Friday, June 13, 2008

Aung Sun Suu Kyi

The Lady of Burma
Canning is working well in Singapore but do not know this will work in Burma or not? The different is....In Singapore they can to the criminal but In Burma they will can to anyone. Junta wish to can Suu Kyi??

Where is Human Right in Burma? In US you even can't beat the DOGs . How could a person got arrested a decade for nothing?? Her father is a hero of Burma, mother is a pure Burmese, name is Daw Khin Kyi but She can not run for the country election anymore because she was married to a White Man. Meanwhile some other country leader can married to a foreign super model!!!

Suu Kyi Deserves to Be Flogged, Junta Says
Thursday, June 12, 2008, -->

Burma's military junta said on Wednesday that detained opposition leader and Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi deserved to be beaten like an errant child for threatening national security.

Seeking to justify the 62-year-old's latest stretch of house arrest, now in its sixth year, official newspapers said Suu Kyi and other detainees had been in contact with and had received cash from rebel guerrillas and foreign governments.
"Due to the crimes they have committed, they well deserve flogging punishment as in the case of naughty children," the papers said in Burmese and English-language editorials thought to reflect the thinking of the junta's top brass. The editorials added that the government was behaving like the "parent of the people" and exercising "great patience".

It detained Suu Kyi and others "in order that they will not be in a position to commit similar crimes again", they said.
Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) won more than 80 percent of seats in a 1990 election, only to be denied power by a military that has ruled Burma since a 1962 coup.

As the daughter of independence hero Aung San, she exercises enormous personal political clout in the nation of 57 million. It is largely out of fear of this that the ruling generals have kept her in some form of detention for nearly 13 of the last 19 years.

The newspaper commentaries also sought to explain the specific security law under which Suu Kyi is being held, but they failed to clarify whether the extension of her detention order on May 27 was for six or 12 months.
The papers also cited Singapore, Malaysia and the United States as countries which had laws to "prevent those who pose danger to the state".


Anonymous said...

I find this interesting. In the context of colonial history between the British and Burma, her marriage to a white British man raised doubt about her call for Democracy. Despite being Burmese, her formative years were in England, the land of Burma colonial master.

The tenet of colonialism is to divide and conquer. Africa is still trying to rectify the division caused by colonialism.

Other foreign do not have this context attached to their marriage.

I guessed you much be thousands of other Burmese women who admire her. Are you married to a white man?

Helen said...

Hello Annoymous,

1. Yes, Her formative years were in England because of her mother is Ambassador to Indian and some other countries too. Of course as every mother she wants her daughter the best of education.

2. I do know tenet of colonialism is to divide and conquer...but how about Hong Kong, Macau? Nicer life?

3. Yes I admire her for left everything her husband, her children, her good life, her good job for the Burmese People. Can you do it like she is doing?

4. My married to a white man is nothing to do with my admire her.

Anonymous said... are birds of a feather.

HK/Macau are British colonalist and Portugese ports that were used to smuggled opium into China and smuggled out Chinese treasure. "What will it profit a man if he gained the world, but lost his soul?" The British ruled over that part. They lived in nice part of HK, segregated from everyone, they were the elite. People have to take up British name to so that the British don't have pronounce Chinese name. HK might have a nice life, but it was funded with Chinese treasure and the decline of the Mainland.

Your #2 answer reminded me of a story of Christian missionary who promised the poor a nicer life, if only they convert to Christian missionary. Are you implying that it is good to be conquered as long as you have enough bread to eat, it is good to be second-class citizen as long as you have a roof over head? A man is no man if he cannot be in charge of his own destiny.

#3. I don't admire her for something that everyone would do. Her decision to leave her comfortable life in Britian was not an extraordinary one.

Her problem is she has a cloud suspicion over her head. She should have stayed out of politics - that would be best for the Burmese people.

If Barack Obama had married a white woman, he would have never be elected president. As leaders, their decision and lives act a template into who they are.

I think people in Asia are easily fooled and are naive. It is not their fault, it is the poverty and desperation that make them so.

That's why a woman will throw away everything to marry a Westerns, even if for the rest of her live she will live in bondage.

That why third workers are lured away from their homeland to work as modern day slave because evil men promised them the world in a new land.

To put it bluntly, the people don't know how the world works.

Helen said...

I live in Hong Kong and Macao for 4years. I do speak Cantonese also. I wish you can go and talk with those who were born in Hong Kong, Macau and also Thaiwan. I do have friends from that parts of the wold. Now you have to be fair on every situation who speak and share their believing which base on true feeling.

#2. You said " A Story of". Every one can say or write or use as an example base on story the way they want to put on. That's why calls "story", but mostly base on the true events is caught in my mind.

#3. The Obama and The Su Kyi, they have their own freedom, free will, free efford. They can dream, look for, think for what they want to be in their future. I have no problem for that.

I do not care Obama is black or who he married to. He is elected by the citizine and I do have respect to my President. I am very proud of both of them.

#4. You said Asian people are easily fooled and naive because of porvety. Where do you see such points of view? from the book or by your own eyes? There are lot of poor people and smart as there are rich and full of foolishness people.

Here you said "That's why women throw away everything to marry a Westerns"...

Look further more and you will see how many Westerns men can't wait to throw their lives to Asian Women because of the Asian knows how to treat their husband (any husband) with love and respect.

Here agian you said "Evil Man"..I am sorry for you had met the evil man. Luckyly I do have a good set of brain so far evil doesn't bother me.

You better thankful that you speaks like you know how the world is works. Also you better share your smartness to other instead of just your views.

At last thank you for your comment and you are always welcome in my blog!

Anonymous said...

#2 A story is recital of events either true or ficticious. You did nothing to refute my point. There numerous accounts of Christian missionary who favored converts with foods and shelters.

#3 You may not care of whether Obama married a white woman or a black women, but the general Black community do care. It is a matter of trust. Neither you nor I can object to his marriage, but you need to be blind to not understand the context of such a marriage and how that might be perceived in the African American community as well as the white community.

#4 It is a shame that you are oblivous to the condition of poverty and how the people prey on the weak. This is a matter of first hand knowledge. You need to read about the condition of South Asian worker in Dubai, the account of women who been traffick in to sex slavery, the abused of Vietnamese girls who married foreign husband to escape poverty, only to become virtual household slave.

Poverty make you susceptible to desperation and desperation make you act without considering the consequences.

There are smart and gullible people all socioeconomics, but a rich man pays for his mistake with money. A poor man pays for his mistake with his life.

Having a brain doesn't shelter you from evil.

As for Western men throwing away their lives for Asian women, that is bull. Who leave their homeland? Who leave their parents behinds? Who leave their friends behind? Who make more sacrifices? Who have the choice?

I do understand the world. These are not simply views, these are hours of listening, learning, and thinking about the world.

I see the world for the way it is. I don't see the world with rose-colored glasses.

Helen said...

Hi There,

Welcome to my blog agian.

#2 I am a Christian who love Christ dearly.
A. I lived with a family (EX Prime Minister of Burma family) for 14 years till finished my university. They are Bhuddish family and such a loving thoughtful family.

B. I do have very few Athiest friends. My athiest friends are just do not believe in any Gods and not interesting to insult any religious at all. Put it this way just happy the way they are or High class Athiest?

C. I do have Muslim friends. A friend, who I considered one of my very good friends, she is Muslim. A very thoughtful, loving, full of fairness and kind. Bu the way very educated too.

B. There are some Hindu friends who I knew them in Bangkok. They are very fun to be with. They are the friends that I laugh with.

So my point is I will or I won't discuss any religious matters on my blog which is not a cup of my Tea! I do not beleive in every religions but I do have respect to what each person's beleiving in. Free will!

#3 There are racisim in every parts in this world. I no need to detail about this, so does in Asia there are racisim too.

Obama will never got elected if they only counts the black votes. He got latino votes and so did from many many white votes!

I am sick and tired of calling Obama, Black! He is half full white and half full Black.

#4 I know what you are talking about in this points. I read it, I saw it on TV or on news..come on I live in Asia ofcurse I know and see more than any others.

Can I asked you one question..How do you think about those Russion Prositutes are all over the Europe and all over in some part of Asia too??

Have you been to Bangkok? We had 4middle east people studied Gem and Jewellery school in here, now 3are married to Thai women.

The whole Northeast of Thailand full of white men married to Thai women. There are so many white men married to Latino also. By the way I had live in Central America for 10 years too.

Bull or not Bull, seeing what I see in Asia you give me smile on my face.

At last I want to tell you something, married is not what your choice or who sacrifices more or leave behind friend or family at all. Married is base on who you love, both sacrifice and of course there are situation that you have to leave behind your family.

I love my mother in law but I do not want to live with her!

Thank you for sharing your point of views. As you is getting interesting.

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