Monday, March 31, 2008

Phtoto 6

Me, my dad and my son with
my two tourist guides! So much
food but cause only $$ ! was a
good deal in Burma!

The food waws like pork, fish,
chicken and seafood soup!

I ate very little, I have to take
care of my liver!

Photo 5

Me and my dad, at the Christmas Lunch table!

Phtoto 4

Remember my Chrsitmas Pigs!!
Mountain people turn into like
these dishes.. was very delicious.

One of the dish was my skinny
chicken....was good too.

Photo 3

Me and Robins, on Christmas morning!
December 25th, 2007!
At my summer house, North of Thailand.

Photo 2

My son was so shy with mountain girls!
I hope and pray that these girls will get
good education and good health!


Year 2007, Christmas with Mountain People!
My son, a Lahu (lady) and me.
It was a very good time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I love the way purnishment in Singapore. I think a kind of cool!
Dickson Tan, who was caned for helping and illegal money lender, display his brises ass for reporters in Singapore yesterday. Tan is suing the Singapore goverment for around S$ 3 million in damanges for mistakely caning him three more strokes than he was originally sentenced to court documents howed yesterday...
Above new was in Bangkok Post!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Real woman or half woman!!

Year 2005.... On my birthday party, with some of my Bangkok friends!!

Yesterday in Bangkok Post Newspaper, it said.... "First Travesties Air Stewardess in Thai Airway". How could I call her? she/he ?? anyway she/he looks so beautiful. Now in this photos, can you find out how many real women and how many half Bowen?? You all can input in my comments place. Just make sure that do not pick the one with the basket because it's me! full woman! Well I have boy's liver in my body so you want to call me Tomboy?? It's ok for me.

One of the good things in Thailand is .....Everyone are welcome to this country. People are very slow to angry, always happy happy face. We have that Cabaret show with full of half women. Some of them are very beautiful than real woman. The only thing you can see as a man is, They have such a big feet, they wear shoes like size 12 minimum or Adam Apple will tell you. Of course with lots of plastic treatment help too.

One of the Cabaret shows is calls "Mambo". I knew the General Manager and he is with a very good hart. I hired some half women there to come and join the party and they dance the best! and they wear the best and they talk the best as like a real woman too! They are expensive to perform dance at the party.

OK start now you investigation!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Princess and Guatemala

In my life journey in different countries, I meet so many friends and some are becoming very very dear friends. Today I am going to tell you one of my special friends. She is a Princess. I met her in 1993 in Guatemala. Around that year, I had quite a few friends from US Embassy in Guatemala. There, one of the ladies that I knew was a Japaneses girl who married to American. She taught us Japanese Flower Arrangement also how to make Japanese Sushi!!! She is my first Sushi Teacher! Well mostly social life!

One day my Japanese friend called me "Helen, I want to introduce you one of the lady and she looks like you (I am glad she said that because when I saw The Princess, she is a beautiful lady)" . So I went down from my building to meet them and I saw her, the Princess. From there we becoming friend now for almost 15 years.

We had the best 2 years together in Guatemala. First time when my plane landed in Guatemala, I thought I am in America and how come this air port not look like American Airports which I saw in the movie??? I did not pay so much attention that what the different between North America and Central America! This is very bad of my knowledge, well before OK! Now I am smarter and know the different looks of many countries. (before Guatemala, I lived in Hong Kong/Macao for 4 years)... I love Hong Kong/Macao! By the way, there was my final years of my single life too!! My wedding was in both Hong Kong and Macao.

I was totally not prepare for to live in a country that culture, way of living, and language are so different from Burma and Hong Kong ( I do speak Cantonese after 2 year though)....ect!! Daily basic, I can't talk to no one for the first year or two in Guatemala. Can't talk to maid or security guards or buying food was so difficult ...well from there life was leading me that Guatemala made me feel as my "second home "...I have a handful of friends there who also very dearest to me. I just met them last year one of the keys in Florida. Thank you to Silvia for her so friendliness and kindness! She introduced me to her wonderful friends in Guatemala!

Countries before I lived, physical contact is no no at all. I still remembered that the day I joined the Gym in Guatemala, the Aerobic Instructor hug me and kissed me both cheek..then all the aerobic class people, both men and women Kissed me out of their friendliness! On that day , I think I felt to say? so uncomfortable and so shocked but a kind of new feeling I sense it! like.... How's so friendly? Why they hug me without asking me? (in Burma the Government will put you into the Jail for improper action in Public as by law any kind of hugs and kisses) What kind of culture (my curiosity starting from there)??? but after based in Guatemala many many years...Now I am the one starting to kiss and hug to my friends!! Most of my Thai friends also hug but not to everyone mostly they "Sawadee" each other.

Have you ever seen men urinating in public area? I do not see in Gainesville though! See I live right at the back of US embassy and way high floor in Guatemala. From my apartment I can see all over Guatemala and I do have binocular. The day I saw 3 or 4 men urinating in Reforma Road, which is one of the main Road, I was shocked because I do not see in Hong Kong nor Macao...can say may be I live in nice area??? On top of that they were urinating into the country's hero statues!! on joking!!

I was alone most of the time at home. Robins was all over the central America for busy with his shrimps. At that situation, I met the Princess and we both had the best time. We went to the lake, to Antigua and many places... We shopped till we hungry. I remembered the day she bought 6 horses in Antigua! She is the one told me to paint too. She paints beautifully till today at her home in McLean. I went to visit her in McLean and we had a good time. Took me all over Washington D.C. She came back to visit me in Belize (I do not like Belize that much, the most boring place I had ever been but I like the Caribbean beach), where Robins was building the Shrimp farm. She came with other 2 women one is her realative Pi Ing, she is so fun to be with, half Thai and half Gemen and Pi Twe!

Well today by this moment, my Princess might be touch down Bangkok air port! She is coming for her relative funeral (the King's sister). We talk on the phone almost each week (almost everyday in Gainesville when I was fighting with my liver cancer), but after many years I am going to see her in person. I love her because I have reasons to.... she nice to me in many ways! I am looking forward to seeing her!! Welcome back to Bangkok Pi Yin!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thai New Year

Thai New year is coming soon. I think starting on April 12th. I like all the New Years...I mean Chinese New Year, Thai New Year, Indian New Year, Lahu New Year and Shan New Year. Now let see on December 31st..... what is this one call? International New Year?? I am hardly to keep one New Year Resolution, can you imagine for all those resolutions that if I make it and then to keep it... Well may be easier to deal with one at the time or never!

Thai New Year is similar Burmese, Lao, Cambodians new years if I am not mistaking. They throw the water at each other meaning, clean up all the bad things what we did and what we faced not to carry on into another year. My year 2008's New Year resolution is....."To be Positive"......I think I was positiving for 3 days ..may be more but can't remember how long then I fell into my half positive and half negative life!! I do not have always negative attitude though!

Some questions that I am asking to myself is ...How could I positively driving with good mood in Bangkok's Traffic??? How to control myself when Shan's report card is not so so good?? How can I shut my mouth when Robin's just leave his underwear right next to Laundry Basket, or starting conversation about money etc......? The bad one is... how could I deal with if I caught some one is lieing to me...(I can't be positive to all these things). I know what I want and what I like..... so ......I never make New Year resolution like..I must diet, I must save the money, I must not yell or I will not have plastic surgery!! because I know myself that those things, I can not keep them for sure.

Talking about plastic surgery, some time I do think about breast and butt lift. One of my friends from California, she used to come to Thailand for cosmetic surgery many many times. Yes...she looks real good. I do not like the face work that much but what ever she did on her butt and breast, these were good because she looks like 18 years old!!! Oh yes...I went to see her when she was doing butt lift, scare me off for seeing she had to sleep like a frog, as face down position for a week. Well, the result is very good so she is one happy dude!! My Korean friend , she was just bad luck because she end up crooked joke for that. She was very angry at her plastic surgeon. She did not prepare for there will be good and bad result at all.

Me and my family are going somewhere on Thai New Year but do not know where to yet... may be bamboo rafting or elephant riding or hiking. Ok you all have a very happy
"Songala Kha".......