Friday, November 30, 2007

Elections: Who do I vote For

I just checked my emails....... one of the emails is from US Embassy in Bangkok addressed to Bangkok Patana (my son's school)! for American Children's parents..... about primary voting. See My husband is devoted Democrats.... Said very proud one to be too. Honestly I do not know what am I yet! Well I just become American for only one and a half month...Oh yes I know what is Democrate and what is Republican!!!... Here I am a woman who came from Burma and never heard of election in my part of life that lived in Burma...See who even can kill, can be the leader there (not Aung Sun)..... I heard for the first time "election" in Burma was when Ms. Suu Kyi came back to Burma and won land slide victory...even then I learn that election is NO meaning in my ex country.. Suu Kyi is under house arrests for wining the election!!! it is true!!! Supposed to be happy time for us and for her but turn out to be the hell time..

Looking back who elected Ne Win in Burma??? But....he leaded my ex-country for decate... After that may be 2 Generals.. they elected by themself too with no shame faces and run the country so good that my ex country ranking thel lowest in SouthEast Asia!! Used to be the best till 1960....

OK back to Presidential primary voting!! Talking for myself.....I do not like anyone on both candidates..I do not like Clinton, Obama, Juliani or the rest ....even that I know I must vote.....also not another Bush please.....I like a littel bit to McCain but he speaks so slow and not handsome enough to look at for 4 years!!! and he is old!!! Oh yes the look is count in some %.................. Example..would you like to see David Lettaman as President??? Or Borat?? They will make you pewt for sure....They are good at what they are doing but no no for the presient!!

Email said will be Feb 4th and the 7th are two voting date so I still do have some more time to read and do some fews phone calls.....

Hope and praying that may we all get the best American President in 2008!!! Alos wish we all can live no war and live hermoney with others !!Bye now.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Blog

Dear Everyone,

This is my first post in my blogspot.... See...What I am going to start with?? Oh yes... 3rd December is my birthday!!! Real age, very difficult to tell you all but if I am going as according to my new liver's age, I will be 1 year 1 month and 3 days!!! Life is so good to me as I told you...I count my blessing each day!!

I feel real good to be back home in Bangkok! I am enjoying food and my friends in Bangkok here. Tomorrow I am going to Seafood Market dinner. I am feeding CP's Secretaries.....As they have done so much work for us it is time for me to say them..."Thank You"...

Went to Spa yesterday. Surpirsingly...the girls there remembered me. Gave me 500 Bath discount and I bought massage, facial, and body scrub!!! for these 3 service, I paid one massage in USA. Played tennis in the morning ... Feel real good because the weather in Bangkok for this year I will say we have A+ weather..... OK this is a test only and will be post time to time! Love ya all.