Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fund for the Vaccine

NOTE: Thank you to those who are following this blog. I noticed you all are from different background. You also have the different choices and I understand the way of your different kinds of believing too. Here is My God told me: "Thou Shall Not Judge" so I won't, beside thank you for reading this blog and you all are my friends.

If my parent is born in the developing countries, I won't face the liver transplant nor liver cancer. I am not blaming to my parent but thanks to them because of them I am here.

By the way I was born in Shan State, Burma.

I had a Hepatitis B which was lead to my liver cancer and then it ended up to liver transplant. By the blessing I am living cancer free for 5 years now. I am taking the virus control pills every day. The DNA tests shows that no Virus detectable in my blood for 5 years too. I will put it this way... the medicine works well by the pure mercy of Christ.

I was facing all these from just one lack of Vaccine Shot!! The vaccine is call Hepatitis B Vaccine. It was suppose to vaccine any new born children whose mother are virus carriers at right in the delivery room. See the point here is...., we did not have vaccine in that time and even if we have it who is doing the education about it in Shan State. Till today there are many areas in Burma which no one see "The Vaccines". People are so poor that no school, no education, no vaccine, no money, no clothes.

Talking about no clothes.... each year I spend the Christmas with a very poor church in up north of Thailand. The children are so poor that no clothes to cover all of their body. Some even come to the church with butt naked or half naked.

There are many children suffering Polio in the Shan State just not having Polio Oral Dose which is cost 80 Baht in Thai Money which is 2.60 US$.

After my liver cancer I am starting to enjoy of sharing. Remember I often said that my cancer did not give me all negatives but some positives. I used to love the word of "Thank you" but now I love to say, "You welcome!"

I am putting a fund raising cocktail party in my house on 1st March. I am working with Doctors from University of Florida who come to Thailand with their own air tickets and own expenses. I like to work with them for 2 reasons.

1. They are providing vaccine, education and treatments for the "HILL TRIBES" people who are living on very remote place. They are very poor. The children are living no clothes in the very cold cold season. They have no money for medication also.

2. University of Florida is where I got my liver Transplant! This is a way of helping them back because I am so thankful for them. Yes, I would love to help Shan People in Shan State but I do believe in that helping mountain people in Thailand is the same way of helping any body those who are in needs.

I am working with 4 trustees... Dr. Nat (PhD), Dr. Pakorn (PhD), Lan, Me and of course the Team Leader Dr. Kevin from University of Florida.

The vaccines they need the most are...

Vaccine / Children /Cost-per dose

Hepatitis B /300/ 400 baht (13US$)
Jap. Ence., /150 /250 baht (8US$)
Oral Polio /200/ 80 baht (2.60 US$)
MMR /200 /250 baht (8US$)

All prize are from the Thai Red Cross which we are buying the vaccine from them too.

PS: I am not forec you to donate but if you interesting about it please contact me at mlayshan@yahoo.com and also for any questions. If you wish to help but can't because of many reasons, please pray for us.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to Nat, Jeff, Lan who are very generously helping to the Project Thailand. Thank you very much.