Monday, October 17, 2011

The Happiness of Steve Job

On Sunday me and my family, we use to eat our breakfast at the small hotel which is located nearby our church. It is small but clean and produce good Thai breakfast. I like this hotel. NOT 5 stars but with 3. I like more of the hotel's reminder which is clearly written on the entrance door. It said, "If you are looking for the SEX tour you are not welcome by this hotel." Funny to see this kind of written in Thailand right? You can see lots of tourists from all over the world. Such a small hotel but doing well all year long even not allow the sex tourist!!!

Anyway last Sunday I noticed that a good looking woman, I think she is in her late 40, was having breakfast mean while she was busy with hers iPad. She was obviously texting to someone because she typed and wait and she typed and wait and read. Sometime she smiled and sometime I can see she was having small laugh by herself. I was looking at her and said to myself, "Thank you Steve Job because of you people are having good time in the breakfast room in Bangkok."

I do my exercise in morning hour. Mostly around 830 am. Some weeks I play tennis or some weeks I do my power walk or some weeks I dance plus with Aerobic. You be surprise that I have been doing Aerobic for the last 20 years and I am good at it. I know Latin aerobic which is the best.

There are beautiful houses around my condo here in Bangkok. Lots of White couple with children are renting those houses. Well I walked this morning and there was a young girl, for sure she is working for the foreigner, she was walking with 2 pug dogs. Some time I see one Japanese guy, a Filipino lady and this young girl. I see them almost every time I do my power walk. They do have different kind of dogs and sizes. And...... they all have iPhone.

This young girl always carry the dog's doo doo bag and of course an iPhone. This morning I heard "ha ha ha ha ha", a loud laughing behind me. I turned my head and saw this girl who was talking on iPhone but man...... she was so happy. I said, "Thank you Steve see..... you made this girl very happy." She was so happy that she even forgot to collect her dog's @#$%!

Steve Job makes people so happy that our church need to remind to switch off the phone before the service. People are so in love with Steve's things that they even can not concentrate well to pray. They might forget to bring offering but never forget to bring their iPhone.

Here my own husband laying down in the bed with my iPad and has this huge smile which is rare to see in normal daily time but with iPad every thing around him is in PEACE.

I do like my iPhone and my iPad but not CRAZILY in love. I know my time. Yes there is a time to sleep, a time to eat, a time to sale some Gems or a time to relax. Most of all a time to pray. For me all these thing won't last long. I also knew that all these Steve's toys won't give me lasting JOY!

May I finish with this..................... it is from my Daily inspirations for Women!

"Sometimes life here on earth can be complicated, demanding, and busy. When the demands of life leave us rushing from place to place with scarcely a moment to spare, we may fail to pause and say a word of thanks for all the good things we've received. But when we fail to count our blessings, we rob ourselves of the happiness, the peace, and the gratitude that should rightfully be ours.

Today, even if you're busily engaged in life, slow down long enough to start counting your blessings. You won't be able to count them all, but take a few moments to jot down as many as you can. Then give thanks to the Giver of all good things: God. His love for you is eternal, and His gifts are plentiful. It's never too soon - or too late - to offer him thanks."

Here are my some blessing not from Steve Job but for me without a doubt from my GOD.

- A healthy new liver.

- A grandmother who is 96 but her brain is till fit!

- A nice looking son.

- My daily bread.

- My happy friends.

- A husband.

- A good set of parent in laws.

- ta ta ta ta ta ta..................... list will goes on.

Yes my life is up and down but my God is never up and down. He is the master of the beginning and the end. I love you God!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am sad.

Lately I have heard who and who are divorcing. Who and who are separating. Who and who are fighting for the money because they do not love each other nor can't live together anymore. Sad isn't it?

Now the strange thing is..... the couples who I think going to divorce are still in attache and the nice, fun and LOOK loving couples are divorcing! Worst than natural disaster. Don't you think so?

After me myself marrying for 20 years, somehow I do understand that thing can be changed.

I have lots of questions myself too.

As you all know that Catholic do not recognize the "Divorce" but too bad, some Catholic couples are divorcing. I was raise as Baptise but now when you ask me who am I? I will say I am "Christian".

Who ever believe in God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit, they are my Christian fellows. Now.... do not misunderstood me. I have lots of friends who are not Christian but I do love them.

OK back to divorce. According to Matthew 19 in News Testament, yes you can divorce. This is what I understand about Divorce if I am wrong please correct me.

Here it is. OUR God did not say "Divorce". In fact God said, "When you become a couple..... husband, you own the wife body same as wife, you won your husband body. Leave your father and mother and become one flash together."

From my little read, divorce law is from Moses, is that right? Moses said, "Because of your hardness of your heart you can divorce." ( I am not so perfect about Bible but hope it is true that the way I understand).

In Matthew 19 said, " if one of you is committed adultery you can divorce!!"

Now I wanted to talk about is ADULTERY!

As you all know that ADULTERY means.... a married couple, one is having extra sex with extra people. I do not know what kind of wives can put up with their husbands who are having fun with the others.

Me, oh NO NO for me. I am not the Hillery Clinton. I am sorry I do not have that kind of sharing.

Now see this, some couples, the third party are not involved but still they are divorcing. I have learnt or see or feel that some facts which can cause the divorce. No joking folks some little things can be build up. Here they are....

1. If you slam about your husband/wife in the public often.

2. Husband or wife who did not look at your own mate as the years that you dating to her/him.

3. Lost your respect each other.

4. Husband/wife who think their partner can forgive every thing what they do. ie: husband who sleep with dirty underwear. Let your mate feel so sick to look at it.

5. Husband/wife who talk to other so sweet but to their own mate their faces turn into sour face or frown.

6. Husband/wife who makes their mate feel unwanted. Mean time drooling every where.

7. Husband/wife who let their mate feel so little. Put the mate down in public or without public.

8. Husband/wife who provoke their mate all the time.

9. Husband/wife who teach you "unconditional love" but do not exercise nor practice it.

10. Husband/wife who never realize that your mate need not only quality time but also quantity time too.

11. Husband/wife who put works infront of family, own child and own mate.

See above all of those facts can leads you to the Parting Road without third party!!

Parting is not good but for some one there is no choice????

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Know your own body

On the flight from Dubai to Bangkok, I was starting to feel pain at right side of my face. I was thinking may be, an old age migraine. From 1 to 10, my pain was 4, so I can handle it.

Arrived in Bangkok the pain went up to 6 after long flight. Now this right side of my face pain was running from my jaw to my ear and from my ear to my eye then from my eye to my head. Remember the pain was only one side of my face. It disturbed my sleep too. I was hoping please this is NOT a tumor in my head.

My US liver coordinator said I should check with ear doctor. I also thought this might be from my earache. Said to myself, damn I am having real bad ears problem. So made an appointment with ears and throat doctor.

"Your ears are clean and your throat is fine." This I got told by the ears and throat doctor. Good new is I am clean in ears and throat but the bad news is where is this real pain come from?? The ears and throat doctor reffered me to Neurologist!

"Did you do computer alot?" the Neurologist asked me. I said, "A lot! I do not know what you mean alot but I like computer." Then he pressed at the back of my ear. Wow I felt so painful. The pain went up to 8 after he pressed me that point. He said, "I have lots of patients like your case. Relax and do not do computer so much. Rest!"

The Neurologist even explained to me that some patients did not know the different between tooth pain and nerve pain. They thought it was tooth problem and they yank off the tooth, some time 2 teeth and then they said ooop mistake it was a nerve problem. I was thinking, Oh my whatever...... what a mistake!!! Lost a tooth or teeth!!!

The Neurologist gave me Neuron TIN, Deanxit and another pill start with letter N but I forgot. OK he gave me 3 kinds of medicine to take. I did take 4 days and the pain subsided but at my jaw point, I still felt a little pain. Say level 2 pain!

Then after a week, my pain attacked me again at level 9 pain. This time I can't sleep, I can't eat. I yelled and cried 2 times. Even my Ativan can't help me. OK I am not Ativan lover. I use it only emergency. Like when I fly or can't sleep.

4 days ago this question hited me. I was thinking, if this is the pain from nerve why ONLY one tooth pain. Should be pain right side of all my teeth or at least 2 teeth. Smart me and I decided to see the Dentist.

I like my Dentist from XXX hospital. He is as tall as I am 5'2". OK to be kind, I should say he is 5'3". His hair cut is neat. He dresses well. He knows what he is doing.

"Please can you distinguishes between a tooth pain cause by nerve or by other cases?" This is the first question I throwed at him. He said,"lets me have a look!" He checked and said, "Need X Ray!"

You know what happening to me?

My last tooth of the right side, it is infected and yes it's can gives you pain one side of your face.

5 hours ago my Dentist did a root canal on it. The pain were gone. Go went and gone! Sometime you shoud know your own body.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Washington DC-JFK-Dubai-Bangkok

Boarded on Jet Blue flight from Dallas to JFK. Short trip so I booked Economy class. As you all know that short flight, that's mean the plane is not big. I flied at the back of the plane with full of people. There was no one seat available. Yes......, I did feel like a Sardine fish in the can. The plane was delayed for 2 hours because there was no plane to take us and our plane was in Orlando. That's I got told!

Sat on the plane for long minutes for take off. The weather was bad, raining all week in around Washington DC. There was no Sun but rain and rain and rain.

Well After sat too long in the plane I told the Jet Blue Air Stewardess that I want to get out no use to fly as my next Emirate flight is schedule to take out 11 PM. The schedule is too tight for me.

Jet blue Air Stewardesses are old but with beautiful harted and said to me , "let me inform to the ground staff if you wanted to get out!". I said to her, "Oh please I want to get out. I feel so crowed and late for the next flight". I did want to get out because 1. Was raining. 2. I will never make it as one of my luggage is in the belly of the Jet blue plane. Pick up the luggage and check in the Emirate flight which is located next building also. I Knew I will never make it!

A ground stuff who is not white, not black, no yellow but brown came to me with farted face and said, "You can't get out we are going to pull out." I said, "What do you mean the the door is still open and still attached with that tube why I can't go out. I do not care loosing my ticket." That Brownie woman was so ugly and said to me, "No we are going to pull out."

Well my complaint did something good because yes... the Brownie woman rushed out from the plane so fast and pull the tube off. I said to myself, "Well like it or not I am going to fly in this freaking RAIN!"

I said a short prayer, "Lord let me be back to Bangkok please.!"

Flying since the day I was born but this is the only time that Jet Blue took off with so much power, so much faster felt like they shooted me off to the sky. Did I scare? Oh Yes so much.

The flight was 45 minutes only but let me tell ya, I was not feeling like flying but feeling like a horse ridding. Actually ridding on the CRAZY horse!!!!! so much bumping. Was a bad fly but it touched down at the JFK though. I do not like Jet Blue they are cheap and small!!!! Actually I do not like the way that Brownie talked to me. Remember the customer always right :)!

When I arrive at the JFK, the time was 10:30pm! My next flight is 11 pm. I said, poop, I have only 30 minutes. Waited for 10minutes for my luggage but it was not show up. Ran to the Jet blue service counter, I told the big woman there.."Please keep my luggage I am going to the next flight without it but send it to Bangkok the next day please." The big woman said, "Yeah!"

Arrive Emirate counter 10:45 pm, again I met another Brownie Guy! I said to myself oh goosh not Brownie again. He said to me, "The door is close?" I said, "What do you mean I still have 15 minutes!" Of course the Brownie guy said "NO, come tomorrow at 9am. You go 11 am flight to Dubai". After he saw my ticket as I fly "Good Class", the Brownie Guy tone softer. I can't remember much what I told him but I know I was nasty. I do feel that some of the ground staff at the airport if they have to do a little extra work, they are freaking lazy. Do not look for the LOVE from those people it never will see the LOVE!

I felt so tired, so helpless and so angry. Well I know now I have to find a hotel in New York. Went to the Hotel service counter, I was told, "Yes we do have a room at JFK International Airport Hotel, soon to be Hilton. Total around 250$!"

Arrived at the hotel at 12:30pm. At the check in counter there was only one man, NO joking another Brownie man (Indian guy), about 55 year old was working ALONE with long line. Luckily I was the third person to check in. Royal Air Jordon flight was late so they all got the coupon to stay free same as I stay but they have coupon, I have credited card!!! The @#$%^& Jet Blue no pay me coupon at all.

I have one problem. After long day I need a new clean underwear. Bad new is my luggage was not with me. By the way the room was very nice. Good material sheet with 6 pillows room. Bath room was great so I took long hot shower. Felt so beautiful!!!! So Fresh and clean!!!

Talked to myself... I am going to wash my underwear as Jackie Chan said he did the same too. Washed it then I thought I should iron in case my underwear is not dry on time for the next morning. Put it on the iron board and I ironed it. Right away my underwear got stick on the face of IRON!!!!!

Too tired and did not realized that my underwear is made out of part of it nylon and part of it Cotton. The nylon part got burned and I came home all the way to Bangkok an underwear with a big hole on the back.

The flight to Dubai and to Bangkok, it was beautiful flight. I like Air Emirate. I really do. Huge plane I flied on the upper deck with the bar at the back of the plane.

Back to Bangkok.

I am thankful for the safe trip back.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My thoght for today

I wake up and some how I was thinking about Pastor's responsibilities and who should be a Pastor. Well it was in my thought for today! How it came into my head? I have no idea.

By now you all know that I am a Christian. I love my God, I really do. Am I perfect? No, not at all. I am a struggle Christian too. I have my own up and down days. I want to be a good mother, a good wife, a good friend and a good person. Above of all, I wanted to be a good Christ's follower. I think I will never be a perfect person though.

Every where I go, somehow I find a church to worship with other believers. I like to go to the Church. Some said, "Well I can pray at home." It's TRUE but think about this... if we, Christians, all pray at home then lets see where this Christianity will go to??? No Churches, No Pastors, No Preachers, NO Rev., No fellowship and No nothing at all.

Talking about Pastors, I notice that all Pastors or Preachers, they sermons different ways. Some Pastors like to shares What God's love is and How much God loves us. But others will preach us about what hell and punishments is. Some will guide us in many ways.

I have heard many many sermons in different countries by different Pastors. But I never heard of, What and How and Who the Pastor is? I wish to hear sometime about what a good Pastor is. I am curious and I starting to google it. I search...."When and how a Pastor faces the failer?" Oh yes you have to read about the failer then see what is not a failer should be.

We all want to be our own Pastors to be perfect. Again this will never be! A Pastor is a human being too. One thing for sure that.... "I do not like an arrogant Pastor". " I like a Pastor who should be a face with full of love to all his congregation."

Anyway I share the following article which I like it.

Have a good read.

3 Preachers Who Should Quit

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Various Talks

I am leaving to USA very soon. I just waiting for my best health before I get on the plane. There will be lab work on 7th of July and then vaccine then get on the plane.

By the blessing, my lab works have been getting better each test. Today is my Predisone last day. Just took it and hope will kiss good bye to this crazy pills but good to us and did a wonder job to us too.

To all the transplant folks, please take care of the priceless gifts that we are having. Acute or not acute rejection, it is painful to face. Emotionally sometime I can't take it because thinking that I am going to die. Honestly I will tell you that there were days which I cried for not wanting to take pills anymore but I can't.

As you all know, we are getting new Prime Minister in Thailand. A big change!!!This one is a female. I am so happy that there was not trouble and peaceful election till today. I think people should give her a chance and see how her works are. For you all to understand easily, I should say yes... the red is taking the position.

A big change is ahead of me too as my son is taking off to USA for further study. At home me and my husband, two of us will be left over in Bangkok. I will be talkless?? My husband goes to office 6 to 6, again I say not 9 to 5 it is 6 to 6!!! Well he is happy with it so I have nothing to say. Now on if he is happy I will shut my mouth. I might travel abit next year.

I would like to end this blog with my devotional time reading.

"The sadness that companies any significant loss is and inevitable part of lie. In time sadness runs its course and gradually abates. Depression, on the other hand, is a physical and emotional condition that is, in almost all cases, treatable with medication and counseling.

Some days are light and happy, and some days are not. when we face the dark days of life, we must choose how we will respond. We bring light to those dark days by turning first to God and then to trusted family members, Friends, and medical professionals. When we do, the clouds will eventually part and the sun will shine once more in our souls."

"I have heard your prayer, I have see your tears. Look, I will heal you."
2 Kings 20:5

I am praying often that God will heal us. I do my parts and trust that God will taking care of me. 5 years now I am free of cancer because of God's mercy. I say agian, without God's mercy I die 5 years ago.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shocking News

I live in Thailand. I love this place because as other big city, we have so many stories to tell. Now this story which I am going to tell is TRUE and it is shocking news for me.

I have this very tiny business which is dealing with Gem, mostly from Burma. I do have some people who love to show me nice gems.

There is mother and daughter team from Chantaburi who I deal with the finishing jewellery also. Should say I deal with them for the setting project. Their works are neat and tidy. Good looking jewellery they produce for me.

Last week I called them as I am leaving to USA soon so I need some jewellery for presents. Met the mother and daughter, bought some rings from them.

The daughter's boy friend is a Chinese Men from China. Kind of a man who provided her cash to do the jewellery business. They have been dating for 8 months and the girl starting to complain about her sex life with this China men. She said, "Wired we have been dating for 8 months and no sex at all. He even not try!!" She is starting to wonder that the guy just loves her as simple way. She said, "Why he is giving me money for my business without SEX??"

OK here I have no idea what is happening I just listen . By only business, I knew both of them. You no need to ask questions but people in the Gem business they talk.

Well 5 days ago someone call and said to me the China Men is in ICU and in coma.

What happened was the guy has a problem with his manhood. Finally he decided to go buy Viagra for to try his manhood life but poor thing after 10 minutes he went straight into coma. He is still in the hospital for 2 weeks now. In Coma!!!

The doctor said, "The man did not check his health situation and he has very high cholesterol. High cholesterol and Viagra and the SEX did not work together."

I am so sorry and yes it is shocking news for me because I have never heard such news before in my life!!!

Watch out when you take VIAGRA!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Where am I going to start?

OK back to 6 weeks ago I was in up north picked up my grand mother who was very sick by the earthquake. She was 7 days straight to the hospital for injection because of not eating, was keep saying, "I am dying!"

Took her back to Chiang Mai. I had to stop there for awhile again because she was in the hospital for a day. Vomiting from both sides end. After all that, we were resting in the hotel for 4 nights and then flew her into Bangkok. Fed her, taking care of her and then yearly check up in Samitivij Hospital. Guess what? She is healthy like a hog.

Nothing wrong or bad in her body. God bless and so thankful! For 95 years old lady who never ever been to the Gynecologist nor any specialist doctors, this is very good. Sometime the gift of God is beyound my understanding. Tell me if this is not a blessing for us who we said, we are Christians???

Now me.

I was busy running after my grand mother and then back to Bangkok ran to do my routing blood work. Bad news, my liver enzine height up. My ALP, AST and ALT were triple up! Strange though I look good and nothing look wrong. The doctor said, "You are having acute rejection." Freak me out!!!

I do not understand well but I did understand what is "rejection" is. Of course I was sooooo scare. Then doctor told me I am very lucky because I did not turn in to Yellow!

The doctor put me Predisone which I calls "Crazy Medicine". How crazy? You can only know when you are taking it or them. The doctor said, my body suddenly recognize that I have foreign organ. Well I do not feel as foreign organ but for sure every day I know there is something originally not from me.

Let me tell you something about this Predisone.

My son has this very annoying attitude which is when he comes home he takes off his socks and throw into the air. The socks can be landed all over my TV room with this smelly odor. Well before I can ignore it as the maids help me to pick up.

But last week as I am on Predisone, without a blink I pick up the ruler and smash him in the back for the reason of smelly socks. I felt so horrible because which I did not do nor behave like this at all. Then I was crying and apologizing to my son.

Then the other one is, one night I wake up like short of oxygen. Strange dreamed that King David said he has to stay in my body!!! Can you believe it?? Yes believe it. You never have such dream in your life but Predisone can give you the most wired dream you never face it before.

Now for a month I am doing blood work every 4 days and my last lab result was the best. Under control!!!

Sometime I do have the following questions to myself.

-How I am going live my life without fear? Mean this the word of LIVER TRANPLANT PATIENT?

-How could I face if the cancer is return?

-Do we all die one day, don't we?

-Why I can't never go back to the old HELEN who is very happy person?

-I do not want to take all these medicine anymore and can I? NO!!

-Oh so many questions???????????

Then when all these crazy thought comes I just said,

"Depend on the Lord and his strength; always go to him for help. Remember the miracles he has done;remember his wonders and his decisions."

Psalm 105:4-5

Live move on. I know what is right and worng for me.
Thanks God that I am still with Robins and Shan.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2008 Thailand Vacation Slideshow

2008 Thailand Vacation Slideshow: "TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ 2008 Thailand Vacation Slideshow ★ to Thailand and Christmas. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

19 year of my marriage

May 10th 1992 I married to the man who I like very much.
May 15th 1992 our reception was at one of the best hotes in the world (at that year!).

Today is May 4th which means my 19 year of married to this one man is approaching.

How am I going to celebrate this my remarkable years of marrying to one man, one time of my life??? Lets see my "like to do" lists.

-I want to give a huge reception at one of the best hotels in Bangkok BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to go to Monaco and playing Poker BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to cruise along Alaska BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to go Marce in French by the beach for one week BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to go Scandinavia, stay on the mountain in a nice cottage with full of flowers BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to go around the world with Shan BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

Now let me do this... think positively!!

-He is a nice man enough to married me.

-He is not drunked nor smelly smoker.

-He provide me not as Bill Gate but I can get what I want.

-He is not screwing around.

-He never beat me up, not one time.

-He is not a show off nor branded clother.

-He eats what I put on the table, not bitch or I should say not complain.

-He is not laughter but good listener.

-He is not fighting around with people as I do sometime when people screw me.

-He take patiently even people insult him.

-He has money but do not want no one knows. Humble???

-He heps taking care of my grand mama.

Now let see what happen after 19 year of marriage....

He fall in love with computers and...
I fall in love with Face book and Twitter.

Let me finish with this. It is from my devotional book.

"The Bible makes it clear: love and commitment are to be intertwined. That's specially necessary in a marriage relationship. Unfortunately, we live in a world where marriage vows are taken too lightly. Too many couple are far too quick to push the panic button- or the eject button- and the results are both predictable and unfortunate.

When we vow to love our partner "till death do us part," we must take that promise seriously. And we'd better be willing to do the hard work required to make the marriage last.

If you are a married woman (or if you are thinking becoming one), please take the advice of Proverbs 3:3 seriously. Writ the words love and faithfulness on the table of your heart. And be sure to use permanent ink!!

Let love and faithfulness never leave you...
Write them on the tablet of your heart. Proverbs 3:3

Gloria Pitzer said, "Marriages may be made in heaven, but a lot of the details have to be worked out here on earth!!!"

My prayer....

"Dear God,

Thank you for guiding me to this 19 year.


Monday, April 25, 2011


Where I am going to start?

-Yes flied up to see my grandmother. I am glad I did it because my grand mother was in bed, refused to eat. She was 7 days straight dripped in to get going on only. Anyway I took her back to Bangkok and now by the blessing she is doing well. One day she was ended up in the Chaing Mai hospital also.

I had to yell at her a bit or talk sweet to her or explain it why she needs to eat. 4 weeks ago she was talking only about that she is going to die. Now she looks like fully watered Sunflower and.... I look like dead flower!! I am emotionally drained up too.

Let me firmly to share with you this....

My grandmother getting better not only because of medicine. Yes, the medicine is needed but being around her is the best medicine for her. She eats because I eat with her, she walks because I walks with her, she talks because I ask questions but honestly I said, all these need lots of patient and mostly "LOVE".

In Bible said... Above of everything 'Love' is the most important. True!!

Love has many ways of loving truly love, brotherly love, platonic love, even lusting love... they all make you feel good don't you? Am I wrong?? Well I am not sure about lusting love. This love might make you feel good in a certain time then one might kill the other sooner or later.

-Then my brother and his girlfriend is visiting to me at this moment when I am blogging this blog. They are from Germany and are leaving to Elephants world today. Surprisingly I found out that they can't eat hot and do not like any Asian
Food! What a waste?? Tell me who do not like Thai food?? Only...hummmmmm!

- I am stop myself as being Church Council members. Not any other reason but I decided that I shouldn't be there till I feel that I am good enough to work with. I told the Pastor that I will help anytime if the church needs me and I will.

I am asking this.. how could I be a church council when at home I am not even a happy person?? How could I help other when at home I can't help to no one??
I guess I want to be a sincere person first than I should be at the Church council members.

-I must stop here as I need to go see my eye doctor. I am having this a black spot floating left side of my eyes. By the way...

Happy Easter to you all.


Monday, April 4, 2011


I am flying to Chaing Mai very soon. My Grandma is not doing well since the quake rocked not so far from her. Please pray for her and me too please. I trust, prayer works!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


4 or 5 days ago, I got a call from my friend who is living in Canada. She was telling me that how the world is turning into chaos. Then said, with all these, she is feeling that Our Jesus Christ is coming soon. More over she said she heard the event will be in this year. I listened and just said, "On one know beside God!"

NOTE: My friend is the only Christian of her Buddish family.

I firmly do believe in the second coming of Christ. No matter how much you said you are a Christian but if you do not believe in "Christ returning to us", you are not a Christian.

But I do not believe in that someone said she or he know exactly the date of our Lord is coming. Because in the Bible said, "No one know exactly the date beside God and our God as human flash, Jesus Christ."

Before Christ was taken into heaven, when the disciples asked , " What will be the sign was your coming, and at the end of age??" (Matthew 24:3) and this is what Christ said, " Nation will rise against Nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earth quakes, famines and pestilences in various places and fearful events and great signs from heaven." (Luck 21:10).

You can also read same Christ said in Mathew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. 3 disciples had written about the same record!!

One thing to my very interesting is....after our Christ Resurrection, He was still living on earth for 40 + days. On those 40 + days, surprisingly no one can't harm him, mock him , against him nor abuse him. How I know? I read the bible and the bible did not mention any of those.

The other day I saw a title some where and the article said.....

"Does Japan punishment by God?"

Some said, YES and some said, NO!

This is my answer: I do not know. Honestly I answer it, I don't know!!

I am not angel nor not dare to put my mind in our GOD's place. God is so much higher than me and even my best idea can't compare any of our GOD's plans at all.

This is my prayer: "Our Heavenly God,

No matter what is happenning around on this earth, Please guides me and leads me to live under thy sight.

In Christ name,


Monday, March 28, 2011

Quake and my Grandma

Last week, I think on Thursday night, our building was swinging for 30 t0 40 seconds. My passed experience of huge quake in Indonesia, I knew it this might be an earthquake not small but big quake. Also knew that it might be not far from us.

The epicenter was very close to Thai and Burmese border. Some said 7 but some said 6.8 R.

Me, Robins, Shan and my part time helper, we all ran down to the ground floor. I told everyone OUT!! My cook was sleeping. We ran but she slept over the quake. We came up she said to us, "What happen??" I told her, "Nothing!"

My second house is nothing happened but my grand mama got sick. The quake got her real scare. I am sending my cook to my grandma to taking care of her for awhile.
My grandma is my role model!!!

On Friday and Saturday, my grand ma was so sick but on Sunday she was in the Church. She told her pastor to pick her up and said to him, "Sundday is my Church day and I have to go pray. Please pick me up!" The Pastor did pick up my Gma. Thank you pastor!!!

She was in the hospital on Saturday evening. The doctor took X ray and did the blood test. Her bone, her mind are still good but the blood test show she got some virus in the Kidney.

I spoke to the doctor by phone and the doctor said my Gma needs antibiotic injection for 7 days. Have you ever heard antibiotic injection???

Got into google and found out the yes they do have antibiotic injection for human and also for the fish!! You search under "Antibiotic injection", you can read all kind of ta ta ta ta ta.

Very thankful for my grandma is getting better and my house is still pretty too.

My thought and prayers are with the quake vitims.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Double Blessing!

Two reasons I wanted to go back to USA. The first reason, very soon my son is going to boarding school and I wanted to be close by him. The second reason, I like my mother in law and she just lost her husband. I do feel for her and thinking that old lady should not be a lone or lonely. Oh yes she has help.

Two reasons I wanted to stay in Bangkok. The first reason is, Robins loves his job in here. The second reason, I am thinking about my grand mother. Seeing her is a joyful moment and leaving her is a misery for me.

My husband got an job offered by XXXX, as the CEO position. The good news is they are going to pay my insurance. As I mentioned in my last blog, the insurance can screw you and can push you in the corner which can cause you suffocation. The insurance can make you angry woman, ugly woman, screaming woman and bitching woman. You lists all the bad feeling and the lists will never end.

I was once suffer the suffocation by the insurance. We were still paying for 65,000US$ per year but 95,000US$ per year is getting very very suffocation and if I keep paying them I will be closed to eat nothing but crap.

Above of all, "The Insurance" is getting into the center point! In life sometime the decision is depend on not your feeling but on what is good for us.

Double blessing??? Yes... Robins got stay in Thailand and he gives me a Green light to buy a house as I want in USA. (Yes, we have one house but this house is reserved for our son.)

Double blessing??? Yessssss, I want one insurance but God blesses me with 2 insurance.

Thank you to my Lord Jesus Christ.

NOTE: You think I am crazy because of the love that I have to my Lord Christ, let me be the most craziest woman in this world!! Let me be and I am OK for that. I love you my Christ till I depart from this world.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"Khun Helen you are fat!!!".... is the way my liver doctor's nurse greeting me yesterday.

Am I mad? Not at all. I am now 55 kilos (121 lbs, is this fat weight??), but I said that to her, "Well I can still see my big toe so I think I am not that fat."

I did my blood works 2 days ago and then in the afternoon I saw the kidney doctor and liver doctor.

I am doing well except my Prograf (Immune Suppressor pill), is now hitting my kidney. Kidney normal function range is (0-150), mine is now 225. For that reason I talked to kidney doctor yesterday.

"Is your urine cloudy?"... is one of the questions from my kidney doctor. I said, " I saw bubble but cloudy or not I have no idea." Now on I have to look at my urine and check that "going to rain or not?"

May I remind you all..... If your urine is cloudy please go see the kidney doctor!!!

My kidney doctor said I am still OK at 225. Said very very very mild case only. I asked, "Which level you think my kidney is getting sick?" He answered, " 500-1000!". Then I asked this again, "In this case why can't we say the normal range for kidney function is 1-500????" No answer though.

Kidney doctor said, if I hit level 3000 I have to do the kidney biopsy. One thing he telling me was,..... in my case to reach level 1000 to 3000 is, may be after 30 years. 30 years!!!!! Where will I be after 30 years??? Only my God knows.

Beside this I am doing well. I have nothing to complain as I am living 5 years full of life.

Any way in June I am going back to USA. I am talking on skype with my liver coordinator and see what I should do. May be I might see the Kidney doctor in University of Florida.

To change the subject.....

I was up north at my second house for 9 days. I did have a good time with my grandma. The care taker of my Gma left without notice. I was mad and worry about 95 years old lady at home alone. I went up and got a new care taker for her. We got one and she is 58 years old. Her name is "Boo Neer". I do have two problems with her. One, I have a hard time to call her name. Two, She talks too much. (Can you imagine if I say she talks too much knowing that me, myself talk alots too.)

It was real cold up north of Thailand. It was 7 t0 12 C for 2 days. The cold came with rain. I can't go out nor shopping. So I stayed at home eating and talking to my grandma.

One day my Gma was mad at me for just touching her comb which is made out of turtle back bone. She told me not to touch it again and said, it is antique!!

To change the subject..................

One very very happy news is... I got back my Insurance. I am so thankful to my God.

I lost my insurance for 4 months as they were asking 95,000 US$ for this year, 2011. My husband and I talked and we decided that we are not going to pay that much money to that SUCKER!!!$%^&*()$#@ #$%^%^&

For 10 years I was paying to this insurance, the sucker took it happily and the minutes I got hit by the cancer and got the new liver, the sucker increased the insurance almost 100% each year. How could they do this to any one???

One thing I am still thanks to the SUCKER is....., they paid my liver transplant fee which was huge payment. At lease something was good from the SUCKER.

To change the subject..............

I do pray. I do pray as I did not have insurance anymore. BUT I did not ask to my God to give or to help me back my insurance. Beside, I do believe in that there is nothing impossible with my Christ if you truly loves him. I just pray..."Dear God, I put my insurance in thy hands." That's it!!

My God never promises me that I am not going to die but God said, "Who ever believe in me shall be safe!". I also know that if my day comes, it's thy will too.
Tell me who's not going to die???

4 months I have been praying. I know in deep down in my heart that it is going to be very difficult for us without insurance and... I do not want to give our money to the SUCKER any more too. I am not stupid and also I am not BILL GATE's wife either. My medicine and my constant checking up and follow up is so expensive.

My husband was nice to me and said, "We will insurance by ourself. I trust in God. If anything happen to you, I will do my best. If we broke we broke!"

Now by the blessing we got what we want.

Thank you very much my GOD!

"If you are walking toward Jesus to the best of your ability, he will see you through life's unpredictable waters-----but you must risk launching the boat." said, Patsy Clairmont.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I did it!!!!!!

I should say we did it than I did it.

The fund raising for the Project Thailand of University of Florida is over and finished. The cocktail party for them was so fun. Met the new and future doctors, also one old doctor. Old doctor means..., he has been a doctor for many years ago. This year according to Dr. Kevin they are 20 people from University of Florida, came to Thailand.

The vaccines were bought already. Cost us 165,000 baht and the good news is we still left over money which we can use it for the next year.

Some brought their envelopes along in the night of cocktail party. On that night we received 18,000 baht more.

We raised total 220,000 baht!!!!!!!

I feel so good for what we did. I am so thankful for these doctors are going on the mountain. I am so happy for the mountain children who are taking care by good doctors without fee. These children are monitored in computer and the team knows exactly what they need for the next year.

I would like to join them in person may be one of the future years.

Let me share with you this. It is from my prayer book. It said,

"Most of us have been blessed beyond measure, but sometimes, as busy people living in a demanding world, we're slow to count our gifts and even slower to give thanks to the Giver. Our blessings include life and health, family and friends, freedom and possessions - for starters. And those blessings are multiplied when we share them with others (with pure thankful heart).

As the old saying goes, "When we drink the water, we should remember the spring." So it's appropriate that those of us who have been richly blessed should give thanks for our gifts, no matter how busy we are.

Do you make it a habit to slow down each day and thank God for your talents, your opportunities, and your loved ones? If so, you've already learned that gratitude is its own reward - but no its only reward."

"I will bless them and the places surrounding my hill. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing."

Ezekiel 34:26

I started and donated to this fund for some reasons but the main reason is.....

I have many blessing. I no need to worry about my food, my shelter, my family and I have planty of friends. Well... I have to be honest here. Yes I worry sometime about my health and my halth insurance but I have faith that My God knows exactly what I need. What ever ahead of me, again I say..., "My God knows exactly what I need."

So thankful for teaching me to share my blessing.

We did it. That you so much to you all who sharing your belssing to this fund.

I did it which I never done before. Raising Fund for the needing people!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Human Nature

As I said before I had faced liver cancer because of one lack of vaccine shot. Got the liver cancer and ended up liver transplant. I wish no one will face this nor to deal with it.

I learn to live my life to share my blessing, to care the needs, think about others and not me me and me all the time any more.

So I was thinking what can I do to help others and share my blessing.

There is a team of doctors from University of Florida (UF), who come to Bangkok Thailand once a year to learn the Asian health problems, help the local hospitals and go to the remote country side to help hill tribes people who have nothing much and...... to see the doctors is NOT on their lists of living unless they are dying.

This year I was thinking how can I do to help people. I have deiced to join the team of University of Florida. How??? is my first question. As a liver transplant receiver I have to watch out what to do and what not to do. I mean there are somethings which I can't help physically but other ways of helping.

So I come out with the idea of to raise the fund and buy the vaccines in Bangkok for the UF Team.

Someone helps us for the invitation cards, donated us for the receiption event. We also stop the flowers for my late father in law instead to donate the Project Thailand. We formed trustees group (who are also helping the donation + their time.)

OK now the donation and human nature how they related??

I sent out like 70 invitation cards to friends and business company.
Some are so generous just by mouth to mouth they donate to us without a question. Someone is working till midnight sending out emails and checking the Bank transfer.

Someone donated us XXXX US$ with one question wich is the money not to end up in the politician's hands. We respect his requested and we will make sure of that.

Some got invitation cards but not stop there and help us to spread the news to their friends.

Went to a friend's dinner. On that dinner table some who I met for the first time thrown in the donation.

Now see this........

In Bangkok I have been living in this building for 10 years now. Not big building OK side with different people with different background. I do get along with most (99%) of the people in this building.

Some poeple in the building do have grouping people but NOT for me. I like everyone and I am not allowed myself to group with any groups as saying, "Helen belong to this group". Of course I do have good friends and just friends who I enjoy different ways.

Honestly I do not want to invite all people from my building to my fund raising cocktail party. I have the reason to say so but I am not going to. Then I also thought this...., if I invite this person then that person also I have to invite too. Thinking they will piss at me. So I sent out invitation cards to all my building which is may be around 40 apartments.

Came back one day from my jewellery setting and my maid said, "Here some one sent this to your mail box." It was my invitation card. I said, "Hummmm some one so fast, nice and thinking about the poor on the mountain."

Then I opened it there was nothing inside just returned my invitation card!!! I said who is living such a low people in this building. I don't care they donate or not donate. I am an educated woman and I do not expected that every one must donate to this fund raising but I wish people shoud be a human nature and not like DOG!! No one will hurt even if this person donate or not donate nor comes to my cocktail or not comes. Now this person got my piss on him! Oh am I bad??? I think I am.

Actually everyone has free will and free choice so somehow I do understand to this person who sent me back the card. I just wish this person be a little human than like animal that's all. Am I wrong???

I could careless who do not come to my cocktail receptions. I even do not ask for RSVP! I do not ask nor gunpoint to no one that you have to donate us at all. But this is my wish.... I want only human being come to my cocktail party but not like DOG just need to do it because some one said so.

I have learn so much of the nature of human for just doing this little fund raising which is NOT for me or us but FOR the poor.

Me and you are sincerely or not, only me and you know right???

If I only raise 80 baht (2.5 US$), I am OK because someone big will knows my heart.

So proud of myself for this 80 bahts if I raise 80 baths!!!!!!!!!

Let me end with a prayer........

"Dear God,

Please bless this fund for us. May your power on the vaccines and prevent polio, liver cancer and all other problems for those who needed. Please bless to who donate this fund and also to who not donating because of some reasons but willing. Father you see much more than we see because you are God.

In Christ's name I pray,


PS. We raise XXXXXX bahts for the fund already!!
Thank you so much to you all.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lately I have been so busy that I have a hard time to go play my tennis too. Then Thailand was holding a liver conference in Bangkok and my GI doctor from the States was here. Busy but I am so happy to see my doctor in Bangkok. We did had a good time.

My beloved father in law passed away 2 weeks ago. It is sad but I thanks to Christ for 89 good years of him on this earth. My father in law was a nice man and I do love him.

Talking about my father in law, 3 nights ago he was in my dream. 20 years of marrying to his son, Robins Jr, I dreamt about him only 2 times. Both were the best dreams about him.

3 nights ago in my dream I saw my father in law was sitting right next to the fire place. He had this happy face with a huge smile and talked to me, "I am good, I am happy and I am OK!' I could say my dram about him was not more than 25 seconds. I believe that he is in a good place.

Ok to change the subject....

I am sharing my ex cancer experiences in links.
It is on line Magazine. Click on it then follow the guest speakers. Sure you will find me. OK the name you have to follow is Helen Layshan.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do right-sleep right

Never asking money from others except to my husband. Of course to him I ask many many times. Well he is my husband so I did ask money from him. What can you say??? I need the money for me.

Regarding my blog the one I shared on February 8th......, yes I did ask money from people but NOT for me it is FOR the Children who are living in the remote area in Thailand. Ok you can read back if you want to know why I ask. Me myself I did share my blessing to this Project Thailand with other friends.

On that night (February 8th), I pray that to do the right thing. I starting this project with a little prayer myself. Asking to God bless this money and to use it according thy will for the best sake of unfortunate children. All fund will go to Vaccination.

I said a prayer and read my devotional guide book. From it I want to share with you.

"Two years after her husband died, Joan Kroc founded the Ronald McDonald House Charities and became its largest benefactor. Once, when she read a newspaper headline about flooding in South Dakota, She sent unsolicited donations to flood victims totaling fifteen million dollars. This generous woman was the widow of Ray Kroc, the founding father of McDonald's restaurants.

Joan's philosophy was simple. She looked for people in need, and then she surprised them with her generosity. You can do the same. Whatever your financial situation, you can make a big difference in the lives of others. And every time you do, you'll discover, as Joan did , how good it feels to share the wealth."

Here is what I want to say..

1. I am not Joan Kroc.

2. My husband is not Ray Kroc.

3. I do not inherited the McDonald restaurants. (even though some people call me Mrs. McDonald sometime.)

4. I have no fifteen millions dollars to donate (Actually with that money I can vaccine not only one mountain people may be 50 mountains people.)

Here is what I can do...

1. Share my blessing within my limit.

2. May be for sure not fifteen Million dollars but 1000 baht Thai money.

3. I can help to raise the fund.

4. Join the team (from University of Florida) and share my time.

I was surprise that how my friends response to this matter. Thank you very much for your kindness. Even if I can raise only 100 US$ I can still buy some polio oral dose!!!

This is what I believe,

God did not see the amount of the offering but God knows the sincere of your heart.

May I finish with this...

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
Acts 20:35

PS: I feel good. I am doing right and I sleep right too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fund for the Vaccine

NOTE: Thank you to those who are following this blog. I noticed you all are from different background. You also have the different choices and I understand the way of your different kinds of believing too. Here is My God told me: "Thou Shall Not Judge" so I won't, beside thank you for reading this blog and you all are my friends.

If my parent is born in the developing countries, I won't face the liver transplant nor liver cancer. I am not blaming to my parent but thanks to them because of them I am here.

By the way I was born in Shan State, Burma.

I had a Hepatitis B which was lead to my liver cancer and then it ended up to liver transplant. By the blessing I am living cancer free for 5 years now. I am taking the virus control pills every day. The DNA tests shows that no Virus detectable in my blood for 5 years too. I will put it this way... the medicine works well by the pure mercy of Christ.

I was facing all these from just one lack of Vaccine Shot!! The vaccine is call Hepatitis B Vaccine. It was suppose to vaccine any new born children whose mother are virus carriers at right in the delivery room. See the point here is...., we did not have vaccine in that time and even if we have it who is doing the education about it in Shan State. Till today there are many areas in Burma which no one see "The Vaccines". People are so poor that no school, no education, no vaccine, no money, no clothes.

Talking about no clothes.... each year I spend the Christmas with a very poor church in up north of Thailand. The children are so poor that no clothes to cover all of their body. Some even come to the church with butt naked or half naked.

There are many children suffering Polio in the Shan State just not having Polio Oral Dose which is cost 80 Baht in Thai Money which is 2.60 US$.

After my liver cancer I am starting to enjoy of sharing. Remember I often said that my cancer did not give me all negatives but some positives. I used to love the word of "Thank you" but now I love to say, "You welcome!"

I am putting a fund raising cocktail party in my house on 1st March. I am working with Doctors from University of Florida who come to Thailand with their own air tickets and own expenses. I like to work with them for 2 reasons.

1. They are providing vaccine, education and treatments for the "HILL TRIBES" people who are living on very remote place. They are very poor. The children are living no clothes in the very cold cold season. They have no money for medication also.

2. University of Florida is where I got my liver Transplant! This is a way of helping them back because I am so thankful for them. Yes, I would love to help Shan People in Shan State but I do believe in that helping mountain people in Thailand is the same way of helping any body those who are in needs.

I am working with 4 trustees... Dr. Nat (PhD), Dr. Pakorn (PhD), Lan, Me and of course the Team Leader Dr. Kevin from University of Florida.

The vaccines they need the most are...

Vaccine / Children /Cost-per dose

Hepatitis B /300/ 400 baht (13US$)
Jap. Ence., /150 /250 baht (8US$)
Oral Polio /200/ 80 baht (2.60 US$)
MMR /200 /250 baht (8US$)

All prize are from the Thai Red Cross which we are buying the vaccine from them too.

PS: I am not forec you to donate but if you interesting about it please contact me at and also for any questions. If you wish to help but can't because of many reasons, please pray for us.