Sunday, June 29, 2008


After my liver transplant, time to time I need to check my HBIG level by blood test. I have to do that guiding by the doctor. A month ago, my HBIG level was 180 so the doctor ordered me to get blood test tomorrow again. I have to do this early in the morning before taking my Prograf.

I am not a doctor but here I want to share some from my reading. HBIG, Hepatitis B Immune Globulin is playing an important part of the liver transplant patient like me, well may be to every one???. I am not a doctor but I read sometime about liver articles with my big dictionary (admitted it that without dictionary, I do not understand all). Remember I do not want to be a doctor, I even do not like so much about biology!!! I want to be a lawyer very very much. I like to talk alot!! Now if I can reverse my life and the chance is there..I want to be a doctor. Am I too late? May be very late. Well I read an article about a Pastor who become a MD in Gainesville When he was late 50.

OK go back to my HBIG level! When the level reach between 100 to 10 I need to infuse back. One article said...Low dose IM-HBIG plus lamivudine ( I was taking before my first operation, now changed it to Hepsera) provide safe and effective long term Prophylaxis against recurrent of HBV at (less than ) 10% the cost of the high dose regimen"

Well some researches said it's prove that the actuarial risk of HBV recurrence was 1% at 1 year and 4% at 5 year. I am so amaze of nowaday medical technology! When I was in chemoembolization I saw that little needdle go thourgh into my liver on the screen, my mouth opened wide and stare at what I was seeing.

Some time I want to understand every things which is never will be.... but some time I feel that simple is OK! I went to the church this morning and I simply pray........................"Lord Jesus...I want to win this Liver Cancer but I can't do it by myself but with thy mercy I will" ...... I mean it and believe in it. You do not know how much that I want to win this damn liver cancer which took my mother and my sister such a young life. I am taking medicines (viral control, immuesurpresor, lots of vitamins and infusion).... for sure I need a special power that will make these medicine to work well in my body! Do you know what is this special power??

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lecture About Burma!

Someone sent me the following which is fun to watch! A little lecture about Burma! Here..............

Have fun!


Note: This blog is base on my believing only ! read or click off... please feel free!

I am a Christian. I was raise in a Baptish family. My grand mother (my mother side), hers grand mother and father, they believed it there are no GOD! Ok a long history to be short, my grandmother become Christian! Not only in name but a faithful woman!

Now in this age, I learn more about my Christianity day by day. For me, a Church or Congregation which believe in holy trinity, then they are my Christian family. Yes..I do see there are some Christians said, "my way of Christian believing are far more better than yours". When some one starting to say such, I'm becoming uncomfortable. Yes...Time to time we, including me, forgot that God said "Thou Shall not judge"....... Oh yes,I do not believe in who is that guy? From Waco! First name is David do not remember last name, he said he is "Jesus"? He is dead without resurrection! I am sure he is kneeling down in another life now. (Sorry I am judging him).

Talking about Judging, I found the following. I do not remember where I found it but it said..."Good works only can't be saved because as you are judging yourself like ...I am doing good, I am a good person. I am fine". This is putting yourself in all mighty position which is no one can't! For you to be saved... you have to put yourself one step behind the Lord, may be more steps!".... for me sure a thousand million time steps behind...... Because I know myself that I am not perfect, even not close but I do believe in Lord Jesus.

"Have faith with good works, the Lord be with You"....... Someone told me " We are so busy working, saving, thinking that I am making this money by myself !which is true but sometime we forgot that we are breathing!!" .... This point me out that .. "Let's think about it, who make us breathing each day??"" Yourself??

I need God because there are lots of thing that no one can't answer! I always asked that why my mother, my sister and me got hit by liver cancer? (Yes...some already told me that this is genetic! it's in my gene" Ok for that but my next question is... Who created that gene???... even gene but why bad gene and good gene? Why I inherited bad gene???... because I am a bad person? by bad luck?... Another question " Why I am still living and my liver donor (who is young and healthy) gone??... There are so many questions which is no answers!

I need God because simply I feel "God is good, God is grace"..I do have so many happy times wedding day, the day my son was born, knowing I am healthy now. I feel more happy when me, Robins and Shan can go to the church together. I do not say we are the perfect family....without lieing I say it here that sometime we even yell, argue and shout each other before going to church. I will be in many different situations but one thing will never change which is... "I believe in Jesus"....because

"His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is your faithfulness" Lementations3:22-23

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Human Nature

I am not expert on Human Nature but time to time I see Human Nature comes differently, see differently, react differently. OK let me tell you again here that I am not human expert. I am a woman who has my own ways of thinking, opinion, own seeing things differently from other with my new liver but not with new brain. My brain is original!! People comes from different colour, culture, nature, believing, education level and ages.

Two days ago I got an email from one of my fiends who lives in Central America. It is kind of relative to US election. This email got react differently from many of my friends. For someone it is trash, rude, unkind or racist but for someone this is fun, joke, not bad at all...etc.....But I got some input back saying this email is trash, racist, uneducated, ta ta ta ta.......... all the negatives thing that you can say it but surprisingly, some say this is true and good to read!! I say it before and I am going to say it agian....I do not eat dogs but I am not going to say those who eat dogs are going to hell!! because.....people are form by brain which can make people thinking differently and do differently. Thanks goodness for that! how awful to see we all look the same, talk the same and think the same. World will become boring to live on. (OK I should say here that I do not like killing. Even that how you going to react knowing someone is trying to kill you?? For me I wish I can kill the bad guy first instead of he kill me though) ..

See... the email was not good for Democrate but ha ha ha for Republican! This is my way or my saying also put it this way...... If you love someone, nothing should come between basicaly the same who you are going to vote for. Voting in US is should be, YOU the one do the home work and YOU the one make the decision and YOU the one go VOTE!!!! The decision you make also should be stick with YOU instead of angry or uncomfortable for attacking your Candidate. Remember that love, war and politic have no fairness. Most (I said "MOST" here) of them will do to win the minute they are in Love, in War or in Politic. Like it or not there will be so many attacking will come soon even on the TV for US election...may be from Jay and David.

For sure there will be tones of joke, nastiness, unkind, rude email or article of BOTH on Obama and McCain. If you change your mind on who you want to vote for because of all these trashes (as people say), your human nature are in trouble!!! look like you do not know what you are doing!! firm and lets look for the best President of the Great Nation!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Florida time!

I am back to Bangkok! Yesterday, I went to the Travel Agent and rearrange our trip to Florida. We are taking BKK-LAX direct flight by Thai Airway! Flight is full and left some 5 or 6 seats!. I told the Booking Agent that I need the first roll and I got it.

In this time of the year, lost of people are leaving to their home country as the school are on holiday! As I did mention often, this trip will be interesting and exciting because we are going to see my son's high school which is in Penn. State. Shan will be in Tennis Camp for a week while we are waiting him, we might visit our friends in Washington DC. Robins wants to visit Guatemala also. For me..lets see! I have to watch out my new liver.

My son's grand uncle, grand father and father, they all went to the same boarding school calls Mercersburg in Penn. State! Hope this school will and still produce more good liver doctors!! wish??? Well... They produced some good Hollywood actors though...even some good Thai Business men from Thailand.

Oh.. we had a good holiday with grandma except my Shan shoot all of hers Papaya fruit off ! She was up set. My son has that itching hands which any fruits must be target of his plastic gun. He got one Sparrow which he put it in coma for 15 minutes. I was so glad to find out that the little Sparrow later flew off. I told him you shoot, you eat that Sparrow. Shan was not happy to hear that.

I am so glad to see my grandma is healthy and wealthy in spirit! I see her, I see the wonderful blessing that she is receiving too. I am thankful that we can still pray together at night before heading to bed.

I want to end this blog with....

"Your life is God's gift to you-make it your gift to God"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Grand ma ma

This littwl town is where my grandmama lives! Me and Shan in up north of Thailand!
I am leaving to Northern Part of Thailand this weekend. I will be back the following weekend. Me, Robins and my shan was there last Christma. I love the palce!
My grandmama, 90 year old lives there with the helper. She is still going strong and happy. My grand mother is nice.
We are leaving to USA soon befrore that I want to be with her for a while.I am sure she is going to make me "Pla Oak"...steam fish! and some eatable bugs fry !! She is the one telling me to trust in God in evey situation. What a believer!!
My son speaks only English, Spanish and little Thai and my grand mother speaks some Asian languages expcept White and Black people languages! So they can't communicate but sometime my grandmother talk to my son in Shan language and Shan talk back in English! only Yes.................. and No............................Thanks God for they both speak one true's call "Love" language.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Aung Sun Suu Kyi

The Lady of Burma
Canning is working well in Singapore but do not know this will work in Burma or not? The different is....In Singapore they can to the criminal but In Burma they will can to anyone. Junta wish to can Suu Kyi??

Where is Human Right in Burma? In US you even can't beat the DOGs . How could a person got arrested a decade for nothing?? Her father is a hero of Burma, mother is a pure Burmese, name is Daw Khin Kyi but She can not run for the country election anymore because she was married to a White Man. Meanwhile some other country leader can married to a foreign super model!!!

Suu Kyi Deserves to Be Flogged, Junta Says
Thursday, June 12, 2008, -->

Burma's military junta said on Wednesday that detained opposition leader and Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi deserved to be beaten like an errant child for threatening national security.

Seeking to justify the 62-year-old's latest stretch of house arrest, now in its sixth year, official newspapers said Suu Kyi and other detainees had been in contact with and had received cash from rebel guerrillas and foreign governments.
"Due to the crimes they have committed, they well deserve flogging punishment as in the case of naughty children," the papers said in Burmese and English-language editorials thought to reflect the thinking of the junta's top brass. The editorials added that the government was behaving like the "parent of the people" and exercising "great patience".

It detained Suu Kyi and others "in order that they will not be in a position to commit similar crimes again", they said.
Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) won more than 80 percent of seats in a 1990 election, only to be denied power by a military that has ruled Burma since a 1962 coup.

As the daughter of independence hero Aung San, she exercises enormous personal political clout in the nation of 57 million. It is largely out of fear of this that the ruling generals have kept her in some form of detention for nearly 13 of the last 19 years.

The newspaper commentaries also sought to explain the specific security law under which Suu Kyi is being held, but they failed to clarify whether the extension of her detention order on May 27 was for six or 12 months.
The papers also cited Singapore, Malaysia and the United States as countries which had laws to "prevent those who pose danger to the state".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

C for Cancer

Do not ask me how I get into this lady blog. Her name is Shin, She lives in Singapore. I really do not know what did I do but here pop up hers blog. The only way I can think of it may be from one of my medical news which I subscribed. Anyway What I want to tell her from my blog is..

Shin, I love you! Remember that by your blog, you touch lots of people hearts even other cancer's patients hearts too.

Shin is only early 40 and has two young childrens. A very successful girl full of life a head. She has breast cancer and look like spread to other parts of her body. I spent 45 minutes, was reading her blog with my tears. Some of her blogs made me real sad some made me think.."she is such a positive"!

This is my wish to her....... I do not want her die. I read one of the news saying that a lady with cancer but still living now in her 14 years. I pray to God that please help her, her children need her my Lord!

I fully understand whats inside of her as I do have 11 year old boy. when I was fighting with my liver cancer, I do had more or less similar way of thinking as the rest of cancer patients. I love her blogs the one "my wish for my family". You will never know how cancer patient's brain is functioning unless you are in the same shoes or the same boat! I was thinking similar like her, except.... I do not want my husband remarry until my son is 18 year, I said to Robins that he can't marry a horrible woman who did not love my son. I said that because men,once they married, they will be busy pleasing their new wives! Oh yeah, they said "No I am not" but what kind of women will marry a man who loves his son?? Woman aren't stupid either.

I want to end this blog with .....

"God children never say goodbye for the last time."

Love you Shin!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Impotent in Italy

I saw the following news in Bangkok Post ! I do not know how to say it but the new made me confused, smiled and then.....Sad! The news said....

"No church wedding"

Rome: An Italian bishop has told a young paraplegic he can not have a church wedding because he is impotent, despite his fiance being aware of the problem, media reported. Salvator de Ciuco, spokesman for Bishop Lorenzo Chiarinellio of Viterbo in central Italy, told Sky TG24 television late on Sunday: "No bishop, no priest can celebrate a wedding when he knows of admitted impotence as it is a motive for annulment" of the marriage. The 26 year old groom, who took part in civil marriage ceremony in Viterbo on Saturday, has been a paraplegic since he was involved in a car accident. The curate of the parish who was banned from marrying the couple was present at the ceremony.

Ok .. let me say some more. Where is true love or unconditioning love in this world folks?? Marry, for me is 2 people love each other and decided spend the life together good or bad in everythings till dead part. Well lots of people parted even they are not dead yet! What is wrong with it that two people wanted to give the vow in the church beside impotent???

Sound likes.....Sex is the most important part in 2 people decided to stay together. I am a Christian too. My way of understanding is....In Bible I never saw that Impotent man can't marry in the church..don't you?

Well this is for those impotent men in Italy......... you guys love the women and wants church wedding....please do not proclaim or feel that you are powerless, weak or helpless. Your love is count in here! I think you all want church wedding, you deserve it. Church do not like to know but we women prefer rather know now then after!!

Karen in Burma

Top: A small Karen village destroyed by ?????

Bottom: Here in Thailand they call the lady "Long Neck Karen" but in Burma she is call "Padaung"

I really do not understand that here just got hit by "Natural Nagis" but the " Ugly Human Nagis" is still there! Please read the aritcle from Irrawady news!!

1,000 Karen Villagers Flee Attacks
Monday, June 9, 2008, -->

More than 1,000 people from Papun District in eastern Burma have fled their villages and taken refuge in the jungle after a series of attacks and acts of physical violence by the Burmese army, according to relief groups in Karen state.

According to the Free Burma Rangers (FBR), a relief team that works with Internally Displaced People in eastern Burma, troops from Infantry Battalion 240 attacked Te Mu Der village on the morning of June 4, burning rice barns, destroying homes and farms, and damaging a local church.

The villagers were forced to flee Te Mu Der and are now staying in makeshift shacks in the surrounding jungle in fear of returning to their homes, said the FBR report.

Other villages in Papun District in northern Karen state were also attacked—including Tha Kaw To Baw and Tha Da Der, where an unknown number of villagers were forced into hiding.

FBR reported that the military operations were launched by Burmese Infantry Battalion 240, Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 429 and LIB 531.
According to the report—which could not be immediately verified by The Irrawaddy due to a lack of communications in northern Karen State—LIB 429 and LIB 531 entered Bwa Doh village in Papun District and beat up and shot at villagers. One man’s head was split open, although it was unclear whether he survived. The Burmese soldiers fired mortars into Bwa Doh, than burned down three barns containing rice, said FBR.

On May 27, more than 500 villagers from Mon Township in Karen State fled into the jungle following attacks by the Burmese army, according to FBR. The villagers are reportedly still hiding in the jungle. FBR also reported that Burmese troops demanded a total of 2,150,000 kyat (US $1,900) from five villages in Mon Township—Lay Tain Daw, Tee Dto Lo, Aung Chan Tha, Paw Bpi Der and Myaung Oo. The army apparently forced the villagers to pay money, saying it was a contribution to the cyclone victims in Irrawaddy and Rangoon divisions.

FBR noted that since the monsoon rains started, conditions for living rough in the jungle are even more miserable than usual.

Meanwhile, Saw Steve, a relief team leader for the Committee for Internally Displaced Karen People, said, “The Burmese army has increased its military operations in Papun District. They are burning down farms and huts belonging to villagers.”

Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to mother life!

Robins's babies Shrimps, they look not so happy don't they!
Robins went to China this morning for a week. I think shrimps there are not so happy and might need happy medicine. Well me too I need the happy medicine so what the different for the shrimps and me ha? Do shrimps have depression too? I need to ask him when he is coming back!
My Thai Princess friend went back to Washinton DC where she lives. I was so busy, so happy, so shopping with her. It was so nice to see her agian. I might see her in July in US because my son is taking Tennis Camp somewhere near by her. Looking forward into it because I am going to see my son future high school too.
Busy with Shan this week as his final exam is this whole week. I have one wish, well can say my wish are high. I wish my son become a very good GI doctor or Liver Transplant doctor! Not only reason for meterial but more for helping people. Somehow now seeing him, look likes he is going to be a Computer Geek!
This week is going to be my boring week, stay at home waiting for Shan! Back to mother life! I am helping him some of his school works but not all. Make sure he is not sick within these exam days, giving him Vitamin. On Friday, I am leaving to my summer house to up north with Shan. I need to see my grandmama before I am leaving to US. Her sound so happy that knowing I am on my way soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Look count??

This is Than Shwe!

I just read an article about American Politic in Yahoo...Saying Obama is nominated for the Democrate party. Then the article going on saying about the colour of the skin, the age, experiences compairing with McCain.

In the article, it said..Obama is 46, Black (I thought he is actually black and white, but people keep saying he is black!), no expenrience enough but Hervard Graduate!

McCain, said he is 71, white, lots of experiences for the white house but saying he is too old for US President. Well if he win he will end at 75 right? What wrong with that age.

Like it or not in this most of the world...people see the first thing is colour and age, experiences come the second! Now let's imagine Than Shwe as a US President Candidate!!!! It's real funny right? OK just only imagine and let's see about Than Shwe...

Skin colour: Burmese but blacker than Obama.No black back ground .

Age : 75 which is older than McCain.

Education : No Hervard, No Oxford just grade 8??

Experiences: Nothing, Zero but know how to shoot!

Result :Looser!

Lets thinking real hard before we vote folks!!

Exchange Rate

I do not want to talk about Money so much but sometime..... yes... We all need to talk about money time to time whether you like it or not. Well here I am going to talk about money but only about ..."Exchange Rate" !!

6 year ago when we came to Bangkok the exchange rate of US$ to Thai Baht is 1$=45B. I went crazy as coming from Guatemala, Belize where Robins was building the shrimp farm. I felt Bangkok was very reasonable. I spent money like monkey but still left over every month. Quezales, The Guatemala money is quite stable not much up and down (like Hong Kong Dollar, some how not much change). Belize Dollar is hock with US$ almost one to one. My Surprise is ...there was nothing that I can do in Belize. Things are expensive, on top of that nothing to do there. Population there is same as Gainesville in Florida. The only place I can spent my money was all the hotels along Placencia because there when my son and I spent all day long by the Caribbean Sea and ate hot dog (sometime rice and bean with banana fry) !!!If I say a hot dog cost 7$, believe me in that!

Let me talk about how we lived in Belize.... (by the way the shrimp farm at Belize is the most beautiful farm I had ever been. The Owner built own air strip in the farm). The farm was mostly built by Memonitoes (in Spanish), I think in English Memonites?? (my spell??). They are from Canada origin and we visited to their town in Belize which call Blue Creek. I was amaze the way they live (Remember I was in Hong Kong for 4 years before headed to Central America). I like Blue Creek!!! I can stay there as a simple life!! (for sure Paris Hilton won't survie there and the Momonitoes are happy that she is not with them also). I saw so many Blondie and blue eyed girls and boys, actually all over the whole town. Food, milk, cheese are good there!! If you live there, you no need to were Prada, Gucci, Pucci or whatever... You can stay there with a long skirt dress like Mary Poppins's dresses!!! They built everything by themselves and they have everything except branded dresses and make up shops.

My big problem in Belize is shopping for grocery. If you forget something, you are a dead meat situation....Because you have to drive one hour go and one hour back to the nearest Grocery Store. So sometime we were so tired and forgot toilet paper, think about it??? I remember that how many Robin's office paper are gone for a month to wipe?? and many times my yard man needed to burn the office paper off??

OK back to Exchange Rate! I usually thought as Thai Bath is 32=1US$ now, I thought Thai Bath is stronger..... but Robins explain to me is that's does not always mean Thai bath or Guatemala Quezales or Belize dollar are stronger than US$. Robins explain to me many times but I do not really understand 100%. Well I know it's count on evey conner of econonic!! I think US$ are so bad because of the "BUSH". I am not a money maker nor investor nor worrier. I just happy if I have money in my pocket and forget about Exchange Rate!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Japanese Mob with new liver

Of course I went to the church today. It's Sunday!! Came back, checked my email and read some liver's news. One of the liver news was ..... " A Japanese Mob donated 100000$ to UCLA for getting liver from"!!! questions are, How could this Japanese Mob got US visa?? Does UCLA knows that he is a mob?? Do mobs have a sincerely kind heart?..ta ta ta ta ta.......???

I know what Mob mean but in my curiosity, I did opened my dictionary and see what it said. It said.. 1. A disorderly or lawless crowd or throng, a rabble, 2. Any large assemblage, group or class of individuals or things, 3. The lower class (I love this one...), of people, Masses, 4. a gang of thieves!!

The dictionary is kind to say what MOB mean. I thought mob is killer, or shooter or beater or womanizer more.............. I hope this Japanese Mob realized that life is so precious, value and good by now. I want him to become a nice, kind, thoughtful man in future. I do not wish he shouldn't get the liver because I can't say that. I want him live and changed!

Me, I am still thinking time to time that who is the family that give the liver to me? Where they live? How they cop with the lost?, why they become a donor? Can I see them in future? Can I hug them? Do they knows that I am doing well and so thankful to God and to them? I wish them all the best. I really do.

I can't give 100000$ to my Shands, University of Florida in Gainesville but I am giving what I can. I give and will give till I die that my "Thank you so much"to them, my thought and my prayer and my love to them. One day if I become very rich in my own not by marrying, yes! I will do my best with material.