Monday, February 21, 2011

Lately I have been so busy that I have a hard time to go play my tennis too. Then Thailand was holding a liver conference in Bangkok and my GI doctor from the States was here. Busy but I am so happy to see my doctor in Bangkok. We did had a good time.

My beloved father in law passed away 2 weeks ago. It is sad but I thanks to Christ for 89 good years of him on this earth. My father in law was a nice man and I do love him.

Talking about my father in law, 3 nights ago he was in my dream. 20 years of marrying to his son, Robins Jr, I dreamt about him only 2 times. Both were the best dreams about him.

3 nights ago in my dream I saw my father in law was sitting right next to the fire place. He had this happy face with a huge smile and talked to me, "I am good, I am happy and I am OK!' I could say my dram about him was not more than 25 seconds. I believe that he is in a good place.

Ok to change the subject....

I am sharing my ex cancer experiences in links.
It is on line Magazine. Click on it then follow the guest speakers. Sure you will find me. OK the name you have to follow is Helen Layshan.

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