas. I was so happy to see him as I wanted to throw the questions about Injecting Vitamin C into your artery.

Without surprisingly of course he said.. "I do not believe in it!". It is mostly beauticians' benefit. He did mention this and said... if not doing right it even can give you blood clod in the neck! Well... I understand what he is saying but did not understand the part of how it can cause blood clod??

Again as my curiouscity rise up..... I came home and I started to dug up about the Vit. C injecting into the vain. I have this the famous Google University and almost get my PhD.... ha ha ! And found many many many articles bout it. Of course there are some positives and more negatives.

Here are some articles that I wanted to share. Read it and tell me how do you feel about this injecting Vitamin C into your vain!!

Injecting vitamin c - Google Search: "Vitamin C Injection 20 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 7 Sep 2007
Injecting vitamin C is a very, very very bad idea with long-term effects that you may experience ten or 20 years down the line. ... - Cached - Similar"

Anti ageing treatments: the facts

For me I still stick into that eat right, eat moderate, eat fruit, eat Vege, exercise, no smoke, no excessive drinking and the big thing is try to be HAPPY!

The Satisfies and The Happiness is the main things that to look you good and young.

You look so beautiful but depress and drowning feeling will lead you to another DEAD!

By the way I am taking Vit-C 1500mg every day with other vitamin only by ORAL! According to Dr. Thomas, Vitamin C can easily go down with the pee pee.

I am not a doctor, I am a wife who read alot after my liver cancer!! Somehow I do believe in sniffing Oxygen than injecting Vit-C into your vain.

I remembered when I was recovering from Liver Transplant I did sniff Oxygen. May be in my mind but it did give me feel good and breathing better too.

Beside Vitamin C , I pray every nights that may God heals me because I trust God can do it easily if this is thy will! Again I said, Our mighty God never promise me that on one on earth won't die including me but he said, "Who ever abiding in me shall be safe!!" .... I just simply "Trust!".

Have a good read and thank you for poking my blog!!!