Thursday, June 12, 2008

C for Cancer

Do not ask me how I get into this lady blog. Her name is Shin, She lives in Singapore. I really do not know what did I do but here pop up hers blog. The only way I can think of it may be from one of my medical news which I subscribed. Anyway What I want to tell her from my blog is..

Shin, I love you! Remember that by your blog, you touch lots of people hearts even other cancer's patients hearts too.

Shin is only early 40 and has two young childrens. A very successful girl full of life a head. She has breast cancer and look like spread to other parts of her body. I spent 45 minutes, was reading her blog with my tears. Some of her blogs made me real sad some made me think.."she is such a positive"!

This is my wish to her....... I do not want her die. I read one of the news saying that a lady with cancer but still living now in her 14 years. I pray to God that please help her, her children need her my Lord!

I fully understand whats inside of her as I do have 11 year old boy. when I was fighting with my liver cancer, I do had more or less similar way of thinking as the rest of cancer patients. I love her blogs the one "my wish for my family". You will never know how cancer patient's brain is functioning unless you are in the same shoes or the same boat! I was thinking similar like her, except.... I do not want my husband remarry until my son is 18 year, I said to Robins that he can't marry a horrible woman who did not love my son. I said that because men,once they married, they will be busy pleasing their new wives! Oh yeah, they said "No I am not" but what kind of women will marry a man who loves his son?? Woman aren't stupid either.

I want to end this blog with .....

"God children never say goodbye for the last time."

Love you Shin!

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