Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Human Nature

I am not expert on Human Nature but time to time I see Human Nature comes differently, see differently, react differently. OK let me tell you again here that I am not human expert. I am a woman who has my own ways of thinking, opinion, own seeing things differently from other with my new liver but not with new brain. My brain is original!! People comes from different colour, culture, nature, believing, education level and ages.

Two days ago I got an email from one of my fiends who lives in Central America. It is kind of relative to US election. This email got react differently from many of my friends. For someone it is trash, rude, unkind or racist but for someone this is fun, joke, not bad at all...etc.....But I got some input back saying this email is trash, racist, uneducated, ta ta ta ta.......... all the negatives thing that you can say it but surprisingly, some say this is true and good to read!! I say it before and I am going to say it agian....I do not eat dogs but I am not going to say those who eat dogs are going to hell!! because.....people are form by brain which can make people thinking differently and do differently. Thanks goodness for that! how awful to see we all look the same, talk the same and think the same. World will become boring to live on. (OK I should say here that I do not like killing. Even that how you going to react knowing someone is trying to kill you?? For me I wish I can kill the bad guy first instead of he kill me though) ..

See... the email was not good for Democrate but ha ha ha for Republican! This is my way or my saying also put it this way...... If you love someone, nothing should come between basicaly the same who you are going to vote for. Voting in US is should be, YOU the one do the home work and YOU the one make the decision and YOU the one go VOTE!!!! The decision you make also should be stick with YOU instead of angry or uncomfortable for attacking your Candidate. Remember that love, war and politic have no fairness. Most (I said "MOST" here) of them will do to win the minute they are in Love, in War or in Politic. Like it or not there will be so many attacking will come soon even on the TV for US election...may be from Jay and David.

For sure there will be tones of joke, nastiness, unkind, rude email or article of BOTH on Obama and McCain. If you change your mind on who you want to vote for because of all these trashes (as people say), your human nature are in trouble!!! look like you do not know what you are doing!! firm and lets look for the best President of the Great Nation!!

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