Sunday, June 29, 2008


After my liver transplant, time to time I need to check my HBIG level by blood test. I have to do that guiding by the doctor. A month ago, my HBIG level was 180 so the doctor ordered me to get blood test tomorrow again. I have to do this early in the morning before taking my Prograf.

I am not a doctor but here I want to share some from my reading. HBIG, Hepatitis B Immune Globulin is playing an important part of the liver transplant patient like me, well may be to every one???. I am not a doctor but I read sometime about liver articles with my big dictionary (admitted it that without dictionary, I do not understand all). Remember I do not want to be a doctor, I even do not like so much about biology!!! I want to be a lawyer very very much. I like to talk alot!! Now if I can reverse my life and the chance is there..I want to be a doctor. Am I too late? May be very late. Well I read an article about a Pastor who become a MD in Gainesville When he was late 50.

OK go back to my HBIG level! When the level reach between 100 to 10 I need to infuse back. One article said...Low dose IM-HBIG plus lamivudine ( I was taking before my first operation, now changed it to Hepsera) provide safe and effective long term Prophylaxis against recurrent of HBV at (less than ) 10% the cost of the high dose regimen"

Well some researches said it's prove that the actuarial risk of HBV recurrence was 1% at 1 year and 4% at 5 year. I am so amaze of nowaday medical technology! When I was in chemoembolization I saw that little needdle go thourgh into my liver on the screen, my mouth opened wide and stare at what I was seeing.

Some time I want to understand every things which is never will be.... but some time I feel that simple is OK! I went to the church this morning and I simply pray........................"Lord Jesus...I want to win this Liver Cancer but I can't do it by myself but with thy mercy I will" ...... I mean it and believe in it. You do not know how much that I want to win this damn liver cancer which took my mother and my sister such a young life. I am taking medicines (viral control, immuesurpresor, lots of vitamins and infusion).... for sure I need a special power that will make these medicine to work well in my body! Do you know what is this special power??