Monday, November 29, 2010

The talk of Turkey eaters!

Last week was a Thanksgiving week! Normally I am one of those who talk like a Turkey....Glob, glob, glop and glob op op op! Not much meaningful talking on that table what we call it the "Thanksgiving Dinner Table."

So I said this year I will shut my mouth and just doing the observation only and see what the people are talking about on the turkey table? and......... I did!

This year, 2010, I attended 2 Thanksgiving dinners and 1 Thanksgiving lunch!

I am going to talk about Thanksgiving dinner first. The first dinner was at a friend of mine house. The Turkey cooked real tasteful and the guests who came to eat were colourful too. They are Thai, British, American, Cambodian, Burmese American around 15 people.

On that night a lady who sat next to me was talking about her children, a boy and a girl! Saying how beautiful her daughter is. Then this lady said she is a drummer player. Look at her may be she is 55 years old look. Then she talked about one of the "Shan Princess"... and said how stupid this Shan Princess is too. Can you image how I feel for that saying how stupid the Shan Princess is??? Here I am part of Chinese/Shan/Lahu blood.

Actually This lady was talking nonstop so I had a hard time to catch up with her. I do feel this.... Instead of talking stupid I rather be a listener of the stupid talks!!! How about that??

Then the two guys were talking about how Burmese Junta is/was doing. Then we move to the dinner table. On that Turkey table one was talking about business, one was talking about flying fighter plane, one was talking about Thai Language and one was not talk at all and I said, good for her!!

The other Thanksgiving Dinner table was in my own house. I did not invited much. I only invited my son's friend parent who are friends to us too.

We talk about their business, our families .......... ta ta ta ta ta! I would say normal dinner conversation too. I did not talk much as busy doing the observation. Deep down time to time I asked to myself how deep these conversation that people doing the talking on my Thanksgiving dinner table. But it was enjoyable dinner as not much people are talking the same time and we can hear well.

Then went to this the great Chinese Thanksgiving lunch! My favorite one. None of them are American except me. Even me I am just brand new American.

I have no idea what these my lovely Chinese group are thanking about but for sure we all were having fun and laughing too. Honestly I have no answer why they are celebrating "Thanksgiving" for.

What my Chinese girls friends were doing on that Thanksgiving day? Well they played "Marg Chon". A very noisy Game. I would say a Chinese game busy with little square blocks throwing in and out and they drank wine.

What I like the most was... after all meal with the belly full, someone starting to calculate and divided how much cost for each of them. I was so happy that they did not charge me. After all I was the honor of the guest??? Who knows??? I said to myself... "A very Chinese Thanksgiving!" A Communist way!! Everyone pay equal la.

I had read an article. It said, Thanksgiving is not religious ceremony but this is only for American people. Only half true! Actually this is Christian religion done by American and Canadian people.

I check out the meaning of Thanksgiving and it said, " A harvest festival celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Traditionally thanksgiving is associated with giving thanks to GOD for the harvest and expressing of gratitude."

You think it which GOD these American and Canadian are thanking for???

Me too I do have my way of thanksgiving day. For me is each day not only a day of the year. I thanks to my God for every meals that I have.


HH said...

I loved your account of your three Thanksgiving meals. You are a very perceptive person and you listened carefully at all three meals. Don't feel you should only listen, though. I remember one dinner at my house and YOU were the one who made the conversation flow and kept us amused and happy. It is a GIFT and you must not lose it.

Helen said...

Yes that night dinner was real fun. You introduced me your daughter, she is a neuro doctor from Venderbuild (spelling???) right? HH you do have a wonderful blessing family! Love you.

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